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June 9, 1932     Times
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June 9, 1932

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JUNE 9, 1932 THE MT. PULASKI TIMES, Mr. 00UBY M. AYI00 E,S in love with a married man, ! Waterman, has a nervous am a result of the gay life of: society. Her aunt, Mrs. takes her to a doctor, who to the country for a rest. has a country home Dermis calls at the cottage for a long trip. He America that he is there his wife. Diana finds more interested and questions her Starling, about him. She questions Jonas, a farm boy of about a woman site him, breathles and exhausted. She moved her head from side to side with a dull feeling of suffocation, and Rathbone said quickly: "How far have you been running? What is the matter, Diana?" "Nothing." She laughed harshly. "Oh, notg, ex.cel t- *0utt once mor. I've discovered that life is only a rot- ten, beastly sham." He let  ps, an she went on fin quick,'exeiti tones: "We're always wrong about people no matter how well we think,we know them. I'll never believe in any- one again as long as I live." With Rosalie, Dr. Rathbone Diana's cottage, yes  from Dennis arri g from Americ That what might have been a between Diana and He leaves; later Dennis his return will be de- thirsting for love, thoughts in Dr. Rathbone's honse. She had been wrong about Linea is Rosalie. Then I)iamt too; somehow she had always re- in the woods; she I spected DenniEs wife and envied her and leaves Diana puz- I her poise and integrity even though she had once so foolishly hated her, I the meeting in the rnd n=w she had discovered that Lin- da was playing the same game as the rest of the world, ,meeting another 1 man secretly, lying about it to her I husband (not that that mattered!) in I a fugitive chase after the .el umve I sham called Love which, even f you j caught up with it, never gave you ay l i rcal -eace or sstisfation, but only i turne to rend y. J again to Dr. "I'll never believe in anyone agaln l Regardless o4 the las long as I live," Diana cried, pas-I She is thnking of him sionately, and covering her face with  she moved her arm a little, half fur- tively, as if she still feared him, and then with a swift, confident movement she clasped it round his nak. "Oh---do you love me---after all?" she sobbed, her cheek a-- his. "Didn't you know?" She shook hex  her t hair brushing his face. No . . not after you went away like thaL" "I had to go . . It was all I eod do for you." -And---now?" she breathed, She felt his arms tighten around her for a moment, but he did not an- wer her whispered question, and she repeated it, changing her posi- tion a little, trying to see hs face, but he kept it hidden agairt her. "My dear cne---you know I am not free," She caught her breath. 'Yoa meaRosalie ?" "Yes". There was a long s,lene. Then be dced slowly as if she dreaaea ne answer and yet must know: -Wh3---who--is she. v thng She could fee! the hea ry of her heart against her own. "She'= mywife--Diana." D:ana's arm fell from Rathbone's shoulder and for a moment she lay quite gill. her mind a blank, her body Rosalie, Diana resolves Rathbone She goes to his she stands at the front big police dog leaps she feels his teeth tear- saves her from the wounds and takes her to Both realize now love, but Dr. Rathbone he can me no more because of things in he refuses to explain. her to go back to London. Waterman comes to the visit her, but she does not presence as she once did. to London, and ar- rest Dennis in a rivate a restaurant. While she is fer him Dermis' wife, Linda her hands she began to sob. limp; then ith a swift, movement Rthbone sat wry still, his head she slJyped from hi arms, falling averts& He could see that Diana was, back helplessly onto the seax bend utterly overwrought and knew thtl her;. -:--' Such a noibility had -- --, received a evere  111s .  ..... e mu I sh ........  was not and this t never crossed her rains. .... shock, .... ever doubted the trtn ox to s and pre She n moment for mm s _Pk':-..,mt t,o ho had iu sin& Rathbone sently she went n, .... t would never lie to her. bitter $Olmmg. with her - --- ^n - ti-wife' ' eVen lOVe y uv xx  "People don t .... think about I Presently Rathbone touched her estly. It's not you zoey ---ves. Men don't hand, rousing her. all e4dy at Dennis never told you divorce hkn,'" she says. (IO ON WITH THE STORY "Yes and I really At first I did he is not in the world, and I am and attractive. Any- refused. I suppose it his plans. I aure you with outraged dig- a most amusing perform- Diana said agi eyes to IAnda'a u "Is that really the Imiully. I ouble to lie about I Would not teuble to lie i kw. . I With some feeling, Im hurt yot I'd hate to do l "It's true---you know it's ..t.rue," hurt myself so often is he challenged him. fiercely. mr; ,selves, ordy yourselves., tts au , rn w swl a middle-aged gray- I came through the i a  h uam him say, Well, my look they exchanged abe was quite for- on