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Mt. Pulaski , Illinois
July 27, 1961     Times
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July 27, 1961

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Mnt Win. A. School Dist. 264 High School Dist. 406 Elkhart Fire Pro. Dist. Wm. Bros. Rudolph Eldon Geo. Joe W. & Allspach B. Russell John R. Glen A. E. K. & Josephine; Gwendolyn K. Talitha Walter Stanley Wm. James L. Stella Harold John F. Maxine Maryln Wm. Wesley & Lee Care Maurice P. Clark Clark Wayne Lyle Elizabeth Keays Wm. Mc Jr. Wm. Mc Sr. Howard Dean Mrs. Geo. Herman Thos. B. Jr. Harold Jack Wayne Bill Thomas Waiter J. - T. Harold Jr. Acct. D. Elizabeth Robt. L Ralph Gerald Carl O. Mrs. Gillette B. Estate, Emma John L. Paul Vernon Harold W. E Conrad & Caroline Bros. 36OO 7670 2440 4880 980 50 1260 1560 386O 1570 3280 3590 2220 7770 820 10230 940 5710 1150 7510 3440 1350 1360 1340 510 49O8 6290 920 400 520 6510 510 4030 8510 264O 267O 960 1360 2820 2460 4010 6380 4430 349O 2850 7460 4020 9880 1260 4740 4240 190 3960 920 1590 6O90 770 3170 5010 1430 480 3910 5420 9O 6800 6670 180 3200 4910 43O0 3760 302O 6100 150 1740 1890 10440 555O 3210 14590 1750 4140 850 10810 Ida & Sheridan 3350 Ray 5480 Frances Meister 1140 Jack 4970 Edna 1440 Grace A. 940 Chas. 240 Grace 690 Donald 2050 John L. 1970 Edw., Jr. 6550 Gee. 6380 C.E. 4310 school Di 264 School Dist. 4O6 Rural Fire Pro. Dist 4950 & Donald 3300 Tom Jr. 490 School Dist. 264 School Dist. 406 Fire Pro. Dist. Elkhart Corpooa & Co. 6620 John 50 Louis Herman 100 Christian D. 110 Winifred 680 Supply, Sv0 Wm. 690 Robt M. 410 Jacob C. 1340 Jake 500 Mary E. 700 Everett 1920 L. 1040 Lena 530 Norma & Bill 1570 Dorothy 900 Shell Service 200 Bros. 1400 Louis J. 1690 Anna M. 570 Eliza 400 Allen 260 42O m. 00av. a% tins Elkhart Grill 1160! Elkhart Oil Co. 2120 Ellis, Jack 340 Follis, Dorothy 410 Follis, John Delmar 340 Gallion, Ella 710 Gehlbach, John R. 2550 Gleason, James E. 1760 Halladay, Phillip 650 Ha'rris, Wayne C. 2100 Hinds, John E. 32.50 Hinds, Ralph H. 7090 Hunter, Mark 760 Hunter, Wm. E. 1040 Johnson, Harry 310 Krewer, Edw. M. 1100, Lanterman, Earl 810 Lanterman, Eleanor 240 Lanterman, R.B. 1510 Larson, Edna 490 Larson, Harry Wm. 930 Lee, J.C. 330 Lee, James P. 380 Lee, RobL 830 Leftwich, Garnett 1760 Logan, Darwin 90 McAtee, Julia L. 90 McCray, Vernon Arthur 140 McCue, Johnnie 430 McCum, Lloyd H. 3030 Mendenhall, Harland A. 960 Merker, Pete 360 Meyers, Arthur L. 830 Miller, Raymond 510 North Side Cafe 600 O'Dell, Enos 1430 Pankey, Eugene 40 Pankey, Harold 650 Parsons, Mary Frances 570 Poston, Bernice & Gee. 470 Poynter, Leonard 1070 Radtke, Wm. L., Jr. 150 Richardson Repair Shop 38O Sangamon Grace Ammonia Co. 2250 Sensel, Chas. Werner 1400 Stahl, Edw. R. 1300 Stellar Hardware Store 5210 Svenson, Harold 1880 Town Market 900 Town Tavern Van Pelt, Daniel Wesley Verban, Emil M. i Williams, Perry 1260 Wolf, John H. 300 [Young, James A. 1140 Young, Thos. L. 900 School Dist 20 High School Dist. 28 Mt. PuIkl RuI Fire  Dist. Home Ins. Co. 1540 National Fire Ins. Co. of Hartford 1840 Hartford Fire Ins. Co. 320 American Ins. Co. 1090 School Di 284 High School Dist. 406 Elkh FL-e Pro. Ins. Co. of N. America Iew York Underwriters Ins. Co. Jnited States Ins. Co. Transcontinental Ins. Co. SChool Dist. 33 High Sr3ool Dist. 28 Elkhart Fire Pro. Disk Ill. Power Co. Central Ill. Electric & Gas Co. School Diat 264 High School Dist. 28 Fi PTO. DLtt. Ill. Power