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November 24, 1932     Times
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November 24, 1932

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Mt. Pulaski " ews i XXX MT. PULASKI, LOGAN COUNTY, ILLINOIS, THURSDAY, NOV. 1, 1932 EFLECIIONSI']2 Young Folks R By The Editor . How well we remember that oldj Attend Illinois :iviug dinner! Father at one t and mother at the other end, the n between and wondering if I ever will get done carving the[Logan County Has An The day before at school, we had ! Unusually Large that Greece was south of EnrolLment but on the table we found Turkey was bounded by grease. brown surface waited for the to plunge astride the breast- and with knife sharpened on jambs of the fireplace, lay bare folds of white meat. Give to the disposed to be senti- the heart. Give to the one to music, the drumstick. ire to the one disposed to ,honing- discussion the "parson's nose." leads all others in total enrollment in Then the pies, For the most part lXhe Champalgn-Urbana departments lest art. What mince pies! inlth 2,712 students. An additional ch you had all confidence, fash-t8,3 Cook county students attend the ed from rich ingredients, instead i University's College of Medicine, miscellaneous leavings which are[Dentistry, and Pharmacy, in Chicago. y short of glorified hash! Not[ The next largest group enrolled is ,ce uies with profound mysteries [that of Champaign county. There origin! lore 1,252 sons and daughters from But as we grew older we began realize mere and more that a chicken was superior to turkey day. However, it does not sound nearly much like Thanksgiving, because we have with us almost (in chicken supper season). Then another thing we discovered we became older and "- ......... " was mere or less of a luxury. And we always borrowed the Champaign-Urbana, Ill., Nov. 23.-- 3iany of the Logan county students 'ho are attending the University of Illinois this semester are home for the Thanksgiving recess. Logan county, according to the University Registrar, has 64 students enrolled ,in the State's highest educational in- stitution. This year every county in the state has students enrolled in the University. Cock county, as usual, the home county. This is due to the University's location within the county, and because so many fami- lies move to the twin cities during the time their children are in the University. The students from Logan county are as follows: Atlanta--Sarah Applegate, Frank D. Hoblit, John A. Houghton, Eldon E. Houghton, Mary McKinnon, Carrel F. Miller, Carolyn Mountjoy, Mildred Shaw, Annabelle Thomson. BeasonOtis B. Brown. Chestnut--Robert I Zelle. Cornland---Carl Curphyo NUMBER 16 HarryMartm, Jr. Is Seriously Shot Hunting Accident May Cost Life of Popular Young High School Student Winners Sele,:ted At NiraA l00rea Hahn Will l Annual Utility Corn Show Be Chief Deputy John R. Parker, of Lincoln, the Harry Martin, Jr., who was seri- ,ously wounded in a huntin$ accident about 3:30 o'clock last Saturday .afternoon, is showing some signs of improvement and hopes are now held for his recovery. Harry Martin and sons Harry and John, living over two miles south of Mt. Pulaski, known to - most everyone as the greatest pals *i  the commumty, went hunglng I last Saturday afternoon on the Wes- ley Scroggin farm about five miles southwest of the city. The was on one side of a hedge and two boys on the other. Sud some quail flew up and Mr. Mart shot at them. In doing so, the sho gun charge seemed to have struck an old tree limb, and a number of the shot hit his son Harry on the back near the shoulder, the r:eeki and on the head. Just how the tei- iible accident hap:ened they cannot ex;lain. Mr. Martin carried his clmost a mile to their auto, nd the :: I adly injured boy was hurried to the Deaconess hospital in Lincoln, where he has been given ever possi, ble care from doctors, a. s-eil's" and nurses constantly at his bed- side. His condition soon became very serious, and for three days it was thought that he could not sur, rive, the doctors thinkin that pneumonia might set in. But Tues- day night a change for the better - -f ElkhartRobert J. Cramer, Joseph B  frh,-,_ e ninth annual Logan nwly elected circuit clerk of Logan was noticed, and since then he has roaster unless someone B. Lanterman, Lewis J. Rubenking.  