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November 17, 2010     Times
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November 17, 2010

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"'" i 9 - Mt. Pulaski Times November 16, 2010 Did You Know? - resulting in almost 2,500 Studies, Polls, & News you construction jobs at peak. A traffic safety camera might have missed.., being used in the UK can Just more than one-third ten the speed of a car, and of IUinoisans casting bal- whether or not the insur- lots Nov. 2 characterized ance, license and taxes themselves in exit poUs as have been paid and if the conservatives. More than driver is wearing their seat two in five said they were belt. moderates. One in five said Al Gore was ticketed in they were liberals. Sweden for leaving his car Bill Brady only received idling in an auditorium 7 more votes than Sena- parking lot for one hour. tor Kirk in Brady's home China held the worldY county of McLean. largest census covering ten Illinois voter turn out days to count all the people Nov. 2 was dose to 52%. who live there. Denver has. voted to The owner of the reject a plan to track space National Enquirer is filing aliens, for bankruptcy. Voters in f our states, Cal- A study says that the ifornia, Arizona, Oregon water in the Atlantic and South Dakota turned Ocean has reversed course down liberalizing marl- in the past 20,000 years. juanalaws. A new procedure that A Democratic Congress- puts a chip implant in the woman from Californiaeye helps the blind to see. who died last month was Rescued Chilean miner able to beat her Republican Edison Pena will run in the opponent. New York City Marathon. Bristol Palin says she The New York Mets will forgot to send in her absen- drop their ticket prices 14% tee ballot for the Midterm next season. election. The FDA has approved Illinois ranks #2 in the a drug that curbs episodes country for the number of of uncontrolled rying and grease and cooking fires on laughing. Thanksgiving Day. Presidem Bush, in his More cooking fires occur book, states that he con- on Tlaanksgiving than any sidered dropping Dick other day of the year. Cheney off the 2004 ticket. Tenaska's TaylorvilleEngland and France are Energy Center will take forming a joint military nearly 10 million labor force featuring unprec- hours to buRd the plant edented cooperation. A Nebraska man who other promotions that gwe dressed as a breathalyzer away toys with fast food. for Halloween was arrested "Wheel of Fortune" for DUI. announcer Charlie O' Don- The price of sugar is at a nell has died at age 78. 30 year high. The U.S. government A Los Angeles man sayssent one billion dollars he stayed awake 40 straight to dead people in the last days with no sleep, ten years for Social Secu- MGM has fried for rity payments, medical Chapter 11 bankruptcyexpenses, rent, wheelchairs protection, and farm subsidies. It Apparently they are still includes a hundred million feeling .the effects from on medicine prescribe i releasing "BASEketball". by dead doctors for dead Forbes has named Chi- patients. nese President Hu Jintao A survey says 75% of as the world's most power- Americans feel things are fulperson, going badly, the highest GM stock is expected to number since the mid 70s. be valued between $26-$29 Tiger Woods has lost his a share at the IPO later this #1 golf ranking for the first month, time in five years. A New York judge says Venezuelan President a four year old girl can be Hugo Chavez says that sued over a bicycle acci- golf courses should be dent. destroyed and used for A convent will be auc-other purposes. tioning off a rare Honus A 4 year old boy in New Wagner baseball card for Jersey. was barred from charity. Pre-K school because his Researchers have foundhair was too long. stone tools dating back The Steelers-Saints 75,000 years ago. football game beat World GM has paid back $9.5Series Game Four in the billion of the $50 Billion TV ratings. government bailout. Teenagers send an aver- NASA is celebrating age of 34 text messages ten years of continuous after going to bed. human presence on theThe Girl Scouts say International Space Sta- that their uniforms will tion. be made in the U.S. after Three American astro-beinscriticized for taking nauts on the International bidsfrom overseas. Space Station were able to The Supreme Court cast their votes from space, will determine whether or Sail Francisco has not school children have banned Happy Meals and Miranda Rights. Data shows that home equity accounts for only 15.4% of the average household net worth. The CEO of Caterpil- lar is taking over as the company's chairman. A study says that half the children who use electronic media before bedtime have mood or learning prob- Iems. Experts say that textmg and Facebook are no worse for kids than TV. A study says that chil- dren in the U.S. watch an average of five hours of TV a day. A 1.2 year 01d girl in Del- aware foiled an attempted kidnapping when she pretended her iPod was a phone and she was calling for help. A study says that super- stitious beliefs are becom- hag more common. An image from a 1920s film shows an image of a woman who appears to be talking on a ceil phone. The Census Bureau says that home owiaership is at the lowest level in more than a decade at 66.9%. