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June 2, 1932     Times
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June 2, 1932

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THURSDAY, JUNE 2, 1932 i IRECTORY-/ Mt. Pulaski Lodge No. 87, A. F. and A.M. Meet first Thursday of each month. Keith Rothwell, Worshipful Master; E. A. Downing, Secretary. Mt. Pulaski Chapter---No. 121, R. A. S. I Meet First Monday of each Month. Vrette Rothwell, High Priest; E. A. -&apos;oWning, Secretary. lilt. Pulaski Commandery No. 39 K. T. Meet Second Thursday of each MOnth. John W. Rupp, Commander; E. A. Downing, Recorder. Mr. Pulaski Chapter No. 468, O. E. S. I Meet Second Monday of each Month. rs. Amelia Binder, Worthy Matron; I rs. Maud C. Staff.._.._ord, Secretary. I Mt. Pulaski Lodge No. 454 I. O. O. F. Meet Weekly on Tuesday. Her-! an Wood, Noble Grand; H. C. I ruber, Recording Secretary. THE MT. PULASKI TIME. MT. PULASKL ILLINOIS Carlton Drake Harold Horn Sixth Grade Bertha Louise McVey Margaret Housel Herbert Ayera Elmer Durchholz Emma Hanslow Frmik Passmore Marian McCarthy Hobart Rankin Ras Harper Seventh Grade Charlotte Millard Merle qlham Frank Wayne Smith Dorothy Ayers Emma Purger Mary Ellen Moll Seventh Grade Valeria Stockton Earl Stockton Virgil Arnold Wilford Scroggin Betty Lou Allison Mar), Ayers Dorothy Mae Shull Lorena Durchholz Frances Renner Dean Schultz Department united again in the ott- servance of Memorial Day. Frank Gillispie of Bloomington was the speaker of the day. After the address in the city park, the organizations formed in line and marched to the cemetery to decorate the graves. Grade School Exhibit In connection with the Graduation exercises the Grade hool gave an exhibition of their work for the pre- ceding year. The work of the school was consistent with the high s:and- ard which has been maintained for years. TEN YEARS AGO Broadway dancing comedian; }tope JOSE-J)H THE WORKER Emerso an outnding comedienne I in the New York production cf "Ly-iThe (;olden Text: 'Test thou a man sistrata'; Virginia Watson, Broad " diligent in his busine? he shall way dancing star; John Goldsworthy, stand before kings."Prov. 22.29. Joseph Wilkins, Frederic Per.i The Lesson Text: Gen. 41: 46-57. Marice Christie, Marie Wilkins, Vic- 46. And Joseph was thirty years tot Casmore, Gladys Wheaton, Ruth old when he stood before Pharoah Ratheil and others. 'Jrhe New Moon" will be succeed- ed on Monday, June 13, by "The Riviera Girl," an Emmerich Kalman oeretta, introducing Yvonne D'Arle, the second prima donna of the cur- rent season. The repertory this year include eleven international operetta hits t Eloi Lane Central Rebekah Lodge No. 313 :o----- Meet First and Third Friday of i ._Month. Mrs FRAME WINS :Oble Grand; Mrs. Lottie Hahn, Re-i cording Secretary. I Mdern Woodmen of America N o 154 I BIG AUTO RACEI Ieet in I. O. O F. Hall, First! ------- ursday of each Month. Chris Beck, I Young Driver Smashes All Onsul; c. T. Turner, Clerk. as three schools were tied for honors until the race was won by Mt. Pulaski. ! Graduation Exerts. Commencement week at the High MY HOME AND YOURS Baked Eggplant king of Egypt. And Joseph went out from the presence of Pharoah, and went throughout all the land of Egypt. 47. And in the seven plenteous years the earth brought forth by handfulls. 48. And he gathered up all the food of the seven years which were in the land of Egypt, and laid up the fod in the cities: the food of the field, which was round abotrt every city, laid up in the sme. 49. And Jph laid up grain acl the sand of the sea, very much, until i he left off numbering; for it was without number. 50. And unto Joseph were born School closed with Graduation exer- A re:ipe which has been handed two sons before the year of famine cises on Friday evening. This wound down in the family suggests that an came, whom Asenath, the daughter up a week of almost continuous acti-eggplant should be eled, a slice of Potiphera riest of On, bare unto viites in the way of programs, exhi-cut from the top, an(l the inside re- bitions and recitals, moved, chopped, seasonea and mixed Records To Win i He: And when are you going him. low me to kiss you? 51. And Joseph called the name of She: Come around Friday, bration of Memorial Day the local ball Vhe eglant. Bake an hour, basting toil, and all my father's house. I iYal Neighbors of ,merica No. 91I Indianapolis Race club won a good game from a team with hot war into which a tea- 52. And the name of the sond Meet in I. O. O. F. Hail, Second --------- td Fourth Thursday of each Month. The twentieth international 500- from Latham. spoonful of butter has en melt, calted he Ephraim: For (;d hath Bae every- fteen minutes, and made me fruitful in the land of my rs. Francis Turner, Oracle; Mrs. mile autoaile race at Indianapolis  tattie Hahn, Recorder. has again passed into Memorial Day FIFTEEN