county, has announced the appoint- been growing stronger by dcgree u,st& bUF##$/.It&ltt'y |Utility Corn Show is being there ahead of us. EmdenDonald H. Barringer, Carl ]r /" --r-r --r ]Lincoln this wee The event began ment of Fred H. Hahn, of Mt. Pulas- Harry, Jr., is a student at the But Thanksgiving without turkey W. Carnahan, Wilbur J. Hallman. JeTSeS J[ O j[J|MQnd:y, November 21st, and will con- ki, as chief deputy circuit clerk, to Township High School, and is one - # J ,. a good deal like the Fourth of Hartsburg--George C. Van Gerpen. [.inue until Saturday, November 26th. become effective on Monday, Decem- of the most pe:ular boys in ,;chL Lincoln Homer Alvey (P), Char- th.,,, -p,-rackers. " -- . I O. J. Sommers, the veteran corn bet 5th.. ..... [The news of the unfortun't:, at'i, .... ............ los Bennis, Harold E. Coogan. Jean- Bonding Comanv Re SO, l breeder, judged the show Wednesday mr. rlann, wno s a son_ Ol mr.,dent spread rapMly, and the' " entire ........... nette Davidson, Robert d. Eggert,  = -- --fu---Imornin,, and during, the afteoon and Mrs Herman Hahn, of Mt Pu ...... lac ...... , : : o, tot l: t?:e "t the Kms, we Fran k Froschauer, Paul W. Gibbs, To Pay Coffman Short- [rar+cipted in an 'institute discus- laski, had" resided in Lincoln xor" see- linlPl'Uthe casee naVeandtaeneverybodya K. en ismteresh0" pe you ). Frances M. Hagans, Welker E. Hen- I a_^ -_ r___.__ [siom There were seventy entries in eral years, being in the insurance I in .......... " W  g nar rarry, WhO is 14 years el:l, ,SKETBA-L derson, Betty Johnston, Maud Jurje- t lSv ul lt:tur [thc show, which included th  class for business. The Hahn . family moveatwill continue to imr, rove. : :: i vich, Steve T Jurjevich, Samuel M  " . . m or, wno was tormly  .......... , " ....... "] I :It members, youths not club mere- back to Mr, Pulaski in August and l His --oth- - " - "  tc a,,,, Keys, Jr: Ruth A. K mst, r%awm 'I Decatur, Ill., Nov. 23.--Refusal of [bers; corn breeders and farmer are occupymg their residence pron-[Miss Louise ...... croggln, was oUle !baaw, apn t;. laaw, ml  I B F Coffan's bnai .............   .... d''shi  o" - * erty on North Washington street, lfrom sh^. , ...... - .... e'Mortet, Jerr H Owmgs," Harry )a .......  c,,v,,y u -.  ....  .... e .... v .... "- Mr. Hahn was hired as techer of with he ....  ......  In Lincoln Tuesday night a larg ] := ..... Z ." ...... [1 Y $20,000 of the loss of $33,000 [ear .mple of corn was captured by a I ....... ,ew aays, an' i ' . , r UUuana. has O el S* tmber of coaches, officials and]neian t',narles onn aoomy,}sustained by Macon county by pecula- [E:  nut,  the Pla nvaew school, six miles westhn  .-almnt ......... n*..*'-......, a-" '"e " - ayers assembled to particte in t 2 nert r ceer tt , . narles I tior of :Mr. Coffman as county bt$ hit  t  : "  '   ..... e annual basketl=all clinic of Di- ] anno_n, naroe r:. lrapp, Jr., ov 7 ttreasurer is indicated in a letter re- [tarmers and beeders claS, assuming his new duties of Septem-I --- . ................ don 12, Illinois High School Ath- ?:umlu1PP,NoraXm:nn e pr,uh nK [ceived by State's Attorney Solin W:i :The reserve ehampiolhip went to beT: I, Singe his two dughter,lYou__ Aetr'" o._ ic Association. The meeting was "':t lki'=ULlen Eaumrn  Glenn [Evans and wife, and made ';ublic rot. he e!..,be.r "f t9 Rentscher Billy and Jeane, are attending the l "" ig e o,tgt ld in the Lincoln Community High 1- . - :--- .....  . i Monday. .. ,family, Alvin Retschler, who won Mt. Pulesk Wrmhip High School, | Presence Averts Trou hool gymnasium, and W. C. I'd- [t owers, .onn..msaver, vincent The Fidelity and Deposit Coman second in the op cltss on a ten-ear the family will c0ntinue, to live here, / - -7 .... . : . Mr. Hahn motormg back and forth[ "Kate Smit ', .... b principal of that school, acted[/- Y, ioe! j. rlersney ,/, rugene of Maryland, which su-,qiedv ='th szmple. -  n s ne name of ho to his duties at the court house in t handsom ........ ! -- .... "h rules discussion I. t,augnery, rreoerm .. Llpp, ..... +,,  ..... u. :, -- " Corn samples will be on display at ,,  t e mi-wme eat that was L' ............... Pauline othw 1 ac ......  