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has banned welfare recipi- ents from using welfare debit cards to i ay psychics. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg says / he city won't , nd Christ- mas cards this year to save money. British scientists say they may have found the cure Birthday July 5? Is your birthday on July 5 of any given year? If so, there may be a place for you in the 175th Mt. Pulaski Celebration. Send your name, address; and phone number- and affiliation with Mt. Pulaski - and any. ancestry to Jean Naylor. ,Jean Naylor / 49 Denis Rd / Quitman AR 72131. Telephone 501 556 - 5165. E-Mail: jeanmnaylor75@ Prisoner of War Flag has Memorial at the Courthouse. Times Photo been added to the VFW for the common cold. TV ratings for the 2010 A survey says that 49% World Series tied a record of Americans blame the low with the 2008 Series bad economy on President between The.Phillies and Bush. 44% blame the bad Rays. economy on President Obama. Along The Silk Road Vol. 9 By Scott Tate , Scott is a Mt. Pulaski Alum and currently works in Afghanistan for a private construction contractor. A few hours flight from Budapest lays the historic city of Istan- bul. An airport much newer and modern than those in Atlanta or Chicago, it offers upscal~ stores reminiscent of a Rodeo Drive experience. As the fifth largest city in the world, its population of almost 14 million lies sprawled along the edges of the Bosphorous, tlie waterway that forms part of the boundary between Europe and Asia. Istanbul has the distinction of the only city that lies on two continents. Settled before 1 lth century BC, the city's age belies much his- tory that includes being a capital to different empires and its fall from being the Christian city of Constantinople to its resurgence as the new Islamic capital of the Ottoman Empire for almost 500 years., Despite its dominant Muslim qulture, Turkey is a republican parliamentary democracy whose progressiveness and commit- mere to it is most evident in that it is the only Muslim country that is a member of NATO. Caught in the world's current conflict and sanctions against its neighboring country of Iran, Turkey is struggling to support the West, whose governmental ideologies it has embraced, while at the same time balancing its relationship with Iron who pushes forward with its nuclear program threatening more strife not just in the Middle East-but to the rest of the world. It is said that the worlds of the east and west collide in Istanbul. Having traveled to other Muslim countries, I had expected the strong religious beliefs and a people suppressed into compliance by the resulting culture to give Istanbul an atmosphere of oppres- sion and seriousness. These expectations couldn't have been more wrong. Istanbul is an atmosphere of constant activity with an air of festiveness reminiscent of a western city m the throes of a major celebration. It's a city that stays up all mght and sleeps late; non-stop trolleys always full of people, and signs of patriotism from the flags flown on tall flagpoles to those on the handlebars of street bicycles. A place with hookah bars that serve Efes beer access to all parts of the cistern to appreciate its size and the the name Mr. Delicious, while happily doling out samples. efforts undertaken by the slave labor in order to construct it. There was an American style saloon called "Red River" based Topkapi Palace, like the Blue Mosque, was also commissioned on the John Wayne movie of the same name.. While patronizing by a sultan during the reign of the Ottoman Empire and was the the Red River one day in its outside seating, I was dive bombed official residence of the sultans for almost 400 years. Originally by a bird and left with an organic souvemr.on my jeans. Our wait- constructed during the 14th century it has beeri rebuilt from ress, who overflowed with personality, was named Harika, which earthquake and fire. Pictures inside of the artifacts and jewels are means "wonderful" in