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July 21, 1932     Times
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July 21, 1932

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t ,4 D JULY 21, 1932 BACK WHEN NEWS BRIEFS TEN" YEARS AGO Old Salem Chautauqua big Dllar Day event was held I the merchants of Mt. Pulaski on 19. Winners of awards were: a to Herman Geyer, Victrola to Diamond ring to Mrs. John and a watch to Willard Kautz. S. S. Has Picnic I Sunday School of St. John&apos;s 1 held a picnic las Sunday. The / was held at Wh e Bluff. 1 Band Concert Lockery Challenge band will I a long program of standard and music Saturday night. This a traveling band with Uncle Cabin. Visitors From Montana Pierron and family of Arm- Montana, axe visiting his sis- Mrs. R. I. I.ef. FIFTEBN YEARS AGO. county has close to of tuberculosis. 1,000 Busy B club met at the home Dean Sehmidt last Wednes- Never-Grow-Old club of this (made a voluntary contribution to Red Cross of $5. letter at this office Monday from "Buck" Arnold, states and Billy Bensinger are situ- at the Great Lakes Training and Mrs. Eugene Connolley, rine Connolley and daugh- and Mrs. A. F. Reinders !Louis Sums made an auto tr:p to last Sunday. advertisement of the Pan- Motors Corporation of De- in this issue will no doubt re- -any ? ? ? ?. TWENTY YEARS AGO. W. Meister was greatly excited the less of a diamond ring last I by evening. After a diligent I t he offered a reward and little t Ryan was the lucky finder. Fryer and Connolley cap- a man by the name of Gallion was in a hold-up in TazeweH meeting was held Wednes- to hear reports on the meeting. The 34th annual assembly of the Old Salem chautauqua will be held at Petersburg on August 2 to 14. BORAH NOT CANDIDATE William E. Borah of Idaho, states that he is not a candidate on the third ticket which is to be put in the field. ILLIOPOLIS CHEESE FACTORY o PROGRESSING RAPIDLY 17,000 pounds of milk was receiv- ed at the new Illiopolis Cheese fac- t:ry last Wednesday. 310 customers brought in this vast amount of milk. If cheese factories keep on increas- ing throughout tie country it won't be long until the people living on the moon will begin to say "the earth m made of green cheeg" PRFIDENT HOOVER CUTS SALARY MERE, $15,000 Many people are no doubt envying President H6over's ability to cut his salary $15,000 and still live a little better than the rest of us. l'ne slash in salary came voluntarily and was the only way that a president's cal- ory can be reduced since it is fixed by &e constitution. The cabinet members had their salaries reduced from $15,000 to $12,750. TtlREE EYE LEAGUE DISBANDS FOR SEASON The Three-Eye baseball league has finally succumbed to the lack of in- sufficient funds and has disbanded for the season. The circuit bad dvindded down to 4 clubs and it was thought they would be able to weather tke conditions but the failure of Quincy to carry on was the final blow, FAMOUS pRKACHEB IN SPRINGFIELD Rev. John Timothy Stone, president of the PresbF terian Theological sem- inary, and former pastor of the Fourth Presbyterian church in Chica- go, was the speaker at the union ser- vices of 49 Springfield churches. Sun- day evemng. "Billy" Sunday will be the speaker on next Sunday evening when the ervice will be held in the stage arsenal. NAMED FARMERS IN MILK PRICE WAR A number of farmers in McHenry THE MT. PULASKI TIMES, MT. PULASKL ILLINOIS I i I i i f METHODIST CHURCH NOTES [  ' ' l/ HOW BIG lS TI:XAS? im,keitabout.042ofanacre. SUNDAY SCHOOL of course, very few ;ersons Our choir meets for rehearsal on From time to time we have read alone, and statistics show *.he Thursday evening at 7:30. The stories about the world's rapidly in- age family consists of four. Queen Esthers meet on Friday afte,- LESSON creasing popuhtion, and the authors f;re, you multiply .042 by /'our, and noon at three o'clock in the ba.ement, cf such articles usually conclude by find that each domicile