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November 3, 2010     Times
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November 3, 2010

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5 - Mt. Pulaski Times Did You Know7 Studies, Polls, & News you might have missed... A 20 year old college stu- dent has become the new police chief in a violent town in Mexico. A New Jersey toll worker made an annual salary of $321,000 after bonuses and payouts. A Boston College law student is telling the school they can keep the degree, if they will give a full tuition refund. A prosecutor in Detroit is proposing that parents who do not attend at least one parent-teacher confer- ence during the year will serve jail time. A survey says that 26% of voters believe the Amer- ican Dream is still reach- able for most people. A report says the average acceptance rate at all four year colleges is 67%. EBay's profits were up 23% because of its growing PayPal business. The U.S. is going to spend $773 Million to clean up closed GM plants. A study says a child's waist size can indicate their future health risks. A report says that young people are turning to their smart phones for health advice_ Swiss archaeologists have found a 5,000 year old door, the oldest one known in Europe. NOAA has put out its long-term forecast that calls for an extreme winter. A crocodile smuggled onto a plane is being blamed for its crash in the Congo. The NBA is planning to expand the use of instant replay. M/ke Dirks says that helmets with facemasks in football do more harm than good. A book says that Bill Clinton lost the secret nuclear codes while he was in office. Colgate is being accused of stealing a 1,000 year old toothpaste formula from India. A Connecticut law firm has opened with a drive- thru window. A geologist says the New Madrid fault line in the Midwest is dormant and not a threat for earthquakes for hundreds or possibly thousands of years. McDonald's stock has hit an all time high of $79.40. November 2, 2010 Dear Editor (.4 recenO writer said that liberals don't understand the Tea Party movement. I would like to offer some illumination. If the beliefs of the Tea Party reflect a psychological reaction, then it is because: (1) American exceptionalism is severely limited by our current federal bureaucracy, and (2) exor- bitant national debt and budgets are unsustainable. Essentially, the Tea Party wants to cut back the size of government, lower taxes, reduce wasteful spending, reduce the national debt and reduce the federal budget deficit...while adhering to the U.S. Constitution. Those objectives represent the standards by which the Tea Party gained traction among the public. Granted. there are many ways to accomplish these tasks, and there will be much consternation and wringing of hands getting there. But, guess what? The Tea Party can accomplish these objectives because they: (1) have a positive atti- tude, (2) believe in American exceptionalism, and (3) understand that our government cannot continue to pile up debt and expect our nation to be a beacon for freedom and economic strength. The Tea Party does not stand for hatefulness, bigotry, racism or homophobia. Those who think so prefer to cast dispersions in the name of a liberal's definition of charity, tolerance, and love. And regarding distrust of government and is our right to distrust government, and something our founding fathers rec- ommended to us as citizens. You see, we Tea Party citizens recognize and understand the wisdom of our founding fathers. Also, Tea Party members don't think the Obama administration has forced too much change too fast. Instead, we believe the Obama administration has turned away from the principles of "American excep- tionalism" in order to further its liberal-socialist agenda. Obama has not acted like a President of the people. Instead, he has acted, like a community agitator trying to disrupt our nation and install liberal-socialist princi- ples that most people don't want. Change is good when it results in improvements.., even when it is difficult to adjust to. However, changing to things that were fail- ures in the past makes absolutely no sense. So, let's face the future together with a "can do spirit". While I agree with this, too many liberal-socialists belittle our past and turn away from American excep- tionalism.., because they think we Tea Party-ers are just hateful, scaredy, selfish individuals. What we Tea Party-ers really want is an American government using common sense. We want to help others who cannot help themselves...but we don't want to encourage self-indulgent people waiting for the next handout. We want people to earn their own way, and we want to reach our to help others along the way...but not through the inefficiency of the federal government. We want everyone to have a level economic playing field in which to compete with each other and against the world. We want the foolish whims of "feelings" in government set aside in favor of logic, proof, success and adherence to the Constitution. We want people to truly earn what they can and keep what they earn...but share with others based on their personal standards, morals, and ethics. (Yes, conservatives donate signifi- cantly more than their liberal-socialist brethren...but that is another letter.) Our federal government is failing us in so many, many ways. Liberal-soclallsts i,;afft:~lb~e" ~ifld n~bre of"t~bge federal government failings. Feelings, failure and name- calling trump logic and success in the liberal agenda. The Tea Party-ers want to try something else, it's called an improvement, to turn this government around and make it once again something we can be proud of, and something that works for us instead of against us. Wade Schott 5901 Canterfield Ct Weldon Spring, Mo 63304 ,dd Fellow Herithge Apartments Affordable Housing for qualified people Buffalo - Williamsville - Illiopolis For information call: 917-364-4898 or 917-341-6453 [irllla Building& Remodeling Have power when the power goes out with our Guardian Standby Generators When the power goes out.., and it wilL.. You can depend on our Guardian* Standby Generators for automatic back-up power Fully Automatic 24/7 Protection Permanent Better Than Portables 5a t 5assert - N ss 105 E. Jefferson St. - Mt. Pulaski lic. #058-12-1898 79 5593 No Home For the Holidays The Legion Auxiliary is adopting an apartment Last year the American Legion Auxiliary