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June 30, 1932     Times
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June 30, 1932

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Rams Fell Sunday k l[[eavy Rains Fall in Central Illinois Sunday After- noon and Night Heavy rains fell in and around Mt. Pulaski last Sunday afternoon and ht accompanied by a high wind the afternoon. The heaviest rain fell during the -t and suied enough moisture lr crops to keep them growing m me shape. The wheat crop whh is going to a short one in this section, is tically all in the shock. Corn is ng exceltionally good and is all Mid by. The Kelvinator cooking school held at the high school auditorium tast and Saturday under the auspices of the Household Science EI -#as attended by a large num- of interested ladies. The Chestnut Hatchery is local a- gents for this modern means of re- ffi,xtaior, Almost three inches of rain. de- htged Decatur in hree principal and meveral supplementary showers Sun- day afternoon and night. While sewers were far too small handle the flood of water which with each of the principal ra?ns, mo serious damage was reported to the city sewer department Monday. tmd trees and limbs were broken down, particularly in the southeast part of the city. Traffic on state highways around atur during the rains was almost a standstill. Lincdn Rainfall Rainfall in Lincoln amounted to inh, but Lincoln's rain was de- layed until Sunday night, while virt- ually all other sections of the counfy re receiving downpours Sunday af- oon. Streets ran with water, and in se- metal sections of the county surface water cgvered the hard roads to a depth of a foot or more. Some damage was done to buildings in Logan county but nothing of a dous nature. Wheat cutting that was started in veral days by the rain. MY HOME AND YOURS By Bertha Edson Lay Fish and Egg Croquettes To one cup of  flaked fish, (cold sal- tool haddock, or cod) use three boile eggs, chopped finey. Mix  cup of wh sauce, season  spread on a ,plate to cool. Shae dip in alightly beaten egg, then "in fine bread crumbs, fry in deep fat a frying basket. may add a little lemon juice if one desires when making the ero- , or may serve quarters of lemon with the finished roquetes. If w's children  away to 1, it is always wise to darn the where the mother is sure be know from experience, that parti- cular child wears the stocking hard- Darn on the wrong side, nt  stitches to come thru be the light sid If the child is old it is wiser to teach him or ]aer to darn stockings, It is no dis* gLee for a boy to w how to darn. Select cucumbers of equal l, as many as there are persons to served. Peel them thinly, cut h- in two pieces. So0op out ; tl inside, leaving a firm outside, however. Chap the part removed, a small slice of onion, a half green pepper, and add enough can- peas to double the chpped mix- . Mix the whole with mayonnai trod refill the cucumber boats. Serve mery cold on lettuce leaves. Tea stains are not always readily removed therefore it is wiser to at- Send to them before the  art- ile is put into the w. Try hold- the staint part over a large pan bowl, and ;ouring boiling water m a height until the stain disap- pears. Or sprinkle wi borax and sm. Of if )ne prefers try soaking glycerin, hen washing. If cement is not obtainable and tlmrvt are mouse holes to be stopped, this; soak newspapers in a ng solutvn of hot water and , mash or squeeze to a pulp, and the hole, FOR SALE--1927 Chev. Coach. New tLes, good condition. Phone 144. A ]ndon beauty expert says that nding on the head is an aid to bettuty. GET YOUR 4th of July PIGNIG SUPPUE$ Potato Chips Bar and Boiled Ham Pickles, Olives THE MT. PULASKI TIMES, Mr. PULASKL IILINOI8 Washington and The Republicans Veashington, D.C.The Republi- can National Convention perfonmed precisely as was forecast in these dispatches; it renominated Hoover and Curtis--and there was nothing that looked like a contest over any- thing but the Prohibition plank. And that plank, as adopted with President Hoover's approval, is precisely what was forecast by your correspondent. Those who understand the ins and outs of politics and have nvore than a superficial knowledge of the state of public opinion are offering bets l that when the early shvuting is all over there will be so little to choose between the pronouncements of the  Republicans and Democrats cn the prohibition question as to make it