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August 25, 1932     Times
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August 25, 1932

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q. Mt. Pulaski XXX MT. PULASKI, LOGAN COUNTY, ILLINOIS, DAY AUGUST 25, 1932 ews NUMBER 4 :LECTiONSINew All "00on By Th....e Editor . TO Cemetery we have been hearing many years. we can't od go, it, New Part of Cemetery Will Provide 1700 Illinois State Fair is the Lots have ever attended.' Special Subscription Rate is being shown by are willing to take the Much interest w's word for it. the eople in the activities and ins- - provements being made by the ,Mt. convinced of the fact that Pulaski Cemetery Association .at the le you have viewed all the beautiful old Mr. pulaski cernect,i_ , are not er enthusias- located in the north part oI tne y - -y . ............. o00ation purchased For the month ef August ,valking another "100 males tn lynx '--'.Y.'a ero m the Renner .,, ten acres oz gu,, * lying west of ,o00e:g Zr00.h2 will be at the rate of __:_ _r ..... Jmissions the cemetery, to be p e .... "rllll tit gate  "-- ...... ired it Llurlng tne m- brin in occasm- -q a fine thing and is g -  "n ....... =.,.o the land has been tcrvenl g  m desired results. .+on med But now me ,. ..... and far . bers of the association realize that $1 O0 year is, more people, the time is fast anproaching when the new addition will be needed, as II it is not as apparent nw the cemetery 7roper is fast being in bailer times, taken up with new graves. The work now being done on the the grandstand seats are oew addition is platting the grouqd, airplane stage, buildinlr roads, lands?aping, and db- On All New Subs00ri00ns and ing the necessarY tiling. A force of main object has been serv- men with fifteen teams, tractor and Renewals within the Count00 this 25 cent admission, scraper, have been engaged in v.crk for a couple of weeks under thousapds the privi- the direction of two of the trustees. - ' t Eward O. Mayer and William Beck- Ar Septem[:t [irJt the regular Iption rate the world s bes. era. The addition will provide about has many meanings for 1700 lots it is said, the lzts along O[ $1.50 within the county will charged. Out the east s)de to be platted first. One people, of the beauty spots in the new Fart O[ the county will be $2.00 per year on account rill be the circular driveway in the it is an excuse to go some enter cf the grounds, to which all O[ the higher postage rates. something different, drives will lead. Other landscaping contemplated will eventually make it is an opportunity to the new part of the cemetery a very good herse racing, fitting" addition to the present burial - -- runds. which is known for its beau- " make ira political arena or ty nd excellent up-keep. Everyb dy Is. I ited meeting. LlydButlerf Chamnaign has i 7 nv00otW Wedding the contract for ,plattin, "and land- ntg nu., clowns and bands pig the new addition, . and _had three surveyors on the job, and a lan00ca00 gard00ne00 J.700 u 5h O pmmary object of the fair was here recently dr g P ; agn" for the planting of shrubbery at the[ attained when preduc.- rlri|Tll_,, IID Snappy Chorus Girls and and enthusiasts put their proper time. It will al]t be ve.ry competition with one an- beautiful when finished, will oe I00WrA00 j00rr00to Peppy Dancers To many months before the asociation will be ready to sell lots in this addi- DIES AT 91 TakePart are the ones that are tion, but are starting on the work now to be in readiness when the time mijhty benefit from the comes when it is actually needed. Wgdl no definite flare _rObtms been received in Mt. Pu- at the fir doesn'1 abre. the old part .o y)oewy 1840, V,d has i opened in the year o g . laski by Mrs Sadie Jackson of the they rams out the gate- lust a fe_ ears after M L _Pulki just entered the fair, as ) During the Cnl. War pe,m -y. _; i act of the LegisLarare, tne eemeer [came under the ezntrol of city of Mr. Saturday, August 6, 1932. at the they receive when[Pulaski, and continued thusly until Soldiers' and ailors' Home hospital is the Stimulate that Ithe year 1919, when . it was taken in Danville He had been a resident fair bigger and better lover by