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Mt. Pulaski , Illinois
July 17, 1941     Times
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July 17, 1941

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MOUNT PULASKI TIMES-NEWS ICTORIAL WEEKLY MOUNT PULASKI, ILLINOIS, LOGAN COUNTY THURSDAY, JULY 17, 1941 NUMBER SI TT GREENHOUSE FIRE LOSS $25,000 Numbers Drawn[ New 21 Year Cropl bng Men in Logan. " yer residing was the drawn at Lincol of last week in group of regis- of route on, drawing the tc name being tle sec- Ungton lottery this ermine their in the draft re- 48 r,,:,::: .\\; Brennan. Elkhart. 49 tq ,] F" T, rviel. RFD 1. Emden. local number be- 50-,J  L,n&apos;en Sapl). RFD I. Mid- an identification. (iiet,,' n. follows: 51.C!arence W. Allen, 1323 E. LIS|. tF qclv.'av. I.inCOlYl. RFD 1. Lincoln 52--Mhael A Stock, 1432 N. Lo- 'De. Jr.. RFD 1. Mt, ga: St.. Lincoln. 53--Robert C. Loeber, 224 Wyatt id L. Fulk. 706 7th St Ave.. Lincoln. 54--Lc,.:en W Hassebrock Latham. 1, lbavis6n. Jr.. Mid- 55--John H. Brennan, Elkhart. 56---Putll E. Paterson. RFD. Elkhart. DeWeese. Emden. 57 ChJrles W. Finfrock.' RFD Geb/baeh. 1603 N I-inc,,ln N,.., H,lland. 58--J,,hl, i. Ogh:sbv Elkhart. Av:e, S. Sangam<,n 59 I,',-.:= F Zimn-ern:.'n. 214 4th %'. !.mc }n Fiz:-ilrina,,n.% .h'.. 314 60 }{ .,;it I A SchrriJdtnvyer. 411 St.,Hn. 6H 5" l.bc,,hL IL,ffert. RFD 3. fi] I.,., M. Ub:oeng.,. I{FI) 2 If : -blr:.. (Jraham. Atlanta. 62 },:i h V," ",',:axle. ";02 S Kieka- Sh, c, rnaker, 5231 p.,, "S', bL Line ,In. 6:-L, i:.qd I.. Games. RFD. Latham Lucc, s 402 4th St.. (;4 V,';tl/ I M,r,re. Lake F,*rk. ttart. C, rnli'md, p . t:r,cl ck RFD 2, Mr. -; C :1":1, E }tdlin:(r. Mi(idle- West. RFI) 4. IAn 71-la,!:: nd F. Lee.mali. Jr 914 'r  6uh .'-," I.i!.,'.b:. --;g;.r. 131 9th St. 72 ('i, ,2 - V l.'m..t41 W 9h %t fA:(,'n:. Bartman. Jr.. RFD. 73 K : ,t., B 13ntnt CO?, :. t-;h:ka- St I. n(.,,]! RFD I. C}n'M- 74 ti ..,, ! W .L i! ,.. 211 : (b :.,i .a,., . T.ic,,b IGrnluw, FaD ..... J ,:.L E A!',w. P, FD "2. A!- cOggin, N. Marl,.4 76-I9.::,.ii E N,..'.vrrh,ter. 402Wil- iJ; /, ",_ Ave. LnloAn. Seaman, RFD 4 77---i), ::ld E. Bozarth. RFD :\\;I!  IH Neff, 605 Palmer 78--R,,ber t. ;.ahr. S Kickapoo "in. SI, )p. White. RFD 1, Me- 79 -,L i.t: i) E Ghlb:ch. 632 7th St, i, a;fl t'::l I" It,.i c. 8f,t N. Logan :1 l-:!:e,,h ;I - F': ,x i: W t3i:1,,',,.', RFD I, M:,xih 1.,'.vr! 2 t'.,, :, E. Ha'. 603 Grand Ave. [.i:: i: 53 \\;',.:" 1. I)ittu. t;F'D 1. Chest- I, / ,4 !..%x E t'iAck, t-lFr) 1. tatham. iLan-.:. Atlanta. E5 O , , W (_'*.,k. RFI) 1. Atlanta ::- IFI) l. Ernden. 86 I:L,.:I E Ruder. RI:D 1. New RFD 1. ti, 22,,.M 87-Artiiur L. Bruce, 204 Grand rdldhammer. RFD 3. Ave. Lincoln. 88--John R. Pope, RFD 1, Mt. Pul- On. Middletown. aski. RFD 1, Elk- 89--J,,hn V. Donath, 702 Clinton St. Lincoln. Att. Pulaski. 90--,Iohn p. Cadwallader, Jr., 703 Treakle. RFD 2nd St.. Lincoln. 91--Delmar F Rentschler, RFD 3, ttFD a. Lin- Mt Pulaski. 92--Walden E. Ryan, Hartsburg. Mt. Pulaski. 93.,-Edwin N. Hamer, Hartsburg. Elkhart  . -- . 94--James E, Doula., 8a6 State ttYD 4 Lm "] St Lincoln Ay- < [u5--ao.,,ph E. Armstrong, RFD 1, 7 ,i i0!71 SEEN FOR MILES--A heavy roll o{ moke vi.;gle for 20 rn;les pourea out o{ Gu!