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June 30, 1932     Times
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June 30, 1932

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Price of THE TIMF 0nly $1 Per Yemr / MT. PULASKI TIMES PiPEw-OU$ COMM POOLAON XSH XXIX MT. PULASKI, LOGAN COUNTY, ILLINOIS TICdRSDAY JUNE 30, 1932. Number of the boys putting up scrap to win what looks like thing to them if they get over hurdle. 00r0000liFanners,, To Stage Big Demonstration at it again. firs4 hurdle is the Democratic Kitten League Going Strong they mus! feel pretty sure of results or they would- anxious to take on their Ben Coffman Takes Life J 00ou, | n Ely is telling around /a_l total that he never saw a "bill To End Financ Worry ,, I poster hung. lie hasn't any- -- i thing on us--we have never Formal Opening Former Cou ty Treasurer ! scna bank clerk hung---BUT" Ended Life In Decatur ....................................................................... ]PROGRAM IS UNUSUAL opponent. to the Republican con- this one is as lively as a interviewed by a half do- Is reminded of the prelimin- a prize fighter goes thru. mmls his sparring _partners mercy. do all the damage they the big fight comes off IYS are Fulling their heart the fellow who has been gtv- aching heads, dimmlored cauliflPower ears. if the same principles apply November election, weYl and your postmmr will me. d "hang" together, they the added advmntage of he- 6ghting trim ts one advantage they will their opponeats w]ho did preliminary training. if their opponts can Same kind of steam roller Working in the big battle this won't need any training. we wonder how and or that pertain im a Demo- it is because "pap" was; because it was expedi- they affiliate with this mr good or bad times, at i time wld cause a a radical pol'.cy by an representative of the par- mean a dumge of love; wlmter it may have been the feller who impatiently a chage of governmemt to automatically put him om going to be "oa his feet" happmL ti wat of his pantJ may be it's thla party or that te fellow who keeps hitting ia the one who is going to he it womt be a "political pork etlm. BueMes Dies At Kansas Home was received on Monday Leroy Buckles from his Jennie Buckles, te/ing of her father, Rbbert occurred in his home i Kas.. on Monday afo 27. Mrs. Buckles had Kitten Ball is Proving A O/New llliopolis Lot of Fun For Cheese Factory Players In one of the tightest games of the Farmers of Sang,mon, Macon and 3resent kitten ball season Friday ev- Chri-:an county athered at llliopo- ening, the Ramblers took a fall out lib Saturday for the fal opening of the Merchants by a score of 6 to L of the, Illiopoliv Cheese ad Butter The score is no indication of the  comyany factory. Judge A. Edwardad.  speed of the game and after it was, Sam?son of Springfield, gave an over one wondered how the score dress, and there was a half hour's I could have shown so much difference eoncerz by a Deeatur band. as a number of innings resulted m a The cheese factory has been in one, two, three up and 0ut. 'lae Ram- peration for some time. It was biers took the lead in the first in- broufeh to llliooolis through the ning with Romer scoring on a home effort of the llliopohs Lions club run. No more scoring was done until of which W. J. Staplet-)h is the presi- on two hits and an errvr. The Merchants threatened at times during the gme but it was not until the seventh when tl-y pushed a run across the plate, B. Aitchiso bitting safely and scoring on a hit by MeVey. Romer pitching for the Ramblers turned in his usual good hurling ex- hibition. Woodrum laboring for the Merchants, pitched a steady game but Hotel Sunday the fifth when Dillsaver smashed out dm. a homer and Preacher Staley smash- The building in which the O. T. Sunday mormng, saw Mr. Coffman ed out a hit scoring Duff, who was Myers hardware store was formerlY  on the , clothed except for his roosting on second as the result of a ! t -aed, was obtained for the factory coat and shoes. She thought he was two bagger. Romer and McVey and ! and machinery, metal vats, presses asleep. At 5 . m., the night clerk re- Potter scored three more in the sixth and separators were installed for urned to duty. He noticed Mr. Coff- the manufacture of cheese, man was yet in his room, and went Leo Hutter of Wisconsin is owncrl *o invetsiga?e, discovering the sui- nd oyerater of the olant there. Tbecide" factory a the present time is equip- Coroner Dawson's statement fol- ed to use about 50,000 pounds of tows: whole milk daily and this can be I "en i entered the room, I saw increased to almost double this a- Mr. Coffman's body lying on the bed, mount should the need arise. When apparently in repose," he said. hc p:ant is in full o;eration it is ex- "He was lying with his head at pected that about a ton of butter and the foot of the bed and was on his got a few bad breaks that hastened