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June 30, 1932     Times
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June 30, 1932

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JUNE 30, 1932 Coffman Ends" - Life By Suicide (Continued from page 1) Every inch of the room was&apos; The covers were removed the bed and even the mattress inspeted. The druwers in the were searched and the omly found was the bottom half of pasteboard bcx about an inch and half an inch deep that lying behind the radiator in the It was a box that might have [:ills or capsules. "I was told by the clerks that Mr. was very insistent upon a ro=m next o the toilet." Coroner Dawson. He mquiried location of the toilet on that and was assigned the room ira- next to the toilet on the of the door. THE Mr. PULASKI TIMER. MY. PULASKL ILLINOIg MONTHLY MEETINGS M. OF CHURCH SOCIETIES Monthly church scciety meetings scheduled for the first week in July are: The Good Will Society of St. Thom- as Aquinas Catholic chur&n ,.,-ill meet on Wednesday afternoon July 6 in the home cf Mrs. William Miller, eight miles ea of the city. In case of inclement weather, the meeting G" Win z Another Game Local Kitten Bailers Fail to Hold Hard Hitting Club Kitten ball fans were disappointed Monday evening because they failed will be held in the home of Mrs. E. to see another extra inmng game be- K. ConnoLLey, North Vine street. wcen the M. & G. team of Lincoln The Ladies' Sewing Circle of Zion and the locals, Ev. Lutheran church iL] meet in the The game started out that way and church basement on Wednesd.y July it !'J'ked for a time as though it G. Mrs. Carl Baumann will be the would be a duplicate of the game a hctess and the time wilt be passed v. :k ago. The score was tied 1 o l a: quilting, u until the sixth when the visitors A joint picnic of the Lutheran cored two runs. and in the seventh Workers and Ladies' Aid Society of with the bases L,.aded Dotensik poled St. John's E<. Lutheran church will But a Iomz fly r/ eenterfie}d that wa be held on Wednesday July 6, at" m!sjudred and v:ent over the fielder's White Oak Bluffs on Salt Creek. A head for a home run. This ended the ieature of the day will be the picnic <;,ring and the game as far as Mr. F00310US ORCHESTRA Thieves Steal I Are You Interested } Copeland Church I Federal Silver Service: What with the outside pre l have government err;Ioyees The )mmittee of women in charge ome of the burdens of depreum of the annual basket dinner and by taking cuts, certain figures from *"or, ecoming at the Copeland Chris-the budget statement as p "i'n church .seven miles south of Mt. : Congress by President Hoover a Pulaski, were unpleasantly surprised;pertinent. Of the 50,000 fedeJ when they arrived at the church cn worers' at the capital thus far Saturday afternoon to arrange the sifted, the average annual salary t:fle:,: for the dinner, to find that $2,147. The average ranges f dishes, silverware and table linen be- $1,301 for employees of the  of or4:ing to the church which they had expected to use, had disappeared. The women had been at the church on Wedne:day and Iave everything a th'*ru'h cleaning in nr?aration for Sunday. The table service which i: u;ually kept under lock and key, wa: left on the tables whore it couM be !andily reached when neded, but it seems it wa left too handy as some- or.,., stole pveytr;'n.- e:,btlnl.f a few cc ; and tmwls. Public Parks, Buihlings and Gro to $4,879 for the Board of Mediati Fitrures for the major detrtme'l: follow: Eml:loyees Sala White tIouse ........ 36 $3,4,.9 Tariff Commission __ 270 3 Interstate ............... 1,754 2 Justice .................... 1,005 2, Commerce .............. 4,666 2, State .............. 875 2,, Ariculture ........ "[f he did take poison, it wouhi aVe been a simple thing for him to have gone into the toilet and dis- Ped of any paper or boxes that ight have contained poison.'" Dr. C. R. Smith started an au- topsy at 11 a. m. Monday. When the body was first oTened a hard sub- Itan(e in the ne!ghb:)rhood of the low was encountered and it was thought that Mr. Coffman had smething that had ".ed him. Further examination revealed t?.at !t was only a hardene;1 that coul not have cused ht. r, -:'. SPqth .