}ett and Sons east ide piant when the fire was at i+-: helaht. (llfinols State Req;ster Photo) LINCOLN GREENHOUSES SUFFER Blaze Discovered Early Monday Evening. Thousands of Thanksgiving and C'hristma stock plants were dea- troyed in ten ranges of green- houses at the Gullett and Sons, plant in Lincoln early Monday evening by a fire which gutted the houses. The fire received added fuel when a truck's gasoline tank ex- ploded in the shed. The piral of black smoke was visible for a score of miles and brought many spectators to the scene. The ten greenhouses Were 200 feet long and most of them had starting flowers in them. In one r;mge 10,000 African violets valued at 25 cents each, were destroyed. 7,000 begonias were destroyed in amother hote. This is the first selms fire the plant had suffered. F'iremen remained on the job wetting down and soaking out the fire in the debris for several hours and it was almost midnight by the time the truek and hose were back ship-shape at the fire house. DISASTROUS FIRE ..... Eikhart. 99--R,,bert L. Waiters, RFD, At- lanta. 00- Kenneth D. Ball, 422 Pekin St.,,An. 01-Kvri H. Shatter, 502 Oglcsby Ave.. I.irm,An. 102--Her-chl E. Rademaker, RFD I. }];rlsburg. I03--Claude W. Newton, 1307 4th St., Lincoln. 104- EvcreU C. Torbeck. RFD 1. Ch:slnut. lq5-tIar',ld L. B,,yer. Middlet,,wn. 106 H.r,,ld E. Tr,,mmer. 65.5 3rd St Li:xc,ln. 107--Wilbt:r M. Bck. RFD. Atl:mta 10S-Da!'ict M. ODea. RFD 2. Lin- coln. lit9 Evrcl', ,M. pelt',,. t30 S Chi- cago St., Lincoln. l10--42arroll R. Chambers, New NoN land. lll--Wifford W. Mferreighn, 1RFD 3, Lincoln. ll2--Frank Passmore, Jr., 217 S. Marion St.. Mt. Pulaski. ll3Stanley Wilson, 612 N. Sherman St., Lincoln. 114--Harold V. Koehler. Lake Fork. llS--Merle W. Wilham, 200 Scrag- mn Ave.. Mt. Pulaski. tl6-Paul N. Irish, Atlanta. 17---Clarence W. Kirk, 1310 Short 8th St.. Lincoln. 18--Richard W. Rippey. Emden. 19--William V. Ferguson. Middle- towI'l. 120--Howard E Wikoff. Atlanta. 121--John W. Agnew, Middletown. 22--Eugene H. Caraway, Spring St.. Mr. Pulaski. 12a-claude E. Renner. Mt. Pulaski. 124--It;nry O. Gerhardt, (hestnut. 125 .Marsiall I,. Darling. Erndcn. 126-Earl C. Buse, 701 Davenport St. Linc.,ln. 127--G,,r;e R. Culle!on. 1309 E. Pulaski St..,,ln. 128--Roy I.. Henriehsmcyer. RFD 2, Mt. Pulaski. FALL FLOWER AND STYLE SHOW At a board meeting of the Mou'nt Pulaski Woman's Club held Tuesday afternoon in the lmnw of the new president, Mrs. M#r'ie Van Hook, on Marion street, plan.-. were discussed for tln, e c(,ming season, the first meeting to be in the nature of a potluck dinner. Arrangements are being made to hold a fall flower show and .style show the latter pa't of Aug- ust, with Mrs, Oswald Breaker in ci:arge. The John Bressmer (). of Springfield wilt put on tN style show. ESTHER GLUICK WEDS C. WlLHAM Miss Isth,:r, daughter of ",;slh r s Glu,'ck, ] i','i n,( O n t3e iliIini I,>ld south rI" Lirwoln, and (.all %Vilharr, s,,n  f I)r. and Mr.. gveretV 1A'ilham of Mount IhE- aski, were united in marra;ege on Thursday, July 10, in. St. Cha:ie, .,issouri. thl" cer,.r: any being per- formed by I:ev. G,:rken, pastor of Immanuel Luth:ran church. The bride was attired in an Eleanor blue .he,r dress, with whi accessories, ;,nd ; sholltrler corsage of sweetpeas and roses. "I'h,y were attended by Mis. Hilda G]llick. sist-r of the bride. and Virgil I)amain of Mount Pulaski vic:nity. The bridegroom is a student in the l'niwrs:.ty of Illinois, and the newlyweds will live in Chrmpaign during the coming schfl year. .Many Toothaehen Triceratops dinosaurs had more than 500 teeth and suffered from toothaches.