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August 25, 1932     Times
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August 25, 1932

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25, 1932 EPISODE. Johnny Breen, 16 who has spent all his life Hudson river tugboat ely- New York, is tossed into by a terrific explosion the tug, drowns his and the man he called his Ignorant, unschooled, and he drags himself ashore, the friQndly darkness of a truck--only to be kicked into the midst of I:LIX r:SNBI:I00(5 piNG & PONC BY THE SKIPPER i I Ping--Are you unmarried ? Lady--Oh. dear, no. I've never even been married. Pong--Joan, why do the fellows CLASSIFIED . . ADS . with a minimum charge of 25c. Fi. :: line. My client, a large Chicago Piano Manufacturer, has recently been forc- ed to take back several pianoe in this general vicinity. They include a Baby Grand, a bungalow style Upright and a fine Player Piano, and at present are being stored in a nearby city. These instruments are modern, only sightly used with a large portion of _ _ t call you Pet? , .... CLASSIFIED AD RATES: 5c a line .     -- V I Joan--Oh, that s --mY neck name. gure 6 words to the : -     [ Ping--"In football it's GRIT." !wA,, f, - . ----------  --- ..... ' / D___ ,,v- _ nak it'- *-rribl-"  ........ --,eneral housework or amson Club gym to live with Ma-the expansive face cf the driver, told Ping.-c-You're lucky. I get indiges- for Waseca. Minnesota, to make her ne. Another year drew its veil oivf extraordi?ry largess by the de- tion.- ,home with her daughter. Mrs. Harry changes over the lace of the growlng tparting guesL, qavi]and. city. t Pug Malone became sole owner of Ping--I held a big party last night. I The annual Chicken Fry was held gang cf boya who beat and "Judge Kelly says they'll stand for the farm, for Judge Kelly, impulsive Why didn't you come? !at the U. B. church Wednesday . , , .  i and liberal sounded the full measure PongI was holdin' a small party. I evening, August 24th. He ecapes into a base- !anythm an they will pay--pay "ell. " where he hides The The McManus looked yellow and cf its worth, and besides advertising It was her sister. I The Austin township correspond- : " " " a" ,it, he made easy terms fr the train- - ence arrived at the Times-News too he is rescued and taken in-i ibby in contrast with the tr mer. ier. Van Horn became a frequent me of a Jewish family tiv-! "If you work them guys rough they I visitor, and brought many of his PingI understand your pal Henry late last week for publication. rear of their so=end-hand iwitl fall for you, and then, moKmg I store. He works in the up at Pug with veined bloodshot fliends; he seemed even more inter-i has "military teeth." Harmony United Brethren Church. store--and is openly i eves he s:oke vehemently. "Kickl esd in John Breen than in the '" " t 'era u sweat tha liver out: farm. E. K. Southerland said noth- Becka--the yoang daugh-  em. boa , p, , .... ! ing, but sent Malone a check that al- The scene shifts to the of 'em. Judge Kelly s watches you;t the wealthy Van Horns---on Pug, knows what you k m (1o, Bat most took his breath away. sue, where lives the bache- hes lined up guys wno u pay. u , John was approaching twenty. He Pong--Yassuh. All his teeth are G.W. Ball, Pastor. "Out in Front." There were 59 present at Sunday Pong"Doctor, tell me quick, Is it a 'him' or ,a her'?" the tPurchase price already paid. A :: signed guarantee protects the pur- chaser. I am authorized to transfer these pianos to responsible parties wilting to ;pay out balance on easy : monthly 9ayments. For full particu- :: lars address Attorney, P. O. Box 195, Chicago, Illinois, Estate of Katherine Loetterle, De. Scho;l last Sunday morning. Eu- ceased. g(ne Rau was awarded the gold[ The undersigned having been ap, wreath, but was no*. inside to receive pointed Administrator of the tate it when report was read. i|" Katherine Loetterle, deceased, ADM INISTRATOR'S NOTICE . - a: n ..a ft able" " rderehi' Dora"It's a 