YEARS AGO. history. Cattle Sale RYman'Fuiten Post No. 447, Ameri- Frame, a 37-year-old driver, with Mr. Pulaski was picked at this tim can Legion ' ten .years of racing experience be- as the place to start the sale of phre r Meet Fi Tuesday of each Month. hind him, smashed all existing rec- bred Short Horn cattle. Much interest ,r. C. M. Merriman, Commander; ords for the 50D-mile race when he was manifesed in this sale as pure frank Talmzge, Adjutant. bounced his little racer over the fin-bred cattle were much needed in the ishing line in triumph. He covered territory. American Legion Auxiliary the 500 miles in 4:48:03.79 to average Registration Officials Selected 104.144 roles an hour, breaking the The officials for the registration of Meet Fret and Third Monday of former record of 101.13 established men eligible for selive service were Month. Mrs. Sadie Gruber, by Peter De Paolo in winning the i named for Logan County. Only one Miss Lola Hahn, Serif- 1925 classic, day, une the fifth was allowed for Less than forty-four second back i registration- - n i of Frame came Howdy Wilcox, I - Celebration Postponed }41. Pulaski Chapter of American dianapolis youngster, driving his first On account of inclement weather, World War Mothers major race, to finish second. Cliff lthe program for Memorial Day was it]ffeet First Wednesday of each Bergere of Los Angeles, a fovrn postponed from Wednesday May the th in Homes of Members. Mrs. movie stunt man in flying and auto- 30th to Sunday June the third. Scroggin, President; Mrs. Ors bout two and one-half miles back of well, Recording Secretary. Wilcox. Bob Carry, a Hoosoer from i TWENTY YEARS AC-O. paper, and the usual "jucker" will be -- Anderson, was fourth with Russell Contract Lot ent. : ]t. Pulaski Phoenix Fire Department Snowberger of Philadelphia, fifth. Sealed bids were to be received for When Fainting the window frames, eaeet in City Hall, First Friday of 7eke Meyer of Philadelphia was sixth the construction of the Township High make a paste of scouring powder ,, Month. O. W. Mayer, Chief; and Ira Hall of Terre Haste, Ind., School. PLans for the Building were and water and coat the window pane. "<nude Holier, Secretary. was seventh, on exhibition at the offices of Deal If e paint soatters on the pane iW: Arnold, one of the outstand- and Ginzel in Lincoln. during the work, R is readily removed Mt` Pulaski City Counl ing favorites, escaped dashing to Alumni uet by simply cleaning the paste fror I Fourth Tuesday Evening of death, just as he did a year ago, when The Eleventh annual Alumni Ban- the windows. Month. C. T. Turner, Mayor; his car, speeding more than one hun- quet was ld in the K. P. lL Ms- GLass dishes which have held milk F. Sehafer. City Clerk.  miles an hour, eshed i the[ sical nu were given by the mem or cream should be rinsed in cold chtss of 1907. water before washing, as the glass o high retaining wall on the  bets of the ][THODIST CHURCH NOTES oth turn, torpedoed to the top of Chautauqua at Welde Springs will be cloudy if washed before :he banked urn, and hung there, a Many people of this vicinity attend- rimsing. ---------- .wisted wreck. .  ed the Chautauqua at Weldon Springs. :e.--.- Saturday the Junior Depart- Arnold miraculously escaped wthtThis was recognized as one of the It's seldom that a word to the wife Under the care of Mrs. Paul a broken collar bone while his Me- l best in he country, is sufficient. and Mrs. Della Deibert held annual picnic on the Laughery chanic, Spider Matlock, Chicago, sus- I  ____,: ground" Theday was fine' the rained a brken pelvis bne" It w" i icp Up grand and with all the furl just a ,,ear ago that Arnold crashed Mun al era N A. Balding, M. D. almost into the same spot in a smash * tharles and Wesley Carter Opens Monday heir pony for free rides to ttp that sent him to the hospital furl Lincoln, Illinois were brave enough to try'. six months. Eye, Ear, Nose and 00'0at By his triumph, Frame finds him-! any rider was dumred itdid not ......... way detract from the fun of self in a posistion to cash in about "The Ne Moon" will be preented ....... $250,000. He received $200,000 as l first prize and will pick up other! Friday evening of this week our thousands racing this season as l ae will attend by invitation of the winner of the motor classic always s zt League a social meeting in a raajor attraction on the dirt courses basement. next Monday at 9:00 in the of the nation. :of---------- h Our Daily Vacation School will dze, Mrs. Hershey and Mrs. "Are you the defendant?" asked in charge. In connection with the judge to an old negro, who was Work the Pastor w-ill conduct his brought before him. "I in Church Membership composed "No, boss," was the reply, ain't young people who united with done nothing to be called names. I'se on last Palm Sunday. got a lawyer here who does the de- SUnday is the regular time for