cheese will be produced daily. As- right side, a perfectly natural pi- his departure in the latter inning  ] slating Mr. Hatter re Allie Saute- lion fr the ndow in the room was The complete schedule of the Kit- I berry and Mic Bramel. near the foot and any breeze that ten ball league for the next four At present there are  a do might be stirring would have reached weeks is as follows: ten person employed at the plant, him there. Tuesday, July 5--Mechanics vs. !which during the summer months "His legs were drawn uo slightly, i wil! manufure only cheese, llur- a position that was natural. There Hashslingers. Wednesday, July 6---Truckers vs. ing the winter, cream will be Fur- was no evide of a struggle or of chased for the manufacture of but- .n. It appeared at first Wlance that Merchants. i ter .... kh death had been natural." Thursday, July 7--lamblers : i It is expected that st m- I In Mr. Coffmans pockets were Butchers. . will be obtained from a radius o} his bill-fold, a srrll amount of Tuesday, July 12--Mercbant [ about' 15 miles of llliopolis to supWY money, and in h coat pocket w Ramblers. the demand of the plant. Cheese and I the note that he had left. "le coat butter produced at the factory will lwas hanging upon a e2mir, his cap be transported to ffin, where was on the table and his shoes were Wednesday, July 13---Butchers v] Hashslinger Thursday, July 14---Truckers vs- t eehanics. Tuesday, July 19--Hashslingers vs Mehants. Wednesday, July 20---Butchers vs. Truckers. Thursday, July 21Mechanics vs. Ramblers. Tuecday, July 26.--Butchers vs. Merchants. Wednesday, July 27Truckers vs. Ramblers. Thursday, July 28---Mechanics vs. Hashslingers- (Continued on page 3) Lincoln Lake00 Prov/ng Popular Lincoln, lll.--Viitors f ten different states and from twenty- five neighboring towns have been to vit Lincoln Lakes since its opening, Lewis MeVicke, who is in charge of the life guards, has begun giving swimming lessons to old and young, a he did last year. Two new sail- boats have made tier appearance on the lakes this season, and several new canoes, which are being housed in the Lincoln  Canoe Club. The managers of the Lakes are nov,- preparing for a Fourth of July water carnival. Canoe tilting con- tests, diving exhibitions and free-for- all swimming  are among the features planned. Cash prizes will he. B. F. Coffman. cunty treasurer of Macon county, and a former county treasurer f thi county, eommid suicide Saturday night in the St. James hotel at Decatur. In a note left in the hotel rt,m, he adrAitted taking count)" funds, but did not disclo.e how much. Mr. Coffman was seen to enter the treasurer's flice a little bforde 6 p. m. Saturday. A few minutes later, he ristered at the hotel, telling Fred I E. Ticknor, night clerk, that he want- ed a cool rcm. He said he wanted a !ong rest, and should not be disturbed. A maid, who entered the room Atlanta Bank Is Big Affair Will Be Held; Chautauqua Park Again Held Upi In Lincoln I Farmers of Logan county Will  For the second time within less ia mammoth dedication and d- i than a year the Atlanta National stration Fourth of July and the .. b:nk has been held up. The seconderal public is invited t partiei The emancipation program spontm holdup taking place yesterday about le d by e Logan County Farm - . noon netted the robbers over $4,000  while the first one was unsusful, eau in co-operation with a state Twenty minutes before the bank was scheduled to close for the noon hour two men stepped into the bank and one of them asked James Ash to hange a $5 bill. Ash compimd and then the pair drew revolvers with orders to Ash, Hoblit and Miss Welch to lie face down on the floor. All cash in the vault and counters was scoo ed into a paper shopping bag. While the robbery was going on Willia Hicronymous, former town marshal, tcpped into the bank and was forded t, tie down behind the counter. The bank employes and Hierony- celebration backed by the  Illi Agricultural Association will be at Lincoln Chautauqua. A great parade in whleb featuring the 'Dinner Bolls; . ' eau member driving his ear in   every one of his ily-wil  .be the main attraction of th r=_ mg pr. The Imrade will  on Broadway at the high school  ins and will move t!hrough th ..