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June 9, 1932     Times
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June 9, 1932

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PAGE FOUR THE Mr. PULASKI TIMId. MT. PUL&SKL ILLINOIS THURSDAY, JUNE I I  ii Newsy Portrayal of 1 ! Milts Dothy Ann Downing of th ST JU The Nazarene congregation city was 1 among the 23 honor ne 21st 00ted fo, . term of txt'--a' ra ppenmg Us----'- - st Lincoln College for the [ (Continued from ira. l) , ' former St. A past school year. Truckers t Bank customers who write checks church lulding on East AB R H O E will do so a little more thoughtfully have made some needed I MARY ARNOLD Harrison, ss .......... 3 0 1 2 0Iafter June 21 when a tax on all on the interior and exterior 1 TAKEN TO HOSPITAL C. Buckles, 3b ....... 4 2 2 2 0 t checks written wilt have a charge of building. A new roof, new VISITORS AT JESSE STARKEY ! Miss Mary Arnold, daughter of Mr. Purgit, 2b ........... 3 1 1 1 0 two cents made against them. and the north and south ACKERMAN HOME CALLER MONDAY [ and Mrs. William Arnold was taken 1 Walsh, ss ......... 3 0 0 3 01 Collection of the new two cent tax were bulging out, were Mr. and Mrs. Art Woodrum were to St. Clara's hospital on Tuesday W. McVey, lb ........ 3 1 1 2 0 on checks, drafts and similar instru- with the id of two stout Jesse Starkey of Lincoln, was a] isitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. business visitor in the city Monday. 1 afternoon suffering with an attack Henslough, p ........ 3 0 1 2 0 ments will cause no inconveniece to drawn from wall to wall.   Ackerman west cf town Fri- He took home a nice Lot of baby t of apendicitis. Horn, c ............. 3 0 0 2 0 bank depositors of the country, but The Nazarene A. Witt, If .......... 3 0 1 3 0 will be handled entirely by the hanks, has been recently day evening, chicks frova the Chest_nut hatchery. GUESTS WEEK END C. Tendick, c ......... 3 0 1 3 0 The banks will pay the tax to Pulaski, is enjoying a steady WINNERS CLASS GUESTS AT AT BOTHWELL HOME McCann, rf .......... 3 0 1 2 0 the treasury at the end of each since holding services MET LAST NIGHT SHOUP HOME Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Nichols, Miss Totals .... "_ ..... 31 4 921 0 month. During the period, the bank their new and permanent ho The Winners Bible Class of the Mrs. A. F. Schlitz and son Frank, Miriam Nicholas, princeton and Mrs. Merchants will keep count of the number of Methodist church met on Wed- Decatur, are visiting this week in the Russell Bronsodn, Jacksonville were AB R H O E cheeks drawn by each depositor and NAZARENE CHURCH nesday June 8 in the home of Mrs. home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. J. week end visitors in the home of Mr. Humphrey, p ........ 4 1 3 2 01 at the end of the month enter the We are holding revival Charles Brooker, North Vine Street. F. Shoup. and Mrs. T. L. Rothwell. L. Holmes, c ......... 4 2 2 2 O charge against hi6 account and en-lery night at 7:30 o'clock. Oar E. McVey, 3b ........ 4 1 2 3 01close a statement in the depositor's; pastors, Bey. and Mrs. Colli MONTHLY MEETING RETURNS WITH RETURNS TO B. Aitchison, ss ...... 3 1 2 2 01 cancelled checks. Counter cheeks I preach. The interest is OF WOMAN'S CLUB NEW FORD CHICAGO AFTER VIS iT Deibert, 2b .......... 3 2 3 1 0  which are cashed by the depositor at l Come and hear the real old A. W. Schaffenacker, manager of Miss Marie Sams returned to Chi- B. Jones, ss .......... 3 1 3 0 0 ! the bank are not taxed. I Bible Standard, Holy Ghost, denTheunitm°nthlyof the Mt.meetingPulaski°f Woman'sthe gar- the Community Motor Co., returned eago on Wednesday following a ten F. Taimadge, lb ...... 