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August 18, 1932     Times
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August 18, 1932

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AUGUST 18, 1932 I'''T]'t]T I Mr. and Mrs. Albert Olscn, of Chi- cago, visited in the city the week- -end with the latter's mother, Mrs. i George Ruiner. Aitchison made a business l Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Ryan, of Beech- Snyder visited in with friends. tad Mrs. Clarence Jackson in Lincoln Saturday. A. Christmann isited in De- with a friend, Frank is sick. Mary E. Lucas and Mrs. Lipp were business visitors Monday. Anna Glose and granddaugh- Glse, are in Springfield visiting relatives. Weikel cf Sprinrfield mo- last Friday to see his George L. Weikel. !er City, motored here the week-end and visited her sister, Mrs. Edward Blanford. Mrs. Ads Clark of Decatur came to Me,. Pulaski Monday to make a week's visit with her brother, John T. Hershey, and wife. Mr. and Mrs. Chauncey E. GIo. were in St. Louis Sunday and wit- nessed the double-header baseball game between the Cardinals and the Cubs. Mr. zn'l Mrs Roy Mcore and Eu- a'ee Tendick, livin wes,. cf the city. and Mrs. T. W. Moore motored tc Kankakee Tuesday and attended the fair. The ladies of the American Legion and Mrs. Clarence L. Frazier Auxiliary held an all-day meeung Clarence and Eugene made j and quilting Tuesday in the Legion trip to Assumption Fri- rooms. They enjoyed a pot luck dinner at noon. Mrs. Fred Franz, of Lin- Mr. and Mrs. Walter Flanagan and here Saturday night family, of Springfield, visited eight with Mr. and Mrs. Ar- miles east of the city Saturday and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. William of Decatur visited Miller and son Billy Joe. Saturday and Sunday T.A. Scroggin departed Tuesday parents. Mr. and Mrs. morning on a business trip to Clyde, Sr. Oxford and other points in Kansas. Sue and Grace Clifton vis- He was accompanied by his grand- Hart from Wednes- .'on, Witfrd Scroggm, Jr. onday with friends and 1 Mrs. Robert 3. Leef, daughter t Miss Dorothea, and sons Pierron and [ Bobble, returned home Wednesday i following a week's visit in Alham- bra, Illinois, with kinsfolk. Mrs. Leo McCarthy, two daughters, of Urbana, last Thursday end vis- is urged to beprosent. It is not a t meeting for officials only. l At a recent meeting of the official !board, John L. Williams was selected !as delegate to the annual Csnference in Springfield, September 13th to [19th. It. N. Norri: was named as  eserve delegate. IIETTER BABIES CONFERENCE AT TItE ILLINOIS STATE FAIR PAGE FIYM Kitten Bailers Are Still Going Strong Lst That3 |v night the Giant ":'Hc-ed the Fhillies t9 the tune of ' t 6, and are rarin' to clean u the :r of tb team in the league. "ie 't] te!!. time 'lt re]l: in the Springfield papers Sunday. C. Ey, Th:se of interest t Mt. Pulaski P .......... 5 eople are as follows: Kinert, ss ......... 5 T'o. Phdv-:, and Cubs battloa .,,With. registration, comnleted_ an- d J a+ st ,rt:dilt. ...... Tu :dav evei,,, .-;" tent 8.,9 children scheduled for examina- .w  ffa, that ended only on ac- tion at the Illinois State Fair Better x'. of a lack of mzohine, The Babies Conference, Springfield. Aug- ;'re v.'a a 7 t') 7 tie. ust 20th to 27th, Tpohtment ear:l T!v, Cub. liked the Reds in the have been mailed to the parents of 7":Z game last week. each child, according to the State Box :'ore is as fo.qows: De'artment of Public Ilealth, CUBS AB R HPOA E The last list of children appeared llolme, e .......... 