- n district at 11 a. m. Following the picnic dinner a  mousv, ere given the choice of re- Chautauqua grounds at  m mzining quietly five minutes on the rally will be held in the audi floor or being locked in the vault and where Oscar D. Briaaenden. f they cho the former. The bandits head farmer of the Lincoln  were seen entering the old car by Harold Wiseman, cashier, who was returning to the bank from the Gil- bert store, where he hod gone a few minutes belt, re the robbery. The alarm was quickly spread. A osse hastily gathered and set out after the bandits. The officers at Lin- coln were notified and Deputy Sher- iffs William haffenacker. Edward Schbol and (?)lony farm: and n.u the organization detartment of I. A. A., will speak. Band concerts will lm guen morning and afternocn Lt the .. san Legion band under the direc of Paul Merry. Another feature of the afresh-.. prgram will be the burning of  gies of the enemies of oaniz .:- Neither of the bandits was masked t the Farm Bureau in lilies the  ] although one had a piece of black gram will be a militant dem there is a distributing point, beside the bed. tape across his noe. Both wer I tion of the agriculture, on wh Among those on the committee in  On the table was the pitcher of thought to be about 35 years old, one  pertty of the nation depends, addition to Mr. Stapleton aiding in llliopoli ! ice water that he had asked for and rather short and chunky and the t The Logan County Farm securing the factory for a glass, filled to within a quarter of other tall and slim faced The three was organized 14 years ago A. E. Zld, llliopolis mayer, "a. I ] " an inch of the brim. Apparently he men gave chase a few minutes after 1918 it has continued to were C. Ross, T. Y. Bruce, A. A. Pritchett  had not taken a drink from the glass I the bandits left the bank and follow- services to the ommunit and F. H. Mynard,--Decatur Herald., i Following is the ttative : .... or else had refilled it after drinking.  ed the bandits in a large car which I 'they entered after aimndoning the [ gram: Postage Rates Go Up On July 6! (Continued on pae 5l Civic Orchestra Pleases Large Crowd McGough, C. ronymous, Chief of culture. Poliee Martin Dougherty and a nun- Sports and con f-or the : her of bank guards responded to the, and girls as well as other s call. features for entenment of The bandit car drove east out of t grown-ups will he arranged. town closely pursued. Falling on the 20th amive First class postage st4trting July 6 will be increased to three cents. Air i rates will also take a jump, a cha 1 The Mt. Pulaski Civic ora of 8 cents for the first ounce ann zo pleased another large crowd with The letter postage rate was lltheir cents for each adt/ona]   urday evening in the city park. The splendid concert given on Sat- reduced from three cents to two, in orchestra whose members are rei. 1883. Twice since then it has beem i dents of this city, is giving these con- put back to the old figure, once dm'- cert free of cost to the community. ing the World War and now umler lThe concert on Saturday evening was the new revehue law, beginnin July t the second of four that the orgniza- 6. 1 lion will give. The rrt one will be on The standard color for the oMin- Saturday evening July 9. ary letter postage stamp has been B.A. Tyler, local attorney is the red for so long the. Urn:It is prinIdi.r. "  the imentation !s: ing thousands of mdlions of new 6- I rrst vmnns--mrs. . , uurtls, ms cent stamps in red, 4nstead of t Lore Kol@, Miss Eldnd Kemmer, t purple three-cent stamps now in use. i George Pinney and F. E. Turley. And as Wahington's picture always_ Second V!ohns Miss Ba. rbara appears on the most commonly ued Schwoerer, Mss Mildred Mfllara. stamp, the head of Lincoln, which ClarinMiss Lmcy Jane Ellis, the bedside of her father awarded to the wien. T]fe islands and shores around the who had reached l beach proper dll be decorated with of 87 years, was born in t Japanese lanterns and flares. Ryan's county, Illinois, but pass- Orchestra of Lincoln, will furnish mu- in Mt. Pulaski Tom- sic during the afternoon and evening. has lived in the west about! This Fourth of July, which is the Buckles were among the first Fourth for Lincoln Lakes, is to til Sunday that the pain caused them His parerrts Mr. and Mrs. be celebrated as a gala event, and lto call a doctor. An x-ray examina- of Logan county. He is managers are preparing for a large  ticn showed the bone on the right arm broken just above the wrist. by his widow, several sons crowd. Ford coupe. The robbers zigzagged through the country roads and stk state Route 120 at Hallville where the bank men lost the trail. However, Ash and his companion followed on into Clinton and Decatur. At times the Atlanta men were within a quarter of a mile of the bandit car and in ;ssing the aban- doned car saw the tracks of the large auto where it had rushed to a halt to take on the two men who held up the bank. pite the close pursuit the bandits made their pe. The bank is the same one that was I held up duripg the noon hour Oct. I I0. 