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June 30, 1932     Times
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June 30, 1932

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MT. PULASKI TIMES. MT. v JUNE ;mere ch md y in Lo! Mt. line qent 1932 10. ;sed last a assessed lata year are follow: 1932 $ 42.330 155.290 181,265 201,590 272,820 520,710 164,950 109,610 191,340 328,540 371,500 JUNE 30, 1932 Canning Contest Is Announced Pulaski Lodge No. 87, A. F. and &apos; t A.M. Ladies of Logan Coun y first Thursday of each month. Are Invited to Enter RothweI1, Worshipful Master;' State-wide Contest , A. Downing, Secretary. Chapter No. 121, R. A.M. Mrs. J. W. Rupp, secretary of the First Monday of each Month. H.:usehold Science dub wishes to Rothwell, High Priest; E. A call to the attention of the ladies of the community, the statewide can- I Bank checks ....... ' .... - ...... ' New Revenue Act Safe deFosit boxes ..... ,10 t. me? Year$ Boats (pleasure) License fee based I marry you." Touches Everyone on si00. Absent.minded Profesor--'Ah, ye Electricity sal ........ 3 per cent. and did I?" The above taxes become effective .......... Secretary. ning contest being spon:ored by the eats floating among the reeds in the are going to play in the revenue act Selling price tess than $20, 4c share Seliing price $20 or more, 5c share. Commandery No. 39 K.T. department of Household Science of little basket there was little to sug- recently passed by cngress, t - Bond transfers ...... Second Thursday of each the Illinois Farmers' Institute. gest the great leader of Israel and Exei Taxes t ........... 4e Stoc issues The contests in this county will be agiver of all generatiors. How vain Lubricating oils ............ 4c gal. I ......... 10c .per $100. Ward Harper, Commander; held in connection with the Famers was Pharoah's strategy! Like the: Automobiles-->as.enger_.3 per cent. Bond sues .......... 10c r $100. ..... ort La- Herod of a later day all his planmng Automobiles-trucks 2 per cent.  ......... s 50c per $500. , A D " - held at. r,,,, , . ...... , " onveyam:= ............. , OWmng, Recorder. Insr.tute to be ....... I,, in No- i went for naught. He thought by his Automobile accessories .... 2 per cent r,,.,, .... futures ..... 5c per $100.  _ _ tham and Mt. - " ed to cruel edict to btt out a generatmn of GraDe eoncentras ....... 20e a gal.! w... ,,,ro tax exemntion has been, 1. Pulaski Chapter No. 466, O. E.S. vember. Every yeoman ,,urra m Hebrew children, yet the choicest Rrewer's wart (less than 15 per .,).:"::ffive ,June 6, 1932 from ]eet S - of each Month. "oin in this "Live at no,,, v -  "er of them all is preserved; he - " ) 15c a zal :"%':.:.:.',,-[: ram )o and the econd Monday 2 [.o . . cent solids ........... _ ,,, j 0 ,.,, ....... . . , , , -  .....,Uq]U, , :t% Amelia Binder, Worthy Matron, of canning. - * ,lan follows thought by the use of Lgyps mighty Malt syrup, hqmd and extract, 3c lb. -s have been changed. A gift tax s. Maud C. Stafford, Secretary. A brier resume o .,'=:" classes of :ower to destroy all aspirasion ann Chewing gum ............... 2 per cent. .: also been levied efftive the here should De --=- " t his own daughter mes .  rds ' ..... " ' ess of: .  , T.  -- at Vegetables. hot, bu . ...... Radms and phon)graph reco ., . same date, on all gifts in exc .,. Lt. Pulaski I,odge No. 454 I. O. O. . entrees: rrmt, .,:. -ter as many the instrument at aeleaung ms p*a. ? ..................... 