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August 4, 1932     Times
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August 4, 1932

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AUGUST i,  3/  /.  :  ,   "rvlTq-NRWR. MT. ILLINOIS 00ELIX NB00G v v w v YNOPSIS: Johnny Breen, 16 years sclinted pine floor, where the work worthy daughters of Israel. He sus- Id, who had spent all of his life a-i rms lit by naked yellow gas jets peed that miles and miles beyond board a Hudson river tugboat ply- and crowded during ten hours of the them lay vast territories unexplored. iag Pear New York, is tossed into the river in a terrific collision which sinks the tug, drowns his mother and the man he called father. Ignorant, Unschooled, and fear driven, he drags ]limelf ashore, hides in the friendly darkness of a huge covered truck mly to be kicked out at dawn--an in- to the midst of a tough gang of ri- Ver rat boys who beat and chase him. ]e escapes and, exhausted, tumbles into a basement doorway. Later, he the tran door slammed, a pad- leek snapped clown, and he is tra@ped. NOW GO ON WITH THE STORY Second Installment "Becka! Becka!" 'Yes, Pa.' "Vill you shud de vawter off?" 'Papa, it iss off." "Vot you dell me, Becka? Id don'd ? I healed id. Do vot I told you; you?" Channon Lipvitch hobbled .y with oyerators on !rants and vests I A month in the Clothing Emr.erium Pipviteh took in piece werk on the l--New and Sond Hand--found John less difficult parts of manufacture Breen part of a routine that ineinded THE SKIPPER I Ping--"la your wife having any success in learning to drive the car?" Pong"Well, the road is begin- nng to turn when she does." @ . ADS. Holmes Garage, Mt" & Son Illinois. : "Well," said Ping to the little son CLASSIFIED AD RATES: 5c a line with a minimum charge Of 2. of the famus motorist, "and how are gure 6 words to the line. you getting on at school?" "Fine," said the little chap. "I'm learning words of five cylinders." Ping"I hear your store was b- bed last night. Lose much?" Pong"Some. But it would have like new, with bench, $169.50 been worse if the yeggs had got in Hanger Bros. hiring his help from the tenements of every rhase of the business, that is, the night before. You see, yesterday, - ....... Hi o stock did not snell he every phase of it but the receipt of I just finished marking down every- things he  never even thought. !iugit:h)arandn;Oldwith avPeT::: i:ge:g Jhhnbl:Yras;ge  andhorr" thmg 20 ,per c , ipsUtf gi:e;d=tnhg!h:ger71ag2 ! c E2MI oNflS?aAr2R. Wood, that his loss was great. Back of the] :d the harder by day. He arose at[ Ping-- What 3,o all doin wif dat his own, stilling all retest ef inno-t eaed. i !!!i! ! Becks and the twins, Muriel and Con- hung on frames of brick. [ my was sent .t his Uncle Ping who crushed out of her. John jumped up, stance, the latter just able to walk, i As the mornings followed each oth-] lived many miles away, for safety, picked up her straw 17at, and pulling w-re sheltered. [er and his fame ex2anded, John I Not many days later Uncle Ping her by the arm led her to the bole of ..,, ,,^ -,-,.l'" ......  there were two, Breen .... kept a wary eye for /'uflians  returned . . Jimmy. to his home with a by ! rucgmg to I at the Clo his Em andtfrm the oV:: H,s ! note saymg, "Jimmy is returned here- promiseda huge sycamore,me shelterWhsefrombradtheleaves irain. b covered hy colored ay and hoved against the wall s*ay " g " p " be-with--Please .:ena us the Earth- uick ashes of lightning, followed farthest from the windows, to get a-I : me more and more perilous. The! quake." ' w " - ,, . by harsh, rumhling peals of thunder, way from the night air. Becks and the f Grogan Gang as laying for him. ] .... t---(ns slept in one of these and Mr. I He avoided the river front and kept ger, also the expense. to attend for the purpose of the same adjusted. All persons debted to said Estate are to make immediate payment to undersigned. Dated this 2nd day cf August 1932. Charles H. Wood, Admin . J. Smith, Attorney. Aug. EXEOUTOR'S NOTIC Etate of I.L W. Obermiller, ceased. The undersigned having been pointed Exe:utrix of the Last and Testament of F W. Obermtl, Deceased, hereby gives notice she will appear before the Court of Logan County, at the c House in Lincoln, at the through the basement, to the lar rom. He shuffled, his feet at an were puncttated by ne puny cries his bearded face assuming an and Mrs. Lipvitch occupied the other, a'.ay from the Bowery. Once, on a "YOU got to. You got to pay him and screams of women running from of comical severity. It was an With the advent of Johnny Breen &! Saturday