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June 23, 1932     Times
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June 23, 1932

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old, Dean, rt ForcL xrick, y Russell. .Edw. lemm. -Albert :lark. -Frank Short, a3Tl. Vest, .rman, Jenner. O.L. dell, W. n demak. as the Here THE MT. PULASKI ES. MT. I: JUNE 23, 1932 Anniversary , gwazn:Dr, ara:tReV'Mrs.Struse'j. W'. Dunn,H" bL Mrs.NrriS'w.: CORNLAND BEASON NEWS Alumni Rexeption ' r I15/$ -lk.ttlb/rC/l dinner: Mrs. A. H. Lakin and Ladies Miss Mollie Lanham of Cornland is Quite a few motorists inspected Aid members. Historical: Mrs. Fred now very ill at her home in Covnland. and tried out the new gravel road t- iMorris, J. LWillams, J.M. Down. Mrs. VerylRodems, Mrs. JohnMel. tweenBeasonand Chestnut Sunday. The reptianto theclass of '32 by JULY 1 (Continued from page 1)  ing, Mrs. Myrtice Lakin, Mrs. Win. vin and Miss Marquerite Melvin of Ellsworth Brown has the honor of the Mr. Pulaski Townhip High Cornland transacted business in 7laying ball at Taylorvitle, Decatur School Alumni association on Thurs- A very impressive ceremony took Brand' Mrs. W. H. Donnan. Decora-  Selves to the church. Fo  when seven new members gave ltinS:giShull, M. M. Witliams, Mr. and Mrs.Mrs. L. J. Obery, Mrs. Dorrell Springfield, Friday. and Clinton, he being a member of day evening June 16 in the ool J.T. lrving, Mr. and Mrs. Deb the American Legion Leagues gymrmsium, was attended by 0 MAPL[W00D baptismal ceremony, the fo:: ::ng B" N. Myrick, Vernon Heft. Social Ford and sons of Cornland and Mr. During the electric storm Sunaay aIumni and guests. The fact that the committee, Mrs. J. I Wfl, iams, H.W. and Mrs. Floyd Dov,ing and n of rt connections were burned ,>t exwnsive and elaborate decorations PAVILION wereas membersfficiallYofreceivedthe church:, Neuschafer,bY the; Mrs. L. G. Strouse, Mrs. Mt. Pulaski motored to Old Salem and the town was in darkness for ad barquet were dispensed with this Mrs. Fred Fletcher, Mrs. B. E. N. Rose, Clifford Aughenbaugh, Sunday on a picnic, several hours, year which also in tam reduced the Miss Cornellia Fields of Decatur, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Smith and! price of tickets, smed to be a stim- yrick, Evalen Baker, Whetma Gilbert Schmidt. and Miss Movie Field of Buffalo Hart, : daughters Rosalie and Joan, Chestnu:l ulant as the attendance showed a 100 were Jsitors in Cornland Sunday.  are visiting elative in Beason for percent it#crease over fornmr years. V,a CHESTNUT reception was given in honor of few days. At the annual busine meeting, Miss Jessie Bryson, now Mrs. Everett Mr. and Mrs. La Valee Gilchrist vi.s- the following officers were elected: Hallelujah Chorus Is Climax Cherry of Cernland, last Thursday ited with the latter's parents Sunday. president, Sammy Bertoni; vice-pres- he morning sermon on "Beliefs ...... **-r Leaa-ae was ..... in, by the Eastern Star @, Mr and Mrs. Joseph Forsythe. ident, Carl Ey; secretary-treasurer, at Matter" was delivered by the The Chestnu .:^  Mr and --'" u.,, being, Worthy Matron. lr and Mrs. Dan MacDonald and Miss Lla Hahn; director, Miss " he DUrllI  " D'IIFIS. l_jl, j -- . 