'them'." '" Van Horn--in whose mind, Pug, you gotto toUrnsthaetmCk.,-::m, te-e:o;lg-floor The W: M. S. met in an all-dy !hereby gives notice that he will p ' is a hidden chapter. That three at a time..tI ;, s P thr0ugh, was litte*red with books, and Pin,---"Have you ever had an- s essmn last, Thursday with Mrs. l pear before the County Court of Was an affair with his moth- :ight it. means a g tnmg_Ior,,y0u, a lwhile the rigid rules turned lights stageexperience?" - mn::ne ounern living northwest!.L;zan (ounty, at the Court House u, who left the house when damn mg tmng, t snoum .ay. , cut at nine. John's blazed far into .... ,,,,q  t.a _. ,,,- :_ . ))nesnut. .  tm Lincoln, ::t the October Probate ! accused. The lives of John- "What joint did you say t was. ithe night as he continued his explor- :.%:q:-- "c"  nan my cg m a t, .evera.l r:m. ths community at- [Term, at which time all persons hay- and Gilbert Van Horn first "(;eenburh_r___  Farm.. a fancy place, ations. . t; .....   enae(]. the tm-,gen Fry.. last, .Friday 'ng. . claims, against said  state, are en Van Horn sees Breen I guess, up in Westchester. Kelly] While John was making haphaz:[ p .... "' w-,,M lit,,, , a .... w., I%en,,ng;atcthf, Methdst Episcopal ,oUfied and requested to atd for first 2m.portant ring battle, owns it; got it handed to him, orlard progress in learning, the grea],t..,ff,-:_. ..................  ................ ,u. ?he purpose of having the same ad- ngiat trainer, rescues  r, mothin*r ' cit to the south, the city that lom- "" o--. ]   Lusexl. All persons indebted to said from a crooked mann-i"G,";[..";h':a Breen." Malone spoke 'd'un on clear days and glowed with t Girl"Den't yon ever want to ira- ! Happier days come when the ham Estate are requested to make imme a cold aura of hght on sharp wmterFcve? sheer s spaced wder, dmtc payment to the undegned. him in hand, finds Breen !f to himself. and starts him to night "Take him. Him an' his books, inights, added another million to the No use fightin' that kid no more-- tally of its inhabitants. AUSTIN NEWS ON WITH THE STORY. he's a dead pan; a bust. Ain't he Van Horn, in his own way a lover Hannon?' of the city, took John Breen cn long burrowed and grubbed and i 'Yes, sir, yes. sir,' the immaculate rides through the width cf the me- and stored the kernels of Hannon chkned in as Malone left tropolis in his new high-powered roe- Mr. and Mrs. Hechell Wright visioned a greater, vaster ro.m Then McManus smiled genial: inz car, a second French machine nd daughter left last Thursday for n all of the astonishment of -  " that spea over tne :eor roaas wn  .,;,; in Indiana aunding city. '""That fixes Kelly cn that." he la soft pm cf chains clicking m  rand Mrs. John Hahn, of Deca-I Malcolm " And I will -ut Patsy in giant sprockets, d S Ivan Ge o " ,  , hs teacher, met grunted. : ............... he tur, an y pf rd and family,; Corner t wnat was ne aaron nmg Saturday afternoon quite charge of the ."  , ..... ; - living south of Warrensburg. were en ' ' h Farm comsisted of atcity van horn, m arguments a nda " " t. They were in Union Greenboug . . *o " . ..... .._ Su y afternoon vmtors at the " t and jrenDrug n WI men such as ran John, I live over this, fair acreage of rocky uneven, I .-I: , t_ , .......... ,, .... ,.i ihome of Henry tleiserman. ae in and have tea. Mrs. upon which a roomy comfortame o lal=o.u, the eng*ur. 2,t .... ' 'I Mils Sarah Rotramel and Sunday w I   km rote radual de I fathom s meaning rns ancestors ill be happy to see you. hcus was Jn " g " g "  ....... " "" for iL 1School class of youths, and parents telhng her of your pro-eaarpenters from the city, working lii! tte'cFreai renem;Sr:2yard?r , t arhkOlodn aL,c:,)eS::rday at . ...... . ,.. e ..... o ] Henry Heiserman, daughter Miss oenina tne actuauty tna was nlfelen and Mi*s Oma tleft- were " ity in the year 1905.. ,^ ,i 'anrs Frida-"evenin" -" .C .. a naturm..cemmgh'lof Syl'n Gepford south of Warrens- gether for cneaper warmtn.,ano, she- ,Iburg and visited i Mt rumski ..... Sat" ter and food. It is a resut o spec- urda: with the fomer ; " ' " - ialization in industry made ?ossiblep u; ......... a. ;.s brother, W. by progres" m the mehamcal art , i ......... ..... __ _." .. :u_.l mrs. maoe pangmr and uaugn- Ranul I:olea upon the cty as  a]ter s, and mother, Mrs. Bladden. who beginning- ildin will never stop,, [ visited in St. Louis. returned home '" ": " "' " " EaaV'tn He v;sited near Illiopolis ysoe= .Ten y "/:--:" kee'-: I recently wih her grandparents. h/to, a tnousana )-ears , ,,, v  School da s are near " "" " "" "il ;  Y. . Some will ;rgn= on umn-7un __ .... open Monday, August 29th, and oth- "Until what. aKed van tlorn- ,ers a Took I,,. '%elt, t guess t wdl continue u - A new "" " w rid are t corn crib is being built on til all the people of the o 'the farm oecu led b .... " ......... on was i P ,y Edward Bress- asemVlea, m crees. ..Ills. vlsl mer, and owned by John M. Rothwell ef a world on up in ey los: . of Mt. Pulaski John Broom listening reaamg anu "Glenn Rau received " " "" i cf " " a broken leg ap=rai,ing, semsed the lmmervs y the first of last week when he met Those who marry highstrung pee- )le find that the strings fray out. Daled this 15th day of August, A. 'D. 1932. Administrator. ..................... ' ............. --".L''. ...... . , ii I I $ I OSCAR J. LENZ Lincoln's Leading Optometrist and Manufacturing Optician 510 Broadway v v a fiat. so clean and fresh, so John dropped stammered. Enid like an angle in her dress; and the baby, tucked curled its pk hands about s. It hd never occurred a baby could be so xmder direction of Pug Malone, ccn- ;verted the barn into a practical gym- nasium. A farmer and his wife and son were engaged to run the place, milk the cows, tend the garden, and the chmkons, and rook the men ..... The farmhouse itself was .given a thorough cleaning- The wail paper could seem so happy, was strinped from the glaze, the plas- smoked a pipe, and John, tter sizecl and coated with washable thing, sat tongue-tied, i tint. Floors were painted, and bed many places like this?" irvoms were prepared on a model of asked, his tones harsh. Spartan simplicity. Canvas cot:, overheard the question, and stzcls, without backs, were plac- of them," she smiled, vd nelar the windows and a small r-g nicer than this." ruz was added by the way of luxury- ' the quiet-viced woman t Three egs were driven in the doors t_. ,_ i ...... | f r the" hanging up of clothes, and all rot" tne res oz ne vlst  " - - --:'- There and ill at ease. and then iclo: ets were mcgee vmy ,,u. took him to the Square were no lights, na mrrors, no pc- with him as far as Four- John Breen headed Bowery mere bewildered had lost his interest in the greater thrill of the unknown zrize, the as- always lying just thead. on by curiosity, and lbition. He was the primi- to the top cf a moun- tures, no shelves. There was absa- lately nothing to distract from the business of rleeping, for which the rooms were designed. pug also fitted the windows with cleats which prevented them from closing by a foot at the top and bot- tom. and cf course there were no :hades. 'There is nothing de luxe about this place,' Pu remarked to John food or treasure, but fer when the work had been completed, a View. Honor and prizes, labor in which both John and the as Pug Malone kept trainer shared with enthusiaSmmenThtoe at to John, lay behind the [green country was a refresh attem?ted. In several John .Breen. In these brief moments, John Breen only before he drop?ed off to slumber, he m one, with the Phila- seemed to tee a fading city, a vast er Jerry Wilke, he at- l pile of tenements flashing with lights until, at the very ragged :and the jumbled voices and cries of downfall, Pug pleaded to him, implored him, the handlers from and arguing with sullen and preoccupied. sounded and John Breen, in his eyes, his face into the center of knocked Wilke cold blow to the jaw. howl of approval admirers tried to carry ring. alone," Pug cautioned. thinkin' of