5 per cent. ! ' a00 00 with an exemntion o v,- eet Weekly on Tuesday'. Her- An exhibd: o)ameat fruit and What.thenwere ?h:nfeO:e:ruL Toilet preparations ........ I0 per cent 0J:00 This tax is cumulative, le-: W,z "" - nd" H C different " -: but only which tle plans o " tewelr- 10 per cent.. " "---* be filed for each caermar tuber, l;'cord::'Secr:;ar'v. vegetables asne c,,- powerful monarchs of anc!ent- h- :.orting goods ......... 10 per cent. ue; 7 iUwhich ftn are made on or ' one jar ot a Klnfl. ' ccrd tcr" were overthroWn'! (it moses I0 er cent " -- . " - be judged m ac -  . , . ..... Cameras .................... P " b',fore March lath of the next year. .... . . . All jars are to _ rules, ),ada Godly mnetance, rns moner, , .... s ,hells and cartridges  _,, ,'' ......... ).,. ,.,,v be liable for Celatral Rebekah Lad e No. 313 ....  tate card and ,- _ . . > ................ r ........ - " . Au tnos .......... . . , g . . ance v, ntn ,, 0-- _ . i Jochabei (Exodus u::e a. ,, -,,,,). ......... 10 per cent. ....... -,.- huld immnace- aneet First and Third Fmday o ....  iars must be quart ,. . . A .. r.., nd rerhas influenced by L---7-'-[f[:-.o-ar 5 oer cent any oi Lneu ,=:.: : ,'--)-tor of: k ........ .., o--4-ohl,r ..... -- . ... . Io.-'t wenty--V o. .a,..  ' - , '" . ,.. # 3lecnamcai reltte.a ............ . - ' I.. o. municar With tae .,,-- ;' month..Mrs, t,iao3. x,;, .... 2"'. There mus t, ,,- ,[[;+ in order the story of Gods (lenerance oi  ............... t0 t:er cent.  ...m U,,vnue. Sorin#eld, Ill. le Grand; Mrs. Lotie ttann, re- =,,,qes in the enure e*- ...... .:.,_. x-.._ renared the miniature ark to  ..- ....... lc a gal lnerna ........ rd,ng Secretary. tha, i, be elig,ble for k:omr):'a ;;;;':t her own boy. In the ,,,,is, ot R:;eti:,e, 2,,ca gal. -s' Dia 11  . . . tot the county sweeps v many dangers she took such pre- . - - ............. 4c a lb The widow o jack  g-  " Udern Woodmen at America No. 1:)4 + -- t rises .... " ,,, , she knew then commit-inner uoe:- .- .............. "-. -- M" moni has join a sideshow at Coney - . ,he .ta e P -beled on tne cau; ....... , ," .. Wooden macnes .......... ,- v : Meet in I c) 0 F Hall First 'ach jar must be la . --:*-r td her child to Gods care. Moses . --- -< in bo)ks t-zc wer M Island, N. Y. ...... : : "" , me oI ex.,o, , .... -per mr<=,,.... ..... Thrsday of each Month. Chr,s Beck, ,,-=ore ":d tSu:: alsp t.tirtg parents rf:7;lart?s'phldro O ,Heeabr Candy ................... 2per cer:. hool children of the Republic of -u, C T Turner Clerk. , address .... i either ot tn .... :" " '-ol beverages ......... 1 c a g , - ........ *,,te a rn- contents of lar. e win-11"03) or the lurking rus o tne W=- -rar)e juice 5c a gal.:Salvador will e'acn y'-'.'" -in RVal x,,ih)...r, nf America No 1911 ars wilt n:t be opened, the Nile but rested calmly in :ne faith Unferentct = 6c a gal. ny weekly to aid %ne go:efn ....... .....  ........ "_'" __ "t olace m each cia . : . ld deliver. (2) Moses in: rounram s]ruk)':-:--- -if:_., wi,in out its foreign aeuu Meet ,, I o C) u- all Second her of firs . _.^,,a in the State zhat God wou .... .,,-ms Iol Dotue caroona,, . o I ...... nth. county s to De  " with the : a marvekusly prov,.aenta, ay re- ,. _ ........  a gal. . Fourth Thur-da: of each Man ,"-*--t held m connecUon - ,. -* --;--,) ; early training from hs beverag. ....... ,. ,al The Argentine army must drop Franci Turner Oracle; mrs. ,Zo ..... ,,--.),, at Jolie the wee ,,- ce,-. ,,Is:_.. :. .... d to her care for Bottled wae; - .............  a ,, ,, t m" men for economy's Ke. ,, . ""  , tae .),e,,.., .. mariner, cm x..,- ,- f.. ,) d "nks ...... 