1 erend H. Ray Funk of flume, Ill., Friday nighL Mrs Cherry is the first young lady ofdaughter and son-m-law, Mr. and Lorena McKenny and Alfred Tom- T" Funk was pastor of the Chest- M;]r:'roli'Dunn of Bloomington Co'land to be married while in of-i Mrs" .Art Spiain attended the church linson ' Jr. church 1921-PA and is now serv- ' ". ..... -me of her bro- rice or to hold the office before they!znn.ersary held in Chnut Sun- Following the business ssion, a [ his sixth year in his present is visiung a - , ._ - I ,- W Dunn. were marines, i day. program was given on the stage argo. Rev... and Mrs. Funk were. ! tnerissDr.Loui...e J" " bams' rc-----*"ed to her _.a -and. Mrs. Earl. Cumberworth . Considerable damaged was caused i. which was transfvrmed to recreant end vmtors at Chestnut, being _ M -- -nev on Monday even- and family of Springfield spent the m and around Beason dunng the eiec a radio broadcasting stathon with rtamed by H. W. Neuschafer. i tome ne ...... week end with Mr. and rs. t. . f trical storm l' rlaay mgnt. zaany trees Wilbur Stoll ting as announcer. l'he climax of the day came whon ing. - *-- , L DoWVdrg and Penneman and Mrs. Mary" Cumber-belng uprooted and buildings dam- The following numbers were given: t the close of the sermon the Chest-! Mr.DaonttieSith'of'near Lincoln worth iaged, vocal slos, M G. A. Voile and choir, dlirected by the pastor, Roy. i Mrs.. vsor" " -s at the home Of Mr. i Several famflms" " from here spent The first' Basall gam e for ths Wilbur Stoll and a vocal trio by the .Yde G. Stvouse, .... effectively sang were., s. J. M. Dowmng" on Sunday.. ! Sunda3" evening m Springfield wlaere : n was .played n ne mgn scn oo Harmony Girls of Springfield, (Ms Hallelujah Chorus from Han artd lr--e  Clark returned home riley attended the Orpheu m Wheat__, , Sunday afternoon. [ne Reba Swinney of this city is a mem- l's "Messiah". As the audience stood I rs. r- -,. ars. Straud Don't where Thurston the Magcmn s rtow gain e was playe wetween Lrcom bet of this trio); piano solo by Mrs. rapt attention during this number, t with herna mr.#aug':;tne7 Donnan fl showing .... Mechanics 4, and Beason. Athletms lrah Z. Lipp; reading by Raymond e church bell was rung sixtyt nan a ..... wn Donnan andi M's Marjorie Kenneth WhO nas 17 Next Sunday a game will e pray- Schlachter and tap dance solos by akes by John L. %flhams, a mem-I Peorm ........ attend the 60th :_o, recovered from whooping cough, ed between Beason and the Unson Morris Myer and Virginia Under- - . - - i "ldren ol Mimer ., i t``'`` . r of the church building committee. I ch " the M E. Churh,I has now developed pneumoma: Fans. Forest Whteside m manager of hilt. Short talks were given by Cec- . - "versar u " oom in the basement for the large imemver ; " " "  " Careful management was reqmred ! nnp try[nt Rachel was the oldest I Miss Emma Lanterman nas just the Beason team. il Tendick, retiring president of the i find seating space in the dinsng I unaY. ----ent returned home from vi.sit'mg Miss "['he Beon A|umm assocmtmn association; H. V. Wynd, secretary Ui|OVNUlD E basket Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Downing mo-] Betty Alexander of Sprmgnetd tnel held their annual meeting at the B. C. of the ard of education and Fred- nuoRo nanl; which remained for the i " - ...... ,, Tuesday mornmgt vast few days. o ...... :H. S. Gymnasium. . The crowd included many torea o n=.-Humphrey who tm t- Mrs Axcell Kramar oI Sprmgneia Donald Splain, president was in crick Lipp, esident af the '32 class. AND H8 BAND members of the congregation bringing L,  Home for several t was in Cornland visiting her grand-charge f ceremonies and t x- At the conclusion of the program, had come back to enjoy the fel- been nfne .. : his home with t --^thor Mr Van Brachear. ty-two members were seated at card tables were placed for cards and the -  - rs tie wm rem ........ "The Genial Gentleman of the it of old friends and neighbors. ea - --**.