CO. Central Ill. Electric & Gas Co. School Dist. 264 High School Dist. 406 Elkhart Fire Pr Dist. IlL Power Co. 27890 General Telephone Co. of Ill. 5380 Western Union Telegraph Co. 1412 Central IlL El'ectric & Gas Co. 5636 Menard Electric Co- operative 11509 Central Ill. Light Co. 6310 School Dist. 202 Itigh School Dist. 28 Mt. Pulaski Rural Fire Pro. Dist. Ill. Bell Telephone Co, 1740 Central Ill. Electric & Gas Co. 2251 Mendard Electric Co- 783 peratiool" Dill. High School Dist. 406, Mt. Pulaski Rural Fis Pro. Dist. Ill. Bell Telephone CO. 130 General Telephone Co. of Ill. " 960 Central Ill. Elcctrie & Gas Co. 1163 school Di 264 High School Dist. 406 Elkhart Fin Pro. Dist. E00.hart Co,pmuUoa Ill. Bell Telephone Co. General Telephone Co. of Ill. Western Union Telegraph Co. Central HI. Light Co. 9650 expense of printing ordinances school Dish Uult 15 and other printing $500.00, in the ML Pulkl Rural Fire  Dist. General Telephone Co. total sum of $500.60. o! Ill. Menard Electric Co- operative school Dt. High School Dist. 406 Elklm Fire Pro. Di. General Telephone Co. of Ill. Central Ill. Electric & Gas CO. Co- school Di 282 High School Dist. 406 E Fin Pro. Dit. General Telephone Co. of III. 180 Central Ill. Electric & Gas Co. 233 Menard Electric Co- operative 2302 School Dist. 264 High School Dist. 406 ML Pulaski Rural Fire Pro. Dist. General Telephone, Co. of Ill. 200 School Dist. 32 High SchooI Dist. 28 Mt. Pulaski Rural Fire Pro. Dist. Central Ill. Electric & Gas Co. 140 hool Dist. 202 High School Dist. 28 Mt. Pulaski Rur Fire Pro. Dist. State Bank of Cornland 37719 REAL ESTATE ASSESSMENT Changes and Aditions Twp.,18 N. IL 3 W. Louise M. Kiest, nw ne sec 31 40a $14600 H. Orville, Esther F. & Ruth A. Kiest, sw ne sec 31 40a 9800 S. Leigh Call, ne ne sec 33 40a 9500 VILLAGE OF ELKHART Elza & Ethel Dennison, nw of Its 1 & 18 blk 1 1500 Rlgney's Add. to EIEh=rt .... & Emma Catherine O'Dell, It 14 blk 4 3200 Hillview Aaes Add. to Elkhart ['homas J. & Mary A. Steller, It 2 6050 Ronald L. & Viola M Cook, It 12 3470 VILLAGE OF CORNLAND John R. & Wanda E. Ford, Its 3 & 4 blk 7 4680 Geo. F. Hinds, Its 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 blk 14 1020 1961 ANNUAL APPROPRIATION ORDINANCE An ordinance making appropri- of such sums of money as are deemed necessary to defray all necessary expenses and liabil- ities of the City of Mount Pulaski, Illinois, for the fiscal year com- mencing on the first day of June, 1961, and ending on the 31st day of May, 1962. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF MOUNT PULASKI, STATE OF ,200 ILLINOIS: I. That for the purpose 600 of defraying all the necessary 870 expenses and liabilities of the 220 City of Mount Pulaski, Illinois, for the fiscal year commencing June 1, 1961 and ending May 31 2690 1962, the following sums, or so much thereof as by law may be 93 authorized, be and the same are hereby set aside and appropri- ated for the following purposes, to-wit: 2700, ADMINISTRATION: For the ! 