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May 26, 1932     Times
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May 26, 1932

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MAY 26, 1932 Coleman Is County Presiclent Dr. W. W. Coleman was re-e!eced of the Logan County Tu- Association, during a held Friday in the office of Supt. E. H. Lukenbill at the Favorable reports were read and following officers, committees and were chosen o erve for ensuing year: Officers Pres.. Dr. W. W. Cole- vice-pres.. E. H. Lukenbili; W. E. Bouillon; secretary, J. J. Wilmert; Cor. secretary, W. E. Beach. Executive committee J. H. eckley, Mm. Elmer Brm, Dr. JOSeph Knochel, Evan Worth, Dr. =l}oolen, Agnes Jane Holmes. Dr. ldburn. W. E. Bouillon. Directors. Lincoln--Albert Arnold. Hal Ak- Mrs. H. Alvey, Dr. N. A. Bald- Rev. J. A. Botcher, Mrs. Clair Mrs. D. T. Clarke, Dr. A. M. Dr. E. C. Gaffney, Mrs. C. Dr. F. M. Hagans, Mrs. L. Hamit, W. C. Handlin, Floyd James E. Hoblit, V. O. John- Mrs. Thos. McGrath, Mrs. H. Miller, Dr. C. C. Montgomery, Dr. Rembe, Dr. L. T. Rhoades, Robert Sheets, Mrs. B. C. Atlanta-- Mrs. Irma Twoomey, Geo. Wilmert, Mrs. Phil Crih- Miss Grace Barr, Theo. Nie- Reason  Mrs. Frank Gehlbach, Harold Keyes, Mrs. Frank Wo- Mrs. Edna Getsthorpe. Broudwell---Mrs. L. M. Perry, Miss Ramsey, Essie Eisiminger. EmdenMrs. Henry Alberts, Mrs. McCormick, Dr. B. M. Bar- linger, Mrs. Wm. Zimmer. HartsburgMrs. Dan Van Ger- THE MT. PULASKI TIHE?. .T. PULASEL ILLINOIS I&apos;LAN TO HOLD ANNUAL May Grad J iiFIRST WOMAN TO S ury THE MERRY MONTH FLOWER SHOW ON JUNE 4 OF MAY 'T' Plans are in the making to hold Again n ess on ]! SOL0 ATLANTIC Just why this particular :r :!:e au:)ices of the Garden Unit' month is called May we are . of e Mr,. Pulaski Woman's club. ! The May term grand jury made a not aware. But we have our -- Mr.. G. F. Wait, chairman and mem- partial report to Judge Frank Lint- own oe theo'. Here it is: "May I borrow your la-n Five years ego last Friday, Lindy bets cf the committee, hope to be Icy late Wednesday afternoon, and " flew the Atlantic and startled the abi? to hold the sh'.w on Saturday were excused until Thursday, May 2;. mower; wor!(1 with his dang feat. June 4, but this date is not final as Jerald Batterton wa indicted on a "May I use your curtain Just five years later, Amelia Ear- much depends upon the weather, charge of burglary and larceny i stretcher; The flower show of las year un- connection with the looting of th,: "May I use your spading hart Putman, was the first woman fork. I broke mine last fall; flyer o cross the Attantic on a solo der the eusTAces of the ame organ- Lincoln News areac.v. Indictment "May I use your golf clubs flight. Due to a gas leak and a desire i;ion b'-'ou: - out a wealth ,,f charR'ing burglary and larceny were - - to play :safe; this dating flyer lana- bcau!fu! an" rare bloom:, that were returned against Elbrt Dav.;s and next Sunday; ed in Ireland instead of Paris, where viev'ed by unexpecteu crowd:, of de- Anthony Matoni:; who were caught 'May I take the afternoon in the act of robb!ng the Alexandfr off, boss, and go o the ball she originally planned to land. [igh;ed speetar.:'s. The remarkable time of 15 hours :o: Lumber company ffh.. Jrnes Ca!-I game; was all that she required to fly this ART lahan of Sprinrfield yea:, indicted for "May I go fishin', ma; E AND the theft of a car from William Cu. "Mav I buy that new hat, thousands of miles o water expanse. - This was the fastest time ve' made VISITS "' ' "May I see you home, Nellie; on a cross-Atlantic trip. And'a thousand* and one oth- Again has woman scored a victory  bond.Cunty jail while Davis i out on er "May I's." for her sex. Amelia Earha Putnam, who so- An interesting visit t/ Springfield A divorce decree wa:. I;ranted El,h- And to make this supposi- tion more emphatic, the an- loed the Atlantic Saturday was also ca Wednesday was made by mere- riam E. Birks of Latham. from Chloe the first woman to cross the Atlas- hers of the garden unit and art de-, Birks, formerly cf Lincoln, on rmn4. swots to these questions are hvariaflv, "Yes. you may." tic as an airplane passenger, partmcm:, of the 51L Pulaski Wo- of desertion, by Judte Frank 1And-' - On June 17. 1227, at 9:51 a. m. she man's club for the purpose o view- Icy in the circuit court. left Trepassy, Newfoundland. m a in ome of the notable art cotlec- :o:-- plane viloted by Wilmer Stultz and ;ons owned in the Capital City. LARGE ATTENDANCE AT BUCKLES ,o which also rode Lou Gordon, me- The nine:een membe in the group GL'F2T DAY PR(N;RAM chanic. They landed at Burrypor, enjoyed a visit to the art gallery" in Guest Day meeting of the Mt. Pu- -- Wales, at 6:40 a. m. next (my. te Cen:ennial building, where Miss laski Household Science club held on Mr. and Mrs. Howard O'Hara and Other women flyers started acros: Sommers gave an interesting ex- Friday afternoon in the high school daughter Sheron and son Fritz, Mr. the long and dangerous air trails :i-nao:'V alk cn the collection of was attended by 180 women. A short and Mrs. Correra and Mrs. W. T. above the waters but of them all, paintings and sculpture on exhibition business session was followed with a After all, one must consider the Wood of Springfield called on Mr. !Ruth Elder, alone saved her life. there. At :he Mrs, Morton Barker cooking demonstration and instruc-:radio, the talkies, and the musical as- and Mx.'