somethin' Jerry, or he never would punch." you dreamin' abouL YOU soaked that Quak- asked as they prepared the whole prize eye. I'm through, Smiled sadly. yvur right," Malone crack was too good Hell, wish I knew what John stood looking out millions, as if he had alighted in the midst of it suddenly, as he had, and as if he were then standing on the ear nlatform of a train, whirling him away. The quick rumble of the wheels of his ideas lulled him to slewed on Saturday Gilbert Van Horn, Judge Marvin Hart and the great insurance ma_nate. E. K. Southerland, came under the strict regime and sartan simplicity of Pug Malone's training farm. Van Horn and Johnny Breen :re thrown together and unconseio s y, became strongly attracted to each other. Two weeks after the arrival of the trio the bags with their elabor- ate provision for eomfort their toilet sets, silk pajamas, and fancy knick: ors. the country toggery o ctty folk, were again on the veranda. iT he three men, strangely sober, tough and clear-eyed, marched P, took their traps down to the itmg buckboard and then, cf a sudden, ',they rushed back yelling like In- dians. They ffrabbed the trainer, hoisted him on their shoulders, car- he city. John Breen had come up through the difficult period of life with a ush, His childhood held cn into manhood, and his sudden crash from the shell of circumstance found him emerging into a world of delirious earnestness. John was twenty-two, and as he strode beside the rather lll of Gilbert %an IIorn, on lone (f their tong walks, in early Sep I ember, a casual observer might Inave r, ronounced them father and on. " Gilbert Van Horn and John t Breen had become friends, close, ye miles and miles apart. They talked as they had long talked, on many subjects Van Horn's interest in the prize ring and John# ability and knowledge gave them a common topic. The fights, many of which they saw together, had long :eased to be an absorbing interest with John B.en. "Gil., He ::aused for a moment. The older man was puffing as they :ifted over a rise of ground. 'I am getting tired f this training game, md I have not fought in the ring ince Pug Malne came up here- 'act is I am not so sure there is any real fight in the business. Gil, it is a rotten business. 'Right. John. 'I have made up my mind to break this training. Gil. 'I guessed you would, Jhn. ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD TIME TABLE. Following is the time of trains on the two divisions of the Illinois Cen- tral at lilt. Pulaski: SPRINGFIELD DIVISION Seuthbound No. 43--Mixed train, 8:80 s m. No. 13--Michigan Boulevard train te St. Louis, 7:31 p. m. Remember, No. 13, Michigan Bole- yard train, is only a flag stop. You can purchase tickets for Springfield, Litohfleld or St. Louis for this train, but if you want to go try and phone the agent about one hour ahead of the time the train is due. Nortbouml No. 14--'1"o Chicago, 11:45 a. m. No. 544--Mixed train, 12:40 p. m. N 14 is only a flag stop, so plea notify the agent a uple of ho'z ahead of time if you want to go on this train. " INDIANA DIVISION Stbmd No. 233---To Mattoon, 7:16 p. m. Daily except Sunday. Northbound No. 238--To Peoria, 9:55 a. m. Daily except Sunday. Special this month---Times-News $1. with an accident with his ruck at an elevator in Chestnut. He was taken to a hoital in Lincoln to have the bone set, and was brought home the same day. Mr. ahd Mrs. Thomas Gasaway, of Latham. and H. K, Hoaglin and fam- ily, were called to Clear Lake, Iowa, last week on account of the serious sickness ;f Mm- Gasaway's father. Leonard and Glenn Alsup hitch- hiked recently to the home of their grandparents in Indiana. They got H 18 rides, the longest being 65 miles. I! Mrs. George Heilman visited in iii Decatur part of last week with Mrs. il Della ScholL going to see her sister, ;IL Mrs. Mary Myers, who was leaving L Phone 1062 The Sheets Company Morticians Sheets Quality Service Costs No More I I THE GREAT Mt. 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