the Mt. Fulasgi cemetery of the home several years. -- Association, organized under the Mr. Jeffers himself realized that Laws of the State of Illinois- The "taps" was near, for a few weeks who compete but do not members of the association have al- ago he asked to see the old flag car- it is inspirational and ways taken keen interest in the bet- ried to the war by his old company, and paves the way for terment of the cemetery, and deserve Company "D" of the 125th. Illinois themselves in the future, great credit for doing their duties Infantry- The flag, torn m three well. and the people generally are places by the exlosiou o a she.ll has attended this great very aopreciative of this fact. l that had severely wounded Mr. Jei- of ourshe cannot help feel- It s]aould also be mentioned that lfers during the battle if Pea Ridge, than ever of our the city has graveled the last fourlwas Iooated in the D. A. R. museut blocks of North Washington srcelat the public library in uanvme. mere than half of which passes along)bad been made by women in .flahe despite the politicaF car- the east side of the cemetery, and it lneighborhood of Dallas, now mn n- strewn within its bor- an improvement that was gcatly [ola,zaadeanda partfllwingof the theD. A.warR. collectionhad been t" The present officers of the assocta- at the library. ion are as follows: William -Beck- Mrs. E. S. Lamm, regent of Gover- SERVICES era, resident; George Rupp, vice- v.or Bradford chapter, D. A R., took OF JOHN H. ROHER president; Mrs. Amta E. iminger, the flag from the museum to the bed- secretary; H. V. Wynd, treasurer; side cf the failing veteran at the and the trustees are William Beck- hospital. When he saw it tears welled up in his eyes d he fondled services of John R. Roher, era, Gevrge J. Smith, Harry B. Capps, Pulaski citizen who assed Clara's hospital, Lnqoln, Edwa rd O. Mayer, George Rupp and ir with loving hands. It was one of 17th, were lem H. V. Wynd. the most touching scenes witnessed in the hoital in recent years. - Methodist Episco- Mr. Jeffers was born in Covington, at 2:30 o'clock Friday fy] Johnson Oglesby ndn in the year 1.841, and 19th, conducted Reunion Sunday t Illinois in 1850, making ms none Ray. Harry M. BlouL with James and Screpta Dvughtery- songs were sung by Matthews and Mrs. Vir- Lake Fork, Ill.--A reunion of the He returned there after the Civil with M!:s Esther Johnson and Oglesby clan was held War. Mr. Jeffers was the last sur- piano. The interment in Hamilton county, Illinois, Sunday, thatffvingcommunityf the Civil War veterans in Mt. Pulast: cemetery. August 14th, at the hospitable court- were Edwin Felts, try home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Og- Mr. Jeffers married Miss Margaret Christian Danner, tabby, residing four miles south of Doughtery, a relative of his foster parents. She passed away in 1911. Ben Potter and J. C. McISeansboro- He is survived by two children-- It was a beautiful day of sunshine Mrs. Sadie Jackson. of Mr. Plalaski. a distance coming to and the interested kinsfolk began or- funeral were Mr. and riving early. The long table in the trois;and Cal.alsoJeffers,seven grandchildrenf Fairrnoont" lilt-and shad yard was loaded with baskets of St. Douis, Mo.; and L yes of good things--14 cakes, eighteen great grandchildren. of Laneville; Flora l]liopolis; Jac'A Rolfbr ses iamumerable, jars of pickles, Funeral services were held at 2 Mrs. Ella Monso_n, of baked ham, chickens baked and fried, o'clock Sunday afternoon, August Ballard, Mr and Mrs. gandwiches of various kinds, salads, 7th, at the Fairmount Presbyterian Macon. Several hdies "ruits, vegetables, etc- The large church, conducted by Ray. * D. A. Star Home, Macon, -owd did ample justice to the won- CaldwelL Burial was 4n Doughtery the funeral, defful dinner. It was a great meet- cemetery- Those attending tle funeral from in of retives around the festive neT Jtckson, of Mr. PulasKI, Mrs. PROTEST board, some having met for the first Logan county were Mr. and Mrs. Ab- Has- time. INCOME TAX ,o H. D. Kmght gave a talk in Thelma Clare and Mrs. Elmer the'afternoon, and led in singing a neT, of Lincoln. (Mrs. B. A. Tyler). Jack, the nephew number of old songs, anu the