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June 16, 1932     Times
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June 16, 1932

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8ulmeription Price of THE TIMF h Only 51 Per Year MT. PU 8AM COPY 1 TIMES XXIX MT. PULASKI, LOGAN COUNTY, ILLINOIS THURSDAY JUNE 16, 1932. Number 46 Em0v Silver i 8th mence00nt IViaduct .Is 00F.W. 0bermiUer FLECTIONSI' " @ado Corn E i Almost Completedi By The Editor Exercises Next Saturday Program Over 200 To Receive Diplo- Death Monday an 00nv.tion: P:,,,J,, - under the l. r00iro00 actiOnwe werein ChicagOthe onlythiSoptomists ;week we UlUIU i Daisy C00uber Now at the of s00re00, is pro- t mas at Lincoln High sing rapidly and an immense a- -- , mount of dirt has been moved with- Highly Respected and Pro- keynote ..h and other  June Program of Cbristian Mrs. R. School Auditorium in  few days by the steam shovel . ef hilarity convinced us that the I Church Group Was empyed, minent Citizen Was Ae- full of them. emthusiasm some of the boys is really remarkable con- the strenuous times that witnessed the past several Why, When one stops to think that of conditions not be- he is almost ashamed of lows: !white silk and with it she ore a Two Mile Grove--Edward hick, levelled everything stan,.'ing in its He was one of the most active men Esther PinVoile.rue:--Harriette' Rule and ! alemn "ackettedaugJ hter of andMr.Whiteand. M.hat',. SheHenr, .is  wc.*Gerge Lester Hacke, .Merle Eu" gene. [ haV'aY" e as-dideffecti elyi,r . It emed" as ahke, cycloneplay coUldwor, afterin thehiscommunitYhealth beganUP tofailingand a SOme ef these same boys Cornet Duel "Moonlight on the Gruber, well known rldents of thm I Colvin*Fernola Reiterman, "Bes-to uFroot the largest of trees years ago and several 0ajor WIV- as enthusiastic during the Colorad:"--Georgiann Zimmermann city. M]. Lundberg wasborn a ndls:e Garrison, George E. Davidsen. I W.)rk on the sump that m to caxe years depends a good deal and Jane Underhill. I reared here, graauaung iron ne i Latham--*Everett Vaughan, Wil-for the surplus water at the low kind of treatment the suc- Cornet Duet, "Hedge Roses'--Flor-ii:al high school _.. !|Jam Har'ie Purcell, *lvah Melbatpont of the viaduct, is almost eom- Candidate accords them. enoe Van Hook and B. A. Tyler. 1 Mr. Lundberg s home is in Frmce-ICoueb ' Rondal Tuey, Ralph Eme-Ipleted. All that remains to be done Be raduated from the Prance a Piano Solo---Alice ,,ggs. It on. He g :;rick, Elizabeth G mes, Emery Atlen lis to enclose the pump house with it must be great sport at thaL! Cornet Quartette, Maryland My ton high school and then emerea Brashears. roof and the west wall. This will Maryland"B. A. Tyler, Flence Lincoln College, from which he later Deavers---*Car] Dean ttild, Mar-!corn feted when the electric pump Van Hook, Jane Underhill, Georgiann I graduated. While in school he was I We ..... Miss Daisy Gruber of this city amil The thh annual county com. I A gorge about 150 feet long, a- tive in County Affairs 11 Kecelved I Rueben I. Lundberg of Lincoln, me- I meneement exercises for eighth grade bout 50 feet wide from bank to - -- * , tored to Decatur last Thursday mo- I ;upils of Logan county schools will L:nk and sloping from level ground The usual large crowd was presen I mg and were quietly ] be held next Saturday in the audi- :o a depth of perhaps 18 *r 20 feetl F. . Ormfller, one of Mr. PII- at the deepest point is the result of I laski's best known citizens, passed at the June Silver Circle held m the i They then left in their car for Ium of the Lincoln eommunit just a few days work. t away at 1 o'clk Monday aftern basemert cf the Christian church on