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September 28, 1961     Times
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September 28, 1961

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IlL, "rKoIIrDAY.  2S, 1961 SPENT MONTH IN CALIFORNIA Mr. and Mrs. John Hassebrock, city, and Rev. and Mrs. F. E. of Flora, returned last Thursday from a month's vaca- llon D'Ip to California. At San Lorenzo they visited With Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hein and two daughters. Fred is the son of the Heins and Mrs. Heln is the of the Hassebrocks. In Park they were guests in fle home of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Haebrock and seven children. Harold is the son of the Hasse- and his wife, Ruth is the daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Hein. In Costa Mesa, they visited with Mrs. Hassebrock's sister, Mrs. Joe Hurter and vith Mr. and Mrs. Dond Cook and son. Jtnlol00 $00CTED , A supplemental panel of 49 Jury names has been drawn the Logan county courthouse IAncoln, for September term the circuit court. They are to report at the court- Tuesday, Oct. 3 at 10 azn. Wollowing are some of the town- and people chosen: ML Pulaski: Florence Meister, Everett "Rothwell, John R. Curtis, Brown, James Montgomery, Lee Meister, Tl,eodore R. Gladys Buckles, Marie Harold C. Fuischer. Lake Fork: Lucille Fay Grath- l. Aetoa: Nellie R. Leimbach. Oran: Vernadine Fox. Elkhart: Harry Johnson, Maur- E. Wilham. Broadwelh Vedus Gleason, War- Davis, Harold Begolka. NEWS lot, blk for block, cot for corner, ft for feet, ry for railway.) LAENNA TOWNSIIP Sec. 3 Twp. 18 Range 1 Michael & Mary H Drake, wl0a se se 10a 24.73 Same, sw se 40a 148.34 See,, 8, Twp. 18, Range 1 liaxwell & Roberta E. se sec 23 twp 18 rg 2 40a Same, w sw sec 24 twp 18 rg 2 80a Lois Jellems, n pt sw ne sec 25 twp 18 rg 2 10 2i3a Same, n pt se ne sec 25 twp 18 rg 2 29 113a Cowgur. 22 rds e & w by Paul Weidenbacher, sw sw 10 rds n & sne cor nw see 25 twp 18rg 2 40a 96.93 1.375 a 47.00 Samee, se se sec:2(6 twp a18 Set, 36,  18, Range 1 I rg 2 40a 96.93 Jos & Dorothy Mueller, [ Origaal Town now City of pt It 6 sW .27a 95.84] Mr. See.. 1, g 2, Range 3 [ Paul L Weidenbacher, It 4, Joynt's Add. ] 5 blk 2 3821 Rau Hardware & Appli- [ Carol Ryan Meyer, It 8 ance Co, It 1, 2 blk 3 183.92] blk 2 38"20 Robert A & Delores Trow- John Vetter Est, n 4 & bridge, It 4 blk 3 22.66 all It 5 blk 5 65.591 Same, It 6 blk 3 Same, It 7 blk 3 Trowbridge Farm Supply Co., It 5 blk 3 Kiics Add. Win. & Jean Lamb, It 6, 7 blk 2 Henry Little, It 1 blk 1 Lemuel Parish Add. Raymond Creager, south- of the dty was removed to 's hospital, Lincoln, Sun, evening in the Schahl am- for medical care. Dean Downing, son of Lloyd Taylor, ne ne sec 6 Mrs. Orville Downing, Mr. twp 18 rg2 4224a an emergency Ferdinanda J & Joanne Sept. 17 at Schlitt, 90 150 ft pt It 1 of It 2 nw see 14 twp AETNA TOWNSHIP Sec 4  19 Rcmge 1 J 0 Fortman Est, w nw 95.62a 281.75 See. 11 Twp 19 Range 1 Same, se nw 40a 119.39 Same, e sw 80a 224.45 Se 33 Twp 19 Range I Harold & Margaret Bell, Its 2 & 3 2.96a Same, It 11 se la Same, It 