older While Mr. Jeffers never lived in !of Uncle Henry, will inherit $I00,000 Mr. Pulaski, he visited here on many. [on h!s 25th birthday providing he is against income taxes on people roved to the younger ones ccasions w!th hxs aaugh ter, an had lmarrted before Uncle Henry. , The did not receive was filed that they know how to Sincgse, many friends here,, especially among problem i' :' to get d 9f Uncle D. C., by C- As the day drew" to a _ . . and the members of the Cld Fellows I Henry. Kidnapping, robbery, and of Gc  tt & the time came to depart for t/mtr re- "ledge, and with the Civil War peter- [ghosts, and even stealth of Uncle J. Gullett, vize presi- spective homes, it was voted to make the late J. R. Lel and Hugh Girt- the plot thickens so do the weddings, the reunion an annual affair ans, being especially well known to]Henry's clothes, are of no avail- As Illinois. Both t- Those attending from Logan court- man- already hd (Continued on page 5) the year ty were as follows: Mrs. Jackson could not attend the funeral of her father on account of a counter clai, for re- "'ChestnutMr. and Mrs. Erastas broken limb. Johnson, Mrs. Lydia Johnson. Lake Fork--Mr. and M.isEsl2 MORNING GLORIES ENTER . A. VOGELsANG'S LIFE officers, as explained in le.y'and son lza'D m HUNTER COMMUNITY CLUB were lit4 to draw Ogiy, WilLiam Ogle* Y. but the d;rectors of -. HOLDS REGULAR MEETING "Just a stairway with morning that only $6,000 for eaf, and the BIRTHDAY DINNER AT THE glories" is the catchy tune that you thaf -;:as all TENDICK HOME SUNDAY The Hunter Community Club held ean hear A. Vogelsang hUmmmg as their regular monthly meeting Fri- he goes about his store duties. And d dinner at day evening, August 19th, at the he has a right to feel,like singing for he oard of tax A birthday pa .... ;5 ked to 'etermhm)the home of Mr. and nrs. dOSunda: ,Hunter school house eight miles the "tunnel-stairway. as he calls it, and decide whetl=er the ) Tendiek, west of the ety, ":"-1: southwest of the city, with an a- that leads to the back eance above o nay mr- or are to I,, in honor of their son wv] tendanee of some sixty persons. A his store is heavily clad with morn- .... rtom, rea- musical program was the feature of ing glory vines. Blossoms of red and  IThe guests were Sam 1: .... -- the occasion, and was followed by re- blue cover the foliage and make a "- -- leriek Lipp, Kenneth Hucx, or.. z.fl,,, t Carl Ey Dr, ann rs. fr=shments and a social hour. Miss very :pretty setting- The .next time . John Walker and[Huttex _ . ",, Chestnut vzinity, were lO. L geIle and renen n .... " - Helen Hedger is president of the or- you are promenading up this partm- "Henry's Wedding," the big com- munity show with a local cast of 12,5 presenteo evenings, I, 1932, at mader the auspices of the A. V. Class of the Methodist lpAscopal church. The production will open at 8:30 p. m., preceded by a short concert by the German Band. '"llenry's Wedding" is a sure cure for all ills It will ,_nake you forget the depression, Mary s mumps, John- ny's cold, and your own aches and pains, with it's side-splitting com- edy. Put Marie Dressler, Polly /ttor- an. Charlie Chmflin, the 4 Marx Brothers. Amos and Andy, A. Joison, Clara Bow and Ginger Rogers into ne show and you'd get a tuch of the pep and comedy you find in "Henry's Wedding-' It's a scream! Can you imagine anything funnier than the pictures of the gay 90s with their peg top pants, bustles, cel- luloid collars, andwing tail coats and hoop skirts. Here you ll see living portraits of the god old horse and buggy days re,resented by local bus- iness men--John W Rupp as Daisy Bell and Ray. Harry M. Blout as her "Bicycle beau;" L. L. Hargis bring- ing Uriah Tendick to Henry's Wed- dins in the first Horseless Carriage; Orville E. Martin as Gas Hou Har- ry; Dr. G. F. Wait as the Flapper of 1890; George W Curtis as Mrs, Bloomer, with B. H. Keck as the Hen- pecked Husband. These are just a few of the wedding guests of Uncle Henry. Each of the Beaus and Belles will he estumed in the style of the olden dys, and this feature alone is worth the price of admission. Another outstanding'feature is the meeting of the Colored brethern and sistern of the Mystic