2c a gal. o,m, ..... nann recoraer. L'. ...... 22, 1938. . ..... - *- dau,hter of Pharoan ...... ri - - l ' leO I-u*- .t.- qte ntes a ume oy ,,-- ,, - -" --; cid ,as ........... " .....  ........ -- . .,. ,nred :n ,e -- - ..... : ,,, laa had in early life come in-t.atm- .... :" -- , -  ..... )vied "----'-- ten Post No. 447, Amerl- -,,"'-",*-be returned to omer out u.- : o .,,- -),ous exerience of his lmort taxes nave ai o,- can Legion ed for charitable purposes. Meet First Tuesday of each Month'l The Frizes to be awarded to the own and he could clearly see that as follows: SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON Today, we are all going thru a June 21, and returns for the period " process of udjusting ourselves to a June 21 through June 30 must be ?hildhood and Education of Moses chznged price world, due to the tax on for July 3 which has been 4aced on practically filed in the month f July. All manu- everything that we now c,resider the facturers and others concerned should writ *.he Collex'tor of Internal Reven- The birth of Moses marks an eoch rcessities of life even tho they are ue, at Sprineld, IlL, for forms, i in human < history. In strange ways no t potatoes or bread. Stamp Taxes does God call men and women to: A checkup cf the following items Stamp taxes have been changed as places of leadersh;.p and great respon on which you are being taxed will follows: sibility. With this child of slave par- give you a faint idea of the part you St ck transfers C.M. Merriman, Commander; Iwinners in each county ::hlbit--Two ,k Talmage, Adjutant. Best jar in entire.  ....... Co, Miss Loll Hahn, Secx- cie, Indiana._ *-bles---Carton all I Best jar at vegem Import Taxes o amount of learning or no crude n,,,rstitions such as the Egyptians Lubricating otis--=-:--:-.:4c A il I" ey ..... )a =.)isfv the soul or ,,,d uetroleum anti rum on c . afford a substitute lot  s cozm-tam (jasollne ............... ,resence and guiding hand. i paraln and other petroleum .... Ib wax products ....... -_5-- ,, . - " r ...... $3. per . ,'w had a sentmnal case of kdo I Lumbe .... "--7 . -- 10c uer cwt. napping in our house lately." I Coal, coke and onques .... lt. Pulaski Chapter of American World War Mothers Meet First Wednesday of each! in Homes of Members. Mrs. Scroggin, President; Mrs. Ora i Recording Secretary. - t Pulaski Phoenix Fire Department Meet in City Hall. First Friday of Month. O. W. Mayer, Chief; Holler, Secretary. t i Grand prize there will be ship, given by Ball Brothers Com- pany, including tuition and trans- portati:n expenses, to the Nora Dun- lap School for Homemakers the fol- lowing August. There will also be a National Pressure Cooker from the Lux Soap, Lux flakes, Lever Broth- "Really' How did that happelt?" Co[;: .................... . ers Co., Chicago IlL i "The bby slept the whole r taxes hae been 1 on Best Jar of Meat--pom Vongs,, _ ! the following at the rate given: _  ---- Telegraph messages ...... 5 per cent. Telephone canvations _A0 to 20c. BUY YOUR MILK OF MAGNESIA Postal rates (first cs) __lc addtl. AT pzstal rates second class) _increa. Pen's Rexall Drug Store Oil Pipe lines-transportation, 4 peret. Admissions over 40c .......... 