into the retaurunt gone Dimm eem- She must get away one mic-etrioken get away before could never bear any more. back to the Creature e with her. She little cottage and of With almost te Soon enough oould she London. in a corner of the stil lest some freak of her fuse to face She only breathed was safely at the is the next train, , mis--first stop you run you will just long swix ham- caught them up wpatient inelegance; 1 rather than miss that already blown his porter dashed open a car-I assisting her with geremptorily, ! stand away." ghed hysterical- was already seated aug to his feet and by her shoulders I Over her long frock was a nar- speak ou care abot--I don't believe in You any mo, el-either. You're e - - - - ^+k-rs" Her wors were torn by her passio momg- "You know I loved you . I suppose you meant me to- and then you didn't want me to tell you. I suppose you were afraid I should be a nui ance to you. You'd got one woman on your hands already - Kidn even say good-bye - didn't sure-- @bout me, or writ:  to me." -Diana" She went on imssiontely, utterly "It's true, you "if wouldn't have mse it ' and lived Iif I'd gone away and-- with half a dezen me. as lon as I didn't worry you . anY more You think Y oure righteous--pre- tended to be - and all the time you - -1" ust--4ired of me--I sup- po- ,,Diana.  kenly. . .... ent he lesned Wth a -  - her wrists m hisl and toog vo, from over .... sds away I g  - grasp, d.. face. He held them for I her COIl vinyl" 'Iis is our tiou, " care what  of any women long as they get what theYmadeWant . "tI She stOOdwarmlyUp aroundntlY'her, folding We're just here., to be use l her cat oL It isn't love . it's all a pretem Hobson was on the pinworm. . just hateful . . damned., beas Rathbone spoke to him. linens. You're all the same, not one "I'll drive myseLL Can you get a of you worth a single tear, and yet lift bk ?" "y, sir." we go on . . hopiz "We're such fool, breaking our  they were alone again, hear wishing we coukl die.. " driving through the quiet rosd "Dianafor God's sake-----" Rathbone had not turned in the of the cottage, but Dian hardly ; ahe sat beside him, lost in a kind of stupor. Rosalie w his e; that meant eternal separation; she could not find room for any other thoat in her bewildered mind. prezenty they were out in the eoun try in a nab.row road with tre over- head and hedges on either sid;  : lights of the car lamps threw each separate object in glaring rlkff before it swirled past them again in- to lkne.  hd et the winde dow and the coo/air, sweet from i flight over fields and valley, blew on her tired fa, reviving her a itt. The quiet hum of the enffine ed to be mring the same thing over and over again: "She's hi wife . . she's his wife . she's h wife," till she felt that she must cry out in prot--- Then r mew the car te the roads and  Fo a moment he sat silent at tim wheel then he asked: "Will you believe what 1 am gogug tell you, I)iana?" She moved her head in listless as- sent. e" "Oh, Y if even yet he e. His quiet voice was a ittle shaken a moment as_ as he went on: trust himself sutciently to rl -First I want you to know that ! the truth, and then, with a exclamation he bent his tlsce   love you with all my heart and soul m tightly tnere, and that I should count myself the hands, holding  :nst their softne, i moOst blest among en if I closing his eyes ag - ms in Pus-  could ask you to be my wife . but 1 t his lips pressed to their  cant. I ' he stopped, contin- [ sionate kisses. ,,  uing again with increasing difficulty: I ,, " a .Dis- " no "Then I want you to know about--t Dian * " .--, still so . She was uaaeL.v __ h;s d 'be lie. I have never ld any livng' : her eyes were ou - in little soul but you I satl never tell any-" mere ...... ,ng ..- hoa her oreaun ' a._,4 lips as lone else. It all happened so long ago gs trom  psi - 'twelve years, soon after the war. if each one was a .sep e---she was the wife of a friend till at last he looked up. : F lone mnent they held .or of minH decent fellow f a r s  not r 'ga's ---  man's point of view, buta man who :eading in eh othe --er and to ok shuld never have marrie& He didn' lo00; women or to. ,:en Rathbone -dnt-Up. su- She 't hapy with his. I WaS a - rrow and cy . their so . her to hm, young man then, and he---she was her in his s, rz been a kind during to her. P ULASKI, ILLINOIS I J F I PAGE SE l CLASSIFIED .. ADS.. I / CLA881FIED AD RATIO:  a Bne with a minimum charge of 2. Fi- gure 6 words to the line. F OR SALE--Kimball Piano. $261 SEWING MACHINE8 Guaranteed.--Hanger Bros. [ Repaired and reconditioned by man Ith 12 years experience, wk STILL WANTING a modern home  guaranteed. Addre-, Box 38, care of to Mt. " rent. Call 144. 