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July 21, 2010     Times
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July 21, 2010

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IST. JOHN'S LUTHERAN CHURCH "The I Jtfle Church q]lat Could" 5:30PM Saturday Services 1 0AM Sunday Services 223 W. Cooke St. Mt. Pulaski 792-5502 Scott Tate in Afghanistan Scott is a former Mt. Pulaski resident and gradu- ated from Mt. Pulaski High School. He now works in Kabul, Afghanistan for a contractor that provides construction management support to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Scott is keeping a diary of sorts of his work. travel, and the people he meets... Along the Silk Road By Scott Tate The more things change, the more they remain the same. - Alphonse Karr There's been a change. - Tom Petty Two writers, one of lit- erature, one of songs; born almost two centuries apart in different cultures on dif- ferent continents. Yet both were so moved with the idea they were creatively inspired to record their thoughts. Change. Whether it happens so gradually it is almost imperceptible or one cataclysmic event occurs instantaneously, like it or not it's always with us. And What's your idea of financial security? Let's get together for a free, no-obligation Insurance and Financial Review to make sure you have the right protection for today and the right plan for tomorrow, Larry D. Medaris LUTCF 316-S. Washington - Mt. Pulaski, 792-3778 FINANCIAL WWW. COallatlr yfilma~lal. o m 0710-506HO I Daily Lunch Specials $620 11Am to l:30Pm Domestic Yaco Tuesday to 8:30 ~ $1.50 Beer Wednesday Chicken Dinner $8 hursday Sl0 Bucket of Beer (5) Free Pool Friday Fish $995 115 Gov OglesbfSt. Elkhart 947,2770 Construction & Remodeling Kevin HHd .(217') 671-0200 like it or not, much of it is unstoppable. We feel more secure if change is not pres- ent or at least not evident. We like it when the same nice lady rings our groceries every trip to the store, or we can go to our favorite pizza place every Saturday night and have the same kind of pizza we've been ordering for a decade. Living and working in an army compound the size of a football field here in Kabul. Afghanistan provides us with a different perspec- tive on change than our US counterparts. Our days here are pretty much the same - 10 hours of work. eat and sleep. Every day is a work- day: On Friday we are only required to work four hours and the Army Corps can wear their civilian clothes versus uniforms. Without those two changes we wouldn't even know it was Friday Here. because of so little daily change, the big- gest stress is being confined in such a small space with no change of scenery. But we keep busy with the big three: work, eat. and sleep. Throw in regular exer- cise time then the days roll into weeks, and the weeks into months until it's time to go on R&R again. Here's where the big change kicks in for us expatriates. Granted. while overseas we keep up with US home life through Internet-and tele- phone but we learn about scape from that is now ever- changing. So, about the time we finish our vacation period, we are just getting used to the change in time zones and over stimulation we don't experience in our army com- pound. NO texting, no gro- ceries to buy, no car prob- le~hs. We don't drive to work here. The walk between the work- eat - sleep triangle(or square if you exercise reg- ularly) can be done in less than a minute between any of those places. A lot dif- ferent than commuting to and from work every day in Atlanta traffic, spending upwards of 3 hours per day on the road and dealing with issues of others that become yours since you share the same road at the same time. Someone else's flat tire'on 1-75 instantly becomes your business becauge everyone feels the need to slow down and make it their business. This becomes your business even though you are not interested but traffic has slowed considerably only to watch someone else's hard- ship that occurs so far off the shoulder it should only be the tire changer's busi- ness. Throw in cell phone calls. the radio blaring stories about world conflict and job loss. add in the stress of not knowing if you will make it to your appointment on time because of someone else's flat tire and that. is a whole different world of change to deal with than those of us who walk to work here and might be able to listen to a US radio station if and when the internet has enough bandwidth on our computers. A big change for us in Afghanistan comes through our work environment and changes at home second is most noticeable when hand versus experiencing returning fr6m our vacation. the change by li.ving it during its occurrence in the US. The personnel turnover of the military and Army Corps Drastic changes in the US personnel we w.ork with here economy were impersonal is exponential. Most are on and dry statistics through 6-month assignments so we the media while learning have a constant stream~ of about them .in Afghanistan. changing faces. These became gut wrench- ing changes felt with a hammer when returning to Georgia, seeing bankrupt businesses, foreclosed homes, and learning of asso- ciates who had lost their jobs and homes. Those with years of over- seas experience say the longer you work overseas, Return from vacation and each time you find there are -new faces in new positions. The saying here is that atthe end of two years that maybe 5% of the people you started with will be here. While I have only been here slightly over a year, the saying is proving itself true. Let's move along the Silk the stranger it becomes Road to Italy and look at cat- when your return each time aclysmic change. How would- to the US. The detachment you have liked to have been away ~rom home through, a resident of Pompeii in 79 these cycles isakin to a mira AD? - . Rip Van Winkle- experience. On what seemed to be j ust Especially now with our US another day, Mt. Vesuvius economic woes. The land-erupted and in a. matter of minutes, a whole way of life ended. Not just away of life. but those of its resi- dents changed quickly and forevermore as evidenced by plaster casts done on actual skeletons. For almost 1600 years the city of Pompeii. laid buried under 20 plus feet of ash that- preserved the build- ings and main street. The stones and construction of the main street have them- selves changed very little since constructed almost 3000 years ago. From over three centuries ago to now. along the Silk Road from Afghanistan to Affordable housing for qualified people Handyman Services Decks Kitchens & Bathrooms Ceramic Tile Drywall Small Additions Siding & Windows Power Washing Painting "Honey-Do" Lists Hardwood Floors And Much More... Buffalo - Williamsville - Illiopolis For information call: 217-364-4828 or 217-341- 6453 Italy, in places, much differ- ent from home but whose standards we compare all other places against, people have worked, eaten, and slept. Then as now, they found avenues to recharge themselves to deal with the daily routine, doing things as diverse as exercise, attend- ing sporting events, or stop- ping at the local watering hole to hear a few jokes over drinks served by their favor- ite bartender. Separated by years, miles. or cultures and despite all the change, things are the same. 8 t~ 4m~. Have a Burning Question? Neighbor burning an old mattress? Does it vio- late City Ordinance? m Your answer is just a click away. The City Ordinance book is now online at Clicking -~ "Ordinances" on the left-hand side of the page can access tram it. Our Weather 2010 The official National Weather Service rainfall for the Mt. Pulaski Observation Location for June was a whop- ping 11.10". 6-1.33" 6-9 1.29" 6-16 1.42" 6-23 3.13" 6-2 1.04" 6-13 1.13" 6-19.51" 6-24.83" 6-3.03" 6-14.70" 6-21.05" 6-28.07" 6-6.05" 6-15.03" 6-22.49" TOTAL 11.10" Fog reported 6-14 and 6-15. So far this year - Rainfall (melted snow) for January was 1.46". Total snow accu- mulation for January was 6.5". Rainfall (melted snow) for February was 2.11". Total snow accumulalion for Feb- ruary was 7". Rainfall for March was 2.4". Rainfall for April was 2.93". Rainfall for May was 3.35". STEVE HAHN caught this action earlier this year. Steve said there was rotation in the the clouds rolled together. A tail momentarily and quickly lowered from the formation, but wasn't caught "on film". During that heavy rain in June. the District Fire Dept. assisted in moving water at Chestnut & 121. And there was water to move. STEVE HAHN Photo