--aid that he would con- tir.: his examination of the viscera aM l'at if he disove:e't nothing, I crtent., f the stomach would be sent away for further analysts. "If it s o,fis m ;.t ay take a few inute. or :everal days to find it." [e said. dinner to be served t n_on which Pulaski was concerned for Layman will be folio;red with a business meet- had been holding the local hitters ins. The day will be devoted to d:wn and getting out of some tight quilting. In case of bad weather, the ',ate:-: m a capable manner. meetimz will be held m the afternoon Mt. PuLaski AB R H PO A E :n!y, in the home of Mrs. Gustave Blackford, c ..............  o n 3 o 0 D:- bich, Suth Vine street. Romer. p ...... 4 o 0  2 o Th Lad{e:' Aid Society of the W. McVey, lb ........ 1 o 0 ' o {! Methodist Episcopal church will mt (2. Anderson. 2b. 4 1 2 I u (! "-n T.ursday afternoon July 7, in the W. Harper, 3b, __ .1 n l 2 o 0 houe of Mrs. T. O. Snyder. South C. McV(-7,  ...... 4 t , :" t 2 Washington street. Underhil!, f ........ :: " '2 2 2 t The Ladies' Aid S:ciety of the B. Ey, If ......... : 0 0 :; o 1 Cri.tian t:hurch will meet in the f2. Ey, et, _ ..... :; n I 1 o 0 church basement on Thursday after- i)il!saver, rf, - .... :t n 1 o 0 'aden July 7.  Total ...... 36 I 7 5 27 4 The Ladies' Aid Society of St. Materkh & Gosselt AB R tl PO A E John s Lutheran church will meet on i)cning, fs-b - ..... 5 I 2 O o 0 Thu.,.dav afternoon July 7 in the " ik. c ........... 5 0 l 5 0 0 hoe of Mrs. H. W. .hafer, East ;;"':Evil. -% ..... 5 g 2 o 2 3 " ,1: .t:e-t, W Verry, If ....... 5 2 2 3 0 1 The Ladies" Aid Society of Zion ........ : k, 2b ...... 4 1 I 4 O 0 Lutheran church met in the church -'. De:,n'r. cf ...... 1 1 ] 0 0 U b_sement on Thursday afternoon ;,,:,'<t, :;b. 4 0 3 5 2 1 a,587 2 m" MAPLF#00D "" "" " .......................... 'n'ugh dishes, hren an0 cutlery was Treasury ............ 13,092 2,124 ! tn the community to su!)?iy Post Office .............. 1,440 2, th- needs of the large crowd that a- Accounting ............ 1,969 2,067 "Husk" O'ltara and Ilk, Own >.embled for the- annual b:,sket dinner. I.a}u)r 900 2 Band, "The Genial Gentlemen of the ................. Air", wilt play for dancers at Muvle- lnt.rior ............. 3,098 2, Vi:it, r  he hom- of Mr. and War ........................ 2,771 1,17 wood this coming Friday mght from ::fg) to 1:00. Mrs. Gustave lit,birth are her sister, Mrs. his Schrad,,' :,on Al!an, Cotum- .l;mmie Ohamp, the youngest sol O'Hare anl his band have been bus. Ohio. and Mr, and Mrs. J. H. of Mrs. Florence Obeap who is a br adcasting for the past year over N)rris of Westerviile. [)bid. 51Is?, tient in St. Clara's hospital in Lia- a ntional retwork from the \\;ioa Drr;bkch. onerator n the leith- coin for care and treatment, is re. Blue F:.untain Room f the ltot[ :hoae exchanf4,  wilt ac: mpany them portod a- showing sigms of ivprove- 0 IzaSatte in Chicago. hme for a vacatmn vt. ment. Durin/ tb 5war, the orchestra re- ceived rno,'e than :;70,000 etter from ................................................................... radio fars, c,mplimenting them on ................................. their ;rograms over the air. So popu- AL The foLLowing note found in the lane 20. Mrs. Herbert Yauch was the,, tilth, away, rf, __3 0 0 1 0 0 D. Har-'is. lb .... 4 0 0 8 o 0. known for its s,,,yJe of playing, for it was made public Monday morn-i hostess.  Layman, p ...... o_  0 0 1 1  [ a mas:ei of the now Oopular soft, B :00oNAEA-"'" NEWS rf ..... 1 O 1 0 0 0, romantic mood of dance music, recog- Ben F. C:ffman, oll hay oath,' TotaLs ....... 44.7 13 27 7 5  nized as the best for that kind of that Robert Sylvester, Mrs.: I Score by innings:-- l music, the orchestra is never with* C. CoIYman and Mabel Vis- ' I 3! & G ........... 010 002 400---7! out an engagement, either over the had no knowledge of this Miss CatheG-U";PY ntela|n! Mt, Pulaski ........ 0(0 100 1 ,Jr or for dances. d the), had no Fag in any of the* Mr. and Mrs. Jack Curry, of Sprlnlt- O'Hare remained in Chicago until ey taken. I assume all respon- May Ist, after which he started his t.  ] field, her home Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Trowbridge of Ken- tour of the country, playing at the AD $O|,[ IC ][]0 most prominent ballrooms in the 'Six yea,s (. fighting to stay in ney visited at the home of Mr. and great opposition by politicians Mrs. Dan MacDonald Sunday after- every campaign, making costs so noon. has caused this. Then as a Wheat cutting is in full swin irl resort, I thought I might make this vicinity, farmers report cons{d- back in speculations but fate was erable damage from flY also chinch me. I make this statement so bugs are increasing. the innocent will not suffer. Re-[ Mr. Robert Shanklin is )lanning a SyLvester, Mrs. Emma Coffman trip to Ireland this summer. He ex- Mabel Vistorious :re as innocent Montreal, anyone in Macon County." pects to embark from " - Canada. {Signed): Ben K. Coffman. Mr. R. E. Jett was taken serious- "-. Coffn.a:: was b,)rn on a farm ty ill Saturday evemng but is tin- Lincoln and his early business greying slowly. included management of a Mr. end Mrs. Paul Piatt and son alley and the SpitLey House. I of Washington, Oregon, called on Dr. also interested in an early 1 and Mrs. Mac Culland Monday even- factory there. Mrs. Emma ing. Mr. and Mr Piatt are taking a wm formerly Ermma LilP- I motor trip to Kansas, their forer Prir to his election as county home, and stopped to visit their re- of Igan County, he lost ther Mr. Harvey Piatt in Clinton. Mrs. Win. Henderson has as her guest their niece, Mrs. Edna Huriott of Florida. Mrs. Andrew Robinson is enter- taining Mrs. E. M. Hall and son of Beardstown. Rev. Hall was a former p-stor at the M. E. Church. A number of people from this com- munity are planning to attend the ' farmers meeting to be held at the Chautauqua Grounds Monday JulyL P. E. Bruncrats who is a patient at the Deacone Hospital in Lincoln is reported very seriously ill. Miss Audrey Whiteman and friend called on Mr. :l. M. Whiteman, the formers grandfather, Tuesday even- lord was received from Dr. and Mrs. Hutton that they had reached arms when struck bv a Chics- and Alton train. 1902, he was elected Logan treasurer by a majority of 173 F. W. Collins. [n 1910 he was a- n candidate but was this time by Clifford Quisenberry by ajority of 568. The present term was the third the Coffman family. Mr. Coff- was first elected to the oWRCe later Ris wife who had served a deputy was eLected to succeed and last fall he was again eleBt- Robert Sylvester of Lincoln has his chief deputy since he first I ce. i r..and Mrs. Russell ShuLL and t0 Dorothy, motored Keo-[ y. They visited points of "including the dam on the Montreal, Canada and were having a river, fine trip. They expect to visit several places in the east before they return lis Bernice Cook, who was a home. of ,e gaduating class of Considerable damage was done by year at Ursuline Academy at the windstorm Sunday afternoon. Se- : "is "home for an indefinite veral trees were uprooted and farm was the winner of a i buildings damaged on the Ralph College scholarship. !Gayle farm south of town. iss Clara Bobeli spent Sunday in} home of-Mr, and Mrs. W. O. 1 The Chilean government w subsi- living east of Mt. Pulaski, I dLze motion pictures produced there. H ...... -- - A refrigerato elfi h last week's Times wd   fore the owner had even f ceived his cvpy of the paper. Thus another convert has been made. How about you? Haven't you some unneeded but useful articles about the house or store? Why not con- vert them into cash thru a Times Classified? aLar was thi, ,,:hetra, that "Husk" O'Hare was chosen as the one sus- taining feature on the national chain 1 network to bradcas nightly during ' the wh-le year, "Husk" O'Hare's or:chestra is country. He will end his tour the latter part of the summer, playing in At- ]altic City and then going to New York. On practically every engage- meat that "Husk" O'Hare and His O'n alt have played, all records fr attendance have been broken. An employee is the silent partner <,f a firm, who :hares in the profits but not in the Ioses Many young men are held down, by being held up by their parents. 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