Turkish. Harika, assured me that this event prohibited and will get you an early exit from the tour. is seen as a symbol of'good luck in Turkey. I'm still waiting for the Unbeknownst to the no picture rule, I tried to take a picture of good fortune that the christening of bird droppings was supposed the crown that resulted m a guard demanding I delete the picture to signify. from my camera. The whole issue here is not a risk to security but Like many major cities, Istanbul is yet another that was formed rather concealing what they have from the outside world so the along a major body of Water. only way to see it is to pay admission to the palacel With the city spanning two continents and the congestion ere- The palace at its peak housed almost 4,000 residents and had ated because of its size, Istanbul offers the normal entourage of mosques, bakeries; a hospital, an0 a mint, It,, contains some.,of . trains and trolleys for forms.of public transportation. the bost ex-afnplesbf artifacts Still fn existence'ffom t~[e Ott.oa-la!~:: :Ferrys-also abound in:the economy class openair style arid the" period, enclosed type that resemble a commercial jet from the inside. Another historic attraction is the Galata Tower. Located in the With the influence from the Bosphorous and Black Sea, a day Asian side of Istanbul, it was originally constructed in the 1300s trip on the water provides another new perspective. We visited the as an observation tower that was later used to spot fires. Fortress of Rumeli built in the 14th century at the narrow -most At the time of its construction, this rune-story tower was the ~ll- poirl~ across the Bosphorous. We stopped at a mosque, and then est structure in the city. The ancient tower lies m stark contrast to an old lighthouse. Maiden's Tower was first constructed over 24 nearby Istiklal Avenue. This famous street contains many upscale centuries ago by the Greeks and thenmodified and enlarged by boutiques, shops and bars. Its many art deco" style bt~ildings and the different sultans throughout the Ottoman reign. high,end stores give the illusion of being in Europe versus Turkey. The. highlight of the riverboat trip was the main destination to At mght, a trolley car complete with a live band performs while the Black Sea. We moored out from a beach and spent our time the car travels up and down the avenue. With the bars and throng jumping from the upper deck of the boat into the cool water. We of multi-national people dressed in designer clothes, the live had brought no swimming trunks but spare ones from our Turk- music completes the vision of an adult Disneyland. ish guides were provided. No trip to Istanbul is complete without visiting the Grand Not wanting to offend, we didn't ask when the last time was Bazaar. At over 500 years old, it is not only one of the world's they had been washed or who had been wearing them. We only oldest bazaars, but one of its largest. It encompasses over 58 cov- hoped that the salinity of the water provided some antiseptic pro- ered streets and well over 1,000 shops including everything from tection. Even our big-bellied captain joined in on the group swim jewelry, potter)/, antiques, spices, and carpets. Remember, this is and did a little barnacle removal on our vessel. the land of the 24-hour hustle. If you go into the Grand Bazaar, Our group on our riverboat cruise included an assortment of and celebrate the blues annualty with a festival and barbershops, try not to make eye contact or show any interest in an item or the stay open until 10 o'clock at night, ever-alert salesmen will drag you into their shop and start their Not only is the western influence in Istanbul dominant, it is also spiel. Between the persistence of the salesmen and the crowd of representative of a country that is morphing from the stringency over a quarter of a million visitors daily, only a short visit to the of its rules grounded in its Muslim past and moving towards the Grand Bazaar is necessary before escape to the outside becomes freedoms and beliefs of the Western world. Freedom of religion mandatory to restore samty. exists and unlike other Muslim countries, women are recognized The baby sister to the Grand Bazaar is the Spice Bazaar that as equals and have been given the right to vote. evolved from the spice trade during the Ottoman Empire. The With 14 million people, Istanbul is a competitive place to find streets are filled with stands ~elling every item imaginable. Any- a job and make a living. If you have ever met someone born and thing you can imagine from food to clothing is available. Fresh raised in a big city, to them, it is the greatest place in