5 I 2 2 0 0 31120 02321 01112 12100 221500 11220 00000 01000 12500 02100 0 2 I 0 0 918 7 3 R HPOA E 10000 12200 01120 11060 Frank J.  New York. - tioaall known as the "Edison of Melissa Parr, lull-blooded Cayuse Edward Leigh Alts ach, son of! ttarper, 3b ....... 5 T" has jus[ ce.bted L, ulian girl. has betm chosen Queen of I Mr. and Mrs. Elmer "Allspah, Rfd. Manes, rss ....... his 75th birlhd, upon which occa the PeMleto (Ore.) Roundup, Sel 3, Mt. Pulaski. , 'ab- lb ..... "44 sion science and  tendered ] tember 9, the cotl time in the his- i John Birks Alls:pach son of Mr.; F , . , great trilmte. ory of the event that an Indian girl a.nt J Mr,. Elmer Allspach" Rfd 3 k,. ::" .IcVey, 2b ..... 4 b betm named.. , ulaski. ' . ',. orn, r/ .......... 2 t I Parr eta An Wubben ...... ! Deibert, cf ...... 2 CHESTNUT ! , . . -.. . , uaugnter o, Schwoerer, If, 4 Mr. and Mrs. Goldie Chandler and 1Latham. ... . ........ family, and Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Wal- Mr and Ms Albet W. Wubben. t Icnos rf, ----2 it "- I ters and daughter, and Belmont Bak- endLk, cf ....... 2 !ev, were guests Sunday cf Miss Me- DAVIS FAMII Y REUNION By all means attend the Chicken t lis::a Southern. Fry which is to be given by the Lad- [ Mr. and Mrs. John M. Downing IIELD IN SPRINGFIELD ! Totals ...... 44 ies' Aid Society of the Methodist :nd Miss Prudence Swain motored to  , REDS AB Episcopal church in Chestnut thisLin:oln M'mday. of the Davis family held. J" Connolley, cf, -_4 Friday evening, August 19th. Good Miss Geraldine Wilson went to  :'eunicn ,nd b:*sket dinner Sunday, i Bertoni, If ........ 4 'AUZUS. L;h, at W;shint n Park inBuck|es, 3b ....... 4 eats, 35c and 25c. Chicken, ice ringfield M..nday to visit kinsfolk. Sgringfield. It wa the sixth annual Ruiner, p, .4 cream, etc. Come. Miss Fondu Matheny visited in De- ;metin,-. ........ Mr, and Mrs. Scott Heft, ef Deca- eatur part of last week. A  Foster, lb, ........ 4 I 3 11 tur vicinity, were visitors in Chest- I Miss Martha Zeight of Minier vis v.. mong the large number present; -, =e mr. ann irs A J /)avis, ?,fir /Tmlinsn' 2b ..... 4 0 2 2 W. J. McCahy. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Goben and nut Monday fternoen. ;ted he: the week-end with Misse: i and Mrs. C E Penneman an ' 3"  G. Connolley, rss, __4 0 1 0 Mr. and Mrs- Dane Myrick and ldcze and Jen,,tt,* r ..... k" ' "  , " d .Is. family, who lived near Clinton, " .......... s .lure Cumberw;rth, of Cornland, Schultz, rf ........ 4 0 0 I son Thomas, of Orlando, Florida, [ A family reunion w., h,,','" - Heft. who resides on moved to Me. Pulaski recently and .  - - ..... e. ounaay, and "Mr. and Mrs. Harold V. Lzts:h holp, e ........... 3 0 0 5 between Mt. Pulaski and t:cu ying_ the residence across the MissMr" andprMrs. Jchnswain M'wereDwmngvisitorsand Auuyt]Mrs. Ezrallth'MyHek.t the homeThoseOf,sentand and family, of Lake Fork L. Kruegr, 2b ___3 0 0 2 Underwentst. Clara'sanhospitalperatinin s;ation.traz south of the Illinois Central Mr..TuesdaYand MraftermnWill atDowningthe homebetweenOf }sontWere. Thomas,Mr'-, andofMrs.olandDane% F --;aoMyrick ....., and:)r.,, - Classified Ad Gets Results! [ Totals ........ 