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June 30, 1932     Times
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June 30, 1932

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JUNE 30, 1932 THE MT. PULASKI TIMES, MT; PULASKL ILLINOIS I dresses of the most formal sort, but at 7resent most women regard chif- PAGE ace ent as white as her gown --. a sciatic pain and at the same moo f " " " " ." ---;w cotton evening arches. Tne "No, , no" Her heart cries out P .... - -- -- t-:on is in the Diana, a young English girl, in love ment had discovered a wonderful in passionate protest even as her di-I sucess-&apos;-nemr;e;:U=hieh cotton ":ffh Dennis Waterman, a married German masseuse who, SO she de- tated eyes met Rathbone's =ross the n=snet;e ;umCmer evemng ward- aan. undergoes a nervous collapse ciared , alone could cure it; so after ad is sent to the country Vo recuper-i all they had not gone to Scotland. long room. [ gve ate under the care of Dr. Donald And she had been afraid that she I rove. Rathbone, who lives near the cottage Six weeks : was beginning to forget him! where she stays. She finds herself . Diana lay back on her pillow, let- Frget him Forget his big, paw- t RULES GOVERNING i BOARD OF REVIEW thN P [ "TO'# i fort and Other silk sheer fabrics as CLASSIFIED choosing cottons for the re.formal, practical sort of summer evening dress. Pure white is perhaps the most us- ual choice--but ht pastete- ID cially shades of pink or Iach ............................................... close seconds, with pale blue, Nile green and mauve easionally repre- CLASSIFIED ADguRrATESworCs LI 7:n tha minimum charge   sented. It is possible to make very inex- falling in love with the doctor, but still trying to old Dennis' affection. Linda, Dennis' wife, tells her that she offered Dennis a divorce but he would not aceeTt it; he would have felt compelled to marry Diana. Diana's love for Doctz.r Rathbone is temper- ed bv jealously of a woman named S Rosalie, who lives m the doctor house. At last Rathbone finds that he is deeply in love with Diana, but he eoniesses to her that Rosalie in his fe. NOW GO ON WITH THE STOR r "It's too late," she said again, and then, breathlessly. "Don't make me hae you, Dennis." He stood up, his face convulsed with agitation, but new she no longer pitied him; she was only conscious of that sick, ashamed feeling that was almost physical. He went on pleading, imploring, reminding her of all they had been to one an0ther--all they would yet be. Diana put her hands over her ears. She felt that it was more than she could bear; she felt as if he were try- ing to strip her naked instead of when she looked from the window of trying to cover and protect her, as Mrs. Gladw}m's big Rolls to wave Rathbone would have done. good-bye to her little group of friends: Mr. Shurey, Jonas, Miss She said at last, brokenly: "'If you only knew how you're hurt Starling, Jenny and one of two wo- ing me." men from the neighboring cottages. He misunderstood that, eagerly Since then life had gone on very grasping it as a sign that he was to much the same as before. be forgiven; he made the fatal mis- She had notseen Dennis Waterman take of trying to take her in his again, but she had been told that he arms. had followed his wife to Paris. Poor :mS the tea grow cold erful body against which she had t Six weeks---slx monthsix years--- once been held in such perfect hap- I First: Said Board of Review shall it was all the same the eves, and the mouth that looked as Already she felt as if London sep- piness and ace ? His grave steady 1 hold its mting on or before arated her so completely from Miss if it rarely smiled? ihird Monday in June each year, in Starling and the cottage that it seem- "He did not smile now, though a the County Clerk's Private Office at ed as if she could never really have i the Court House 4n Lincoln. 'Ine " - sessions of said Board shall be held been there, and at other times it little flash pas across his sombre i daily except Sunday, from nine A. seemed as if she were just in Lon- eves before he turned to greet his don marking time for some miracle hostess. It seemed an eternity to Diana be- M. to Twelve M. and from One-thirty to happen that would give her back (re Rathbone began to make his way P" M. to Four P. M. the happiness for which she longed, ecross to her. He eemed to know a Second: Order cf Basin,s. 1. She had heard nothing of Rath- rest man',' people, many <f whom Reading and approving minutes of 2. Presentations of stop:e to engage hm m con ersa- ztitions. 3. Reading of Petitions. 4. bone since his letter; the letter to g " . .  previous meeting. which she had written a dozen--twen Cm:,deration of Ititions to increase tv r ,ie and destroyed them all. tion. Rathbone was beE:de her now, but " What was the use of wr/ting to he made no attempt to take her hand, or reduce assessments. 