points in Wisconsin where they will :]:gh school. this Thursday afternoon. Each nun-spend a week's honeymoon before re- A very interestir program has The most intrestiPg pa of the i :e 13, 1932, in his home in Mr. Pu*, her, of one of the best programs of I :urning to Lincoln, to reside on bx-n arranged by c)umy superinten- work fr.')m a spectacular viewint,! l tieights, following an illrm of the series of socials, was well received ! Tenth street, dent. E. H. Lukenbitl. wzs the clearing ,f the right of way I :everal years duration, tlis and received liberal applause, i Mrs. Lundberg was marri.l in a The list of graduates and the of the many large and small trees! as not uruexd as he had The Frogram given was as fol- white spo outfit, lter dres was : sch91s they attended, follows: with the team shovel which soon I in very Poor health for serial weeks. lions within the  few years some what prolonged his life. Along With otbr physical il, he was a with cstaracts on  eyes which first dimmed his sight but in the lug few months his vision was mot e- tirely gone. the local politiclal fans kick out of hunting up I loud speaker and for- " ! of noted entertainers who are raising statement may have been t money to pay off the mortgage an *.heir church at Foddersburg, were much depends on who- lot its an "in" or an "out", that attitude. of bmh parties tune broadcasts. to get what measure of he can from the eid Party." to see how gouJ a job the ns- can do. good entertainment to on the part of in the present to delight the audience. The members of the troupe are Mrs. Ap- ple, manager; Arabella Allerdy, a aoted singer; Belladonng Blink, Shakespearean reader; Bertha But- tonbust" the comic one; Fatima and ra tubl, the twins; Dora Dumbly, rightly named, talks too :auch; Elaeus Emmons, gave n heart rendering ,pem; Perkins Sis- -rs, dramatic players presented the ply "Cast Out" a moiler-drama with the following cast: John Bullion, a rich merchant. Annie, their small daughter. Me Bullion, his beautiful wife. Jack Dalton, Minnie's former sweetheart. Zimmermann. I prominent in athletics. Mr. and Mrs. Vocal Solo---Louise Goodpaster Lundberg are both employe[ by the Mrs. Coran ApSe with her troupe Cer.tral Ilinois Electric and Gas com- pany. L C. FI.EMAN HAS HIS JAW BROKEN Cal Sanders, Illinois Central fire- teeth knocked out. He was taken to SL Clam's hopi- taft n Lincoln for ta-eatt, retakn- ing to hi borne in Cli, the first of the week. Dedication Deeds For Emden Spur Dedication  have been ceived for the state bond should we worry? out that the world la amt the same way re- of OUr own deep conviOjons krght and the other fel- leads us to wonder who is after alL we'll be rather happy get to a point where they moisture in terms of does the crops rather or evil effect it has on ,y the amty of the board of  :l J .  Rcos, Mrs. Wesley Scrogn,_ m the two miles of slab cn De ' . lum_a look of  _. Mayer, Mrs. Martin lmes, strutted as soon a - _ ..... l s - "di "'' m Miss Nellie Horn, half pity and half n - Mr W F Holes, o,-. The sur will follow me I ...... --" - --- Mrs. Henry tr,- I Miss Mauue ===,,- Emden-Union road ,rum rm --.'n tt i ton, Mrs. C. M. Merriman, Mrs. Hen- to the Illinois Central tracx a_ , t of this week wSll be _. t.,. Miss pauine Rctbwell and then cro to the west smfLT,: When the "outs" come to Miss Sophia Gulso.. --- * track and follow north mto m -" Tne tnuor, " .,, . .eld main usiness street. l,. Ch#atlan Church w_u .... i of the week, laying . ...... o By the end been completed reactmns will be the re- next sundY evemng at 7. "-- " vit will have The tmblic is given a cormal m -tcf slab from a point on Route 121 opposite tatien to attend. Emden