fensing." Surely, something is lost "Then who are you?" religious life of a man if he 'Tse the gentleman what stole this the most sacred service the chmken church. "--"-'- Wednesday evening June the "Some men thirst after fame, some will be open for pray- after love, and some after money." thirst --"I Occasion of this call to prayer know something that all amg great political conven- after." What's that?" "Salted month. We are going to almona . to send down, righteousness, and love into the hexts PERCHERON STALIAON Roy. H. M. Blout, pastor. ------ JOHN D. Attendance I Grade Pupils 00r00byJ. w. Tbomp00o, of 00*ao ______ ford, Illinois. Sired by Forfeit Jr. 44vi stand 18 Who have been neither ab- olor, dark aappe g y. tardy during the entire hands high; and weighs 2000 pounds. First Grade Reie Sisk l'Ia., . Second Grade I Deibert qazel Stratton Third Grade Iele Jean Kinert Fourth Grade Hudson Spen le r Reidle Fifth Grade Wilham Allen He is a sure foal getter and sound. Illinois Certificate of Pure-Bred Per- cheron Stallion. Renewal license No. :193 JOHN D. will stand the season of 1932 at my barn in the westpart of Mt. pulaski at $10 to insure mare in foal All care taken t prevent accidents, but will not be responsiple should any Occur. TH E PERCHERON STALLION T L Choice Color, dark dapple grey, will stand lh season of 1932 on the same terms Its above. RESIDENCE Phone 72 . L. Rothwell Pharoah for bread: and .aroh unto all the tias, Go unto .<:eph; what he saith to you, do; 56. -And the famine was over the face of the earth: and en all the storehouses, and So to the Egyptians: and the was sore in the land f Egypt. = 57. And all countries came Egypt to Joseph to buy grain, cause the famre in earth. Hartsburg Has New Newspaper The Hartburg bterpriae is more, but in its place a new has been born--The Hartsburg nal. Frank J. Conrady is t&e new lisher and his opening statement in last week's issue does not with the appearance of his paper. declaration that he was 'green' at newspaper game means that he sod his calling for he had a newsy sheet and one that was put together. The new publisher iS in a live to that is bubbling over with munity enterprise and Hartsburg is to be congratulated on this progsive new sheet, arm wish Mr. Conrady the be of Ball Game Won with a bread dressing such as is us- the first-rn Manasseh: For, said t amateur night. In connection with the annual cole- ed for poultry, and put back into he, God hath made me forget all my' with a cast which includes: Char- lotte Lansing, who created the pri- ma donna role on Broadway; Guy Ro- bertson and Leonard Ceeley, who A dredge with flour after each basting, affliction. This recipe is just as delicious now 53. And the seven years of pten- i as it was a generation ago. ty, that was in the land of Egypt, If a new broom is placed in a pail came to an end. Cleaned and Pressed of boiling war, allowed to soak for 54. And the seven years of famine a few minutes,then hung up, the tgan to come, according as Jo- i life of the broom is extended far be- ph had said: and there was fam- yond one which has not been soaked, ine in ali lands; but in all the land ili A small slate such as children use, of Egypt there was bread. McCARTHY is most helpful to the housekeeper, 55. And when all the land of Egypt for memorandums. If the laundry was famished, the people cried to : soap is nearly used up, if the guest room blankek must be sent to the  cleaners, if the man of the house I ........  ..... said "there are several buttons off ! my shirts", note these on the slate, --OFF FUNERAL HOME and as each one is attended to, erase[ WILBERT H SCHAHL A'"" that pamu!ar item. l v. , .. , Try st,tehing sheer material with II am t n , loerve Human|tv Better' xv r-ulasKt Z35 P N a strip of oaper under the stitching, | avlL HO ES Lincoln, 1234 sewing through both material and   mbulance Visiting the Sick It seems to be necessary for cer- tain funeral directors to pay under- cov assistants to visit the sick and solicit business. The practice, in our lroession, is knower as "plugging" --not a beautiful te. We do not employ pluggers; we never have and we never shall: The next time you see a plugger at work, ask the name of the employer. JOH fl 1". H ER$ H ZY EAST .IDE $QURE MOUNT PULASKI. ! LL. PHONE QO RESt PHONE 83 f 'BAYE R Glasses Fitted, Broken Lens Duplicated iee Over Landuaer's Clothing Store ASPIRI N SELL OR TRADE Farm or City PropoSes Or Rent Properties Anything, Anywhere, Anytime What Have You? T.L. ROTH00WELL SERVICE-MAN HOOVER is always SAF E will l,e at tile service ,,f all tt,,)v.r .me, per ( )wners in w'ore of imitofions Unl you  tl n Bayer aid , the word genuine m the Peckwt as ph:t,red sbeve yd can never be tre that you are tktng the uitm dayer A-sn that r of ! : =5, ,/ A Call t,, the PUBLIC UTILITY OFFICE Will Bring ttim T,, Your lh)me SATURDAY, JUNE MT. PULASKI mui Bayer Kpi#m pro