would s The sermon subject Sunday morn- , !I predicting that the universe will be- :cupy only .168 of an acre. ing is "Fellowship through Worship." SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON I me overcrowded in a comparative- Just how big is an acre--it can't In the evening, "The Child In A Chr:.stian World." The Epworth League topic is "What is Christian Recreation" and ,,he time is 6:45. How to be a saint: Be cheerful the conflict with sin is at an end. It But it should be "Yes." when it is difficult to be cheerful; be explains why so many Christians fail i , Just look at the old reliable t:atient when it is difficult to be pa- in the hour of crisis. Here are two l' World Almanac, and you'll find that tient; push on when you want to: million former slaves, each one fI the population of our universe is esti- whom had experienced in a marvelous / mated at 2,,000,000. wa_v God's delivering power. They And then .t. the index for land I had found peace and security at a areas. Here it is: "the area of Texas$ time when .all Egypt was plun in is 265,896 square miles." The area in t sorrow and tears, and yet, even with six figures, and the population in ten! l the memory of this mighty Passover Reduce the miles to acres. Let's see: and ill; keep silent when you want to talk; and be agreeable when you feel very much like being dis- agreable. Notice how closely this de- finition of a saint agrees with the requirements of a good, successful, business man. Don't give up hope of better times. Bills for relief re slowly coming thrn congress, the president assures us "No one will be allowed to starve." And yur cheerfulness will hearten me and I will _rss it on to others. Rev. Harry M. Blout, Pastor. WHY NOT A VEGETABLE TREE PRODUCING MANY KINDS OF VEGETABLES? The Pekin Times tells the follow- ing: In a otato patch, in the Howard Buchanan garden, are everal healthy potato plants with good potatoes grow- ing on the bottom end, while the top nroduces young green tomatoes, al- most identical with the young toma- oos that are growing on tomato vines which border the potato patch. ] The Buchanans were dumfounded 1 when they discoverd their versatile] vines. True, Mr. Buchanan had once t tried to cross his otatoes and ton,m-' -es, but the- attempt had failed Since the two vegetables re next to each other in the g/rden" his only explana- tion is that at the time of blooming they were in some way cross-pollen- ized. To say the least, the ;innt is puz- zling. Look down another shoot of the plant tomorrow and perhaps one will find a watermelon. And so on. With a bit of cultivafion there seems to be no reason wly a vegetable tree couldn't be grown, one that would yield potatoes at the bottom, toma- toes for lunch, peas and beans when it grew up to be a vine, and grape fruit as a by.product Try thfs in your own back yard and have a truck garden conveniently at your door. The truth of the matter is that the ' bewildering growths are potato seeds which seldom develop but which do, occur, nevertheless. Already mo of them are dropping off .o it seems im- probable that any will develop into nice red tomatoes. miracle, they are so soon in a panic of fear and distrust. With the Red Sea before them and the pursuing Egyptian behind, they complained bit- terly to G<d and to Moses. Thus of- ten in the presence of physical, finan- cial, or other peril do we forget that God is nor limited in resources and is equal to our every, need. Faith is aralyzed by fear. Faith is undermined when, like Israel, we dwell un tbe difficulties before us, substituting reasolx for dependence up on God. While the sound of the char- iot wheels of the Egyptians draws l nearer and nearer and the fear of L, rael reaches despair, the most un- expected of all things takes place. Unable to turn back because of the pursuing host, hemmed in by moun- tains on either side, 1o: the Red Sea opens, a God*given highway stretch- es before them; so that the slow