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August 18, 1932     Times
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August 18, 1932

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AUGUST 18. 1932 THE TIMES-NEWS, .wr. PULASKI. rLLINOIS IIIll PAGE 8E ttl t Johnny Breen, 16 who has spent all his life Hudson river tugboat ply- New York, is tossed into by a terrific explosion s the tug, drowns his I the man he called his I Ignorant, unschooled, and S n, he drags himself ashore, I the friendly darkness of a, truck---only to be kicked into the midst of between the gym, at one end of the in the fighting game pleased him for dance hall, and the private parlors he was beginning to hate the con- and the bar. It was merely another test. A feeling of hopeless unrest picture of the overpowering city, so. seized him. He became moody, dis- contented, pettish. Malone studied the tremendous in its contrasts, i by and wondered what poison was Pug Malorte, ex-prize fighter, train- entering into him when they were en- er for the Samson Sporting Club, a gulfed in the heat of the great muni- hard, honest, medium-sized, middle- ciipai campaign of 1901. aged man, shorn cf his illusions, Malone sensed something strange watched over John Breen. John rose ii n John, just what he attempted in LAKE FORK Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Febus and two children, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Plata. Mrs. Mac Turner, Mrs. Earl Lcrzhcr, Mis Fie Handlin and Miss Florence Stults attended the Histori- cal Pageant at Lincoln Chautauqua last Thar3day night. ChaHez Bowsher and son Charles .urned to their home in Chicago iaat Thurlay following a visit of e,eral days with the xormer&apos;s moth- er, Mrs. George Bowsher. Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Coats moved :heir household goods to Decatur the first of the week, and Louis Koehlar moved to the house vacated by them. Mrs. Lewis Zelle and daughters, Mrs. L. L. Dennison and Mrs. Roy Moore, were recent guests of the tZrmer's daughter, Mrs. John H. Tendizk, living northeast of town. Mrs. Chloe Jenner of Bloomington vi:l,ed here the week-ena with her 'stster, Mrs. Harry Flatt, and hus- atthy Van Horns--on ; strin of boys at the rear door of the where lives the bache- club and ran hard fr another half Van Horn--in whose  hour before the a.akening of the a hidden chapter. That ety truffle, coming back to the club an affair with his moth- ! for  eotd snower and a rub down. who left the house when 1 Malone and John then breakfasted The lives of John- and Gilbert Van Horn first alone, in a crd room back of the bar, Van I-L:rn sees Breen I on large bowls of oatmeal, bacon and important rip: battle. !eggs, rolls and coffee. The day was ON WITH THE STORY. spent in taking care of a string of fighters, boxing rubbing and punching the dressing room da fhe ag, or working at the chest ma- Sol BeTn2eld  chines. Regular meals, dean air, and five dollar bills and early t bed fiTled out his frame with John. They were stand- an abounding health that glowed and partly shielded by a!spark!ed through his clear skin in startling contrast to the sodden Malone demanded!wrecks of men and women drifting te boy and his all /bout. After two months of training for won. I get fifteen and Sol my manager," John ex- dirty crook!" The train- Sot. blanched to a deafh- the discovery of his dup- give that bay his money." cf boys who beat and la t six, with Malone, jumping up in train to discover, But the boy, not- dana. on Sunaay they motored to He ecapes into a base- .... d re-e,' " afer sittin- at one r:miac, and there joined in a faro- brlk atr nen ne SKt pe v t lp a oarr om lo g j where he hides. The i the ". " "  " : liy eunion at tne l artq the others .... i- i I of a Jowish family liv- : " " "t .. -''" " ii'; ! - rear of their seccnd-hand 1 re. He works in the l store--and is openly th] John  b. filthy " " " ra Beeka--the young daugh- ar. and master and pupil met tt he nossessed a keN, the great key to rtartsburg, O Mae and Fhyths scene shifts to the: all;-he could read. John had grasped Keltics and Boboie Tarbox accom- panied Mr, and Mrs. Pinta home zor a word or two in #casual contact with . ,,..l.