3 0 0 3 0 :o: I gin preached. club wjH be held Friday afternoon from Chicago on Monday ith a new day's visit with her parents Mr. and C. Ey, If ............. 3 0 1 2 0! VINE STREET OILED Bible study, Sunday June 10, in the home of Mrs. George Ford sedan. Mrs. Frank Sams, living east of the Myrick, cf ......... 3 2 2 1 01 A heart layer cf oil has been 2 .. m. Come and study J. Smith, North Belmont street, city. F. Holmes, rf ....... 3 1 1 2 0!spread from the end of the Vine with us. and be spiritually street pavement to McDonald treetl po°r, great and small are __ Totals ......... 331119180 nd then east to the slab on route attend. VI3ITING HERE Score by innings-- HOME FROM FROM CHICAGO VISITING HERE Truckers .............. 000 310 01 ] 121. Township highway commissioner : WOOD'S COLLEGE Mr. and Mrs. Royal Carer and FROM CLINTON Miss Dorothy Connelty who attend- Shirle)., Chicago arrived a few days Miss Gwendolm Tribbett of Clinto Merchants ............ 106130 George Suedmeier, supervised the More than 25,000,000 work which was done at state ex- one-fifth our population, live ed William Woods college ,at Fulton, ago to make a month's vacation vis. is visiting her aunt. Mrs. H. L. Har- Hashslingers pense, ether than the ones in Mo., this past year. is home for the and her parents Mr. and Mrs. George grave at present. She will remain un- were born. summer vacation, it with his mother Mrs. Emily Carter til the middle of the month when she AB R H E O S:lyder a.d other relatives, will leave for Glendale, Calif., to be Snyedr, c ........... 4 1 2 0 3 __ with her father, Orville Tribbett. Peters, p ........... 3 1 2 1 2 WAS THIS YOU? REV. BLOUT ATTENDS- Slett.0erer, ss ...... 3 0 2 1 3 PA INLESS DISTRICT MEETING . SAN SOUCI GUESTS Conaway, ef ........ 3 2 3.2 . Walking'do.m the east side of EXT[tACTION Bey. Harry M. Blout. paster of, the AT COUNTRY HOME MUGAMS MELT Barney, 2b .......... 3 .{}° 2" 1 the square with a borrowed screw dL Pulaski Methodist church attend- Mrs. H. H. Buckles living south- AT GLOSE HOblE Deibert, rf _____: 0 0 0 3 driver i.o put-'a 7rye_e.-..Or 67,7 With Novocain ed a district meeting of Metkodist west of the city entertained members Mrs. R. I. Leef and Mrs. F. A. Stunt ' " ......... 3 0 1 1 3 Sticking your head in at The ministers held in the First Methodist of the San ouci club on Thursday Penniman: re the honor 2e a -  "' Cnaway, s 3 0 0 1 2 Times office and asking us when Guaranteed Dental church in Bh)oming-ton on Tuesday. afternoon. Th diversion was 500 and eeting °f.h e ............. MuGams Moore, If 3 0 1 0 1 we're going to go to work? Prices .n Keeping he honors were awalxted o afternoon in Robbins, 3b ......... 30100 PLATES WILL SPEND SUMMER .-' Ross ad Mrs. Cecil C.E. Glose, North Total .......... 314 14721 THIS SOUNDS BETI'ER AS LOW AS .... ITH MOTHER -- The next hostess will be I West Side Mr. H. J. Vibie Other Vulcanite Miss Reva Vollewh taught,in the CHFTNITT :liner Meister. . AB R H E O Mt. Pulaski, Ili. $17.50. $20, $25--Hecolite New Athens Hig S.2hool la  school ATTENDING F. Wagner, e ........ 5 4 4 0 0 Dear Sir: Extraction free with year, will spend the vacation, months Clarence Gal CALIFORNIAN HERE i 0nng, p .......... 5 1 3 0 2 with her motheffMrs. Celii Voile, five Chestnut FOR A VISIT Bill Ey, 2b ......... 4 0 1 1 3 I am very much ")leased with the llates. miles east of tas been he will at- Richard Leslie, a former welll Bertoni, ef .......... 4 1 2 0 3 ! latest issue of your paper and enclose Silver Fillinzs re-engaged . te has been re- known resident of this community Hershey, rf ......... 