1931, by two bandits who fled any loot when one ging ill-1 without to the vault saw his own reflection in[ a full length mirror and fir belier-I :n that an armed ,n w standing l in the rear of tue bank ready to shoot. Ash and Miss Welch were on duty at the time of the holdu also. The iir aped in a car driven hy and grandchildren- are two sisters, Mrs. Mar- Band Going To Chicago; Mrs. Jane I Maroa July 4th  and three brothers, Peter W, and A. C. Buck- now adorns the three-cet mp Delmar Rentshler. a third man and they also ndoned will be replaced by that of the Father E. Bass--Arthur Kolp. the car, transferred to another and of His Country. C. Melody Saxaphone--Robert Rent-  ped. shier. HAS ARM BROKEN Trombone--Donald Copeland. Qradi IN FALL FROM SHED Baritorre--Theron Zimmermann. ng Work Is First CornetsMiss Jane UvMer- Robert Dittus, 7 year old son of Mr. hill, Miss Georgiann Zimmermann, H. i and Mrs. Carl Dittus, received a bro- J. Wible. ken arm last Saturday aa the result Second Cornets Miss Florence Van of a fall from a shed. The youngster Hook, Oscar Dickey. did not realize the arm was broken MellophonesMrs. B. A, Tyler, S. as it held in place and it was not un- E. Curtis. Barry-Lercher Nuptials Here Last Saturday and Pulaski. Another brother The Beaumount band of this city Irving Lercher of Cornland who lived in Okla-ilt go to Maroa next Monday to Miss Anna Elizabeth Barry of Elk- away during he early participate in their big 4th of July hart, were married at 9 o'clock Sat- urday evening June 25 in the parson- of this year. celebration- Here is what the Maroa paper age of the Methodist church. The rites PAINFUL ACCIDENT has to say about the band: were Ferformed by the pastor, Rev. Hudson was the vie- Arrangements have also been H. M. Blou and the single ring cere- accident on Tuesday made to have the Mt. Pulaski band mony was used. They were accom- she fell and broke her here to assist in furnishing music- panied by Mrs. Ida Barry, an aunt bone. Mrs. Hudson was The Mt. Pulaski band is known as of the bride. [ sollle vines on her back one of the firs class bands in this Mrs. Lercher is well known and she tripped and fell down l section, and with Conover's Military ix)puiar with the younger set of the She will be laid up for a i band previously red for the occa- community and Mr. Lercher is a siort, there isn't any question but that f Mr. and Mrs. John Lercher who for- all wKo of He Mt. the that these Pulaski, of and P Morning Prrram 9:00--Registration for prizes new members and Farm Bureau m hers in good standing; (b) chil of Farm Bureau members in g2. standing and 4-H club members.. 9:30--Sports and contests Juni. 10:Muic by Logan band. 10:30--Lineup for parade ac tauqua. 11:00-;rand parade. FloaU% ganlzations and bands: Afternoon ogran= 12:IS--Picnic dinner at C 1:1S--Mimic by baBeL 2:00--Invocation. 2:IS--Address by O. D. B I. A. A. speaker. 2:45--Burning in efli'y at  enemies of organized  aga:dttml - Unfaithful Public rvant : ii TaxesLow Iiceoisonous ltm mganda--Enemies of Co*o effortOId Man larence. 3:IS--Awarding of rizes. I;-- ink of grand prizes to t left  last thing on program. PrizeMcCormk l)eeH o, on; 34 pi Commtty itver- ..... Snare l)rum--M. A. C. Kolp, Bass Drum Harold Haynes. Piano--Miss Kathryn Kolp. arid a bicycle. Under Full Swing Getting Ready For The Riess God.traction (h)., is now Band Chic making otxl progress with the exca- vating for the viaduct for route 12t Tm "Simonize 'Pwis" trove b under the Illinois Central railroad A BIRTH A son was born on Sunday morning June 26th to Mr. and Mrs. Arie i- bert. living c, ne and one-half miles no2b of the city. COI'ELAND TEAM WINS FROM DECATUR loose agaim This time it isn't tracks at the foot of East Cook St. it's chickens. No, rmt the kind : I,ar troubles of some kind devel- wear fashions latest decrees, affed among the truck driver; la feathers. last week which resulted ix all of The boys are getting ready ft. them quitting the job csnsequently annual band chicken fry and to su i holding up the work fear a couple of the chicken that it i mcessa- ays, but with the n line of trucks buy Lgsid those donated each y including three caterpillar tractors they have 0archas 400 baby ch with trailers Ca:pubic of hauling 7 or I After two weeks of iqtensi fe 8 yards of dt at a load, an imme with hoppe ma2 v their  - amount of dirt has been moved since' tie hands; electric lights bmmi OUTFIT Tuesday. night lg so that the chic w* Sting about 100 yards noh of more mash; the White Hock offe The Farmers Specials ff  te railroad tracks, the steam ahovel i o be 'acrific to a hungry p: land vicinity, won a fast game /has reached a point within a few lthi fall. are growing by leaps  b:,seball from the Frede ChevTolets O feet of the ilroad right-of-way, but bounds. Decatur, last Sunday by a ore Of 6 considerable excavating still remains A anti Zim are l%al band t',- to 5. Batteries for the Farmers were to  done on the north end @f the terg and they are takin thi F. Scott and T. Richards, her and gorge.  of building a biglrer and btter  J. Scot, t, catcher. Grading has ten about c(mpleted I At )rent, with thi:, addition :, on the north end of this eonne'ting band personel numbers I12, Mr. and Mrs,, 'mis Krueger and link of route I21 around Mt. Pulaski, I not having the courate t) face  family are attending their vacation The grader began work this Thurs- fall slaughter. in c,f ended club at ho Iame of