mov- ing ho.t f men, women, children, and beasts of burden may pass over un- harmed and in peace. The experience, as we shall find, s typical of all Israel's journeyings. When they were willing to obey the word of GOd and go forward as the pillar of cloud led tbe way, their foes were always subdued. Nothing could exveed the discomfiture f these Egyptians who, with their chariot wheels removed, sank to death in tbe depths of the sea. The cloud which lightened the way of Israel was dark- nes to the pursuing host. CHECKING UP ON SPORTS Joe Sewell, now with the New York Ymkees, played in 1,103 baseball games. Lou Gehrig, also of the Yah-! eea, tied that record the other day., , Gebrig is n(;w shooting at Deacon! Scott's all-time mark of 1,307 co?ise, it cutive appearances in the same act. In 1918 the New York Giants open-t ed the season by winning nine games. ] That s the most games won at the| start of the season. PAGE TH amount to much. Well! Old Dan Web :er says an acre is 43,560 squal feetl And .168 of this is 7518 sq fr a plot one hundred feet in depth with seventy-three feet f age! Of coup, you have set aside no space for agriculture, but the balan of the United States, alone, could a/- ford sufficient produce. A Pittsburg chain restaurant is ad- vertising near bear as "the beer with the illegal taste"! equal one square mile." Six hundred and forty times the square mile area of 265,896 gives us 170,173,440. Now ou have a number with nine figures, and the population has ten. Now deduct a full fifty percent of ts to allow for rivers, lakes, streets, business andd public buildings, parks, etc. That leave only 85,086,720 acres I4or reMdential pur, to be divid- ted among 2,000,000,0( persons. Tbis I requires some fancy division, but we 144 sqtmre inches equ one square Diamonds are composed of carbon foot, etc.,--here agai "640 acres and wil| burn if subjected to sut:' heat. N.A. Balding, M.I00 Lincoln, Illinois Eye, Far, Nose and Thmt Glasses Fitted, Broken Lens Dupficated O/ Over LanduHr's g S mhulance What Time? No man can say what time the ne'd for a funeral director's profes- .qonal service may arise, and there- ftre we maintain twenty-four hour service. At any hour, day or night, a phone call is answered immediately when we are called. Schafer has returned to home in Springfield following a With his daughters, Mrs. E. G. and Mrs. Chris Danner. DIRUCTORY li indepondon t Lodge No. 87. A. F. and stock. Sheriff Lester Edinger was in- A.M. l jured in the fighting. Two Will court- first Thursday of each month. Rothwel. Worshipful Master; Downing, Secretary. Chapter No. 121. R. A. M. First Monday of each Month. Rothwell, High Priest; E. A. Secretary. ty farmers were reported indicted on assault charges as a result of the she- . riff's injuries. It begins to look as though the far- mers were getting "fightin' mad." PAUL RADER TO FE ED HUNGRY OF CHICAGO county have been named by the grand EXECUTORS NOTICE jury as having taken an active part i Estate of Ge). F. Lachenmyer, De- t in a milk price war which resulted in ceased. violent methods being employed, t The undersigned having been up- Violence resulted in the milk war! pointed Executrix of the last WiU" on April 11, when about 1,000 persons  and Testament of Geo. F. Lateen- i participated in a riot at the railroad i myer, Decea.ed, hereby gives notice loding platform of August Thurow,  that she will appear before the Coun- dairyman near Wood-'ty Court of Logan County, at the C=urt House in Lincoln, at the Sep- tember Term. on the first Monday in September next, at which time all 7ersons having claims against aid estate are notified and requested to attend, for the purpose of having the same adjusted. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment to the undersign- Ied. Dated this 8th day vf July, A. D. Commandery No. 39 K.T.: Paul Rader, famous as a radio, 1932. Second Thursday of each levangelist, and who appeared at the t Ward Harper, Commander; Lincoln chautauqua, is endeavoring bowning, Recorder. to set up a "huge pantry"  o fel I%laski Chapter No. 466, O. E.S. Second Monday of each Month. Atnelia Binder, Worthy Matron; Maud C. Stafford, Secretary. ]laaki Lodge No. 454 I. O. O. F. Weekly on Tuesday. Her-I Wood, Noble Grand; H.C. Recording Secretary. Rebekah Lodge No. 313 First and Third Friday of Mrs. Gladys Rentsehler, Q'and; Mrs. Lottie Hahn, Re- Secretary. Woodmen of Amegiea N 154 in L O. O. F. Hall, First of each Month. Chris Beck, ; C. T. Turner, Clerk. Neighbors of America No. 1911 in I.... .O O F Hall, Second l of Thursday each Month. Turner, Oracle; Mrs. i Recorder. Post No. 447. Ameri-] can Legion First Tuesday of each Month. Merriman, Commander; Adjutant. Leghm Auxifiary Prst and Third Monday ed Mrs. Sadie Gruber, Miss Lola Hahn, Seem- I)eprtment City Hall, First Friday of O. W. Mayer, Chief; Secretary. lulalcl City Ceuadl gvenh ofl 'S Chicago hungry. Mr. Rader has sent out an appeal to farmers for a revival of tithing in order that this might be acoom- plished. At his Chicago Gospel Tabernacle, Mr. Ruder stated, there were fed last year over 24,000 families. With the organized help of both farmers and housewives he hopes to be able to take care of 50,000 families next win- ter, as the need is expected to be that great. DEAN T. A. CLARK, OF U. OF !. IS DEAD Thomas Arkle Clark, retired dean of men of the University of Illinois, died Monday after suffering months with an intestinal ailment- tie was 70 years, old. He had been ill since his retire- ment last August and has been bed- fast for nearly a month. He was the first dean of men, ori- ginator of the office in American col- lege life and was held high in..ed.u- cational circles. He was amo atm- guished Jn fraternity life as a pa president of Alpha Tau Omega, Greek letter social fraternity. Ellsworh Vines, Jr., not yet 21, climbed to the pinnacle of tennis greatness in defeating H. W. (Bunny) Austin to win the British singles championship. By winning the cham- pionship on his first attempt. Vines ,becomes the third in all the long hid- tory of Wimbledon tJ accomplish that feat. Gerald Patterson of Aus- tralia did R in 1919 and Big Bill Tilden in 1920. Vines will defend his title as American singles champion at Forest H311s in September. Lookiag Ahead decide4 to  an Sarah Lachenmyer, Executri A Classified Ad Gets Restdtsl r "-- I IT. PULASKI THEATRE I FRL-$AT. JULY 22-23 t MEN DARED DEATH TO SCREEN ITS 224RILI.S ! KKO RADIO PICTURE Comed "DOOMED TO WIN" On/y a Cw cen[s a 3ay =ore M0000f.lm L _PCE b lmporta of om' but of far greater importance h the you get for every dollar you invest in an electric refrigerator. A Kel, inator-De Luxe or  Medel eel.,  thtn ordinary rofrlgerato beeauae it is better, it costs more to build, is better construetod and b madeoffiner matedals. It iworth more. Think of the many eztra cmves and advantages of fitlly automatiz 7r .adon (an exdudve Kelvinator feature); 4.Zones of Cold; World's Fastes nS; tl Frmt Chest; the KoM.Korper; the Kelv Cper, and that make a Kelvinator so completely satidaetory, The nce in cost y amounts to only a few cents a day. But the difference in performance, in number of years of ervice, and in the sawn y wOUt of yodr Kelr is worth many times eeat a day. It is extravaganc to buy anything but the best r place, and gives so nuh more, for a far great num of y Unquestionably, you'll be better satisfied  a Ke]. r and you'll get much more for your dollar, Come in and see for yourlf IMPORTANT   fuMd ehotm k a tor or mm ether  , eleet a model that k larse enouO for your  u well u ]  ADd s  e]vctrlc re. h-igemt is me investment, choose one thst b mmact.r! by a  eom. puny, with poper experlene in the rdrigellt. tion  )rplum" products of any kind are poor iav And the cheapest prluct becomes the moot expensive if it fails to per. form the service for which it was boeqht. CHESTNUT HATCHERY Chestnut ' Phone B Mt. Pulaski Phone Main 57 < i;)