the world roasted chestnuts and ears of corn or a cigarette with authentic and they have no desire to live and work elsewhere. The people Turkish tobacco rolled while you wait can be had. There's also of Istanbul are no exception even though they work long hours in their ice cream, dondurma, which contains a starchy substance order to stay in the place of their birth, giving it a consistency that allows those dipping it to perform There are no limits to their efforts in what they do "m order to ice cream acrobatics. In some areas of Istanbul, the streets are mal~e a living, packed with so many vendors and people that the only difference Case in point is our trip to the Blue Mosque. One of the mare _ between these areas and the Grand Bazaar is no roof. attractions in Istanbul, the Blue Mosque or Sultan Ahmed The streets are also filled with open-air restaurants and bars. Mosque, was commissioned in the early 1600s by the sultan to Like proprietors of material goods, the food service operators become the first mosque of his empire. The interior is finished give the hard sell to patronize their establishment. It is worth it to with over 20,000 blue ceramic tiles and it has a capacity of 10,000 experience the Turkish salads and fresh fish in an outdoor setting. people. The experience is enhanced by the street cats, waiting for a hand- As we neared the Blue Mosque, a young, Turk approached out. They love their cats in Istanbul as evidenced by the many us and welcomed us to the mosque. He took it upon himself to food and Water bowls that adorn the outside of many storefronts. show us the way to the entrance all the while insisting he was Cats are everywhere and tame to the touch. Whether you are a not a guide and not to worry, he wouldn't charge us. While we cat lover or not, the cats serve a vital purpose. Without them, the waited in the entrance line, he made several trips to get paper rodents would soon overwhelm the city's inhabitants and destroy towels so we could mop our brows, and get plastic bags so we its economy that is so dependent upon the tourism industry. could store our shoes and carry through the mosque. An hour The Great Recession of the US is being felt globally and Turk- later after finally touring the mosque, the young Turk encouraged ish salesmen commented that their economic health is dependent us to come look at the Persian rugs at his store. Feeling somewhat upon us. obligated, we trekked several blocks away to his family's store and Near the fiver walk, one of the locals lays out his goods for sale looked at the rugs unfurled by his uncle. Noticeably disappointed each day. He is unique in that he has no legs below the knees. He since we didn't buy anything, we left the rug store. The nephew makes his way down the street self-propelled with special pads on and uncle combined had spent several hours just to get us in their the bottom of his legs using his arms for balance. I see him every store for a possible sale. day I spend in Istanbul and never does he use a wheel chair or This experience taught me to, keep my sunglasses on, and my ask for help. He's out there every day trying to sell his goods and mouth shut. With long hair and sunglasses, similar encounters survive another day. led the Turks to believe I was either Russian or German and I My Turkish friend, Onur, is another example. A student in one feigned the inability to communicate vgith them. of our recent traimng classes in Afghanistan, he had to leave his Another main attraction in Istanbul is the Basilica Cistern. home in Turkey and work for a contractor in the war zones of Built in the 6th century, it is one of hundreds of cisterns built Afghanistan to have employment. Unfortunately I was never able under Istanbu1 to store water. At over 100,000 square feet in area, to meet up with Onur in Istanbul as planned. By some strange it has the ability to contain almost 21 million gallons of water, coincidence we ran into each other at the Istanbul airport and coUected from an aqueduct from the Belgrade forest over 10 miles shared the same flight together back to Budapest,.from where he away. It is supported by over 300 marble and granite columns, continued to Warsaw. two of which are most famous for being carved with the head of Then there was the storeowher who gave me bottled water since Medusa. he couldn't change my Turkish lira bill and entrusted me to return Illuminated by street type lights, the cistern today only laolds later with the correct change. There was a candy shop featuring several feet of water inhabited by goldfish, and contains a few the pistachio nut sugarcandy called Turkish Delight; operated by