--,ey ,iii aide lSl m karts- letters. He knew Xhat R Y E spelled ourg. rye whiskey and that B E E R spelled Miss Elizabeth Miller of Spring- beer, but the label Pilsener Genossen- Ae. is,u niece inst. week V/ILn tCd schafts-Brauerei was utter mystery, u,n, rs. . L. aumgardt, am. He did know that there were such family. things as letters and an alphabet. Miss Winnifred Wilson of Sring- But he knew of no way in which he fiei is wsltmg at tne home o cr could go about the task of acquiring, a, Mr., .csei- lcAlce,. the art of rding, or of what he I Mtss Cara McAfee, who is might find out should the gif* come[:ay,g m pringnem, spen the to him like magic in the night. For I here wi.h her qalents, Mr, he did dream such miracles, often, i :nd :rs. Lester McAfee. hat he could read, arm just as he i The vival Meetings are still in was about to gain some mighty truth t wogress a ti.e LaKe r'ork (iristian his fairy gift faded away. Then, at nurch, and wid continue all this week, with Rev. Brbeck of Elkhart times, he consoled himself with the .: caarge, leryoouy is inlzd o thought that it wasno great gift af- attend Lne me,<mgs. ter all. Ncme of the readers he saw Mr. and#Mrs. A. E. Baumgard were 7artcnlariy wie, except, of and daughter Dorothy motored 5an- ,condition, Malone initiated John in- to the science of pugilism, coachin course, his idol, Pug Malone. .ay o :caue na A-..umpmn and him bdhind closed docs in the art o John's /inability to read was lsited relatives- jabbing, hooking, and blocking blows, brought t light one day. "Here's the Mrs. Imura Fuiten entertained the He tmpressed upon him the great val- story of n" scrap with Stift. I just /oltowing guest last Sunaay: Mr, i ue and the secret of dug this P in my old trunk. Lok it and  Lee Stults and two childre.. of infighting, of [iartsburg, ,ui l,'uiten ann farn- terrific punches with the crooked el- over, Jas an' you'll see Stiftt top- Y, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Fulton and ped me by ten pounds," and Pug family. held out fle paper to John. John Mr Charles O. DeLaney and two took the per, glanced at the full c.;, of ,mson-Salem, North Care- length weed-cut of Malone, middle ina, who are ,:slng m Mr. Pulas- weight chamnion, etc., his eye roam- :, wre recent guests of Mr. anti ing over the figure of his friend in Mrs. Huse Flinn. fighting pce. Tears welled into his eyes; the picture blurred; the red ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD tinged sheet was not so crimson as he. His hitch of shame, and his tear-] TIME TABLE. bathed 2vking straight at Pug,] Following is the time of trains on eF halted the miner in his recital. ] the vwo divisions of the Ill CAn- "Pu, I can't read a damn wordP'[ tral   i: he said- , , ] SPRINGFIELD DIVISIOI "Can't . Can t read the Ga-] Southbound zette " MaJane almost dropped a bot,-I  543--Mixed train, 80 a. m. tie of seltzer he ws about to squirt No. 13Michigan Boulevard train into a highball, a customer having up- to St. Louis, 8:01 p. m. peared before the bar at that agitat- ing mmerLL "Well, I'll be damned!" and Pug ghot the water with such force it s?tashed the bar, drowning out the Sevteh. "Here, take some more." and Pug passed the bottle back to the customer who spiked the drink liberaJly, wondering what the x:itement was all about. When Mtne recovered the whi bow, throwing the full [oree of the I ky bottle he turned to the boy. Tears body into the blow by applying the glistened in John's eyes and stained fundamental principles  mechanics his cheek where he had roughly dash- ed a sleeve ross his face. A great and dyrmmie force. One day, after a long go dth Ma [lump rose i he throat of the train- lone himself, the trainer, wiping a er. He went o the end f the bar, bleeding nose, and out of reath, re poured out a rge drink of cold marked svly, "You'll do to take a black coffee stud tossed it off. When crack at a few second raters." John the customer left he turned to John. a sudden grip, ,pulled