5. Equaliza- him. He would not answer, and he did not offer it. , I tion of assessments of TowrLhips. 6. Miss Starling had doparted for her I i!grimage to Normandy with :fty ,,G=d-evenin" Miss Gladwyn.' tiearing (f owners r their agents, Dina raied eves that were turin- Third: Any 2erson or corporation unds in her pocket. She has " ie];: pathetic, ause they fought that desires to complain to said ten a pathetic note of gratitude to Board of Review because his or its ,o hard for indifference. Diana and had sent her a pictu -re  pod evening, Dr. Rathbone." postcard after her arrival, of the sea G great rock in a weary land:i oeating against a gigantic rock. Vow illy to think of that now ana! The Creature had shed a lew tears t h, how wonderful to feel onci when she said good-bye to Diana, again the eace and safety of his orese: - - and Jenny had wept copiously, e' Diana had felt like weeping herself ' I hope you are well he sa ! f,,rmally. 'Yes, thank you." "Quite well?" She tried to answer, but now that suffocating feeling had mastered her, i and she could only nod silently. Then someone came and took him away. At dinner he was a long way from her; he sat on Mrs. Foster's left hand with the great newspa7er mag- FOR SALE.--Paper baler in first class condition. Will sell cheap. Call 144. WANTED--Piano Students. Marna Radford. For information call Snyder's Music Store 4TH OF JULY SPECIAl. 100 Silk Hose at 49c. Full line picnic goods. Swinney's FOR SALE--One-half secti good black land, 2 sets of ments, 1 I-2 miles of tham, fi con County, for 5. Will this farm to pay 5 percent this year and two more year B. H. Stennett, Lattma FOR SALE--one RE 45 R- Victor Radio priced less than third of origianl cost. Snyder's Music Store SEWING MACHIN FOR SALE--One icebox. Priced Repaired and reconditioned right with 12 years experience, Art Woodrum. guaranteed. Address, Box 38, Times, Mt Pulaski tainting and paper hanging done at " " "Live and let live prices, lt's get together. Free estimates. WANTED--Clean rags. Call GIBBS, 1. 'I' Times Office. first be sworn for that purpose. I stacks in winter with suffcieat k These rules ma be mended at feeding to maintain their co  y any time by giving one day's not and "good heart. sreifyir the proposed amendments, -- T. O. Nwold, DRINKS BEFORE BED August J. Baker, Robert L. Davis, t Board of Review. By Betty Barclay Before-l drinks are very r)roperty has en assessed too high,! hall file with the said Bard of Re- view h or its comflaint  writing t duly sworn to on or fore August 1.! Fourth: As to complaints concern- ing real estate they shall contain: First: A description of said real estate as deribed in the assessor's book, giving section, Horses Make Cheap t order. The latter is a tm and range.   T, I fuel that rapidly announces Second: If village or city lots, rower ]For larmergtby that n:mrishment has b the number of lots, block and ad- -- /rained. dition to city or village. On the basis of its influence on farm profits, farmers should realize I .. u .,. Egg * ona,v Third: The full value and as-! more and more that. the economic use ....... ;b , . sessed values as determined by 3 uw ,,, ...... s ! the assessors and its fair cash of horse ower is of major import- , .... value, estimated at the prk, e it ance, according to Prof. I. B. Cooley, t4 tablespoons sugar would bring by a fair voluntary of hc Purdue university animal hus- I aspoon vanilla Diana fled away from him, putting the width of the little room between them, staring at him with wild eyes. "Don't touch me--don't ever dare to touch me again!" she stammered. Linda! Diana had heard who the gray- haired man was for whom she had been waiting that night at Palmeir'o's as Mrs. Gladwyn had got the whole nate on her right; evidently Rath- sale in due course of trade. Fifth: As to complaints concern- bone was the second most important ing personal property thty shall gest. The dinner was endless; to Diana's contain: First: A tst of the rsonal band department. Profits in farm- ing a determined by e)pense invol- ved in production as much as by gross returns, and Cooley points out that from the standpoint of reducing self. not to notify the owner r agent But though she watched the door of its pending and for hearing. of the great unfriendly drawing room with strained eyes till the men Seventh: Complaints may be began to appear, Rathbore was not made c:mcerning the increase or de- duction of the entire assessment; Cooley points out that not a single I state east of the Misaisspi is rais- ing enough horses  supply it own farm n, and that 25-cent eo and 20-cent oats fed t,' horses )ro- among them. Then, .she learned that F.abene either real cr cersonal property, or due: just as much power for field had been called away suddenly on both or any ciass included therein or work a dollar corn and 60-cent oats. portion of the county may he made He also calls attenti<m to the fact an urgent call. He