gift shops and restaurant. Walkways throughout the cistern aUow a happy rotund man who promoted his homemade candies under cultures. We had a Sri Lankan who had made his way there wOrk- ing in Australia and Dubai. There was also the Turkish family who spem their last 20 years living in Australia and had returned to visit their family, including the heavy-set mother in-law on the trip. Not knowing if she was the mother in-law of the husband or wife, odds were placed on which one would toss her overboard due to her constant nagging and complaining. There were two twenty something female cousins from the US who had just returned to Istanbul from a cross-country bus tour of Turkey and were next headed to southern France. We had the male Turkish guides who prepared.our meal grilled on board and afterwards entertained us with improvised danc- ing. - Then there was our main tour guide, a 32 year old female whose main goal was to get a visa to spend 3 months in the US and improve her English speaking skills and return to Istanbul and work at a better tour agency. She had been to Thailand three times and spent 6 months in the Mediterranean as the first mate, chief cook and bogle washer on a small cruise ship just so she could learn more about that geographic region. She loved to travel but had no desire to ever permanently leave Istanbul. Her aspirations were to see the world. Material possessions had no place on her life's list of prioritiesl Like her male counterparts she had a care: free attitude with a focus more on, experiencing every moment of life and not getting caught up in the burdens of capitalism. Here we are in the midst of the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression. Many like to compare the Great Recession to the Great Depression. Like most, I wasn't around during the Great Depression. My parents and grandparents were. One of my grandfathers told many stories of working all hours of daylight for a dollar a day and glad to get it. My dad grew up in a big family in a house set on a sandstone foundation on a hardscrabble farm. Born at the onset of the depression, my dad was the el itome of a generation who were born without and anything they got was better than they had, The children of the Great Recession were born with everything and are learmng to struggle with how to do without what they have always had. The children of the Great Depression were born with the ability to create opportumty when life gave them rotten lemons and they had to learn how to hustle just to keep the basics of life intact. Credit was not available for;the Depression era kids so they made do with what they had until they earned a better way. Credit was overabundant for the Recession age kids who-have been used to getting they want and then earning it. The people in Istanbul'feel our t~ain from the Great Recession and resemble those of us who have liveg influenced by the Great Depression. They haven't always had it so good either and this adversity has made them learn [o appreciate what they have; work hard every day seeking opportunity, and understand that life's best "offerings are from people and places, not things. Blue Book - Red Book Deadlines Don't forget to order your Mt. Pulaski History BoOk 1836-1986 (blue book). Call Sue Schaffenacker 792- 5693 or J0yce Maxheimer 792-5723. Time is getting short! This will be the only reprint. Price is $58.70. Have your turned in your family or business his- tory for the nex~ Mt. Pulaski History Book (,red book)7, Memorial and dedication pages are available. Algol book orders are being taken for the early bird price of $58.71. Call Sue Schaffenacker 792-5693" or/force Maxheimer at 792-5723. Don'tbe left out! High school graduation pictures have :: :'certaibly:" =hanged. This Mt. Pulaski High School grad was E ith Girtman. She was a proud member of the Classlof 1894. ] , Tennessee Ernie Ford made the song "16-Tons" a hit 50-some years ago. That song comes to mind when you read this pay envelope issued to Fred Bobell on OCt. 7, 1896. lie mined 42 & 17/20 tons of coal at a rate of ,45 ce ts. Total $19.29. He was paid $2.50 forgone "round" in turning room. He had 26 & 1/3 feet of coal in the Er try yards at a,rateof $1.25. Total $11.04. He had 23 %1/3 feet of coal in the Bottom at a rate of .25 cents. TOtal $1.96. Total Gros Pay $34.79. Pay deductions-Were for $2; Repairs '. 12 Cents; Mer- chandise .02 Cents; Sharpening .42 Cents; Powder (explosives) $10.13; and oil (mine lamps) .36 Cents. His net pay was $21.74. ] Based on fhe value of today's dollar, Fred's pay', of t $2t .74 is equal to $573.00 now. 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