12 se .50a Same, It 13 se la Village Chestnut Ruth E Czapaki, it 7, 8 blk 2 Wm& Peggy Howe, It 9, --10 blk 2 Oliver & Erma L Letterle, It 1, 2, 3 blk6 Owen & May Pharis, nw lt5&w ItO&7blk9 27.90 Johrt Maus, It 16 blk 10 78.30 Same, It 17 blk 10 109.78 LqyS Southerland, It 22 blk 10 16.20 Elsie Gerhardt, Sehaffe. nackers 2nd Ad, It 4, 5 blk 4 23.40! Harold K & Treba E Arm. strong, Schaffenacker & Feuerbaeher Ad, It 1 to 5, blk 4 83.7O 6.47 Dale E & June Boyd, It 1 6.47 blk 8 Darwin G. Pope, St. & 712.3 Hazel L Pope, It 3, 4 blk 9 Mrs Fred Schaffenacker, s It 9 & all 10 blk 11 44.35 Paul Weidenbacher, 16 It 51S0 mid pt it 8 blk 15 E H Kirby l&ptlt2 blk 18 Franklin Wilham, It 1, 2 blk 19 Elmer & Gerusia E Hayes, s It7 & all It 8 blk 20 Mrs Francis Richards, w It 7 blk 22 Wm C Prather, 20 It e It 2 blk 24 i Same, ex e 13 in e It 3 19.041 blk 24 31.16] Same, w It 3 blk 24 2.60 [ Richard Hayes, e pt It 4 5.20] blk 24 ]Richard Hayes, It 5 [ blk 24 " 13.50 [ Clyde Shreve. It 4 blk 26 [ May A Simms, w It 5 23.851 blk 26 [Wilbur & Thelma Shull, 13.501 It lblk 27 I Earl Schroth, It 3 & s hospital. Roy is serv- with the Air Force in Korea. reported as being well on to recovery. Glenn McCarthy was ad- to ALM hospital, Lincoln, for examination and treatment is a surg- in ALM hospital, en- Mr. PULASKI TOWNSHIP Obexmills Mt. Pulaski 96.93 Heights Addition to Mr. Pulaski Donald D & Melva Neaville, 20194 It 39 blk 40 29.95 Wm& LOla Collier, It 107 30.99 IL C. Girtznan's Addition to 24.24 Mr. Pulaski Wilda Grace Eaden, It 14 68.66 blk 1 31.50 E. Buckles" and Co. Addition to Lake Fork Marie Mason, It 1 blk 1 27.34 Same, It 2 blk 1 .80 Same, It 1, 2, 3 blk 2 14.47 Buckles' 2rid Addition to Lake Fork Vernon E Ridgeway, It 4, 5 blk 2 17"29 ELKHIFr TOWNSHIP Sec 4 Twp 18 Range 3 Onno V Beaver, pt nw 32-53 nw 30a 75.13 Same, pt n sw nw 7:99a 19.59 30.99  g7,  18, Rmage 3 1937 il Henry W Jr & Anna M Kremitzki, se se 40a 118.48 46.47 Sec 30 Twp 18 Range 3 W E Schoth, Lessee, ne 13.66 Same, Lessee, nw 31.88 74-881 Theresa Lee, Vii of Elkhart pt w It 7 blk 2 2.04 23.76 Back Tax 7:22 27.62 Hugo Svenson, Vii of Elk- hart, 25 ft sw front It 7, 8 blk 2 26.7 144.58 A L DeWitt, Vii of Elk- hart 22 ftx70 ft mid pt 80.56 It 1, 2 blk 3 40.94 Same, Vil of Elkhart, 7023 22 ft x 70 ft mid pt It 67.13 1, 2 blk 3 35.82 Same. Vil of Elkhart, 18.58 44 It x 40 It mid pt it 3 blk 3 2.56 28.41 Same, Vii of Elkhart, 74,36 15 ft x 66 ft nw cor it 3 blk 3 1.92 106.90 Hugo Svenson, Rigney's Ad to Elkhart, It I, 2 117.72 blk 6 35.82 Dean Benner, Rigney's Ad 97.05 to Elkhart, It 7, 8 blk 6 232.32 77.46 Irene Taylor, Thompson's Ad, It 5, 6 blk 1 40.92 82J62 Wayne & Delia L Shanle, 25.82 Vii of Cornland, It 6 blk 2 19.55 9"/.60 E E Criland, Vil of Corn- lands ltl&2&s of w 44 ft It 3 blk 5 37.14 John Corer, Vii of Elkhart It 2, 3 blk 15 42.66 PUBLIC NOTICE State of Illinois, County of Logan---ss. 37.95 I Herschel E..Shrader, County Treasurer and ex-officio Collector 156.98 of the County of Logan, in the , Willard Kautz was admit- 19 to ALM hospital for Clarence E. West was ad- ALM hospital, Friday, surgery and medical TAX