a ccndary issue in the Presidential campaign. And that is what the statesmanlike leaders of both parties ao-e will come about. In the meantime, however, the President and the Republicans who l follow his leadership, are under a violent attack by the extreme re- co'sits, led by Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, President of Columbia Urn-i .trsity. Dr. Butler and Presidentl Hoover have seldom or never seen l eye to eye on any question. Mr. Hoover regards the whole Butler sckot of thought as subversive and un-American. Dr. Butler regards Mr. Hoover's methods and policies as in- ept and un*Republican. That differ- ence between two individuals is un- important except as indicating as much difference of opinion inside the I Re?ublican Party as there is inside i the Democratic Party. Lincoln Athlete I CHESTNUT. ] Mrs. Fred Zelle visited her siste Olympic Prospect00 Mrs 00.nk Edward. a, Williamsvil,, n Sunday afternoon. Byron He! Wins 10,000 Chestnut  CORNLAND I A shoer was given in honor of Mrs. Everette Cherry last Friday by Mr 'Ralph Cherry at her home. A Meter Race in Chicago in Olympic Try-out Byron Heinzel, former Lincoln Col- lege and Bradley distance star, romp- ed to an easy victory in the 10,000 meters event of the A. A. U. track and field meet held at Dyche Stadium Saturday. His victory qualified him for participation in the American semi-final Olympic meet in Chicago next Saturday and qualifiers in this meet will advance to the final trials which will be held at Stanford Uni- versity, Palo Alto, California, July 15 and 16. Heinzel covered the 10,000 meters of 6 I-4 miles in 36 minutes 4 sec- onds to defeat Dreyer of the Illi- nois Athletic Field by almost a full lap. Preiffer of Chicago who took third and the remainder of the field were la?yed by Heinzel. He is con- fident of knocking at least two min- utes off this mark under more :evere competition. Elmer Knecht. Lincoln's other entrant, qualified for the finals in 110 meter hurdles and was in posi- tion for either second or third in the finals en he stumbled over the next to last hurdle. At the tme, Knecht: was on even terms with Lee Sentman, ;Illinois hurdler who finished :ond, and a step behind Hatfield, former l Indiana University star who won the event. After Knecht fell, Santback of Purdue pulled into third place. League helC 2 o'clk luncheon was served, and I services in Latbm Sunday evening, afteq" this an entertainment was gi- l Miss Hilma Park being the leader, yen. Mrs. Cherry received many use- Rev. L. G. Strouse conducted the ful gifts. chur:h services. Miss Anna Barry and Irving Let- The E.,worth League from that cher were married at the Methodist place will have charge of our League, church in Mt. Pulaski. Rev. Harry on Sunday evenng July 3rd. Blout erformed the ceremony. They Miss Norma Laughery returned ! will reside about 5 miles northwest of hcme Friday from Decatur where Cornland. she visited for two weeks with her Rev. Chamberlain of Springfield, cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Chap- delivered the morning services at the man and aunt, M. Frank Harless.  Christian Church in Cornland Sun- Miss Grace Meadows is visiting in day. Decatur with her sister Mrs. Arthur Williams. Miss Alice Rose visited in Latham Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Wake- field Sheridan and family. Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Smith enter- tained. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Sulli- van Mr. and Mrs. Harold Fox, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Smock and families on Sunday. James Jones and daughter, June of Ciiuton, Miss Florence StoRe of Chi- cagp, visited Mr. and Mrs. J. M. O'- Brien Sunday. Mrs. Alice Israel has been confined o her bed for several days. Dr. and Mrs. Duzffee of Clinton vis- ited Dr. and J. W. Dunn Sunday. Mrs. Minnie Gulso and Mrs. Da- vid Vandevender and two children, Mt. Pulaski were visitors with Mrs. Clara Laughery and Mrs. Jno. Smith Joseph Phores, son of Mrs. Julia Phares has been suffering from crushed skull, Tuesday, June 21st. Mr. Phores was swatting flies upon his back oreh about five miles west of Springfield, when he walked off in- to the cellar. He was immediately rushed to the St. John's Hospital in F ringfield. the past week. Miss Lulu Lanham has been ill Miss Mildred Day of Springfield, has been visiting her grandmother, Mrs. John Bryson. Mr. and Mrs. George Morrison