to Sugar Creek south of it is hard for some of the other fellow's ver having had that thir I we are strong for coffee. denied that, we might too. tough on us during we made up for it a long said and done, pli may come and go; we | ave them and forget while. we living in the greatest on God's green w mighty proud of it. OF U.S. TAX NEAR $85,0. Music Orchestra. Song by school. Scripture lesson invocation--Roy" Staley. Welcome--Lily Mac Jackson. Exercise, ,,j unetide"--Begitmers" RecitationRhda Schaffenacker- Vocal Soi--"Jesus Bids Us Shine" Mary Alice. BuckleS. Exercise---First prima%lad,, - -Wh  I'm June Recitatmn-- Hartsburg. The paver began its op- erations at the creek and poured slab to Hartsburg ad paving was then begun near Eden  poured toward Hartsrg- County To Get Gas Fund July I I Roos. . Goodpasr. county will receive its share Recitation---Donald i Igan Song--Junior boys of the gas tax the first of July r RecitationWendell Staley cording to latest relun. Approximately $4,500,000 will be Song---School. Sond  proceed with their rood Fxevcise  -sunbeams"-- ting them to I programs. This money will come fr PrimarY. ! the collection of gas taxes in the Recitation---I)uane CopelaL Solo, "In the Garden" DorothY Guise. Recitation--Norton Kelp. Vocal Duet--June and Wayne Rues Recitatfio--C/harles Hanslow ExeThir d Primary. Offering. Rending--Jane UnderhilL HooP Dril]Eight Girls. Me." ..... ine-"Abide With Illini Graduates In Logan County Among the 2,300 seniors who re- :- their diplomas st the Univea'- v, *--' year are ten from t sity of Illinois m n County. I Lg idates for degrees from Lo- Cand gan county are: Weekel Down* ML pulaski---llph with hon- ing, B. S. public utilities, ors; Richard Hard Downing, Mr. economics- Miller, B. Atlanta._.Georg e Conral S, civil engineering- B. Enrich--Allan dward Garber, S. accountancy; Margaret Anna Ro- senthal, B. S. education- six months of this year. Some apprehension has been ex- pressed that county highways pro- jects would be delayed because the state used money from the gas tax fund, placing its anticipation war- rants into the fund. Mr. Sheet's statement allaYS that fear. ] A _?as _ ..t. ,-as tax fuO arm rev from t  ....... ,= Of that" b- anticlpatmn wa=,,-- __ _ - . *our.n000 has been rurm leaving $10,910,000 of state oteu still in the fund. NEW HOURS OF SERVICE the fol- Im n'er months will go into effect for the time of servicu nt St. Thomas Aquin- ss Catholic Church of Mt. Puiaski: On the first, third and fifth Sundays of the month Mase will be celebra- ted at 9:30 a. m., and on the second and fourth Sundays of the month, ma will be celebrated at 7:30 a. n Auto Turns Over i But No One Is Hurt garet Clements, *[enneth PatLerso! installed and Ring--*Deiward Leimbach. Fair Haven Cteatus Leimbach. Roe Dell*Harold :l:hurrker, the conrtections are made. Chas. J. Behler who built the a.p na practically finished his ar' : the corrract and is moving the uipment this Thursday morn- ;rig. 'Ihis crew of workmen will re- urn here when grading is finished, t build the spillway, stairway and ke the required connection. is Donnan, Gladys Mc2ain, Dorothy Brown, *Eileen Juanita m Bean Com. ConsolidatedArthur Smith, *Raymond Gehlbach, *Kath- erine Yo Helen McCance. BethelMarian Rude. Every care humanly possible to bestow, was giver him during his illness by a loving wife and dug- tell. Mr. Obermiller had been p in business, civic and political ct_rle of the county for many years. He was a well known grain dealer of years ago, conducting elevat at Burtonview, Kenney and ML Pulaski. MRS. MARY ZOEFFER In politics he was a republican, rv- DIES AT ATLANTA ing this city as postter during Mrs. Mary Zoffer, 72, passed