38 4 10 24 nderhill and Dean Fos- I Mervin E. Voile, son of Henry Me. Pulaski and Lincoln. |and Mrs. John M. Downing, Miss td Bloomington last Voile, left last Friday rron for Chi- Miss Bernice Lamar left Monday |Prudence Swain. Mr. and Mrs. Bur- on a business trip! cago, going then to Fort Sheridan to morning- for Springfield to visit her [dell Myrick, Mr. and Mrs. William Quality Highest with the Kitten Ball t remain two weeks at the Officers' Re- sister a few iays. IMyrick and son William, Mildred  Price Lowest serve and Citizens' Military Training Mr.J.W. Dmm, Mr Wilbur G.Nohris, Dorothy Ulteh, Norman and West Side l00eat nkt"ar-e f Smith, Mrs. H. W. Neuschafer and/ bert Humphrey, Francis, Bernice Dixon and three chil- Camp. Mrs. Edward Von Thun were calter.s/and" Jessm" Ruth Mymck" . visited in the city Mrs. Charles O. DeLaney and sons in Blemington last Friday.  Mr. and Mrs. Grahard and family, week with her brother tCharles and Robert, of Winston- Mis, s Clara O'Br:mm, of Mackinaw, of Granite City, who visited Dr. and "THE ttOME OF ItO':E KILLED MEATS." Albert Rund and Mrs. F. tSalem ' North Carolina, who are here and Robert Zeight, of Mimer, visited Mrs. J. W. Dunn and family for sev- [visiting her grandmother, Mrs. Bar- here Stmday with the former's par- eral days, left for their home Tues-, NEVER SACRIFICE QUAI, ITY FCR QUANTITY, T. O. Pearce, cf the'bara Kreig, spent Sunday and Mon-ents, Mr. amd Mrs. James O'Brien. day. REAI00ERY BUTTER Nazarene church, will [day in Springfield with Mrs. Gary Mr. and Mrs. B. N. Myrick, Fran- The Illinois Conference Ministers' "Westenberger, Nazarene church in eis yr.k and ,N'onnan Itumphrey, Quartet met at the home of Rev. L ...... 2 aeparte em-ty monaay mommy on lG. Strouse Monday afternoon for re- ']r" ........ evening, August Mr, and Mrs. James D. Nye, of aR auto trip to Florida to .spendlhearsaL The visitors were Rev. esh ....... and hear them. Cambridge, their daughterinlaw, their vcatiam Walter Williams, of Atlanta, Rev. J. " J-i Tomlinson of Chicago Mrs. Russell Nye, of Orion, Illi- Miss Villet Sehrishuhn is visiting [C. McMahon, of Waynesville. and   m the week-end with her nois, and the tatter's sister, Mrs. in Clinton for a few days with her Rev. C. B. Wagner, of Petersburg. FRESH" and Mrs. George A. Rober" Clark and son Robert, of sister, Mrs. Clifford Ottis. Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Strouse, of De- Home Rendered Lard LHS. and sister, Mrs. Dean]Houston, Texas, visited in Mt. Pu- Donna Bland visited in San Jose ctur, Mrs. H. A. Miller and sen, of __ / laski Thursday and Friday f last recenwith her friend" Blanche Urbana'areviitingatthehmef FRESHSLiO t-ivER-- week with Mr. Nye's sister, Mrs. Goodim Rev. and Mrs. L. G. Strou:,e and Andersen resumed her Burton A. Tyler. and husband. Mrs. Fred W. Zelle and daughter family. D at the Farmers Bank Air absence of three weeks MLs  motored to Clinton Mon- = an attack of appendi-IAnnounce Copeland Mrs., Wilbur G. Smith ,, FRESIt FIS-il OF ALL KINDS ----' i Church Ser an.' family sent Sunday in Beason Buy You Meat, and ,ect Vn, F,iend, at . E. Beidler visited in wih her s.r, Mrs. eaul Smock. Thursday. and Fv, i, ...... Dur:ng the day all of them motored U1NDE00 daughter, Mrs. W. E.I Se/-vices at the opemno t, nr.