no o .... ,ortman ..... Lincoln. Another teacher will e  Eutana Wo i ......... b- Jean Harrison l R e 1, Gr e A Roth-_ ........ w .... the Logan County Farm Bureau for appointed to fill the Plainview scnooi ito "Alice ....... ,, p g:: mtl:eoem:gon' High School [well, Gustavus B. Stuart, Everette M. ;::t;auTlorVanSo(o C:? $;e the remainder of the week. .'. " lniCttSwonaenandarms in theivenrOtOb Cohns.i;.Hnro i]PiIi, I Los!iemeRY:; n B0o0ffaniu:trecohar.Mna!lhtoanni !yhmet. J vacancy when Mr. Hahn th ..... ' .... V - v " ! e wnuoren s 'neatre in Decatur on the month of No emner. 'Fri'a ..... n. nored;HeoHprncutasl:?k e iDet7  inslgtCe ' :o;:rybeorf lh s wToe "mporta : ................ DEN_ . as n obligation of the ounty. Follow" is t:" ' "  -:z ^ : :- tion eight years ago, but was de- "KaSe Smi ..... i . . . -.-" ivin a talk in WhiCh MoUUKI ttr.l 1 .......... mg ne ns oi r = w,u- Ha.m ,  .... . .... - -. n araced the atten- feated by Vincent Jones, epualican, ti ; - ";" - , mr Jvans salu ]:nat l'le Will aavlse discussed 'A Principal s Respon- VISITED IN CHESTNUT te U_ ..... . . . hers m the Utlhty Corn Show: who will soon complete twelve years whiteness, set off by a large be Towm-d the Game." n voara oz su. erv]sors o make a Class A. on oI ne aualence by its unmark as circuit clerk, and turn the office PINS TWO OCCUPANT DOWN Wednesday evening of last Mr. and Mrs. William Gockel, several miles northwest of-Mt. were rescued by a passing after being pinned in the in a deep ditch beneath the of their automobile for a hour. The car, which was : be- driven by Mrs. Gockel, skidded the Primm gravel road south Lincoln, rolled over twice, and to rest, its four wheels in the in a deep ditch. They were un- to liberate themselves. But Mrs. was finally able to reach the and its sound attrac.ed a pass- motorist, who at first could not the car, and finally traced it the sound of the horn. He could 109th semi-annual meeting of Logan County Teachers' Associa- was held at the Community Scool in Lincoln last Friday, ber 18th. The main feature the meeting was the interesting .rogram- The annu- of officers was held, re- with the following teachers honored: ident-+Lloyd L. Hargis, Prin- Mr. Pulaski Township High PresidentM. Ellen Hickey, Elkhart. and Treasurer -- Philip of Atlanta. John Yon Thun and nephew, Fred Von Thun, and Rev. R. Frerking, of Shelbyville,, Missouri, on Tuesday of .last week made an auto trip in the snow thrn Illinois to Chestnut In coming north out of Springfield they inquired of a truck driver at the school house curve which was the right road to Lincoln, but were giv- er the wrong information and landed i Athens. They finally arrived in Lincoln on their way to Chestnut, where they visited until Friday with Fred Yon Thun's brother, Edward Von Thun, and wife- John Von Thun and Roy. Frerking were in Watertown, Wisconsin, Thursday on a business trip, making the journey on the train. They had a much nicer trip back to Missouri. ing liability upon the concealed MARK MeCOLLOUGH WILL ticipation warrant, Mr. Evans TEACH PLAINVIEW SCHOOL sumes that it will claim that demand u?.on the bonding company for the full amount of the loss, as shown by the audit of the treasurer's accounts after the suicide of Treas- urer Ben F. Coffman. Mr. Evans declined to comment up: on the question whether the bank or the county would lose the $20,000 if the bonding company successfully resisted payment of that portion of the loss. He pointed out that his hesitancy to discuss thiS issue was prompted by knowledge that the question cannot be reached in a legal test until after he is succeeded in office by Arthur O. Frezier, who will become state's attorney on Monday, December 5th. While the bonding company did not indicate the nature of the  de- fense it will present against acce.t- an- as- Mr. i rescue them himself, and to assist him, and they . - ....... r pal of the Kinsman High School the able to free them zrom ne t . . ..... Mrs i past tour years, but in August moved all precarious rmsllon. .... " ......... d lback to his old home city, Atlanta, q sunerea irom oruitse m,== .a " " i . ....... id.] nd since which t me has been study- , ann a severe _. ling for his Master's Degree at the Gockel escapeo wtn only s=gu .. tniversity of Illinois, has been em- ployed to complete this year's term of teaching at the Plainview school, ',AN TEACHERS ELECTED located six miles west and one mile LLOYD HARGIS PRESIDENT north of ML Pulaski. This situation in changing teachers at this time of year is brought about by the resigna- tion of Fred H. Hahn, of ML Pulaski, who has been ppointed deputy cir- cuit clerk by John tL Parker, of Lin- coln, the newly elected circuit clerk of Logan county, who will take up his new duties at the court house on Monday, December 5th, at which time Mr. Hahn will start his new work. Mr. MeCollough is a soninlaw of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Manes, of ML Pulaski. al Resident Casts 16th Presidential Vote this day all Grade Schools and Charles A. Nicholson, a well known count were 1 Schools in Logan y . res'dent of Lincoln, and for many , part of the teachers attend- i years adjutant of Leo W. Myers Post, Lincoln whde A R the meeting in " , " iG. , "n the eonnty seat, bserved attended {he State High his 85th birthday anniversary Su'- . Cvffman acted outside of his duties called Mark McCollough, who was princi-!as treasurer when he negotiated for the sale of the $20,000 warrant and that it was a personal fraud upon the bank. But, Mr. Evans pointed out, that if the sale of the anticipation war- rant and the warrant, itself, were eliminated from consideration, then i the shortage in Mr. Coffman's ac- count as treasurer would be increas- ed by an equal amount, since the amount of the warrant was credited to the treasurer's account. It was in the extraction of $20,000 from his cash funds in the office that balanced the funds without disclosing that the warrant was in existence and held by the bank as an obligation of the county. The disputed $20,000 warant was drawn and counter-signed by the proper officials, Mr. Evans said. Carelessness of authorities who held responsibility with Mr. Coff- an in executing the warrant af- forded opportunity for the fraud, in- stead of a failure of Mr. Coffman to execute the bond in the proper man- her, Mr. Evans ecylained. SCHOOLS CLOSED FOR THANKSGIVING RECESS Confenee held at the dty of :Illinois. liss Georgiabelle Rothwell left at Wednesday for Chicago to make Thanksgiving visit with rela- Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Marks, and and Mrs. Frank A. Pattison, i family. Uni- Iday, November 20tl At the general With the closing of sch'ot work election on November 8th, Mr. Nigh-tWednesday afternoon practiallv ev- olson cast his sirtenth presidential!cry High School, grade schoot and vote, having cast his first vote in the trural school school i Logan ,'oantv year 1868 for General Ulysses S, I'will remain closed until next Monday Grant. The zed Ii-eoln re#d-nt is ]mornin on account of Thanksgiving, a nephew of Mrs. Caroline Snyder, t thus enabling the teachers to go to of Mt. Pulaski, who will be 90 yeawltheir homes for a visit and short old on December 26th. t period of resL : i i: Junior 4-H Club Members, 10 ears Utility Corn. 1.Harotd Schilling, Elkhart. 2.Joseph Mountjoy, Atlanta. 3.--Arthur Blaum, New Holland. 4.--Fred Johnson, Fancy Prairie. 5.Neil Mecay, Fancy Prairie. 6.Laurence Miller, Fancy Prai- rie. 7--Roy Schilling, Elkhart. 8.Robert Copper. New Holland. 9.Oran ArbPust,. Lincoln.. 10.Maynard Mtay,"Fancy Prai- ?le. Class B. over to John R. Parker. Mr. Hahn is well qualified for the new position as chief deputy circuit'clerk, and his many friends are glad to hear of his appointmenL C. Everett Smith, Democrat, of Lincoln, the newly elected state's attorney of Logan county, who takes up his new duties also on Monday, December 5th, has announced the ap- pointment of Miss Lucille Dorgan, of Middletown, as stenographer in his office. Basketball Season 6.Shirley Payne, Hartsburg. 7.--Everett Stoll, Chestnut. 8.--Frank Warren, New Holland. 9.Ruth Ellen Lee, Hartsburg. 10-TNorma Blaum, New Holland. Class C. Farmers and breeders. Open to every farmer and corn breeder in Logan county. L--Edwin Rentschler, Chestnut. 2.Alvin Rentschler, Chestnut. 3.Louis Rentschler, Chestnut. 4.Merle Payne, Hartsburg. 5.John Danaher, Fancy Prairie. 