400 purpose of paying the per diem 0r compensation of the Mayor and Alderman $1300.00; City i Clerk $1400.60; City Attorney $600.00; City Treasurer $180.00; Police Magistrate $600.00; for off- ice supplies and equipment, tele- phone, postage, election expens- es and supplies and other mis- cellaneous expense $1300.00; in the sum of $,5380.60. STREETS AND ALLEYS. . For costs of labor of regular street employees employed in repairing and maintaining streets and alleys $6500.00; for gas and oil for vehicles used in repairing and maintaining streets and alleys $1260.00; for purchasing equip- ment and material for the repair and maintaining of streets and and alleys $15,000.00; for costs of Workmen's Compensation and other insurance $400.00; for re- pairing and maintaining drains, culverts, guttters and manholes $2000.00; extra labor employed on street work $1200.00, in the to- tal sum of $26,300.00. POLICE FUND: For paying the salaries of day and night police,. 30 $4300.00; for extra police hire $300.00; dieting prisoners $25.00; 5120 in the total sum of $4625.00. ORDINANCE AND REPAIRING: 450 For the purpose of paying the 580 COMBINF.D WATERWORKS AND SEWERAGE FUND: For the 737 purpose of paying the salaries of the employees of the Waterworks and Sewage System and for wag- es of extra helpers $9,600.00; for clerical hire $1800.60; for expense 370 of pumping water $2400.00; for 493 maintaining, extending the up- keep of system 1013 to mains of pipeline, new pumps and ap- paratus $3000.00; for operation and maintenance of sewage sys- tem $7000.00; for labor on sewers $1000.OO; for materials for sew- ers $1000.OO; Sewerage Fund: Bond and Interest Reserve Ac- count to set up reserve of $17,- 500.00, the sum of $1800.00; Sew- erage Rund: Contingencies and Depreciation account to set up reserve of $25,OO0.OO, the sum of in the total sum of STREET LIGHTING: For pay- ng the costs of lighting the streets, alleys and municipal huildings and public grounds $32OO.OO. PUBLIC BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS: For paying the cost of maintaining municipal build- ings, necessary insurance costs and upkeep of the public grounds of the City $2500.00. CONTINGENT FUND: For pay- ing lawfully incurred hut unpaid claim for supplies and equip- ment as of the close of the last fiscal year $1500.00; for the pur- pose of paying necessary corpor- ate expenses and obligations not otherwise appropriated None; for paying the amount due under settlement contract between Edd Dittus and Joseph B. Lanterman and the City of Mount Pulaski, Illinois, in Chancery Case Num- ber 8565 in the Circuit Court of Logan County,. Illinois, in the sum of $4000.00; for paying an- nual maintenance charge for the years 1961 and 1962 to Edd Dittus in the sum of $60.00 and to Joseph B. Lanterman in hhe sum of $40.00, as provided in said settlement contract, and for pay- ing the lawful costs and expens- es attending proceedings in the Circuit Court of Logan County, Illinois, in Chancery Cast Num- ber 8565, in the gum of $1500.00; in the total sum of $'7100.00. FIRE PROTECTION FUND: For the purpose of fire protection, the sum authorized by an act of the Legislature, permitting Cities and Villages of less than 500,000 in- habitant to levy a tax of not to exceed two mills on the dollar for fire protection purposes, law- fully submitted and adopted by the City of Mr. Pulaski, Illinois, by a majority of the voters vot- ing thereon, such sum so author- ized, provided for and to be re- ceived by such special tax under said act, being hereby estimated at $5100.00; the fund so provided to be used in the payment of the following fire protection costs; the sum heretofore fixed for the payment of $1600.00 to the per- sons employed in the fire depart- ment; for supplies and equipment and miscellaneous expenses $3500.00, in the total sum of $5100.00. CIVIL DEFENSE FUND: For providing and maintaining an