- o Dand. with Miss Dorothy ltian church, about seven miles south- r. Merritt M. Williams and fore- ,west of Mt. Pulaski, will be as fol- ?ly visit im Mt, Pulaski the week- l lows: =e.d w/h her s, Mr. and Mrs. ;. Edward Dehner and Bible School every Lord's Day at John T. Hershey. Edna, and the Misses i:l 0 a m shar, followed by the Mr. and Mrs, Ir Marshall were 11 s, d Lord's SuTper. "n fu 1 swin now visitors in LLcoln Saturday. Third Vice President, Virginia William, Minnie and l The contest s I g , Mr. and Mrs. Dane Myriek were Dunm Iand is becoming very interesting, sue.sis Tuesday evening cf Mr. and I Fourth Vice President, Ruth 1Four district schools are participat- Mrs. Henry W. Neusehafer. Kuntzi. rs. Boyd Frye and little, ing in the contest, namely -Scroggn Miss Hniau M2Her of Springfield I Secretary, Kenneth Baker. of Bloomington, Birks, Hunter and Cope[and, the visited here the week-end with Mr. I Trea-urer. Marvin McVicker. vacation visit in the Ccpeland school being in the lead at and Mrs. Harry Lkin, and the Miss- Pianist, Virginia Dunn. Frye's parents, Mr. [present. The roll is called each es Bese, Dori Jeannette and Nor- They have dispensed with their W. Schafer. Sunda,,, and each school district s" ma Laughery and Mrs. Win. Bland. / Sunday evening meetings until the W. A. Hutchmon," of I coufitedso Birks, Scroggin and Mgs Lneil]e Anderson, Miss Ben- first, of October. They witl hold to Mt. Pulas- IHunter had better wake up,. Last :rice Lamar and Louise Sams visited Ithelr annual picnic next Tuesday visited friends, Mr. Sunday the count stood as follows: :he latter's paremts Saturday. , tmr Lnstrict Superin*endent "Dr. Rothwell andCopeland, 71; Scrggin, 55; Hunter. Glen Roweof this vicinity met!W,D. Fairchild, will be here Friday 00ATURD00Y AUG 20 Geergiabelle. 145; Birks, 45; and outsiders, 37. with an accident Monday afternoon *vening, August 26th, to conduct the Let everybody, both in the dis- while uaIeading grain, business of our fourth quarterly con- Clance Romer trier and outside, come and give this Many from Chtnut and vicinity ferenee. This is the most im;:ortant  the Turner pr(rerty contest a rousing and interesting fin- attended the circus in Lincoln Satur- business meeting f the year and day. street, which ish--then comes the eats. ever#member of the congregation by Mrs. Phyllis "" "'* = "*"" ........ PFAI00 Bb00i]l{ 25c aoved back to Deca-}m., Rev. J. A. Brubeck, ,pastor of ' , the Elkhart Christian church, will 6OF00F' FUNERAL HOME / l]ailey and daughter, lpreaeh at Ca:eland church. .visited in the city last week with Mrs. i On Sundat, August 28th, at 2:30 WILBERT H. 5CHAHL, Asdt d other old friends, t p. m., Re,: L Verne Taylcr and his PORK and BEANS--1 pound can terty Miss Nel- [Gospel Team, of the West Side ro Serve Humanity Betted' ski. Christian church, Springfield, wiII Mt. Puiki235 PHONES L;neo|n, 1234 I begin a week's revival. Everybody off Peru, Indiana, at the Soldiers' and is most cordially invited to attend   " all these services. Heinz APPLE BUTTER--glass Danville, Illinois, - - .... arrived in MUSTARD---quart jar .... 10e to visit his --- T. Ry.n. Dr. Paul B. Berryhill 20e Paul Buckleso, VINEG00 23,: with their Latham, IlL Dr. Pope's Office Mrs Hubert Buek- 1 Mrs. Edward T. Thursday of Each Week LEMON COOKIES--pound ..... FIG BARS--2 pounds 16c ......... 25c CRACKERS-- 2 pound box 19c JAR RINGS--per package -- lC WHEATIES--Per box 4c [ - II I 51 truly uncanny what a small Che00 up now on our claims o BROOM- 25e er at r TIGER STARCH--One pound US roD/t00Y ough cleaning inside and and permanency [SOAP LIGHTHOUSE 004q'00C k ironed back into the felt. restoring it to its original u. Are Truly Master Magicians w. Use the Factory Process in Renovating, Bring Us Your EggsCash or Trade t. LOA00'CO. Borthel & Dicr00r LUOAS & JENNER LINCOLN, ILL. IaNoor., ILLINOIS "It Please:; Us To p' tease You" PHONE 6OO Have PHONE 41 you tried our hosier/repair service? WEST SIDE WE D I 1 00 02 0 @ 0 O o 0 93