lernfeldbackward. !" and he drove into the middl Bernfeld, wincing hesitated. John eyed him "Dig, you rotten Malone gave  * hrder hook in the fifty dollar bill came flushed, ,'Sin-e---you must aayS win. snatched this and Don't forget that." John. Get the ha- "Take that, son, bit of always winnin'--always- It's it. And' you," turning to the princinle ofs-ce." an' fade fast, before yo And then John polished off a half to you."" Bereld dozen "set ups," third and second delay, irate boys disposed of with startling YOur name, son?" Malone rapidity and with cold calculating look white." i prectsio AlmOSt over night the me John Breen," the "sir" ! of Fighting Breen, the welter weight, some dormant cell, re- became known on the Bowery from while overhearing" Chatham Square to Cooer Union. address some dwarf or The Grbgan Gang claimed him as Pug Malone, compact one of their original members and and pink, looked like a!boasted of his renown. Figh:ing Breen was on the road to champion-i work?" Maloni ship lnors and rewards. was not a profession- ' And at most ot these fights, sitting Lipvitch in the Clothing Malone. he ays me," John felt was under criticism. does, son. How much ? a week?' board,' John of good measure. Malone ran his body of the boy. 'Board seeing the alarm- face. he went on in "What you need is "stay here. I'll give you an' real board. Rub- an' I'll train yo Are you myboy?  I Breen left the Ghetto of the Greater over the head of of ampler free- development, a year the lements of crime, and brawling. John the dregs of victims of the Chinatown drifted for a bow| of lunch, then to he these near the ringside, alone or with Judge Kelly, was the well-known sporting man, Gilbert Van Horn. He always bet heavily on Fighting Breen. "No," Malone was positive, 'that boy's under my care. Never mind a- bout meetin' him, now. Heql be a champion, then you can all meet him. The kid's too young---don't give him bum ideaS. You sports spoil too many good fighters." StrangelY, it was Marvin Kelly who wanted to talk with John Braem Gil- bert merely looked on. He had bought a Panhard, and on days following the fights roared through the countryside in clouds of white dust, tearing up the water packed macadam, people thought he was crazy in his goggles and mssl He hardly knew whether he was or not. At Dobbs Ferry he up- set a farmer's truck cart, the horses were really at fault, and the Morning "Advertiser carried a long story of his doings. It seemed as if the Van Horns would always be in he public eye. In the meantime, Malone, guarding John with the care of a father, placed his winnings in the Bowery Savings Band and john, at the time of the reform wave, engineered from the in- side, had over four hundred and himself an "Why in the name of hell didn't you tell me Eais before?" 'Too busy, Pug,' the boy explained haltingly. "I wed to make good at the scrapping. I ain't had no chance, I figured I wu too old. So what's the use?" John's voice held a note of ho?eless maturity. Time, the master, had passed him bT. On leaving the bar Pug and John walked into the gym and donned gloves for their usu- al fast round before supper. Malone scoring a hard left to the nose, drew bled& "There, son, you see you got to go to school now." He carefully wiped the red smear from his glove With a towel, while John laughingly held his "I'll bet youql be readin' the Police Gazette in a month,' he added ope- fully. John Breen knew no more where l he was heading than did the first voyagers who sailed their crazy cara- vels across the waters of a virgin world. He nlowed ahead with an en- ergy sustained by his magnificent vitality. In six months' time he had burst his ,prison bars. In his feverish research he ran beyond the limits of the school. In a year he carried on his quest to science and philosophy, The day John Breen first stumbled into a second-hand book store he be- came aware of a vast mine of incal- culable wealth. John trembled as he walked off with his treasure.',, and then spent the night searching the pages, wringing from them the ecstasy that went in- to their making. (Continued Next Week) We grow one-third of the world's a4ples. .e American-made the world's CLASSIFIED . . ADS . I I t I ' I CLASSIFIED AD RATES: 5c a line with a minimum charge of 25c. Fi- gure 6 words to the lina. WA NTEDGenerul housework or washings.