away the McKinley and Roosevelt admin- :n L:ncoln Tuesd;y afternoon follow- i iration. He was e precinct eommit- .ng an ended ilhm. She was born in Smarville, Call- iceman for several terrr, acted a liee magistrate of the city and fornia and was married to George the time of his death he held the Zoffer. One son, Norvan of Atlar, ta;ioffice of Justice  the Peae. He al- a sister, Mrs. Jamn Everly,  two o erved as ident of the board brothers, Edward and Orrin Felt of of education in 1895. Mt. Pulaski, survive. Frederick W. rmiller was born Smith *Dorothy W, Helena omt. Blue Grass---George Deavers, Wil- liam Goeda. Clear CreekLouise Brandt, Alma Smith, James Wiams. Hunter *Harry Burrus, Jsmes Kirby. Co;:eland*Ethel Fulton, *Helen Mnsser. Seroggin *Paul MarshalL Mt. Pulaski Zion ImtheWil- bert Haseley, *Mildred Niekrenz, Helen Schaefer, *Bernard Wit*rock, *Erwin Knauer, Harold Braun, Ed- win Unland, *John M. Horn, *Julian hmidt, Gertrude Weft. Lake Fork*Howard Bryson, Mil- dred Phillips. Buckle* Michael Tierney. IAugher--'barles Carter. Bn--- *Clifford Vandevender, *Thomas A. Gupton, Jr. French's Chapel--tDunald Bert- rang, *AI French, *Wilton Buch- holz. Sugar Grove---Donald W.. Snyder. Industry*Verna Stoll, *Esther Gluick. Doolittle--*Virginla Duff, *lavon- na Urquhart" *Francis *Woodrow Steinhauer. (Continued on pege 8) Rev. and Mrs. Heyne Visit Relatives Here Services were conducted at the in Stuttgart, Germany, April 6, 1856 Wurth, Church Funeral Home in Atlant at and died a the ge of 76 years, 2 Voyies, 2 p. m. today. Burial wss made in months and 7 days. He came to the Chnut. United States a-nd Educational Tour Soy,, they Mrs. _, E. L ad sister, wedding anniversary on  They have resided in Mt aski a. Mrs. Lorah Z. Lil, ex to leave bout 40 . on Sunday June 19 for a trip thru the east on an edneat tom, sponsored by the Abraham Lil Travel club. The tour is as follow: Leave Springfield Sunday o C. & A. railroad to Chicago, then transfer to the B. & O. railroad with the fl stop Harper's Ferry; then / Wa- ington with a visit to Arlington Na- tional cemetery. Also to Philadelphia, New York City, Buffalo and Niagara Falls. At New York they wiil be pri- veleged to board and inspect the French ocean liner "Franconia" m at Niagara Falls they w/B have a dayliff and night view of the falls. The trip will cume six days. Roy. and Mrs. Edwin Heye and six children, Long Prairie, Minn-, ar- Z. Lipp, Wilbur StolI, Ray rived on Monday with her mother, i Schlacter. Mrs. George Voile, Paul Mrs. Catherine Lee**erie and sisters Moo ' Mris Myers, Virginia Un- Miss Winifred Loet and Mrs. Herbert Yaueh. Rev. and Mrs. Heyne are on ir way home following a trip to Kan- Alumni To Honor '32 Seniors Tonight The Alumni Association will honor the class of 1932 with a gala rece- lion, to be held at 8:15 o'clock Thurs- day evening in the high school gym- nasium. A large host of alumni mem- bers and guests will. attend and all indications points toward a very pleasant evening. A short program will be presented in a novel way, featuring Mrs. Lovah derhill and others. An added feature ;will be the bird of WTAX, a delightful trio cmpos of Miss Reba Swinney md two young ladies from Speld. Paul Moore's orchestra has  se- cured o furnish music for the da. Attractive ri will be given in bridge, five hundred ant pinochle. Since the admission charge is only , no erie can really afford to stay awlty. Science Club At Weller Home Friday Mrs. ris Weller will be ho#ess at her home on North Vine street to members of the Mt. Pulaski House- hold Scieree club for the rrmnthly meeting which is scheduled for Friday sas City, where they ded the graduation exercises at the Kansa dents