had gone without even aY*ngtas to the iruaiity of the asses- tbt :farmers who raise their own l ! ment between townshs or in any, colts, break them at 2 1-2 years, work good-bye to her. but said complaint shall coqatain them regularly from 3 years of age CoWAnued Next Week such facts as will enable the Board on, and then sell them at 6 or 7 years i f Revi to equalize the same. of age, take  depiation. .......... Eighth: Each complaint shall be Latest Fashions num00re, and duly entered a docket kept by  Board and each owner, complainant or agent may ap- W him to fink it is i niquktus, tng.a mffndi By Mary Marshall i pear in persln :xiY ?t2Y:r n" refused to .......... lunatic. That m a c=_.. ..... _7", - . I era, complainants or wtnesses mtro- admit defeat; he and Dmna .nan q,] ,orce is really justified--ff K ever  printed dimity, lawn, eyelet, em: duced to give information or evi- re anU sne ru - relied so often befo , . . . adde d rghteously. --. broidered baste, fine voile, pn area dere to or before said Board shall always been sorry. n---to-nf] ""-Perhps he didn't want to t re womu . .  embroidered organdie, widewale pulue row or the next day the _ - -^ - e her," Dmna stud. --'a among the cotton m 1 m, vrc _re _ come a letter from her. He.knew "Well, he is free at LSt, .lor bt ! for the new evemng dresses. wele:'h2t itnth:rt, :euIi7:l a thew; amU:tnt::natg:YUw;heth:l%ar . ] Orgahes, voles and artier letter from Dr. Rathbone. "My dear Miss Gladwyn: roans were in America, so I suppose "I saw Shurey this evening, and the next thing we shall hear will be he tells me you are returning to Lon- that there is a divorce there." i don on Wednesday, so in case we do She looked at her niece sharply as t not meet again before then, and it is she spoke, but Diana's' face ,was in- ! _ nlikely, seeing that during the ne different. w days I shall be very busy, . I Diana and Mrs. Gladwyn were din- want to impress upon you to tage ing at the Fosters' that night. Diana bad only consented to go ...... great care of yourself and not Vo on- o disliked i : -'-me nressure. , em your strh.  am afraid this u:erd:[:'2. -h was a "climbee' of i Will read rather like a homily, but i;S.n'osi"ajant type who s ha= You must put ,it down to my poor pow ers of expression rather than to any tesly -collected celebmtms, I other cause. I want you always to who andalized them as soon as look on the bright side and believes .hey had left her house. that life is very largely what we Jonas had written her that Rath- choose to make it, in spite of dis- bone's house was tp for sale, and appointments and sacrifices. I s,m Donald was going to live in America. Preaching to myself as much as to Diana permitted herself one rap- you, seeing that we both have to learn ment of anguis lessons in the same hard school "Oh, God, I can't bear it any log- urIf I were an eloquent man there er," she said aloud. is so much I could saY, but I know! She greeted her hostess with a va- gue smile and discovered her aunt You will understand- Keep a brave heart, and keep weft. Good-night once comfortably seated m a big chair with a large cocktail and  plate of again, Diana. Yours ever, caviare at her elbow. Donald Rathe. Diana looked around the  with out interest. The same old crowd one P. S. I have added the postscmpt ou spoke about on the other side. always met every-where. D .. Diana turned the page with a, hand :. to one or two of them ana. r .T _ at trembled; her heart seemed to cocktail people were soil arrtwn announcing their was l turned to water, and there a a starchy footman _  -- -he door in stentorian to- tar a names a so that Mariey  before her eyes . ,, ..... tu and Lady " le while she could hardly make out r w ...... -_'ad been a chorus last words he had written- - Lady Marley girl, and there had been [ They were: "I love once as I What ease is this to about? love maid b-k wth the ' love with a minor she old Sir her of the grave fiftiam on and Feeding ordinarily makes up about 70 per cent of the total ho cost, and Cooley deelas that economi* in this item may be eff hy re- ducing feed when horses are not working; by turning work horses to pasture when not at work in summer; by frequent watering in hot weather, and by the use of corn field and straw 1-4 teaspo'm mlt Few grains nutmeg Few grains einnamon Beat the eggs until very add the sugar, salt, vanilla and then the milk Stir till the suf diolved, then beat well. Serve l are @r i iy watching the! s but  often made r- h, far ately  that  W "Dr. Egg Nag 4 eggs 1-3 cup sugar 1 cup 3 tablesons shey flavoring. Beat yolks of eggs until thie lemon colored. Add ly, |ng constantly. Chili Gradlly t in cream. st stir in whL. Serve at orme es. Mrs. Pearl S. Buck, ef Chin, daughter of .... sionary, who won the prize for the best novel of 'he Good Earth." .... This Is Going To Be Good .............................. ........... ...... cy Affmrt X a 7 h