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July 24, 1941     Times
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July 24, 1941

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TIMES-NEWS FARM PAGE ,, ra J #1 ,-,.:.. I ,,,_ ... oak, ,00=te !. _ l00o="t h= beoo ,,, | |k. urul RISKy Ms Florence Raw of Warrens- and yellow poplar; studdingy- I " VCklkIC'V f more than five quadrillloa alcott ,U I :QSS -------UIQ Wich...,.. rmrg, accompanied by Mr. ana press, yellow poplar, ash, black lo- I IilNi'r'/ tons ;, I t o- * " ' Mrs. Walker of that place, left cast maple, oak, elm, gum, hack- -- , | n 41qknimcliS yesterday for a two weeks vaca- berry and sycamore, t MISS JENNIE ROWE gL, i _ Pheaothi ...... tion trip to Patterson, N. J. They !_ Crresp ndent _ Whle Whigs tie ""  me, the new o_rug ..... cousin Dar- " I ! i, h has been found .erecti., will vls,t Miss Raus " ' Control Gullies i - -- The term "White wings'* wlw ?,...   . .- .... cf, other . ., ... : dapp:dt tcl atn:rsWohgtean   I ?tvgetrCdtahvi!ee!nllayP[IiokRuapnp d :] ::: genn tilngaaY'edooU!ri!tngrU21tSgi/K2'nihffiep!!/;rir: i!7t8 e w a :n 9 byCol Oeor-. i  lllillois farmers are cautioned lVednesday on a business mi:slt e x lam: R C Hay extension ag ']wh is moving to Clinton. A wien- Wiring for cleaning streete i ! .  ............ [and also visited his daughter., e P " ,... " ... -er roast and scavenger hunt werQ New York city. i | :catty o* ..Lnologlsts oI the Urn-|Misses Mildred and Irma Rupp. riculturai engineer oz the umvers. |enjoyed. ! :" llhnois College of Ag- I Mr and Mrs. %Villiam Cooper ity of Illinois College Agriculture. / The Ladies' Guild of the Meth- "._I ..................... i |  :_ . ,[and daughter Miss Violet, livinglThe approaching slack seasn juslIodist Church held an ice crcaml] Ul/Uil /llllliqPV I i i K. ug s used successfully I south of the city, were in Lincoln after harvest is a good time of the |social north of Earl Kellington's ] [[[[[] i[ i i i  .,a roach worms and nodu-Ilas t Sunday and attended the am-] )'ear to do terracing work. n/Garage ,Saturday night. [I A  Bm I i '. i | -, O- " of sheep, pahsadeinual reunion of the Cooper and Gullies on euitp/ated slopes ca | The E. T. (2. club met with Mrs. ]] -Jtl s ]Hi | i i . r strongyles, of horses, I ....... ..... Post- ' be starved and eventually el[rain- / .......... . , "'* | Ilia[ Iflilll "171 I iquite effective against lara [Jones zamnle.s, nero m .c ] ...... ., *erracin The terrace," |nna mye fnursua, axernoon | | I II , "WOI'1s - .  -IvilJe parK. t a=' z  '" _ -, _ |Tnlrteen memoers ana twelve visi[ll _ _ i d i 0,.... Ot sWine. However, if I t not only slow up an(] avert run-|ors were present |I ei I..A.., Ill----J_.. | 1"1' ch phenothiazine is given [ loft water from gullies but also| ' il @ai '=[I IIl@lllil i 1 1, . , ' . " --  ' II I1 i  it. ecommended dose m gzv-[ Use Home-Grown /mater,ally reduce sheet erosmn I More Plano Ii 7 mi Easf of De.fur [ r lye animals alarming ef losses I . " ' " [ | a ' -[e i_. _. ,,,l, | ' . De.spte the advent of the radio l| north of Roufe 47 Y result Lum[ li nwH Farmers' experiences aria ex- . . ' T_.,,I I  | [ the productmn of pmnos in the i i Th;::nihtySi:e:h: ::: :0 b;:::: /!iiC:lieo;eC?;d[r::di!s;ir:s hhd tE:te;asStalt;s;a:syeL::t,yge:;:[/ L'??[OO L i ,l:ee 'nt:d rmP-[ fOp Illinois farmers to utilizeI,h,t, fields lose Soul output exceeded 136,000. ilBHnq wha, you have for Mill. iP | ... . consth. ...... .v-. . ..-tl terraced . Y , ! _:?henoiane poisoning in I hme-g rwn lumber in farm build- I about one-seventh as much soil Weight ot Earth If i_E |ndr.e | ! tt a-e incoordination -nd r)ar- [ ing believes J. E Davis, extension [ by erosion as comparable unter- _. _ i| .wn ng@@  ",  " ' r " f Illi " the mass of the earth lma been aid t forester of the Umversty o s " ' he pigs may o down - raced field., ntimated t ao " . I R 5, DECATUR  ever, g " " [culture [ " ivert " ut 6 sextfllion  d'. ! I,.. they usuallxz recover in[nols College of Agr , Hay explains that water d -  ........ ' i ........ wl  " " s of - buu qumtliuon spoor[ [on, not in-! arn: rhone .-.1UZI [| . Of the pigs TO avoid over-] er than a year ago and soft wood[ On most farms the first step in jIUU ..., [ |  them patholoo-ists recom-l lumber is rising, indicating con-Iterracing consists of establishing |'- - - . ' e, r " 11  that pigs first be weighed [siderable activity in the lumbe [wide grass waterways extending ''/ [ i b- drug given in individual [business. [nearly to the top of slopes to be -- --_. " .... -  .... " i | the  this can not be done and [ It's possible for farmers to save [terraced. Such waterways wm [ |  'artlg is mixed with the feed  [ as much as one-half the usual con- |prevent gullying in the draws and, " ,_.._.__ -   . i ! ShOUld be separated into I struction costs when they use [once established, mitRe good ter- I1._11I$1 [ lEtabout eaual =.ight fhlhome-grown lumber in construct-[rue e outlets - - .... "--* --- _- I | %." uaOunt of phenothiazine [ ink farm buildings, according [ Terracing and contour farming . _ I 1%'- out for each ....... r Iavis This is especially true nov,-./us together eontitute one of --  '7a'- I i N ?i a thi lo; - g;lFa,:rs are being advised, to/ive prac.ces being encouraged K. lk'] k \\; I L 4 I 1 !1 I/_ I l t b f for 4 to 361 avid large expenditures for ,m.-/among Illinois farmer to .enable  L l  ] I I d  [ I - L Ore treatment but should I provements and buildings and w [them to get more conservgtmn o / v lh.- l , I ! _.' plenty of water at all t utilize available materials in con-[physical =d huT. resources. /r'  T D) . I II , [structing long time improvemenus'[The other pract, ces are me [ //._/-  ) J | , I ! '   of the h ........... [In other words this is generally alspreading of limestone, seeding of  i tk - ] ("L ] |  :rdOsing horses and pigs [good time for farmers to pay ?_her [legumes and grasses, tree plant- I lIJ4mi'qP " .------- " [.=uothiazine the atholo-I debts and make improvemenm, --ling and pasture improvement. :o- | rllill|  [ A }{-" L% skl, , t :woalend. that' the--treat- [they will utilize their own resourc- [operating with the University of j,Ae fpil k ( .w v2 / I , '-.,l[ ......... . Ollld be admi ............. [es and labor to good advantag [Illinois in the program are the   1 LXO f  ...... ) uvu umy dq ' i.t., supervi ...... [ Some of the native hardwoo Ivaous agencies and sermces of fM I&PIP '/*-- 1/ "qaa.ia mort ot quaimea at can be used U S De artment of Agm V|] r! / US. [grown in Illinois th [the . - P " - -  [ effectively for framing material [culture. {.  i 'I__I. rs" Lloyd L. HargisJinclude the following: For $o,sts, / .-*., ,*,.tot: L-  ". ,,1 1 ,-"l on a week's va-Irafters and plates ash, maple, l ore  oae Tm.k - *-t.k f" , W "I K .   to r Lake Wiscon-oak cress elm, sweet m. / The b=v tree ot ndia and .i=,l"ll "r_" ; jc.lildren, Robert Barbaralhackberry sycamore, tupelo Csour[tro,ica I Africa sends down fro., .,'  . di"l, - '. tJi' ye iting ear Mat- or hlack gum, and yellow .poplar ! Jlts"branchs great numbers of " '," --ll':r- V.eir uncle and aunt, roof boards--cypress, maple, realshoot s which, take root and be- PROOF OF T/. FA(: NSe w,.-, li.I ]come new trung. Heat Your Home Th,s Winter Pulls Easier... / Makes Tractors BI66E R FARM SALES 21 N.W. COR. S(; OPEN EVENINGS SUI WANTED m SCRAP IRON OF ALL DE- SCRIFFION OLD BRIDGES OLD ENGINES BATrERIES HOUSE RAGS METALS OF ALL KINDS HIDES WOOL POULTRY STRICTLY FRESH LAID EGGS II You will have more money br;nqinq above to our Clinton Plant than sellincj elsewhere. 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