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November 24, 1932     Times
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November 24, 1932

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..... -,- ..... o, lo TIE TIMFg.NEWS. MT. PULASKI, ILLINOIS PAGE SEVEN FELIX I00IESI:NBF...RO INSTALLMENT refreshed himself in the room He looked in the The deep tan was being leeched out of shadows. He brushed stiff hair. He smiled so Van Horn. He hardly did Josephine want? they sat in the famil- "I leased the house, you Gilbert&apos;s death. They alto "st everythimr, every- this. I love the room." A crackling in the open deep chair, Van Horn's near the low of flames. AUSTIN NEWS Classified Ads ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE .J i Estate of .enry Suedmoier. ,e- Austin Township, Macon County, ' ceased. ! The undersigned, having been ap- INov. 23.--Mrs. John T. Johnston has a,7,v,.,mrfv ._ .  ,.,__ T, I) inted Administratrix of the Estate , herei;y gives notice that she wilt ap- L. Holloway and J. Miller, of La- i pear beIore the County Court of Lo- [tham, spent Saturday in this locality hunting with some of the b%s. i ;an County, Illinois, at the Court iiou;se in Lincoln, at the February, A. It. K. Hoaglin and family visited handy in Latham Sunday with her parents, will take care of furnace, or do V V V V London. "Cannot accept China tains drawn. It was behind him post." That, for that He packed a with dimmed headlights, like great small trunk, whistling the while, eyes, as if a monster eavesdropper Several times he almost phoned Har- was trying to read the note also. board and Pug. "'No use, I'll wire John glanced up at the lighted from Philadel:hia." Were they t9 windows. He seemed to hear the be married bef;re, or after? He r.otes of the piano. Josephine was wondered. Josephine had a very evidently singing, playing. She was ;uzzlinF, way about her. He called her up at noom "Come after dinner." she laughed delicious- ly. There .; a moon tonight, for the !elopement. We'll pick up your things as b'e go through Th, S:eet. Gcodby, dear. till eight." ,Something s, unded like a kiss, or a tsmaek, oer :}',e phone. He had se:'ez-a] hours on his hands. no doub ready, waiting f;r him. John caught a waft of scent; a man oath a scent, possibly perfum Jose- nhine. The area dozr opened. Tashi :nd the footman brought out and l'-ere straiping a patent leather i trunk on the rear carrier. It was all .eal enough. John looked. There wa plenty of room for another I trunk. The area door clanged be- fiii Josephine curled iHe sat and :noked. What a wash-lind the men. He thought he saw cunge, sat down. Tashi ,out the oM t:'.n was! What a Flace..osephine 2art the heavv library cur- tray and Jose:-hine lit a !Still, he v,ould never be l:;nely again, rains and look out. te must be " quick. Azein he read the note, it a Then cigar she and jumped she litUP1theIIe kept years trying ahead.: 7icture the years; ]was very. concise; it was insistent. the flame in her hands John had an unea,ny imagination. The whole overwhelming problem it for him. bending close to He kept saymlz to himself "This i:-: swam before his eyes, Josephine, and had gone. rot, this is bully rot." Te kept con- foreign lands, palace hotels, lonu drew her feet up on the juring un pictures of John Breen, hours in exotic bedrooms, caresses, prooped he" cuh:ons, perhaps even John Van Horn, lolling lkisses, endearments, her rich hair wreaths toward the fire. about the world, the lucky husband i tumbling over white pillows in a with a tray. Both of a very attractive woman, a cataract of gold. Soft wh!s?ering lwealthy woman constantly followed l allurments. Stupid dinners, tiresome you must tell me about your bv admiring, vlances, and shy corn- ipeople, alien towns, queer, unmter- in South America." ment. In the year to come he estinr time-destroying play; spats, while the), talked, aim-.would drov out of the famous corn- boredom. There was the beginning noises of the city were pan3" of the unknown few. Ena';- of the road: she was ready to take grew about the neers would no longer refer to hin,'L:.m from h cry, to carry him John glanced up at the seriously, among themselves. Nov ab'ay, to make him forget. of Gilbert Van Horn, life-!er and reater works would ris. li Pmh:: she had seen him. The the light, men would forget hm. loner before curtains were drawn to. Even then sate, in silence. Sudden- his death. 