4 2 2 2 2 money order for renewal of subscrip- Porcelain Fillin l for the coming but for the past several years resid- UnderhiU, ss ........ 4 1 1 0 3 I tion. igb ;rag in California, arrived a few days Meister, 2b ......... 4 3 2 1 1 Yours truly, Gr y I ago to visit his friends and former Long, lb ........... 4 3 2 0 1 C.A. Batterton 204-2C5 Bachraeh neighbors. He now lives at Los Gatos, Wagner, 2b ......... 4 1 2  1 2 1201 So. Main St., Decatur Phone Mr. and;',rs. A. ] E.C. CLEAR Calif. Wilham. ss .......... 4 3 3 0__1 Jacksonville, I11. Mrs. E. C, Noland CLUB HOSTESS Total .......... 42 19 22 5 18 At a recent meeting of The Bridge Secres by innings: club in the home of Mrs. E. C. Clear, VISITING MOTHER North Lafayette street, the honors of IN IDAHO Hash SLingers ......... 200 002 0 the afternoon were awarded to Mrs, Mrs. O. E. Martin, wife of the West Side ............. 119 004 FTank Talmage, Mrs. Theodore Zim_ manager of the Farmers Elevator $1,49 AcE mermann and Mrs. Harry Martim company, left on Wednesday for Merchants Mrs. M. J. Myers will be the next Boise, Idaho, to visit her mother and AB R H E A PO as the honor hostess. .- other relatives. She took her little L. Holmes, c ___4 0 1 0 0__1 daughter with her and they expect to P. Gruber rf .... 4 2 2 0 0 0 last regular;meetin be awaythegreatersmrtofthesu--- EdMcVey, 3b__432021 SPECIAL SALE High Bridge club which CLUB MEETS mer. M. lirt, 2b __4 0 2 0 1 I the homeof Mrs. C. F Glose, AT VEA|L HOME F. Talmagelb--4 0 1 1 4 0 Vine street. Mrs. Ira Veail, Noh Vine street B. Aitchison, ss _4 1 1 0 0 0 entertained members of the club on REV. KINGS TO F. of __ 00  0 , SATURDAY, JUNE 11 FROM ST. LOUIS Wednesday. The usual number of TOPEKA FOR VISIT Cap Ey, If .... 3 0 0 0 0 5 FOR A VISIT tables were in play and the honors Rev. and Mrs. W. N. King left on Bert Jones, ss _3 0 2 2 0 0 Mrs. Mac Druhe, son William and were awarded to Mrs. Margaret Tuesday for Topeka, Kansas, where Humphrey, p __3 0 0 0 3 1 400 PAIRS Nelan, Mrs. Lorah Z. Lipp and Miss they will visit with relatives for two Total ....... 3661161010 ILls. D. O'Brien of St. s arrived on Sunday for a visit with the for- Clara Seyfer. The next club meeting or three weeks, after which they will mer's cousins, the Lang sisters, Mrs. will be held in the home of Mrs. Ai return here for a short time. Rev. Schaffenackers Mechanics aDrUheserioushaSaccidentn°t fullYwhichrecoveredoccurredfrOmlast O'Connor, North Marion, street, andtoKingfillaShastheYetgiVencharge.nO oneUP hiShas ministrYbeen securedhere Blackford,v. Foster, elb ___4__4AB llR 21H 20E A40 VO01  Women's and YoUnSStles inMiSses Summer July. VACATION BIBLE Glose, ss ...... 4 1 001 1 SCHOOL STARTS -- I Kruger, cf __400002 FOOTWEAR ATTENDED WEDDING The Daily Vation Bible school URSULINE ACADEMY Schaffenackerp 4 0 0 1 l 2 AT EFFINGHAM pened at the Methodist church on GRADUATION EXERCISES Schultz, ! .... 3 1 1 0 0 3 Monday ,morning with a splendid en- Miss Bernice Cook, daughter of Anderson, 2b ___3 1 1 0 1 2 Sizes 21-2 to 8. Width A to D. Low, cuban and spike Miss Helen and Herman Dammer- rollment. The instructors during the Mrs. Fern Cook of this city is a mere Stockton, 3b .... 3 1 2 1 2 0 heels. All leathers including some white and blonde. mama, Floyd Schaffenacker, Loren two weeks of school will be Mrs. John ber of the class of 38 who will re- Kolp, ss ...... 3 1 2 0 0 2 and Lewis French motored to Effing- T. Hershey, superintendent, assisted ceive diplomas at the commencement Wynd, rf ..... 