night, walking with Becks, something today." Becks was insis- tke 2ark as sudden swirls of cool a and Chanson Lipvitch, cer- cot, from a nearby second hand store I arm in arm, and deep in the myster- tent, and as John entered the Era- and rain whipped about the trees. of his ground, determined to was placed beneath one of the win- Iies of river lore, for John told her perjure on his return from an errand Then John and Becks, like Paul and his daughter. Conversation, in dows. everything he could remember, he a few doors away, Becks bent a part- Virginia of the story, naked, not of was suddenly confronted by a crowd of toughs. "That's 'im! That's the fightin kyke!" Set on fnom front and back he was unmercifully beaten, kicked and maul- ed. Becks, screaming, ran to the corn- r crying, "Molder, Ferlice!moider! rlive!" Her frantic screams were ing glance of warning on her father, body but of mind raced beneath the her eyes threatening exposure as she trees and the lashing of the storm nodded meaningly at John. Lipviteh for the park gate at Fifth Avenue had his hand in his pocket. He finger- and Fifty-ninth Street. They took ed a coin, a half, then in a prudent the E,st Side L, down again into the flod of generosity he seized a silver familiar closeness of the slums. dollar. The end of September, in the city "Here, Chon," his throat was husky, of Ferpetual change, brings with it "Here, Chon, I god someding by you." the first refreshing whisper of cooler heard for a block and a cop, provi- He spoke rapidly. 'A dollaryou airs; a new vitality springs to life Jentlally near, rushed to the scene in [ earned idt.--ves, Chert--remember, time to save Jhn Breen from corn- rages," he repeated, handin the boy among the heat-weary dwellers in I the large coin, thrusting it toward the city. Sol Bernfeld had come back plete annihiliation. Becka supported him, carried him I km imyulsively, as if afraid John from the road after questionable sub- home, a bloody battered gladiator, lwoald not accept, "'Ant remember, cess in providing crayon enlarge- Becks was his nurse, tended him,[ Chon, I don'd charge you nodding, ments of family album portraits, with the Paris Spicy Packag as a side washed his cuts and bruises, and got i nodding a tail fer board. You god id line. The spicy package being a bulky raw beefsteak from Mrs. Yartin for! fer nodding.'" his blackened eyes. She sat on his l Then. after an interval of pregnant surreptious envelope, .ld sealed "A- cuch and eried over him, caressed[ silence, Becks having again gainst the law, you know, to sh, dw it," him, her hero. John's arm through her own, doing to be opened by the purchaser 'Strict- And so the months went by in a wth a small laugh, a friendly Channon Lipvitch, like the heads of many families preponderant on thel female side, felt himself overshadow- ed by the growing impudence of Becka added to the volubility of Mrs. Lipvitch. A shrewd general in a trade, he was limp in the hands and his wife and daughter. To him trade was art; it was life, and life depend- ed upon the teeming, crowding multi- rude who swarmed and squirmed in rear living-sleeping room, came forgi- ly in private" It was a suggestive yen laugh, they walked out on Broad- package, retailing at twenty-five way at a point where its wholesale cents, or two bits, and sold wholesale commerelal aspect stretches north- to candy choppers on trains at seven, ward. flat, a gross. Sol sold few of the era. To America, New York was Rome, yon egements but did. get rid of and still is; the feudal city of the his entire k of svicy package to Western World, taking tribute from the farmers and their hands, even the ends of the earth. Other cities disposing of them to women by the may attempt to dispute this, but New simple ess of refusing to even tell York, true to its name, keens rising them what he was selling. new and fresh and more powerful On his return to the city, Sol from its own continuous disintegra- found Becka in a receptive frame of ties, shafts of steel and stone spring- in dogged silence. Becka's efforts ing up out of the dusty demolition mind and John Bren pursuing his way constantly under way. The wrecks and balked by his awkward inexpedisme, mistakes of the past feed ambition a ate2; the loud voices quieting the splash of running water from without 'So you told lies to me on Shabbas?" He brist- but Becka, more voluble than her instantly replied. "It's in .back, Pa. Don't be so sud- with calling me a liar. It's in house in back. I hear it splashing, smother of smells and chatter and continuous struggle. As the summer waxed to its fullest heat and high