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June 16, 1932     Times
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June 16, 1932

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PAGE SEVEN JUNE 16, 1932 /00DE00TOWN ,:q I00UBY M: AYI00ES lice Doran became suspicious and in- vestigated to find the car had been s*,olen in Bloomington. Leaves For California Miss Lucille Tomlimson, who had, been teaching in the Odd Fellows Home in Lincoln, left for California for an indefinite visit with relatives. TEN YEARS AGO Farewell Dinner Given CLASSIFIED . ADS . . &apos; CLASSIFIED AD RATES:  a line with a minimum charge of 25. Fi- I gure 6 words to the line. things about me for saying that. 1 a on, w,/ih ,;r  in Ioe Pd always m.omised her that if she know uuite well ++-hat I'm saying. It }' u;; .... . ..... ' " -"- va ever free l would. I gave m.?'!woutdn;t be like going away with  aterman, a marines "_ - -* *+.-t I must Keep . Dennis--that was just a sort of bra- rgoes a nervous collapve word, ann i  ,,- . Tho,. was always a thought at the vado---defiance--to try and forget ;r the country Vo reuper-: S''L " . :- that perhaps some t you. I'd made up my mind to drat, DacR oI my mmu the care of Dr. Donald " -- tret better--and knov'! lots of champagne tonight just so I who Hves near the cottage l day she mlgnt gv . 't any- should not care, but if it had been lhe stays. She finds herself l didn't tell anybodvt wash painfully Burned " 's still iyou . I love you just as well every [ta love with the doctor, but body else's business, so she . Irene GingrY was badly burned a- to hold Dennis' affectkm.  always 'Miss Rosalie' to Mrs. Farmer! minute of the day as I do now. I the rest of the shouldn't care if you never kissed me bout the arms and shoulders white wife, tells her that she i I and Hobsonand to my 5fe, Diana ! or made love to me,at all, if I could playing with her dolls with several Dennis a divorce but he would i house hold. But she is it; he would have felt though we've never lived together : just be with you. Ive been so silly, other girls, They ++.ere giving the you said once that you didn't believe dolls a birthday party which called I'd ever met real 1o e. for a birthday cake. The little girls - , ' as man and wife. to marry Diana. Dmna s  ,,That,s all... Perh?:Lf:: st:; i Doetvr Rathbone is temper- i "I hadn't tilt you came. I must made a furnace of a few breks and idt Quixotic, but I the fire of a woman wname<ll P Y -- -- "-es I had given mY!have been waiting for you. Can you I;res:umably a spark from her, and ,t_sla . who lives in the doctor's word She s like a gentle affectionate I understand that, toe '' ignited tbe clothing of the little girl. " At last Rathbone finds that he a asking noth- 'You make me very humble, Diana.' -- childaways h PPY  -nd to h eri for-ard a little, trTing[ Delegates to Convention in love with Diana, but he :ing except that people are , "-- m"i She leant to her that Rosalie in his i She made very little difference o  to ee his face. Miss Lola Hahn and Mrs. F. W. life one way or the other tilltill I -Andwill you"" he aked. Snyder eft for Galesburg where they GO ON WITH THE STORY "Will I what, my dear':" terribly sorry for her, vo. met you, and then I realized what l . acted as dekegate to the Sunday "Let me live with you ,+'' School convention held there for 3 ered that she had done. think anything of me, but  "Even then I thought t only Rathbone turned suddenlY, roing lwee her, Diana, and we were meant that 1 should be the one to go for her through the dim light and days.. until . . until I got an on--suffering. You seemed so much taking her t him with he :trenW.h of FIFTEEN YEARS AGO. abroad. When I told her younger than 1 feelI never imagin- despair. ' it she . . it was the first time ed you mightmight gro to care "Let me kiss yodeler me kiss you. Give Social really definite wa spoken for me, and when I realized that per- SheliP u  :rer:!dd;i!au Ladi of the Mt. Pulaski Libary us. Perhaps I wasn't very haps--quite uneonsciouslYyu "'" th club gave a lam ocial and enter- mY best---a poor best, I a first kis tha s  tainment for the benefit of the M'. or perhaps I didn't really care had, I tried could not think, Library. A large never autiently well, but I tried can see nowtO keep you from real- end; Diana Pulaski Public her how impossble it was izing the truth. I don't think you ++-ill could no r ea+n; she was only con- crowd attended. knoW" what it meant to me .... scions of the passionate joy he emald not. There is no need' exer ...... rt you, and her, and when at last he let You every detail, and God ow I when ,ero nu . .. brought Here on Furlough I am not blaming her any  " . .