6.A. M. Armstrong, Lincoln. 7.Herman Lauer. BroadwelL 8.Ben Schroth, Chestnut. 9.John Suedmeier, Chestnut. 10.---George J. Stoll, Chestnut Class D. Bushel Utility Corn, open to the Farmers and BreWers of Logan County. l.Alvin Rentschler, Chestnut. 2--Edwin Rentschler, Chestnut. 3.--Oscar Mountjoy. Atlanta. 4.--John Danaher, Fancy Prairie. 5.A. M. Armstrong, Lincoln. 6.--Herman Lauer, Broadwell. 7.Wilbur Schroth, Chestnut. i 8.Raymond Lemme, New Hol- I land. 9.Burch Lee, Hsrtsburg. Class E. Shelled Peck, oen to all Farmers and Corn Breeders in Logan County. [.---John Danaher. Fancy Prairie. 2.--Edwin Rentschler, Chestnut. ?.--Alvin Rentschlr, Chestnut. 4.--Pul Wesbecher. Mr. Pulaski. 5.--Wilbur Schroth. Chestnut. 6.Herrnan Lzuer, Breadwell. 7.--Arthur Blaum. New Holland. 8.Burch Lee. Hartsburg. 9.Raymond Lemme, New Hol, lan Junior Boys and Girls, ages 1O to !1, not in 4-H Club work t Opens Next Frids,y l.Ncrbcrt Schroth, Chestnut, 2.Albert Wessbecher, Mt. Pulaski. The Mt. Pulaski Township High 3.--Karl Wessbecher, Mt. PulaskL [ School basketball team this season 4.--Raymond Lemme, New Hol]ancL! has the strongest schedule ever. pre- 5.Richard Stoll, Chestnut. sented to local basketball fans. Six- teen games are on the list, and the competition for honors will be very keen throughout the series. Coach George Dertinger is taking the boys through intensive practice, and it is cnfidently expected that Mt. Pulaski will make a very creditable showing, The first game of the season will take place at home in the spacious Township High School gymnasium, with the strng Athens team as the opponent. The date is Friday night, December 2d, and a large crowd shotild he in attendance and boost for the home team. Buffalo Gold Case Up Again Next Week The Buffalo gold case, one of the most interesting law suits pending in the Sangamon county circuit court at Snringfield, was set for trial Mon- day "bore Judge I E. Stone for next Monday. The case involves more than $6,000 in gold coins which were unearthed in Buffalo in July, 1931 The circuit court trial will be an appeal from the decision of a pro- bate court jury which held that the gold belongs to the estate of the late Peter T. Leeds, eccentric physi- cian ot turralo. Alex M. Booth, owner of the ,prop- lrty on which the money was found, seeks possession cf it. He contends that the money is his because it was on his property. Heirs of Dr. Leeds contend it is theirs because their an- cestor buried it. Mrs. Alma M. Reinders visited in Lincoln over Tuesday night with Mrs. C. R. Gi]christ. "bow. As the prolog rogressed cat, calm at first, became inc ly nervous and fidgety, stru until it almost got away. With presence of mind, "Alice" walked calmly over to the wings, still ing her lines, and handed the ened animal to the nearest back-stage. Then, without losing a word,' went on with her part. "Kate  as taken off by herself and sootbed: uSunday's Decatur Herald and view. Miss Eutana Wolcott is the ter of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar E. co,t, of Decatur, but form Pulaski. She is a Mrs. F. W. Ober-_miller Of this city. FORMER MT. PULASKI TEACHER HONORED In Champaign last Friday, the Illinois High School Teach Conference was held at the sity f Illinois, the Illinois Association held their annual of officers. Vernon Lindsey, teaeher in Mt* Pulaski Township School, hut who is now teachin the Pekin High School, was president, and W. C. Handlin, pal of the Lincoln Commm School, was chosen vice- Mr. Lindsey and Mr. Handlin are known to Mt. Pulaski people. Route 121 Detour .... Into Lincoln Motorists going on Route 121 o Lincoln can use the slab as far the Doolittle school house, three southeast of Lincoln, where they must turn west to the Primm grave] road, and enter Lincoln on avenue. The road was Closed Stur day afternoon just north of the little scho because of the work has just commenced at Deer where the S. G, Cool Compan Chicago will build the new and the R. P. Devine crew will a culvert. How long this part the road will be elosed is not kn but when all is finished ev will be glad. The Mt. Pulaski and It Grade School basketball teams ed here Wednesday night, Mr, laski winning by a score of 26 to ] The Mr. Pulaski Cardinali i ' : i