- Mrs Louise Hemle. ! tables and a three course luncheon floor was cleared for dancing to mu- " . his granamu .... %- " dau ter CORRECTION was rved. The business meeting sic furnished by Paul Moore's or- Air." g Service Recalls Incidents M Wilbur Smith and gh chestra. Refreshments consisting of -  This famous orchestra has been In the afternoon the audtormm Joan and Mrs. Clara Laughery and filled again for the homecomingI daughter Doris were Decatur visit- Marna Radford will conduct a followed and the new members are  school of piano in the Zah office just as folbws: president, Miss Ethel ice cream, cake and punch were serv-. Kennethtd" featured over t national chain which was conducted by the! vrs on last Thursday. .  for the past year. assisted by the following vis-I Mr. and Mrs. Orville Saltey and wrth of Snyder's Music Store. Forsvthe; vice ;:resident, Jnes; secretary, Kenneth Burwell The 1932 reception which can be rat- CHRISTIAN CHURCH NOTES Donald Slain gave the address of ed  a mt successful meeting, was Also Featurln ministers: Rev. H. R. Funk,! Jrs Daisy Gcblernan spent Satur- A. S. Maxev, Roy. J. Wayne lS" " - i-- in Decatur. y of Mt. t;, Re,'. G. C. aav snoppwg --.* For the third Sunday in June, we welcome aod Mh:Scl::7932Le'mbachqtd 7 =bYwi:gra::Ymitt!,e by 'hr [lr| Among those who were presen  ..ld say that last Sunday was a reonaea r .......... ; -..Ldick, Harold Tendick, A W. haf- of Latham and Rev. H. M.! the celebration of the 60th anniver- ....... " " lne czass wm was given u ........ grand and glorious daY all day. Fhe% . tine" and C--s prophecy by[fenacker, Blaine Duff, Miss Etta Upp, A captivating group of singer of Mt. Pulaski. Another gift sarv of the M. E. Church were: S?;" "-- --rzice was well attended ivaen .....  .... . .... .. Miss Betty Waddelt and Miss lrena and dars. rented to the church at this I Harry Blout, Roy. Staley, T.u. y: mormz, --^.,nced - an e:,u ............. .,-,.e  Laurine leicnie, m; tanerme.._. ,,,r," ! :':lcrenny :  " . . . e ana v ....... . ........ -- ave two mus=a numver, ..... -" - DANCING ee It was a reed organ for us der, Mrs. Henry Sehroth, Mr.  o,,a the Bible sehoo preeeomg " ; ? ......... __a Pu-ts" A delightful meeting f the au- one of the Sunday School depa : Mrs. Ed Felts and Mrs. Angeline Wa- ,-ell up to standard. ILth:[tetornatn Lit p:J=deI:tn=i;ed au S=ght (Jams club was held on Wedy from 9:00 to 1 :{)4) and was the gift of Mr. ann cape r of Mt. Pulaski; Mr. and Mrs. some of us went to cn .....  .... ,:**, *Ik on his aftern in the home of Mrs. El- tend the 60th anniversary ot the M.{qrY to mze  ,,,  L. J. Obery. The organ was pro- i Charles Colburn, Mrs. Harold Keys street. Mrs. ADMISSIONs75 cents a and installed by a hymn being' and son, of Beason; Mr. and Mrs. E. Churchs Brother Blout and sn of past experiences in Christian County. met Meister, North Vine on it by Mrs. Gladys Marshall. i Cerfll Benson and daughter and Miss his folks were there too. 2'here wa)kt This was well received. Dancing fol- Hazel Beckers and Mrs. Roy Carter son. Plenty of Parking Space. special music was furnished Janice McAllister of Lincoln; Mr. a mighty fine dinner, and an excellent I, Lincolnlwed' musicTrio, bei4 furnished by the were5) whichdeclaredwasthethehnrdiversionWinnerSof theat FREE this service by the Che.=tnu t male and Mrs. D.C. Humphrey and afternoon service, atternoon. Mrs. H. C. Gruber will  TO THE LADIE,%--A beautiful composed of Dr. J. W. Dunn, daughter uf Fa77hd: Cht=l; MM: :" At the evening hour we:enjoyed a the next club hostess, l lxl, rsonally autographed M. Williams, Rev. Strouse, N. b u " ......... : ................................................................. photogra!h of "Husk" O'Hara. Fnk Ho ........ , good children's daY program. We wish Mrs. George Brashear spent the ,rdell, William and Francis Myrick, Lois yeder, Mrs. I.!a w:;D,=r; Neuschafer and Fred B. Morris. nd Mrs Minnie walaron o: to express our'gratitude to all who'week end with her daughter Mrs. z " :" - m,t West and chfl- helped make this possible. We thank Atma Peterson near Cornland. Bargain Dance--Saturday Nite, .any. "The O1 Wayside Cross" Mr. and Mrs.. ,- nd Mrs. Ho- the orchestra, the young people, the FOR SALFN--Used round re- Ryan's Orchestra. ad "The Bells of St. Mary's". dren of Monticello; ....... decorating mmittee, thre who ar- J.J. Wilmert of Lincoln, was a it as e.rned :ha= at this 60th an-r.::r Maxey, cf Arnfing tn; Hey. and nd all othe frigerator, g.d shape. Dancing Sunday ,e , ........ -.,. - -'e 20 church mere- Mrs. A. S. Maxey, Villa Grove; Rev. raqged the program a " business visitor here Monday. He is n thls matter Ine V ad an*" -rt " " " uing a cane as the result of a re- Swinney's Plan. ........... fo :g Male luarre  r, hera p:'en: over 5:) year o " and Mrs. H. Ray, Funk Hume; Re,'. WhO n" " , , ....... ' Wcs]yan UniversRY , . .- cent /cration fro I which he is re- There were several present wh - ::r:d Mrs. Dudy, Latham; Miss Ka te came over after their prm at the cvering nicely Methodist Church and gave us three leSsed the dedication of the first Unger, Rushviile- Chestnut church Mrs Rachel Clark, A delegation from the the Chest- tine numbers. We are grateful to ..................................................... a member of the Chestnut church was nut Epworth League attended the dis- hgnored by" the distinction of being tr:ct convention at Loington Tues- them for their service. BUY BAYER'S ASPIRIN the oldest church member present, day, June 21 and returned with the Would you entertain one or two :, children from the fresh air group of At lhe had been a member of the honor of holding fourth place'in the Thi has nothing to do with ChUrch since it Was founded. ' district for efficiency in their work Chicago. Many former members, friends and for the past year. They the Fresh Air Taxicab Company "of PENS REXALL and program Amo 'n Andy fame but is an effort DRUG STORE PaSt=rs were remembered by the are also comdered one of the few A reading of letters from them at this standard Leagues of the district. The to get the children of the poor of Chi- Service. Such greetings included Rev. leading Leagues were as follows: (.ago out (f te grime and smoke for - ............ R E D G SA L E ".H. Flagge of Gibson City, Mrs" Graee, Detur 3644 points, Cerro tw weeks in the fresh air" If you A F LIPP FLOUR W. H. McGhee of Springfield, L. O. Gordo 3156, St. Paul's Decatur 232"2, will he}p let the pastor of the church {]OLD know about it. " " or PSBURY Dger of Athens, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Chestnut 2259. Those attending from INSURANCE Wes Chestnut were Marian Baker, newly Thursday eve,inn, July" 7th, the HmgA k l fiOc mAR fFanrnnSRock OfKartsC!icagO,Mr andMr" AmOSMrs. D. A. elected president, Hilma Park, Jes- Coton Blossom Singers will appear $ at the Christian Church. If Lb. CoOper of Owen, Wis., Mrs. " sie Ruth Myrick, Irene Unger, Ever-again Morrison of Mahomet, Dr. Darwin ett Baker and Rev. Strouse. you heard the colored boys sing last 'a . Sack Kirbyf Champaign, Mr. and Mrs- Mrs. M. M. WiUiams, superintend" year YU are sure to hear them a" 24 4 48 9 Grant Burton of Storm Lake, Iowa, ent of the cradle roll, is planning for gain this year. If you did not hear OF ALL COUNTRY L . ad Bert Lakin of Hcod River, Ore- a special service for the cldren of them last time, don't miss them this KINDS ,ok ,a gon. that department at the close of Sun- time. Oh Boy! Can those boys sing. We have our Bible School at 9:30 AVONDALE, 24-Lb. Bak 4; 48-Lb. Bak 79 Many talks were given by the day School next SundaY- and preaching at I0:35. aembers and visitors present, and PU0UVE SOAP 3 BARS I g -any