--Mrs. John Purger. FOR SALEVinegir barrels, in first clas conditnion; cheap if taken aL once.Kroer's. LOST-Rim and casing off of Ford car, In Mr. Pulaski recently, Re- ward will be given,--C, F. Schafer Ilardwarc Company. Phone 45, LOST--Wrist watch, {Fontain), on Wcdnc;day night of last week around square, Mr. Pulaski. Find- er :lease return to Carl S:hmidt, Rfl. 4, Mr. Pulaski. Telephone 45 lt ck. h'cwa:'d. FOR SALE--Heatrola, in gad con- dition; also nex 9x12 Linoleum rut,.--Fred Mayer, Jr. Phone 366. DR. M'PHERSON TO WESLEYAN Twenty-six years from the time he received his bachelor of science de- gree at Illinois Wesleyan University, Dr. Harry W. McPhers:m is return- ing o his alma mater as its president. Discussing his selection to the post, the Methodist board of education not- ed that Dr. McPherson, a native II- linoisan, was ordained to the minis- try in 1904, two years before he fin. ished at Wesleyan. He was awarded the degree of Doctor f Sacred Th)logy at Boston University in 1909. l ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE Estate )f Ktherine Locater!e, De- The undersigned having been ap- poin.ed Administ'ator of the Etate of Katherine Loetterle. deceased, hereby glve n=tice that he will v.- per before the County Cour f Lian County, at the Court Hom2 in Lincoln, at the October Probate Term, at which time all pers:.ns hav- ing claims against sid E.tate are mtified and requested to aren't fr the purpose of having the same ad- iusted. All persons m.eb.ea t) said EsLate are requesid tt make imme- I diate payment to the unde:igne:t. I)aed this 15th day of Auguzt, A. I), 1932. ALFRED W. LOETTERLE, Adm!ni:Arator. Aug. 18-2, Sept. 1, My client, a large Chicago Piano Manufacturer, has recently been forc- ed to take back several pianos in this general vicinity. They include a Baby Grand, a bungs:low style Upright and a fine Player Pimo, and at present are being stored in a nearby city. The instruments are modern, only slightly used with a large portion of the Iurchase price already paid. A signed guarantee protects the pur- chaser. I am authorized to transfer these pianos to responsible parties willing to cay out balance on easy monthly *cayments. For full particu- lars address Attorney, P. O. Box 195t Chicago, Illinois, MT. PULASKI THEATRE ONE DAY ONLY SUNDAY, AUGUST 21 SPECIAL Attraction ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE Estate of Martha J. Wood, De- ceased. The undersigned, having been appointed Administrator of the Estate of Martha J. Wood, Deceased, ! FIGHTING IN A HELIJ ember, No. 13, Michigan Boule- hereby gives notice that he will up- yard tin, is only a flag stop- You t ear before the County Cmrt of Lo- OF ICE AND SNOW! ca purchase tickets for Spreld, gan County, Illinois, at the Cou Litchfietd or St. Louis for this train, ! House in Lincoln, at the October A. but if you want to go try and phone D. 1932 Probate Term, on th first the agent about one hour ahead of t Monday of October next, at whi the time the train is due. I time all persons having claim against l said Estate are notified and requested i Northbound Ire attend for the puroose of having i No. 14---To Chicago, 11:55 L m. t the same adjusted. All persons in- No. 544--Mixed train, 12:40 p. m.[debte d to s-aid Estate are requested 14 is only a flag stop, so lea[ to make immediate payment to the notify the agent a couple of lto, undersigned. THE PlCt;iE tRRFICI thaheadtrain.f time if you want to go ont Dated this 2nd day of August A.D. NOTE: We do not hesitate to f 1932. recomtaend this as the beat pie. INDIANA DIVISION Charles H. Wood, ! ture shown he in months. R Southbom [ Administrator. leased just a few weeks ago. Ne. 233---To Mattoon, 7:16 p.m. Geo. J. Smith, .... Northbound [ Attorney.  Admission 1G and 30c No. 238---To Peoria, 9:55 a.m. Aug. 4-11-18I t J tt t - TO THE By ] I #,I p,O. % | ./