of Decatur and Mrs. Clara Smith of Waldon, Colorado, sited last Thurs- day afternoon with Mrs. A. L. Mc- Cue and daughter, Beatrice. Miss Grace Elizabeth Drake has been visiting her brother and family M. B. Drake, the past few days. on Thursday afternoon. * Cornland has free shows given on Mr. and Mrs. Orville Safley, Mis' Tuesday night now by the business ses Grace Gobleman, Grace Meadows and Violet Schrishuhn were Decatur peyle" Come and bring your family. visitors on Thursday. Danny and Frank Voile, sons of NAZARENE CHURCH l Mr. and Mrs. Leonard McCann, Mr. and Mrs. George A. Voile have In the matter of Prohibition, how- Bible Study, Sunday 2:00 P.M. Mrs. E. F. Laughery and Mrs. Alice been brought home following a few I Preaching Seriee, 3:00 P.M. Israel were shopping in Decatur on days of care and treatment in ever Mr. Hoover and his friends who Preaching service every night at I Thursday. St. totted the adeption of the party de- 7."30. We preach a Salvation that t Mr.. and Mrs. W. G. Smith mob0r-!Clara's hospital. c!ara#:.on on the subject adhered very closely indeed to the historical posi- saves from all sin. God has his hand id to Riverton Friday morning. tion of the Republican party. That on this old sin cursed world. The t Treba Mans visited her aunt Mrs. position, since the time of Lincoln has people have forsaken God and wor- Browning at Farmersville a few days. shipped the money God and pleasure! Miss Louise Shilling who has been Quality Highest God, till GOd has removed their idols  employed in Springfield returned to and brought them face to face with !her home, Thursday evening to re- his stern judgments. No plan or Imr- i main for a while. She is assisting in pose that man can make will remove! the John Maus Grocery store. this depression. Nothing but a  Miss Geraldine Wilson returned World Wide Revival will ever lift it. home Monday from Springfield where Back to God. he qsited relatives for two weeks. Government to protect the dry states against illicit liquor distribution and that states which want to go wet must adopt measure to prevent the return of the saloon. In other words, the Republican Party again put itself on records as the dry party, which it indubitably is and hopes to retain the votes f the i dry element by its platform promise "to preserve the gains already made been conservative. Every change that has been made in fundamental laws in the past 60 years has been nut forward in'the first instance by the Democrats. The income tax, the direct election of U. S. Senators, prohibition and woman suffrage. Once in the Constitution however, it has always been the Re- publican @olicy to stand behind them against further change. Historically, too, the Republican party has been the "dry" party since time immemorial; its voting strength coming largely from the  whic voted themselves dry long before na- ticnal prohibition. In the light of this historical posi- tion of the Republicans, political ob- servers here are asking what Dr. Butler or anybody else expected the Republican O0nvention to do on Pro- hibition, beyond what it did? And at the same time they are asking what the Democrats could do to come any nearer satisfying the repealiats. Repeal of the Eighteenth Amend- ment without any qualifying re- stricti)ns would throw the liquor question right back where it was, op- en saloon and everything. Neither of Back to the old beaten paths the saints have trod. Chestnut M. E. Church Back to truth and rightness. Last Sunday evening the Chestnut Back to the Bible. Epworth League visited the Leagu Mrs. O. Felts. fat the M. E. Church in Latham in a "- I joint sere. The meeting was led by mendment, which would, if ratified by I Hilma Park of Chestnut, and was conventions called for the purpose in well attended by the young people 36 states, permit each sta to decide ; from both churches. Following the E. for itself whether it wants state-wide ! L.  