-- vouwhen you a- he go, :he +ked with a .:,b: afterwards, ne... __. wa v with "And can you kis me like that Wi!hem Kautz, who had been at since his enlistment, I blame myself, but with- ed me to tell yon no to g  "it for here on furlough to visit his par- knowledge she told her hus- Waterman. I could hve borne and still want to send me away7" For Fort Sheridan . ents and friends. tt she cared for me, and she myself, but to know you were unhap- already .,he had realized the hopeless- was you didn't ness of her appeal. him to divorce her.. He re- p:perplexed .' that "I love Band C<meerts at Latham I have often ndered why, understand why I should seem so--- you so terribly," Rathbone ,, said, but it was no answer to her Announcement was made that the how he had always neglected unkind John Kames left for Colorado +to; ...................... ....... .hv Dnrin the weeg, i lZOt ,ALI--EtDy tl aa* m-] SEWING MACHINF-,S several dinners were given m hm non- 1 tress, rnone a. ] Repaired nd reconditioned by man " e din  ' " or bv his schoolmates. Th --, with 12 yea eperaence. W0k D: :eignl;;nF r s . ha cl and his aunt, Mrs. F.W. " t 44 Tixnes, Mt. Pulaski. question- (Continued Next Week) Then after a short time, she He stopped speaking, and Diapa m. Diana--if you knew haw said faintly: [ it is for me to tell you thi" "You mean that . she---Rosalie broke off agitatedly, but-Dianai ,, 'Like sweet bells jmagled---out of speak, and after a moment he tune,' " Rathbone quoted grimly. ma again: Diana closed here eyes. the end.. in the end . I a- There , a little silence; then she had nobody else who cared or thing you want me to do, if only it euld have 1yoked after herand doesn't mean I shal never see you raember that he laughed in my any more. We could just go on be- Fie gas a much older man than ing' friends." i[ WAY BACK WHEN |  FIVE YEARS AGO band concerts at lJl, tham wouk] start June 19th. Abner Shirk of Decatur had been secured as leader for the ason. TWENTY YEARS AGO. Takes Long Hike his dughter to take her away. We thought said again. , . - " had been accustomed to tak}ng ,,Perhapssome day--when we re C.H. Heckler and force her husband to di- both quite old--I shall wonder:f Automobile Wre<k early morning walks. They start Walter Sams and LmrXlyjesno rear, her . . She was so different in " days, gay and reckless, *never you have forgotten, me. Do yOU ,nu, mashup with their ] out h usUal brat kept gorng 2ntila hwe 0 s .... -ee of the Sam's were firmlly landed in bineom axer lag the cost of anything---only you will, Donald? "I shall never cease to think of town+ an :,+ but none meriouMY, hour and forty-five minute walk. t and tgruas ca driven for the moment...Then--the The ear tna u before we were to have gone you--and love Y:d'"me away from YOu  it them was by three young men from Niant. aa nearly killed in a motor acei- ,;'But you e, 7ktow that's what you Attend National Committee Meethag ghe was driving her own car, au ne , .... Stolen Car mean to do," she said with a cry of!  -- '- went to Chicago was alone. She was uneon- here on Attorney Smxxn days, and when she reedy-' ,t,%,hat else is there for me to do,{ she was as she is Raw --4ike pa Two girls were picked up wth a party <rf Springfield politicians of driving a stole car. " -- they could do toward i . ,, a charge stopped at Se Holmes gar- U, ee wrv   . . .-- She recognizes me, as she Dmna ..... times--! "lq- girls me, but only as an '1 could see you -Y'  --2--'age and asked for galme for  .traihtening out the tangm ox , was stalled Rep ublican national committee meet- child might, and that is couldn't I ? .- Not very otten  you everything that has hap- didn't want to---but just.--sometimes! car which they claimed in her life, is gone from her. I wouldn't care what people said if in the north end of town. Night Po-" ing. __ Paid a visit to see her husband you didn't+ I'll do anythingany- ai he said to me, 'Well, you've to pay already, Rathbone, and go on ,paying for the rest af It seems that he was right. hr down here to my house, ]va. Farmer came to look after Two years later her husband died I married her, Diana. You see, "Do you think we eouldjust go on being friends, Diana+'" She struggled for words in which: she could best express herself. "It seems to me that it wouldn't be such : a great._-wiekedneSs if you and I lived together, even if we ca never be married. Don't think all the wrong 6. & M, STORES JUNE SAL H(Yr SPECIALS THAT WILL HELP YOU KEEP COOL Bargains In Used Musical Instruments Kimball Player - Valentine Player Holland Piano - $100 $85 $50 Bush and Gerts Piano - $40 Kimball Piano - $25 Apex Cabinet Radio - $45 Silver Marshall Radio - $50 Alto Saxaphone - $45 Conn C Melody Sax. - $25 Slide Trombone - $15 HANGER BROS. LINCOLN, 1893 ILLINOIS MIGHTY HAAG SHOWS! 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