1 ]' Pulaski. CHESTNUT Mr. and Mrs. Dotal Shull and family attended a surprise dinner Sunday, ffiven in honor of Mrs. Ben Rwe of Lincoln. About 30 relatives and friends were preent. Mr. Ch. Colburn of Beason tran- sacted business here on Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Gallagher de- parted for Lincoln, Nebraska, Wed. nesday m0rnjpg to remain for six weeks. The work vn the Bean-Chetmt road s proffremng nicely. Mrs. Win. Schaffenacker and sou Harold of Lincoln were Chestnut via- H I Mr. Lewis Kohler and s-o-ns-'EVer- BUCKLES . and Orville went to Monday with a load of stock. Doris and Esther Jean Litterly  Mr. and Mrs. Art Baumgardt and daughter Dorothy motored up spent Thursday afternoon with Mac Chestnut Sunday evening to visit her and Louise Wilham. !parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lakin. Mr. and Mr. Geo. Suedmeier en- Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Wilson f tertaird relatives from Decatur Chestnut visited h Sunday with Sunday. i her sister Mrs. Robert Burton and A number from th vicinity at-family. tended the flover show in Mt. Pu- laski Saturday. ,I LAKE FORK WIN8 Eldrid Kemmer of Mt. Pulaski FROM CHFTNUT 5 to 5 The Lake Fork Merchants won a ctose game Sunday from Chet by a score of 6 to 5. The winners collected twelve hits while Koehler hem the visitors .t five. R. IAtterly lead the hitting wPdt ewo singles and a double in five at bat. Lake Fork is seeking games for the remainder of the season those wishing games write Harold Stults, Lake Fork. Lake Fork will play at Mr. Pulmtkt next Sunday, the game to be called at 1:30. MT. PULASKI THEATRE Fri. & Sat. June 10-11 were Decatur visitors on Tuesday. Mi-s Helen Baker who has been chin at East Lynn the past t returned to her home for the summer vacation. Miss Gerline Wi]zon returned Monday evenin from Lake Fork where she visited her aunt, Mrs. R. O. Burton for a week. Friends of Mr.-J. M. O'Brien are ased to see him back home and able to be about Lfter several weeks illne. Mrs, Nellie Lows, wife of Roy Lwe, passed away at her home west of town at about 10 o'clock p. m. Sunday. Her death came a a shock to her many friends and relatives althogh she had been in poor health for se- veral.years her condition was not re- garded as ser'ns. The Chestnut Epworth League held a party in the basement of the M. F Church on Friday evemz and their guests for the eVening were the Mr. Pulaski Ltgu. Everyov enjoy- ed the social gathering. spent Sunday afternoon with Mib dred Aderman. Mr. and Mrs. Fred IAtterly called on Mr. and Mrs. John Earhart Sun- day afternoon. itors on Tuelay. : al Rentmeister visited her aunt Mrs. Edith l-wis of Bloomington Mrs. Uriah Tendick over the weekend. is visiting with her brother, Dr. J. i The Memor,al exerci held at W. Dunn and fany. Carlyle cemetery Sunday afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Orville Safley, Mrs. were largely attended. Floyd Meadows and daughter Grace Mr. and Mrs. V. C. Shepler and Mrs. Addye England of Lincoln cal-] led on Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Rickor 1 Saturday afternoon, l Mrs. John Earhart and John t Kerchner are attending court in Lino I coln this week. They are witnesses 1 in the Lake Fork Drainag Case. LAKE FORK children from neao Latham and Mrs. Henry Sandfleavin and Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Masterson and children from Ln visited Sunday with their parents Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Pe- ters. June the 6th was the 83rd rthday anniversary of Henry Munyom Mr. and Mrs T. A. Miiehan were callers in Lincoln Saturday. Mr. Homer Tarbox of Springfield is spending a few days here with his father Mr. M. F. Tarbox and broth- er Noris. Claude Mileham o1[ Broadwell was here Sunday  on old  and relativt Mr. and Mrs. fdle Shrader and children were callers at the home of her tmrent Sunday evenin Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Munyon. Mr. and Mrs. John Sa nd James Coats and Clyde Myon were shoppers in Stld aesday, Mr. and Mrs. Lee S and ehlb dren of Harg were the guests here Sunday of their parents Mr Mrs. Dick Stults and Mrs. Fui Mr. and Mrs. Harry Platt . to Bloomington Sunday to see her sister Mrs. Cloe Jenner, Mr, gnd Mr Lloyd Koehler of Springfield were callers here Monday at the home of his parents Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Koehier. Mr. and Mrs. erett Hanes and baby were here Sunday vmiting his mother Miss W. M. Bryson and oth- er relatives. Mrs. Sarah Stratton and son Wayne spent a few days with Mrs. Fred Held the lust of the week. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ross and family of Springfield visited here Sunday with her mother and family, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Munyon and while  they attended the Decor- ation at the Carlyle . Mrs. Henry Hsy- of Sprlnd visited here Stmty with her dglhter, Mrs. Robert Burton who has been very poorly and while here called on old frtead Willis GMfney moved into the Dr. Dean  Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence WHham and children visited at the home of her imrents Mr. and Mr G. W. Munyon Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Gusaway and i t i LAUREL-HARDY Admission 10e & 25 i You See, It Was Like This .- .- By r, a,d "1416 ?0tC.bL