5fie mi;rht .he cowimr dov.-n, runniw/ reached ;n a fad of her Such dreams came to him. He "',r]-" ,v: c! him Th e'reat ca," dreb" forth a package, tried to enthuse himself with vision .'r!htned him. I* would carry John. "The-e belong cf Josenh@e. w!th n-;!nd pictures of -hem far. fa.' away from the city, sc, ft nb-hts, .rivet, r)ht: of love. fv,_eve:" kei)t them you r: - tb. short !otter burn- letters b-ere in his hand, o,d Iot:: dli:ious m rninr:. n bd. T",o : ' r o fresh enthusiasm, "P,a.  .' he ke',)t refmatinm The in- ed in his h,nd fie had no need to which he told her of the activity of O..e afternoon wvs weary- aTr:in pe'ase them. and of his lans. She had ing. Dear John: through it all. She stood i He dared nm look out on the C.'n you join ,no a nine o''loet - against the firelight, a :streets" He had dinner in the club. tonight, at my Walt Street office? l-to arrzn'ed t give up his room. Am arranging hundred million dol- outlined, her shimmering ,q, An uneasy fear held  ll be back for my small trunk to- lar foundation. We must ston "'John," and then she! igh*" A motor trip. Hold my nlannin and begin to rebuild the knees, her head buried in mail." tenements. Offer you full charge Her soft breasts John grow nervous, as the time of construction, as Director and his knees, her hair lcame for his de?arture. He kept Chief Engineer. The city needs him in the light, "'I twonderina, what he would d0. Jose- you. Almon Straus loved ,ou.__alwaysV,, nhine certinlv was a superb woman. - -- * . - up, tears glistened likelThe expeences of the night before The house door opend; it was she was beautifnl! ikept gri',ping him. He hardly knew n-- =-shi. but John Breen without had fallen, he lifted her.  whether "he had captured he:', or lceMn, turned hastily and walked so close to his. The years whether she had captured him. Sev- -, , :*ward Madison Avenue, across i P",'k Avenue. toward Third. Half- i ...... ,lown the block his attention " " --'- attracted to a lighted window f  basement resident and within was a scene that paused his steps. 4, mother, seated .with child on her !n. both looking up in smiling as- ur.nce into the face of the father bending over them. John Breen %cd transfixed. Slowly he turned; slowly he started to retrace his steps. Suddenly the full imcort of the decision he had yet failed to make came upon him. As his fine mind .grasped the facts his steps quicken- ed. "My work--or my Josephine-- which?" he muttered aloud as if seeking to know that all the years were summed up in those few words. "First love wins," said John Breen, a great light of happiness coming to his face. He cressed the bell. Josephine, herself, steed in the door before him. In her eyes was that look which only one man ever sees---deep into , the soul. "My love--my first, my only love," said Josephine, as John Breen took her in his arms. THE END. Over the mantelpiece, eral messages came for him at the Horn looked down on ]last moment. "Tell everybody I'm Hvdo:--"Too bad about Blaine go- Josephine poured out her gone, for a few days." nrr bli-d. What will he do for a caressing her, his hun- Mr. Wild of the old aqueduct fight living?" for love, held her came in as John was leaving. He Seek: "Oh. he's  Chicago nob,-- what is it? Vehat are had not seen Wild for years It was ,, ,h  -lice force." that count? Why are we b'ith a genuine pang of reg:et that the sub-conszious half- he hurried out, and walked UP Fifth mind, trader the patent Avenue in the cool dusk. S: },e sev- N A B ldi M D seemed to kn:w. Jose- ered one of those loyalties men feel * a . , feverish impulse, p.ured for each other, those >tr%g bonds of l,{rlCO|ll. Illino,.'. strong affection. She had i friendship transcendin e"er. [eve: and now, at last, she had ilove which demands: :;( mu:h bc:ause Eve, _r, Nose and Throat of its giving. of this place. We will As he walked north, he grrduatly (]oues Fitted. leave it at|. We will !increased his pace. He w=utd get to will live m sunshine The Josephine at ei,ht o'clock. It was a Broken Lens Dunlicated much to offer us." Jose- splendid idea of hers to ;tcrt thv OVER KREGE'S STORE John sat on the wide journey by n!gh% in that hu;e lux- held her, her head on his urious chariot, r:iling like a separate .... her hand clasping his. It little universe -cross the smooth ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD , a tong tong road, but at l roads of Neb' Jersey, under a clear TIME TABLE. tsl - mon. The curtains would be drawn. Following is the time of trains on n( I've sold the house, ]The driver and footman, autqma- going to build an annex to ltions, efficient nonentities, looking the two divisions of the Illinois Cn- next door. Everything is]ahead, might think their heads off,[ tral at Mr. Pulaski: the people are changing, l for all she or he cared. It was this New Yorkers now live Iflair for unusual adventure whi_h SPRINGFIELD DIVISION , " ade , of the hme. Oh, Jollp, [m her so entrancing. John won- Southbound I am that you found me"ldered what she would wear. No. 543---Mixed train, 8:30 a, m. on fire, he kissed her! As he turned east, past the hotel, No. 1,---Michigan Boulevard train to St. Louis, 7:31 p.. m. Remember, No. I3, Michigan lBodle- yard train, is only a flag stop. You can purchase tickets for Springfield, Litehfield or St. Louis for this train, but ff you want to go try lind phone the agent about one hour ahead of the time the train is due. Nrthboud No. 14--To Chicago, ,11:45 a. m No. 544---Mixed train, 12:40 p, m. No. 14 is only a flag stop, so plea notify the agent a couple of houri ahead of time if you want to go on this train. INDIANA DIVISION Southbound No. 233---To Mattoon, 7:16 p. m. Daily except Sunday. Northbound Daily excent Sunday. No. 238---To Peoria, 9:55 a. m. He held her looked into her eyes. we get married, now, dear. No, no! We tomorrow--night- I have to settle. The mov- people  will ,be in I want to get things in order. Go like a good boy, to- your things packed. I things in the small car take the coach, motor get married, John, then, after a hile, we and settle thidgs here, away for a few years. tired of New York." late, John Breen kissed and left. day in the realms of passed swiftly, lie got and took a brisk he sent off a cable to he stopped for a moment. His hand was in his pocket. He should have sent flowers, brought a ring, or have done a half dozen things that any competent lover would have attended to. His hand fished up an envelope. He remembered the note amid the crowd of things that came to him on leaving the club. With the sight and handshake of old Wild, in the flurry, he had forgeotten it. He stood in front of the Van Horn house. He was about to go un the steps. Then he thought. Perhavs there was something in the note he should know, before leavin with Josephine? He tore open the en- velope, under the street light. His eyes followed the brief line, thev blurred and clarified, and magnifiecL His coat seemed very warm. He hooked his stick over his arm and stepped nearer the light. A huge black car had come to re.: behind him, silently, a great car with cur- Harry E Johnston and family vis- ited near Harristown Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rober Johnston, attending a dinner in honor C ' f Harry s bwthday anmversary. Irene Goretzke, Dorothy Hoagtin and Vera Spangler, who attend the Latham Community High School, spent last Wednesday night in La- tham with Betty Lou Allison Plenty of snob- still remains from the big snowstorm of Tuesday of last week. Cars were getting stuck in some of the drifts. Sleds were in use for a feb" days early for Illi- nois. And sleigh bells reminded one that winter has actually arrive:, t Hunters have been plentiful, running risks cf hunting on farms without I permission. Two of our teachers, Miss Sarah IRotramel and Miss Lulu Rogers, re- mainc-d over two nights in their re- #pectwe school districts due to the snow and roads. Looks like an old fashioned Thanksgiving. Harmony United Brethren Church. Last Sunday morning there were 41 =resent at Sunday School. A birthday offering of 47c was receive:l 5rom Frank Stiles. Twenty-three re- mained for church services and Com- munion. The voting for delegates (of min- isters and laymen) to General Ctn- ferenee was held. In the evenin the Christian En- ,dearer was in re'ular session, hut there was no preaching. The light :lant is still out of commission "'Did you notice those modern feminine touches in her apartment?" "Ye.. there were cigarette ashes 0'i -veryth;nt." LET MOTOR WARM BEFOPE STARTING AUT IM()iHLF .rmtterirg motors and ,,,'... )a" nin, <farters are a warning to th. act- -..rA;i]e d:'iv(_r to allow mo,'e tir.e f,, warminz u': th- en;rino }:,f :", launchint, into