there, the former graduating this year ha Arts and Sciences. On Tuy a family reunion was held east of the city at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Yaueh when all of the above mentioned and Mr. and Mrs. AIfred le and daughter of De- catur were present. " On Wednesday, Roy. and Mrs. He,me, will visit in Decaatur wi his relatives and on Saturday of th week they expect to start for their home, makmg stops at Chicago, Milwaukee and S Paul Knights Templar and a few ye - go he was pmtsd  a jewel emble of 50 rs of continu- ous membership in  L O. O. F. He was a member of St. John's Ev. Lutheran church. Surviving are his widow and the follng nine daughters: Mrs. Jo- seph H. Gon, Mrs. Harold Me- Math, Tacoma, Wash.; Mrs. Oscar E. Wolcott, ; Mrs. Charles Curmingham, Peoria; Mrs. Fra G. Aderas, Mrs. rge B. Croll, Chica- go; Mrs. Leigh W. Lucas, Mrs. War Harper, Mrs. Carl Yoder, Mt. Pulas- ki. Their only run di in infancy. Left also are ten grandchildren a three sisters, Mrs. Louise Moser, L starts, Baden, termany. Relatives, neighbors and friend from far and near gathered at the family home at 2:30 o'clock on Wed- rcsday fernn June 15 for the fun services which were m charge of the Mastic lodge cf Mt. PukL Roy. J. Wayne Staley conductc the .,:ervices at the home. Mt. Pultmki Commmmiery K. T., and members of the I, O. O. F. attended the fune in a body and formed an escort to the Mr. Pulaski cemetery where tke Masmc rites were given by L. Jo Wiley of 12catur who was an old and close friend  Mr. Obermiller, During the home services, Mira Viola Drobisch and Miss Florence Wagner ered two duet, "'Lucid, KipMIy Light" and "In The Garden" to plan:: aompaniment by Mrs. J, H. Stuart. Pallbearers were W. A. Drobisc1% W. A. hafer, B. F. Ely, C. W. Upp, E. A Downing and Harold Tomlin- On. ven of the nine daughter apl their fam41ies were present at the funeral as was also his sister, Mm. l)uise Moser. Mrs. Gordon and Mrl McMath who live in Tacoma, Wash, th of whom had been at home since their father became ill, were u dertake the long journey at time. will pay next year, approximatelY mm appropriated by to balance its line of busi- the new tax sched- brokerage houses lines and tele- be hit not only in i their busine is a tax lint n hoolder Melt. ch.00 Lincoln--- __ =o;m-,; J %" Kern, B. . Dorothy M. Riebe, A liberal arts .",,  arts aria Jane enCes; Ja sci - arts ; Carl B. llbers_I_ -'-o B S chemie en- William larcn , " " B. A. Tyler and Mr. and Mrs. Joe I CONCERT MUCH E:NJOYED Delbert had a very fortunate escape '. The Cvie orchestra concert last from serious injuries last Thursday week was well received and many evening when Tyleds car turned or- pliments paid the organization. er six miles east of Sullivan. ' Another concert will be gven on In turning a r, the brakes on Ju 25. the right front wheel locked w- the car over on its side and shaking PILGRIMAGE TO CHILDREN'S -neering; Harold M. gt g uol of pharmacy, the oecupants up considerably. They no. ts - I were able, however with the as. ance of passersby to  the Mr. SCHOOL AT NORMAL A number of ML Pulaski residen are p'ng on visiting the Legic's af.,ernoon June 17. Mrs. Chri Wel- let will be assi  Mrs. Ruth Long, Mrs. Emma Shrader, Mrs. Margaret Hahn. Miss Della Wash- burn and Mrs. Helene Sereggin. The pgram will olmn with a song to be selected and roll call responae will be "Jokes" which will be follow- Legion Not Backing Bonus Army Drive Never mind the "Bous Army" aiM[ t publicity they are getting. M0 ed with the business session. During of these boys are our buddies but W@ the ro table  d4seussion will believe they are wrg in their pi to the om ways of can- Better lay off ts subj seled