in- tegrated plan and organization for preventing, minimizing, repair- ing and alleviating disaster from enemy attack or injury, and for training programs, compensation of emergency auxiliary police- men, equipment and measurfes for fire control, and the conserva- tion of public safety and com- munications $1000.OO. MUNICIPAL RETAILER'S O CUPATIONAL TAX FUND: provide additional funds for gen- eral corporate purposes to be de- rived from the tax of one-half of per centum of the gross re- ceipts from the business of sell- ing and sales and service of tangible personal property with- in said City, to be used as fol- lows: To be transferred to the General Fund for application to appropriations hereinbefore made after payment of fee of four per centum of collections exacted by the Department of Revenue of the State of Illinois, for expense of Collection and transmittal $2O, OOO.OO. BONDED INDEBTEDNESS: For the purpose of paying the inter- est to accrue January 1; 1963 and: July 1, 1963 on the bonded in- debtedness of said City of Mount Pulaski -- $7760.00. For the purpose of paying the principal of "Sanitary Sewer Bonds" of said City of Mount Pul- aski, being bond number 4 and maturing January 1, 1963 -- Also in addition to the above to be includ- ed in the Street and Fund, the sum to be received Road and Bridge Tax to i lected, estimated at making the total herein, including the be received from the Bridge Tax to be sum of $132,965.00. ex." Section 2. That any un ^ra ed balance of any iteroS v=. appropriations made by u--. i dinance may be expendea :, making up any insufficienCY--  any other item of appropriate" made by this ordiance. .,,.ll Section 3. This ordinant. be in 00uli force and assae, aP v'- and after its p g "ed bY and publication as proVla law. of July,,,l, Passed this 25th day Approved this 25th day of J 1961. Approved, Elmer Sehaffena. Mayor of the " Mount pulaS A'I'rEST: Carleton E. Drake City Clerk. AUSTIN $ By Ham, Congratulations on Y_r_.: Tennial edition of Times-New lot of work it took. Wm. Rau's and family-,.rin-- Saturday at Weldon Sp"  Mr. and Mrs. ClarenCe. $ spent Sunday with frien@ Homewood near Chcago- ge Was Mrs. Delbert flee for Southern gave the Co , Irene Taylor, not Mrs. De, ern. ft, - Mr. and Mrs. Win. He _ Leona Hoaglin, and M, q@ Johnston attended a play a* "" leyan Thursday evening: ,r A family dinner in the Jr. " ston home Sunday. ....tUt; Mrs. May Couch of lc. Mr. and Mrs. Shyer oI , aS Brick area, were callerS .0 Frilay in interest of the , of Harmony. U. B. The soaker came - 93 day - a rain at 2 a.m. nesday. Shower Friday rain 5 p.m. then a set. More rain at 5:15 urday, sun shining at rain at 2 axn. Sunday Was pouring at 12:35 since. Corn is tasseling, so rapidly. A" number from funeral services for Albert, 64, who died at Friday in D&MC was a member of M- in Warrensburg. She brothers Lawrence of John of Decatur. Louisa Payne, Mrs. of Detroit, Mch., Mrs. bin of Austin and Mrs. lins, Warensburg. held Monday in funeral home, Decatur, Clifford Smith, a clergyman. Songs yond the Sunset," and Good Morning." . _ St Burial was in Boili cemetery. _tt Pastor and family . Tuesday from a visit . folks at Galesburg and._,,.l_. at Oseo. Others were u" tions, difiners, etc. - -- s HOSPITAL Otis Howe Sr., eral miles was removed to Decatur, Friday ! Sehahl ambulance, attention. John Vandeventer, of the city, was hospital, Sunday, for Larry Phillips a patient at a pital, Saturday.