traffic, according t officials of the American Autvmobil: Association. Depending on ccld motors to pu'. the ear safely through the test of present day traffic is an increasing cause of accidents, as the motorist is forced to divert his attention to the stalling, hesitant engine. The safe way is not to move the car from its parking place until the engine is ready to work. Power is performance, and performance is es- sential to safety. Frequently when the engine stalls in traffic the driver will allow the car to coast along while he takes his eyes off the road to look down at t;he starter-button. Even if he con- tinues to look ahead he ia not likely to be as attentive to his driving as he is to the business of starting the engine. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE Estate of William J. Haynes, De- ceased. The undersigned, having been ap- pointed Administratrix of the Estate of William J. Haynes, Deceased, hereby gives notice that she will ap- pear before the County Court of Lo- gan County, Illinois, at the Court House in Lincoln, at the January, A. D. 1933 Probate Term, on the first Monday of January next, at which time all persons having claim against said Estate are notified and request- ed to attend for the purpose of haVZ ing the same adjusted. All persoms indebted to said Estate are requested to make immediate payment to the undersigned. ETHEL HAYNES, Administratrix. anything, for room and board. Address, W. 80, Times-News. IATTENTION--Promnt and efficient service cn any make of Radio, Vacuum Cleaner and other electri- cal devices. Work called for and delivered; satisfaction guaranteed; ask your neighbor about my ser- vice. Just Phone 38, and I wilt do the rest.--C. H. Lane. i). 1933 Probate Term, on the first Monday in February next, at which ime all :mrsons having claim against ;aid Estate are notified and request- to attend for the purpose of hav- .ruZ the same adjusted. All .cersons !Mebted to said Estate are requested .o make immediate payment to the undersigned. Dated this 21st day of November, A. D. 1932. MINNIE SUEDMF;IER, Administratrix. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE OF AI'PLICATION FOR DISCHARGE State of Illinois, Logan County, ss. In C:,unty Court, to November Uer:.. A. D. 1932. In the matter of the Estate of Anna McNally, Deceased. ] Public Notice is hereby given to ,)1 persons interested in sa!d estate, all persons interested in said estate, ,at, the unaersgned Administrator that, the undersigned Administrator of the Estate of Anna McNally, de-iof the Wstate of Anna McNally, Ad- ceased, has filed his final report in n;inistrairix of the I;tate of Bryan :-aid estate in the office of the County!u/. McNally. deceased, has filed his CIerk of Logan County, Illinois, and ':fir:::l eport in said estate in the .... that on the 5th day of December, A. offi, e .... of the Couflty Clerk. of L,.-'gan :D. 1932. he will apply to stud Court County, Illinois, and that on the 5th .'r an order of approval, and an or-!day of December, A. D. 1932, he will der for discharge as such Adminis- ap)ly ,o said Corn% for an order of !trator. ar nrcvat, and an order of discharge . . . This 14th day of November, A. D. as such Adm:nstrator. t932. This t4th day of November, A. D. CARL DUMSER, 1932. I Administrator of the Estate of CARL DUMSER, Anna McNally, Deceased. ' Adm;nistrator of the Estate cf Miller & Miller. Attorneys. Anna McNally, Deceased, Ad- .... minitrUrix of the Estate of Cold engines can be a source of Brv:m W. McNaIly, Deceased. concern to other users c,f the streets. ?..iih,r & Miller, Attorneys. L* the ear ahead suddenly slows down with a stalled en'ine, brakes l Chrb;tmas is only a few weeks have to be ayplied with undue sud- aw:ly lie your shopping early. "!enness to cars following it, and Telephone or send in your news. d:id:; and rear-end collisi=ns are of-Iw e want it. en the result. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR DISCHARGE State of Illinois. Logan County, ss. !r) Cennt y Court, to November Term, A D. 1932. In the matter of the Estate of Bryan W. McNally, Deceased. Public Notice is hereby given to OSCAR d. LENZ Lincoln's Leading Optometrist and Manufacturing Optician 510 Broadway Phone 1062 The Sheets .Company Mortwtans . Sheets Quality Serwce Costs No More Mt. Pulaski Lincoln , ii On Wednesday, before Thanksgiving ,By Albert T. Reid ]