incidents of the past were re- "ailed, some were joyous, some sad ILLIOPOLIS DEFEATS ad some humorous. A history of the i.OCAL TEAM SUNDAY OREAM CHEESE " ChUrch had been carefully prepared oble ot of the and written by Mrs. Fred Morris and Illiopolis to IT IS JUST AS NECESSARY teluded in the souvenir bulletins gi- local ball team Sunday afternoon to COUNtrY C%UB NNF.A00 2 .o Yen out at the morning service. A re- the tune of 9 to 6. COrd of the pastors of the church l- The box score tells the story: Slhm CANS O appeared in the bulletim The print- Mt. Pulaski tJlst you protect th peishsbl foo&00gs COUNt* C, . AB R H PO A E mg and art work in the bulletin was I ene by Rev. W.E. Williams of Anderson, If.- ..... 5 I , I 0 0i yo. buy ,as it is to insist when you buy PORK & BEANS 6 *" Atlanta. R. Gherry, 2b, ____5 I 1 0 1 0 C. McVey, ss-p, ___5 1 2 2 2 e111 that they are in first chss condition. FAMILY ASSOR The services of the day c'iwith t p-ss, __5 1 5 3 5 0 " .m.,  i the singing of the Doxology, prais- E. Cherry, of O-m  g God fOrcommitteethe sixty yearSthen tookf blesS-the W.RyamMcVeY,rf.3b, -lb' ____54021401 a# I]ANDY received through this church. The Snyder, e, ........ 3 0 1 0 0 0 , 2 , , You cannot ord to be without '-" It utdecratingflowers from the church to the iV- Ey, cf, - ....... ..... 4 0 0 1 0 0 "t Osse Jeet " o.,he ....... , o o o o , this ne.cessz y when you can own Cemetery to be Corn grves of members who have passed t Stoll, rf-3b, - ..... 3 1 2 0 2 0 on. Underhill, c,- ..... 2 0 0 0 0 0 F NO. 2 This anniversarywasconsideredalBrayfield .......... 1 0 0 0 0 0 A GENUIiqE 0. great event in the life of the chuchl Totals ...... 43 6 16 22 12 4 EMBASS BRAND ald has inspired its members with. I||i]is FRIGIDAIRE SAR ew spirit of a]priatAon ami loy'l'i McGee, 3b ........ 4 21 21 1 SALAD DRESSlN6 " ty. ': Lorg, cf, - ........ 5 3 0 1 0 0 Members of the Choir Williams, lb, - ..... 5 1 4 13 0 0 6R000 NewtryCI-b  j Sopranos---Mrs. Lee Waddell, Miss Hilton, c, - ........ 5 0 1 1 I 0  Ov Frh LOAF anice McAllister, Mrs. W. E. Baker, Sheean, rf,- ...... 5 1 20 00 FOR ONLY S0PJtTOH rs. A. S. Buehler, Mrs. B. N. My-Bickenbaugh, 2b, __510271 FEED ,. I 1 0 2 1 ck, Mrs. L. A. McVicker, Jessie Ruth Traey, s,- ......... 4 BEETS Yrick, Elva Abbott, Alice Rose, Eliz-Neff, If, - .......... 4 0 I 1 0 0 Av 4 CANS p, ____4 0 0 0 2 0 No.  abeth Waddell. " Mr& Totals __41 9 10 21 13 3 (]Altos--Mrs. Fred Morrm, i Hpkins' I]HERR00 .... 8turgeom ---y 2 NO. dys Marshall, Mrs. M. M. Williams, Score by innings: CANS Illiopolis ............ 106 001 010  rs. L. G. Strouse, Mrs. E. C- My- N1g U. S. NO. 1 IIJH lick. Mt. Pulaski ......... 010 020 0gl Teaors---Ferd Morris, H. W. Neu- Two base hits--Williams- "hafer'A'G'Liltich'L'G'Struse'Threeb'ehits--R'Cherry'Stll" Potatoes 15 director. Stolen bases--C. MeVey (3), E.] - Lb. Basses--M.M. Williams, Dr.J.W" Cherry, Ryan' Mc43ee (2), Long, A DAY Firm w. BANANAS rarcis Myrick, (bsent). Stack out, bY E, Cherry3; C. Accompanist---Miss Mildred Norris McVey---2; Hpkins--6" Committees in Charge Winning p.tcher, Hopkins; Lo,ir4 -- LMON$ :unkist' Size DOZ. C The following committees were in Pitcher, C. McVey- .,,. CENTI A LLINOIS TOMIITOE00 ':" Umpire, Manes- LI harge of the preparations. Adver, ScorerHorm Ripe ing: William Myrick, Leonard J. ._ry, Mrs. A. S. Buehler, Walter ume Humps ELECTRIC & GAS CO BArN 10c Organ, Mrs Alfred Wilson, Mrs. How Camels C  of the camel are stores . Smoked ar Cured id. LJ. Y Barber. In,rations: Mrs. E. The humps WIo m Half $ McMYrick, Mrs. J. M. Downing, Mrs. of flesh and fat that can be reabsorb- ae Laughery, Fred Morris, Albert ed to support the mals when there kin, Mrs. Harle McKinley. Pro- is smfficent food.