3 0 1 0 0 1 These styles are lined up on the counter according ta ham on Sunday to attend the wedding by Bey. and Mrs. H. M. Blout, Miss exercises this Thursday evening June Total ..... 357104 914 sizes, all ready for you to fit on. Do not neglect to look of their cousin Miss Dorothy Salt- Wilton Vail and the Misses Alrta 9, at Ursuline Academy at Spring- Score by Innings: over these wonderful bargaim wedel which took place on Sunday ev- and Esther Voile. School will take up field. Among those from Mr. Pulaski Merchants ......... 2000031---6 enibome onJUneMonday.5" The party returned at 9a.m. and dismiss at I1 a, m. andgraduatingviCinity who exjeCtexercises aret° attendMrs. Cookthe Mechanics .......... :o -----300130 --7 CLEAR'S SHOE STORE TWENTIETH CENTURY CLUB and daughter Miss Mary, Mr. and] Why Known as "Pop" SUNDAY GUESTS Mrs. Frank Copeland and daughter I Certain soft drinks received the AT SAM'S HOME AT RUPP HOME Miss Lois, Miss Catherine Geyer, Mr. t name "pop" because when the but- The Twentieth Century club met on and Mrs. Leroy Buckles, and Miss ties were opened the corks were ex- SundaT dinner guests in the home Friday afternoon in the home of Mrs. of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sams, fur George Rupp, North Vine streeL Elsie and Gordon Zelle of Chestnut. pelled with a pop or quick explosive miles east of the city were their cou- Four tables of 500 were in play, the --:o :-- noise. The original name was soda .sins Mrs. Anna Smith, Columbia City, first and second high scores were Read it in The Times pop, which was soon shortened to pop. Ind. Others present were Mrs. Ka- made by Mrs. Alma Reinders and can't afford to waste therine Sams and daughter Miss Mrs. T. A. Scroggin. The consolation Emma and Mr. and Mrs. Jonas Brown prize was awarded to Mrs. George perishable food products of Decatur. They also visited in the Suedmeier. becher.h°me of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wess- clubMiSSmembersAnna Schaferto be herhaSguestsinvitedon thethe every day when you can • PLAYED SUNDAY occasion of .,xt avoid it at a cost of only CONCERT AT JACKSONVILLE WOMAN'S CLUB A. F. Lipp played with the Ansar AT SMITH HOME Shrine Band of Spriv_gfieid at a con- An intesting program will be gi- cert given t Jacksonville on Sunday. ven at the June meeting of the gar_ This was the first of a series of con- den unit of the Mt. Pulaski Woman's LINCOLN ee ILLINOIS I €errs to be gives by this band during club to be held on Friday afternoon the summer months. The next concert June 10 in the home of Mrs. G. J. is scheduled for Rushville in two Smith. CLEARANCE weeks. The roll call response will be "My Mrs. Lipp accompanied her hus- Problem" and the topic for the day band. "Pruning" will be in charge of Mrs. E.O. Mayer. Perennia]s, beginning of MILLINERY A DAY YAGOW FAMILY with the letters E E and F will he the GETS TOGETIIER query and the queio box will be Members off the Yagow family met an charge of Mrs. W. B. Jenner. at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John tagow, Sunday, northeast or" the city, - ...... WOMEN S HATS A GENUINE when the following persons enjoyed Phone 268 Mt. Pulaski * a chicken dinner: Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Buy your Milk of Magnesia Mittlestad and daughter Miss Eve- M.. A, Reduced ,o FRIGIDAIRE daughter Mi Mildred, Mr. and Mrs. i. , Adolph Yagow and family, Paul [-'ell s lexl| Smith and Helen Giuick. ] Drug Store ' Costs you this small amount but saves you twice that in preserving 00h00e't food stuffs and keeping them fresh ALL THE NEWEST HITS NIGHT, SAY, WHISTLE AND BLOW YOUR BLUES AWAY, 100 Smart New Hats at This Unheard of Price CENTRAL ILLINOIS ELECTRIC & GAS