humidity thickened he air with oppressive damp, the Lip- vitch family moved out f their back room into the rear area of the tene- ment. Here, with their mattresses close together, they lay gasping thru he nights. John, prone on his back, ] gazed upward cn clear nights at a slit of heaven. Frequent domestic i arguments sounded back and forth! down crowded light shafts and weird I fancies' filled John's mind as he fret-] ted through the hot nights amid the close incest of the city slums. "No, Becks, it's too lint." "You're 'fraid. That's what. You don't dast to go." "All right, come along," and John and Becks strolled casually from the front stoop of the tenement as Becks called, "SO long! We're ging for a walk," to Mrs. IAparitch who sat on the basement steps with the twins and Mrs. Yartin, while Mr. Lipvite argued with a customer within. An hour later, in 4he dark of early evening, the girl and boy, arm in arm, strolled far from the crowds a- bout the Clothing Emporium. "Have you got any money?" Beeka flaring to higher and dizzier achieve- ment. Never was the town so young and bright and hopeful as on the suner night when John and Beck, far from their environment, walked on air, and literally rode on it, as they sped up- town on the West Side L. The squat, green-bellied steam locomotive puffed and wheezed, blowing its whistle az it approached the curve, where Beck with an Oh!" clung close to John; they sat in a cross at by an open window. nding at Fifty-ninth Street, Becks led him eastward to Columbus Circle. The tall shaft" in the center, He burst out of his clothes, his strong asked  frankly, the different upect of the people, the body never tired. He could lift Beeka asence of pul carte, and the dearth had at least served to lace him upon a meager wage, in the size of which she evinced small interest. She soon walked out with Sol, then earning, as she boastfully confided to John, the rincely" salary of twenty-five dol- lars a week as runner for a Bowery burlesque show And, furthermore, she was to appear in the chorus, of a leg show, "in tights!'--a secret carefully kept from Channon Lip- vitch, but whispered slyly to John. And to vrove it Becks showed John a Fhotograph that brought a hot flush to his face. "Silly," she cried, I'm an ctreas, you know.' But for all that a coolness sprang up between them, and John refused tickets to the show And, as another side line, Sol Bern- Channon Lipvitch was right, the alleys of the town--it was a was splashing, if not in their good place, this city, so full of cus-] then near by. Ha, he wa.s omers always close at hand. --] his ears were not stuffed up. On the Saturday afternoon of John- [ taxes were ever m hs mind ny's introduction to the city his re-[ fst;ces flowed. "Veil," he said, cetion in the back room of the I id off, vy don'd you ? Dell me, ; Clothing Emporium took on the pro- Ls makking sooch a slash On!portions of an event John's story, ?" He was a strict man with ! given amid greedy mastication of family--in the presence of viM- ! eed lls and gulps of tears and luke- adiwarm coffee, thrilled the company The girl, big for her age, with a sympathy grown quick thru with an almost premature the age-long persecution of their laughing and giggiing, race--a sympathy leading to menu- through a rear window of mental works of charity within the tch home, the li-room, t city. Tears coursed down h eheek sleeping,-room in back of the I as he repez,l, "My mother drowned, Emporium New and SO'lay mother is drowned!" The 'oy,-oy, Hand. She had to make a high!of of Mrs. Lipvitch and Mrs. Yartin a very high step, for they were t punctuated the story. Mrs. Blum- e basement floor, and the sills high. Her skirt was tight and  gren, with large, wondering brown eyes, cried in sympathy, while Becks fact, as she stretched one leg dried his clothes and sewed on but- the window, the other was!tons. far above the knee; a "You are staying by us, now," shapely leg. I Becks spoke to Johnny, smilmg, her stan4ing on tiptoes, her i face close to his. Tears welled in his lifted unnecessarily high, Peer-[ eyes" He was terribly tired; kindness ross the narrow area between  cut through him like a knife. buildings. Through a broken win- ; Johnny slept on a cot in the corner. she saw a boy splashing He drifted off into oblivion, exhaus- sink, under a tap of run- i tlcn and exaltation crowding back the water. He held a piece of htrd events of the previous day and night. soap and was working a lather; his hair and face were Days of bewildering complexity fol- wet. The boy caught a i lowed on his establishment in the of her, his eyes were