LIST of Hlinois, of Logan-- the matter of Delinquent and Asessments for the 1960 and other years. is a list of lands, town blocks and thereof, or other located in the aforesaid Logan, in the State of upon which general or taxes, general or special and personal taxes against lands, or other or assessments levied for and other years, (not lands, blocks or lots, thereof, where persons for taxes and assessments have waived advertise- remain due, unpaid and with the names of the lands, hlol and thereof, if known, and amounts of taxes severally due and on each-said tract, of block and lots, or parts with a list of ahd lots, or parts to-which such taxes and have been paid in whol under protest, and of the personspaying the amount paid. of abmviaflons: e for east, s for south, west, hf for half, se for quarter, sw for south-; nw for northwest ne for northeast quarter,  part, sec for section, a for hld for middle und for ex for except, :It for : 18 rg2 .31a Wm C & Bernice Prather, 100 ft pt It 6 nw sec 14 twp 18 rg 2 1.58a 87.78 Dale Boyd, a tract of land out of ne cor of s pt It 14 in out lot 4 sec 14 twp 18 rg 2 50a 51.64 Paul L Weidenbacher, ne 96.93 59.38 It 4 blk 27 Della A Cowgur, It 2 blk 33 James A & Patricia DeMuth, It 7 blk 33 Cecil I Wilham, lt6 blk37 Robert L & Phyllis Gualt- ney, It 4 blk 43 R. E. Turles Addition to Mr. Pulaski George & Marie E Zebrun, n16 ftlt9&alIIt 10 blk 3 175.56 R. E. Turley's 4th Kdd/timl to Mt. Pulaski Weldon & Lois Bowles, n% of s 100 It nw blk 5 Roman Romer, s w blk 6 Same, less 118 2]5 ft of even width off s end of e blk 6 9.30 Same, Back Taxes 11.57 Edward P Hickey, 192x248 ft 7 in n end pt blk 10 115.66 Gilbert & Betty Spenle, 88x147.90 It Its 15 & 16 blk 11 61.98 smvm WITH A SMILE! State of Illinois, in with the law in such and provided hereby lic notice that on the day of October, A. D. the 9th day of October, at the hour of ten forenoon of said day, to the County Court ty of Logan for the lands, city, block and lots or or other property in of Logan, (including and lots, or part persons liable for assessments thereon advertisement for the general and special assessments and ty taxes, charged and other taxes or levied for the year : other years, remaining unpaid and or m part on the cation is made, terest; penlties ed thereon, and for fixing the correct tax assesment paid in in part under protesL I give further said day and at said apply to said court to sell said lands, or parts thereof, judgment is taken tered as aforesaid, faction of the assessments due thereon as aforesaid with interest, accrued thereon first Monday next date of said the 16th day 1961, I will expose sell, at my office, in where said County to-wit, the County said Logan County in Lincoln, IIilnois, all blocks, lots or the sales of been made and said, for the amount assessments, interest and costs, due and on as aforesaid, and sale will commenee of ten o'clock in said 16th day of 1961, and continue day until said sale is Dated at Lincoln, 28th day of September, HERSCHEL F_ County Tre Ex-ff2cio Com" Collector. 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