Rcv. Strouse preached at prohibition or not. the Latham church. What the utrght repealist objects Next Sunday evening the Latham to, however, is the declaration that i peple will return the visit and have the amendment to be proposed, in I charge of both services here case the Republican Party is able  The Offal Board meeting will be get it adopted by Congress, must con-  postponed until Friday evening, July rain a provision enabling the Federal 8, and will be held at the home of i Harless McKinley. the two great parties could well af- ford to @ropose that, even if its lead- ership were unamious in wanting the saloon back, which is far from the caSe. There is no way under the Consti-I in dealing with the evils inherent in tution for a referendum whereby the ! the liquor traff" Conservative in total number of individual votes on this. as in everything else, the party each side can he counted for or a- opposes any radical change. gainst the proposal. The Federal The Republican plank pleases nei- government knows the individual ther that element of the dry wing Mrs. Amanda Wynd and daughter Miss Florence who make their home during the school year in Clinton where Miss Florence is a member of the High chool faculty, are occuzy- ing their dwelling in this citF dur- ing the vacation sseon. Mr. d Mrs. George UnderhiU were visiting in Decatur last Sund evening. voter only as a source of taxes or as a violator of a Federal statute. In all other aspects the contact of Washington with the peonle of the United States is through the States of which we are citizens. And any change in the Constitution must be made by the states as such, three- quarters of them being required to make a change regardless of whe- ther they are the largest or the smallest states. The Republican @lank on Prohi- bition adopted at Chicago oonfovm precisely to the party's hior po- sition and present political necessi- ties. It promises a submission to the states of a new constitutional a- which regards prohibn as some- thing holy and the use of lcohol as sinful, nor that section o the wet wing, which would throw away all restrictions on the liquor . Mr. Hoover's advisers believe that neither of these elements is as num- erous as it is noisy, and that the lev- el-headed average citizen will accept the Prohibition plank in the tmsur- ance, not only that there isn't a Chinaman's chance "f thirty-six states commrring even to that extend, but that anything which the Demo- cratic Party proposes will either be substantially the same thing or will alienate tire entire dry vote from that party. BUY YOUR AUTO INSURANCE AT COST NEW P00URE CARS & FARM TRUCKS: FORDS, CHEOPS, PLYMOUTHS, ETC. Fire, Theft, Windstorm Public Liability Prpi'ty Damage Theft of Spare Tire Moving Object Collision Stationary Object Collision Total for six months $1.20 1.70 .85 .23 1.55 1.40 $6.93 SEE INSURANCE DEPT. LOGAN COUNTY FARM BUREAU THURSDAY, JUNE 3. BUCKLES Mildred Tendiek who mitred to a tonsil operation $t l Springfield hospital is slowly proving. Rev. and Mrs. J. E. Reynolds Virden and Mrs. Addye England Mr. and Mrs. V, C. Shepler of coin were recent visitors at the of Oscar Rickords. Mrs. Uriah Tendick the members of the San Souci club her home Wednesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Joh Kerschned led on Mr. and Mrs. Clarence !ner Monday evening. Ralph Hutter spent the week el with Wilford Tendick. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Glick enter" rained a few relatives at dinner Sa day celebrating their 3rd wedding niversary. Those present were Mrs- Bruce Stennett of Latham, Mr. a Mrs. John Barton and son WoodrO# and Mr. and Mrs. Bobell and s Frederick of Mt. Pulaski and Ege Tendick. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Rickords  led on Mrs. Clara Glose Sunday ev- ening. Mr. and Mrs. Gem Litterly, Jr., w to Lincoln Saturday night to call the former's mother who is a pati et a the hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong and s Tommy of Decatur called on Mr a Mrs. John Tendick Sunday f noon. Mr. and Mrs. Art Woodrum guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fred dinner in Lincoln Monday evening. Mrs. Frank G. Adams left Monday for her home in Chigu 1 lowing a visit of several weeks her mother Mrs. Julia A. Her niece, Rae Harper, her for a week's visit. Prices Lowest West Side Pleat Market THE HOME OF HOME KILLED MEAT Never Sacrie Quality for Quantity CREAMERY BUTTER MORRIS SUPREME 20c CHOICE VEAL ROAST BREAKFAST BACON SUGAR CURED 12' SPARE RIBS FRANKFURTERS 10c JUICY wm Close at Noon July 4th FRESH $ISil OF ALL KINDS Buy ycmr Meats and Meet Yo Frlends at UNDERII__ILL'S CELEBRATE THE FOURTH AT LINCOLN LAKES Swimming Diving Fishing Boating Sanitary ath house Admission Experienced life guards New diving tower Large sand beach Fun floats--slides Music Ten cents WATER CARNIVAL Afternoon and Evening Water sports and contests with cash prizes Lincoln, Ryan'sOrche00ra Illinois