10e. ML Pulaski City Council Meets, Fourth Tuesday Evening of ach Month. C. T. Turner, Mayor;l Qeorge F. Schafer, City Clerk. HALI,ENGE TO YOUNG PEOPLE! During the past forty years tens thousands of young men and wo- aen of many nationalities and de- tOminations ,have sought free train- g for Christian service at home or road offered by The Moody Bible! Initute of Chicago. More than 2,000 abadents enrolled in its Day and Ev- ening Schools last year. While for Certain special courses a high school is required, and college desirable, yet gramnr CompanY at Eau Claire, Wisconsin, a Dress from the Chicago Mail Order Company, a money prize of $5.00 from the international Canning Con- test, and many others of equal value. 'OMEN GOING  BE MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN EVER The Fsar Beauty ShopPe located at 215 North Water street, Decatur, thru an eastern connection has se- cured the exclusive reprtation for the new Elco Herb Tonic Oil petTanent waving pcess which they are featuring thru a series of public demonstrations showing the newest styles and coiffure creations from London and Paris. Now is the time to have your paint- ing and papor-inging done at small , 'lehool training will admit to its Gen- et Course. English is taught to cost. Labor and material are cheap. : Y deficient in its use. The Bible ranks first in all I- Free estimates cheerfully given. Call GIBBS, 120. _ ate curses, but instruction is fro'- _ .................... ; nished in such subjects as Sunday Daily Vaca- LEATH'S :loor Sample DISPOSAL Mt. Pulaski 235 1932 Furniture Floor Samples Only One Of A K].d Floor Samples of High Grade Furniture that have served their purpose are on sale this week at ridiculously tow price& Every piece is in perfect con- dition and we have only one of a kind. Many of the piece* will be sold at One-Half price or les. You wilt find all de- partments repr c sent ed----l,iving room, Bedroom, Dining room, Bedding and Occasional pieces well represented in this tre- mendous disposal. S h r e w d shoppers will come early to get these extraordinary one of a kind vatue< ,E ,TH'S 422-450 N. Water St. DECATUR The Sheets Company Morticians Sheets Quality Service Costs No More Mt. Pulaski Lincoln e  $ m COME ON AI004 D PLAY! let Your CarTake You the Open..'to Play... to do the thmqs -you I00ke to do... to qo places .... : b'as, hours, days, or wee S, 00,.mp.n00on.  m ins#re you. New ,dea,, eogr #o.s a of i). Eoch page " an inspiration to get more out .  much in store for you. "PLACES TO GO  tells you about these   places. Tells you with ptchr and brief helpful outtines School Administration, Bible School, Gospel Music, Pub- i A T T E N T I O N lle Speaking, Home Economics, HY'I iene, and Manual Training. In L A D I E S Irpeci courses Now all Types and Textures of are affered Theo-  what to ext, whot to enioyl 1Ogy, Homiletics, Church HistorY, lir can be waved most beau- All a ImH.A#.,n Apologetics, Hebrew, Yiddh, Greek tifully by our New E L C O  _..,a,B._.,t,,, and medical subjects for foreign HERB TONIC OIL PROCESS- ---,U@U-) aission work. -ear The regular factory price Fall, Winter and summer---ou .- " , . e.e ; i dents may enter t any time. An - ilhts catalo'e will be mailed U1LIr rlce ' trated " -- ,itute ._..,tl HATFIELD'$ on request. AddS, xoo ---- _= Mg-. u*,-- .o:,iCycag Avenue Statwn, tr EAR _ ,.. '  _ BEA SHOPP We all believe in luck, when we Over Walig el Dlg Sto?__ fi hear about the success of soaueone ._ 44 .Fhr%eAT  )) We dislike, cure for 115 14. Water - .... 7- Hard work is the only i t_tt - UNERAL HOME GOFF F .... ,,--- Ass't a,,-uRT n :,,,n,,---, ?ulaki2srve HpTOn Beefeln . ,234 , OXIo a ,._r__sls -- ..... & ItED (R OSCAR J-LENZ 1@3, EPorld s Fair Gasolin ,e Lincoln's Leading and Manufacturing Optidan Phone 1062 Broadway