spon- sored a beautiful luncheon and the proceeds were used to send holiday cheer to our military personnel, The community, busi- nesses, organizations and individuals responded and gifts were sent to 42 indi- viduals who could not be home for the holidays. This year the Auxiliary has chosen a different proj- ect. If you saw recently on "60 Minutes" this nation has many veterans who have no home. The number is increasing at an alarming rate. The economic situation and constant deployments are causing many problems. The Decatur area has received a grant from the federal to establish units homeless veterans. grant does not pay to fur- nish the apartment and groups and organizations have been encouraged to adopt an apartment. A dopting Apartmen t The Legion Auxiliary is adopting an apartment We are so pleased to say that the students at Mt. Pulaski Grade School are working to raise money and plan to buy items ~br the apartment. During Red Ribbon Week, students par- ticipated in "Caps for a Cause". Each student could wear a hat if they made a donation. We thank them for doing this. Bcginning December 1, you can help also. Please consider buying an object, cleaning supplies or any item to stock the cabinets at your local merchants. This would be a great opportunity for you to take your child/grandchild and allow them to select an item to help a veteran. If you prefer, you may make a cash donation, payable to American Legion Aux- ilia~9 aiid:Seng ift~ Vhs/ll{g Beccue. More information will follow later in December The 1st nuclear-powered submarine, the Nautilus. commissioned by the United States Navy in 1954. made her maiden voyage on Jan. 17. 1955. The weather turned stormy for Illinois. Storm clouds brought a hefty over-night storm and strong winds Mon. - Tues. (Oct. 25 & 26). The high winds tipped a couple of semis on 1-55 at Elkhart. Wind gusts were rated at hurricane strength. The weather service reported the storm was the strongest in decades for Illinois. By afternoon, in our area, there was wind, but nothing of the strength "up north". Times Photo Pumpkins Pinched Leading up to Halloween, reports continued of pumpkins piIfered around town As one resident commented, there's no evidence of any being smashed, just taken. Another gourd&nap- ping victim chimes in that it's not th,~ headless horse- man. He saw fit to smash pumpkin heads as a mean's of instilling fear. Just another Halloween mystery. "TV AD" "Hey Linda," said my son- in-law, "I just saw your morn on TV, on a Vonderlieth commer- cial." I have never seen it yet, but I know others who have. l remember them making the commercial--all the equipment, and the guys teasing me about going to Decatur with them. I just kept playing the piano. It was a lot of fun. I happened to be out there, when this all took place On the Lighter Side I'm not worried about what kids know .I.tlorence!8,,~:0.d,.aY.. .... i- --._ 'l -:: ~.: .... 5 Wiii jusf ;~6/+ieg ~ii~-6i~/h-&v Gr they found out. One boy, next ner door told me: " I don't know why parents get upset about sex education in schools. It's just like chemistry except they don't let you experiment." Food for Thought - John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only son, that whoso- ever believes in Him shall not perish, but have Eternal Life. From our Home... A Season of Celebrations Home Tour is scheduled for December 4. The public is invited to participate. Tickets-S10 per person - are available at Salt Creek Attic. You will also receive your program that gives a brief description of each loca- tion. This year we are honored to be invited to St. John's Lutheran Church and the homes of Jackie Oehlbach, Mike -which house has a cat playground -which location has stain glass win- dows. -what is located Upstairs in St. John's Lutheran Church -when did English become the lan- guage used for services -who found interesting objects when remodeling -which house has pocket doors and Lynn Rentmeister Brooker. When you visit the locations, you will learn: -who lives in a "Sunday house" -which house has 11 rooms -which ho~se has a doll house in the attic -which three houses have double stair- cases -which house has red oak flooring -which homes have been remodeled -which home has a Derby hat on dis- play Lakin, WiUie and Brenda -which house has original French and Kent and Carole doors -which location has a painted mural -which home may have had a "still" -which house has a well in the base- merit -which house has "marriage bed" Hours for the tour are 4-7 p.m. St. John's Lutheran.Church will offer a wor- Ship service at 5:30 p.m. and it is hoped that you will attend. It is important that we. remember the true meaning of the season. Kenney Festival of Trees ~ The Festival of Trees is the weekend before Thanksgiving. There is no entry fee and no theme to conform to. Busi- ness displays are welcome along with trees decorated by individuals. Associa- tion members will once again set up the extensive collection of vintage aluminum trees. In addition to trees, collectors of fine china can elect to display their items on table settings. Wreath makers are also encouraged to show off their handiwork, as well. An application form, available from Darla Cutright at 217-944-2473. Applica- tions must be received by November 13. The event is sponsored by the Kenney Heritage Association. Country Decor, AI1. tlques, F10I S, Unique Handcrafted : Treasures s~ Creek Attic ~ 106 8. Washington Mt. Pulaski So Much M0ee Tues-~ri10-4 8e Sat 9-1792_5117 Per xpenence General Contracting 3~toteu'tonal Ser~ce - l~ome Town Commitment Licensed - Full3d[nsured - Bonded Ray Inma 454-3090 License # 104 - 008527 .... I). II . Things can happen ... unexpectedly I ............... 7~ ...... You can rest assured that should the unexpected happen - your coverage is complete with Homeowners Insurance from Pekin InsuranceTM and your local Pekin Insurance Agency. They wilt explain all your coverage options to you thoroughly, so there isno, worrying and no mistaking. Ask about premium-reducing discounts that will trim your monthly budget costs. Call your local Pekin Insurance Agency today for Homeowners Insurancethat's Beyondthe expected.TM Downing, Przykopanski, Clements & May Insurance Agency, ,.c. 124 S. Washington St. Mt. Pulaski 792-5251 ~ _ _ _ ,:., . ~,_ .__ :.--'~ ...................................... ~ :,7---- ill[--,. -~- ~' - ........................ --- - " ...................... ]