wkie! family of Channon Lipvitch, as a fear--blue eyes. She smiled at l cmin from the farm, for so Elkan Then she turned hurriedly, her Nesser' a malamud, advised. Slowly up over her knees--her stock-the river dimmed. Johnny Breen were new and she made the learned of synagogues and rab/. of the occasmn. Breathlessly, He thought the whole world consist- the Lipvitch ed of the river and the Ghetto, no- down into "It's a boigier," she de- thing else. Becks became a dominant Tremendous force in the direction of his emotions. almost fainting. prevailed in the Lipvitch! "Lipvitch---your father, " he eor- ,, ni ..... a up so  m iht reach the top  "give. me. .a dollar today." His of children, puzzled John. Dodging" fold began to matoh John against like papa, quick. Mrs. LiP'I glv in the she ; she was often hand gripped It m the.bottom o. the the whir!lng steam of eyelids, they ly boys in the clandestine boxing and Mrs. Yartin were urgmgl ?'... -*L;.,,, th;. and then, sud- large trouser pncxeL ne one wtnou entered ne snaed warns o! uenLra ) bouts of the lower city, taking him eli r th l,otnt lviteh  nee,g .....  "." :-" . ...... k.., ] the hole He showed the nright silver Park through a rustic arvor, rne , Window. Suddenly the water l deniy, he re.fu .........  nothing, [ coin to Becka. dusty white m drives were from hall to hall on Saturday nighta, acting as his manager, These. adven. d. Lipvitch, in the area, eaught " P ...... i." " ] Say-- Becks clasped his arm lively with the prance of foam-fleck- tDse of a boy's face at the bro-i John had achieves ap?merequ:ril with an ilminnnting pressure, leaning ed turnouts, and the clank and clink fumes were t relief to the growing dislike he felt for the Clothing Em- "dow. The little man, he was a I for worldly success. __ne.."4"i'! toward and in front of John, as le I of fashionable harness trap pmgs:., perjure and its cloying sameness. Shorter than his wife struggled  four and rive mocks wffi  ,-.- I looked up into his face, for he was a] And with the black art oz tom ' '  " " He became a cevr#, .... Wand his voice. He did not, ing Llpvtch. . ......... ! l=ad taller than the girL I mght of swift unusual motmn and of Fighting had become second nature less, elevated avove e wyv ,, " ked shovm ka soft and con rmidable in his black silk skull i nothing . -. i- f- with  Say wlmt. he as , . " g[ rare sights, with Bee , . . to him. He liked the heat f combat s features worked convulsive- on the street,en ourn anaa p_r,_]nnve yvWrs his l her back somewhat roughly in his era- I fidmg," ehngmg" " closely on hm arm, and his craving for the excitement of young m .......  barrasznent"  [ with the dread of Grogans forgotten "he fight grew with his success. " int of age ana a aecaue ..... It was late in November when Sol iss! Vet iss'" He exclaimed senior m.po .......  "-re- I YOU re green, she laughed net'- [ in the dmtant alleys of the slums, the Bernfeld matched John against Y The h. lckod harmless, beyond his m wonmy lore. -m    vouslv "Say, you are green", she af- l boy expanded to an influence beyona ed 'viii ...... e oudt v'' gan Gang, out for revenge, .c rum t firmed, as if a great truth had just! the measure of his understandmg. He ' Rasper' Jorgan, known to the I screamed "- : -ou don'd I he Ghetto. John Breen, vtl v !then been disclosed. "You don't havel felt the secretive whispermg of the Greenpoint section as the "Polack ,, v, ,  , dusters in hls poCKel, a ,, polize! " knuckle ""  " u ht to work for nothing, she added has-! dark. Wonder." The boys were to weigh in , s h ht in his eyes, re g - he ur at one hundred and thirty-three, ring- t, it s only a boy" Becks was rockies "g ...... tily. Pa should pay you, s god, t Far to the North, from the direc- - re were no more tnaa w,, limb ng through'the windoW, when the ............ before again looking up into s face, still ] ties of the Mall, band music filtered de, and go ten rounds in one of the boy com .... +  .... " She or three, and too to nm. n ee - holding his arm, but refraimng rom ] through the leaves, for the air was prciimirmry bouts before the famous a ..............  a gang He rather lmea ngntmg, ^ter conta The boy walked still and -resentlv ca tured moon Samson Storting Club. It was the added to nm popumZlzY.  " straight ahead and failed to answer, light, prisoned in a lake, was discov- mot ambitious bout yet secured by Only a poy Only a poy," Mr t) absorb the philosophy o zne dhett% the kindly brotherhood of ho who live within the pale. He also absorbed a tremendous stock of self-conceit and confidence. Once he hi= a fresh young man such a terrific crack, the blow landed on his chin, that the victim lay for a half hour unconscious. The story grew by tell- ing and the fame of John Breen took on added stature. Fighting kept his mind alert and made him wary, while dim thoughts of things beyond the ents, of wide avenues and great mansions, crossed his conseiousvs m dreams. "You should get a dollar a day," Becks continued, "and board too--he would have to give it---I will make him," she said positively. Late that afternoon the dollar in his pocket had been given him grudging- ly, guiltily, by Channon Lipvitch. And this only after an argument with ered through a parting of the trees. Manager Bernfeld, and the purse, so John and Becks turned toward this, to '[ stated, was to be twenty-five del- tic lvwer walks, the perfect eras lars, to the winner. If John won he pk.nned long ago by a master garden- would split with John, taking ten dol- er. Finding a secluded spot they sat lars for his share, and John Breen, down, the still surface of the reflect- glancing curiously at the typewritten ing pond almost at their feet, They letter Yrom the trainer of the Samson were close together, a lilac bu Sporing Club, wondered at the queer Becks. i screened them from the walk; they kind of printing, for he had never "All right, don't give it him," she talked idly Suddenly the light of the seen a typewritten letter before and retorted to his repeated protest.  lake went out as a cloud drifted a- he was ashamed to admit tlrmt he "When he Fonts out--you look out" cross the moon. could not read a word, a deficiency You ain't so smart," she warped. Firkin saw you." Becks, in tones of Manager Sol Bernfeid was thorough- "John can sue you for damages, for ' You do, John, I know you do. Lilly ly aware of. back wages, some day. Give him pouting banter, was aectming John, (CAmtinned Next Week) something nowfive " had argued, he had "No: No! knew he not announced, as if terrbbly dis- He greeted Jimmy with a and held out a scrawny hand to fist of the boy who leaped effort, a ragged, desperate wet hair and shining eyes. Lipvitch was triumph- had proven hself, with the cireumstanees Before one's toad friends, bravery is a vir- Lipvitch Clothing Emporium-- Second Hand"--asms not barge Cavalier, in sh, a nice little business, buying In the tck, brammm narrow hallway with a mensely rich, looking about for Term, on the first Monday in Septem. bet next. at which tlme all persons having claims against said estate are notified and requested to attend, . 'or the purpose el' having the same adjtmted. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make Im- mediate payment to the undersigu Dated this 21st day of July, A. D. 1 '.2. JULIA A. OBERMILLER. EXECUTOR'St NOTICE OF APPLICATION State of Illinois. In County Court. to , A. D. 193. In the matter of the Mary J. Combs, Deceased. Public Notice Last Will and Testament of ] Combs, deceased, has filed tel)err In said estate In the the County Clerk of Logan Illinois. and that on the 8th AugusL A. D. 1932, he said Court for an order and an order of discharge as Executor. This 14th day of July. A. D. 1932. MINA A. HARBERT. Executor of the Last Will and Testament of Mary J. Combs. Deceased. George J. Smith. Attorney. ed. By virtue of an order and of the County Court of Illinois. made on the undersigned, James H. PierCe. mtnlstrator of the Ftate of Smons. deceased, for leave to the real estate of add deceued, the July term, A. D. 1932, Court, to-wit: On the 15th July, A. D. 1932, I shall, on day of August, A. D. 1932, teen the hours of ten o'clock In forenoon and four o'clock In the af ternoon of said day. tfwit, at the hour of two o'clock P. M. of said day, ell at publ|e, sale. at the South frottt door of the Post Office building Ill the public square in the City of Mt. PuleskL in said County, the real e te deertb,d as follows, to-wit: All ,f the right, title and interest owuel by the said William Si- mon aL th, time of his death in r,al estate described as follows. to-wit : Lot Seven (7 of Block Two (2) of the Original Town of Lake Fork it the Cmnty of Logan and Stat( tf Illinois On the following terms, towft: ('astt iu hand on day t}f sale. pos- :esfon to be given and deed deliver- ed by Administrator upon approval ; said salo by C)urt and ia no even ;hall purchaser he required to look  the application of pllrcbase inoney, \\;ll of my acts and doings herein ar subject to the approval of the t ' Coun. Y Court of Igan County. ll]Inoi Dated this Fifteenth day of July, A. D. 1932 JAMES H. P1ERO]. Administrator. Of the Estate of William Slmons, Deceased. Robert R Humphrey, Attorney. A has 442 a