Shrine. After Uncle Henry disappears, the negro cook (Miss Lucille Marshall) calls on the Mystic Shrine to hold a seance with the sirits to find Uncle Henry. About twenty of the best women and men singers of the community will be seen "in this meetin'" in which they sing negro spirituals, commune wid de spirits, and get washed in de holy water of de Mystic Shrine to the tune of "Sing You Sinners." The story eoncern the trials and tribulations of Uncle Henry, a bach- elor bridegroom of 55 (Albert Shell- hammer), and a wealthy widow Legion Band Award $200 Many ML Pulaskians and hum- dreds from Logan county were pres- ent at the State Fair grounds in Springfield Sunday afternoon to wit- nes- the most impressive and thrill- ing spectacle of the entire fair. when scores cf drum corps, drill teams and military bands put on their competitive drills a.d .laying. The Logan County Legiox Band of fifty membes was entered in the competitive playing and received a prize of $200. The band under the leader:hip of Paul Merry. and di- rected in their marching by Drum Major George Ohmes, made a ve ry creditable showing, not only with their spic and span uniforms, but in their handling of difficult concert numbers that were required. This is the first year the band has entered competitive playing, and the change from a milch band to a con- cert band has been rather sudden for the handling of heavier numbers in the manner in which the boys would like. But with another winter oI rehearsing such as they had the past year, the band will be in first class shape for such strenuous work. The Chicago Board of Trade band, which "won first place in the state convention at Danville last week, was present, but did not enter competi- tion, phying however a concert later in the evening. And what a :weet band. It makes a fellow want to throw his horn away---but he doesn't. Pe:ria won first place; Wood- lawn. second; and Belleville, third A mammoth display of fireworks brought the evening's program to a close. Local People On Radio Programs The people Of this vicinity will be leased to learn that the new popu- Beid!er-Viken Studio Opened Donald Beidler Has Become Famous In Camera World Manhassett's main street, which has already become one of the fine of any section on the North Shore, was further distinguished Monday, August 8th, when the Beidler-Viken studio for modern :ortraiture open- ed in the Helm Building near the bridge. The studio will not only serve a headquarters for photographic work it, this locality, but will be the cen- tral workshop for finishing phote graphs which are sent to Messrs. Beidler and Viken from all parts of this country and Canada. Both artists are residqnts of Man- hassett. Nine-tenths of the worth- while pictures, Mr. Beidler said, are taken in the home and on private grounds. For this reason the mod- ern :7.hotographer whose patrons re- side in the country, is moving to.the suburbs rather than to spend most [of his day driving to and from the ity. | Up to 1917 Mr. Beidter operated l,'der the firm name of D=nald Cam- eron Beidler in Chicago. During his v;ork there he realized the shortcom- ing of an ordinary camera, and in 1022 was joined by Antonius d. Viken. Together they developed the Beidier-Viken Twin Camera, which by means of a s;,arae focusing pro- cess, eliminates posing and, accord- ing to the designers, makes possible more life-like ,3ortraits than have ever before been known. Working under the name of Beid- ler Studios, ln., bhe two aists pho- tographed Chicao' elit Their portraits of the Armours, Swifts. Pullmans, Cudahays, Jlkes. Wrig- lays. Prices and Jacques {Miss Jac- lar tune written by'Wilbur Roos will ........ ques is new Mrs. George Schreiber, e nearo on the ar irom severaz of llal -- r. . . . ..... .........  "or ,race, t-or wanlng%on t stations nls week anti al: a numver ..  . .. -- +. . .. , . ..... . -- . ,attracLea the aeten.on oi Uuu rwooa of dtrterent times ann Will De mayea,& Und-rw " ..... 7 . . + . . -- - -  . ; e ova, mzernatlonal pn :r.0S anis:ng oy a numoer o1[ olnerenL, .aphers ' the Beid!er-Vlken camera now also sed by that fir:, and Mr. Harry Barnes of Decatur, a others throughout the country under .'ell known radio singer over station the BeidlerViken licen.:e. The pres- "VJBL a l)ecatur, has presented this eat concern is the ou.grcwth of girt- tune several times in the past and cessful operations of the Chicago assures us that he will also sing it ia firm. the future. "'While the twin camera," Mr. Vik- On Friday of this week a party of m explained, "is of inestimable value musicians from Mt. Pulaski and near- n taking ictures of childrm to r. will present the selection, accom- panied by the writer himself. Others who will appear on the program are Mr Donald Barringer, of Erodes, who will present a cornet solo, ac- oompanied by Miss Dorothy Ann Downing. Mr. Walter Snyder will accompany Mr. Stoll in another se- lection. The program will be broadcast over radio station WTAX at Spring- field, and will be :presented in *their studio in the Exposition Building of the Illinois State. Fair. The hour of the broadcast will be between t1 and 11:15 a. m. Tbis program will be broadcast over station WJBL at De- catur that same evening at 6 to 6:15 o'clock. It is hoped that everyone who at- tends the Illinois State Fair from this locality will stop at the Exposi- tion Building at this time and hsten to Uhe broadcast. COMMUNITY CLUB TO from the Mr. Pulaski he and tells of his present ,activities. He is located at 327 Plandm Road, Man- hasseth on one of the principal hgh- ways leading out from New York City to ;oints in the interior of Long Island. Manhassett is only twelve miles from the lower end of New York, acoss Lng Island Sound, be- ing situated on Manhassett Lay. t Legion Auxiliary Is . Selhng Beautiful Quilt The ladies offal American ki, are planning on holdinl an Ex- change of Foods at the J. M. Roth- well Lumber Company display room on soUth side of square, Saturday, Se.verytber 3d. hing that goes into the mak- ins of an appetizing and satisfying meal will be on sale, starting at 11 a.m. This is the club's first at- tempt with an exchange sale, but with Mrs. Elmer Allspach, Mrs. O car Shanle and Mrs. H. C. Keck in charge, the club should be. able to ac- eomplisl its purpose and the public will be assured a ral treat in food- stuffs. Surprise Party Held West of the City Members of the Queter Clab were entertained recently by Mr. arm Mrs. Arthur Martin at their home west of the city--the fact is, they were ten- dared a surprise in honor of Mr. Martin's birthday anniversary. All had enjoyable time playing Five Hun- dred, the honors being awarded to Mrs. Abner Jackson, Mrs. William Vooker, Rell Sehroth and Flward Unload. At a late hour ice cream and cake were served, everyone de- parting wishing Mr. Martin m,ay more such happy birthday occasions. Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Patterson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Rell Schroth Edward Unload and family. Me. and Mrs. William Voelker were club guest. Previou to this o htlPelr birthday event, the members club en- joyed an all-day oand ienic on the banks o f Salt creelt, with fried Chicken as the principal article on time, and are taking the eas method as far ss the public is con- cerned, to raise tbese funds. A beautiful quilt is on display at the Curtis Dry Goods store on mrath side of square, aml is the handiwork of the ladies of the Auxiliary. Just how you san secure this beautiful If y'ou really want this quilt it is advisable that you ,eak for it at once as it will be giren to someone the night of the bad chicke, fry, Wedimsday, ,'ptember 147h. 111..50 EXCI RSION SUNDAY TO CHICAGO AND RETURN Iowest ever! The Illinois Cmntral ,,viii operate an unusually low-rate excursion to Chicago, Snday, Aug- ust 28th, *e are from Mr. Pulaski to Chicago and return being $1.50. This train will depart frortl Mr. Pu- laski at 6:55 a. m. Returning, the special train will leave c'hicago a+ 8 p. m. The price of the Century of Pr(r- rres ticke- have been r-duced to 50 cents. "BOB" CONN MAKING HIS OFFICIAL CALL AS GOVERNOlt Robert L. Com, a former Mt. Pu* laskian and owner of The Times tt nown amo,q his friend and Rotor- ions, is district gov,rnor of Rotary. and was returning frbm an official visit to the Clinton club. Mrs, Com bnrff that evening, and Wednesday v,a, L::e,':t cf tl:c Lin:oln club.