. Robert Rothwell Sunday. With George Haldeman, pilot, she residence, they were priveleged to ti;;n by Miss Nora Attic of Lincoln in! tomobile horns to appreciate fully Nora and Alice Dwyer spent Fri-was rescued by a steamship near view the collection of etchings and, the art of preparing and caring for  what the experts mean when they day evening with Mr. and Mrs. John! the Azores where they came dogm paintings that are mainly from the I food and foodstuffs, say the country is fundamelly Earhart. . in their attempted crossing in Oc- brush of her father, Paul Ashbrooke During the demonstration and lec-' sound. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Rickords spent tober, 1927. anff at Edwards Place they were :ture, Mis Altic prepared and cked --:o: Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. D. C. That same year, two other women, granted special priveleges and were an oven meal, salads, muffins, cake Another good place for a zipper Humphreys and family, lost their lives in attemyted Atlantic treated to a splendid lecture on art. and pie which later were given to- would be on string beans. Mrs. Bruce Stennett spent Tuesday crossings. Princess Lowenstein-Wer- A grcu5 to the Flower Show at holders of the winning cards. with her son Wilbur Ghck and wife. theim died in an attempted flight the Brt.<mer store was one of the :o:--v---- h Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Rothwell of with two men from Upavon, England, enjoyable incidents of a very plea- MOST OUTSTANI)ING COMING Mt. Pulaski, Mr. and Mrs. Griffin of to Ottawa, Canada. Mrs. Francis sant round of visits. OUT EVENTS OF WEEK Atlanta and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hild Grayson and three men died in a The itinerary was arranged by Mrs It has been called to our attention and children Charlene Ann and Fred- flight .arted from Harbor Grace G. A. %otle and Mrs. G. F. Wait that last week will hereafter be erick Dan were Sunday visitors with: with Denmark as their objective, who with the following Woman's known as "Dental Week". in view of Mr. and Mrs. Clarenc Rothwell. The following spring, March, 1928, club members made the trap: Mrs. the fact that President Hoover, R. Cleaned and Pressed ien, Mrs. Orville Piatt. Misses Mildred Tendick and Miss Hon. Elsie blackay and Captain WaN Iatham--Mrs. Fern Pope, Frank Louise Mayer called on friends near er R. G. Hinc'hcliffe were lost m a Pease, Mrs. C. A. Culp, Mrs. Ralph l Middleto,a x Tuesday. Miss Tendick flight from Cromwell Airdrome, Fmg- Waddell. has recently completed a sueeessful l land, to America. Chestnut-- Mrs. Wilbur Smith Mrs. Dorothy Williams, Mrs. Bur- Myriek, Dr. J. W. Dunm Mt. Pulaski--Mrs. W. G. Kautz, Mrs. Geo. Connelly, Mrs. Harry Downing, Mrs. Leigh Lueas, Mrs. ,eo. Rupp. New HollandMrs. Harry Huff-- H. M. Blout, Mrs. W. N. King, Mrs. Witford Scroggin, Mrs. L. W. Lucas, Mrs. T. A. Scrvggin, Mrs. George Suedmeier, Miss Della Anderson, term of school at Lynn Grove, hay- :o:------ Miss Ida Wilson, Mrs. W. B. Jenner, ing had 9 pupils for the 7th and 8th i MEMORIAL SERVICES AT Mrs. George J. Smith, Miss Anna Schafer, Mrs. R. D. Aitchison, Mrs. grades, two of whom attained the i DONNON AND LAENNA Mrs. George Rupp, , h:nor roll.  Mrs. P. E. Beidler, Mrs. Lorah Z. i Mrs. John Kerschner and son Bus-i Memorial Day services will be held i E. A. Downing, Frankat the Donnan eemete.ry next Mon Lip0 and Mrs. Frank Woland. called Mr. and Mrs. day morning at I00cI0CK ann 2' ter Mr.SundaYand OnMrs.eVening.c.H. McCorkle of I be followed with setwaces av Member of the garden unit are Awe ; planning to go to Decatur Bertoni and Albert Ditlsaver decided that this particular week was the acceptable time to have their teeth withdrawn from active duty. --:0: Dave Hanger of Lincoln, was a btsines visitor in the city Saturday morning, which the an-i aa, Miss Rosie Caldwell, Mrs. J. - Wunderle, Mrs. Logan Chestnut, Illiopolis were Tuesday callers at me Laenna cemetery after home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Roth-Inual ele[ioli of officers will take I (Thursday) to visit some of the place. T'no having owers are re-show gardens in that city on invita- Dr. W. F. Carroll. I well. _Lanham.Crnland--M" B. Drake, Miss Lulu t Mr. and Mrs, John Tendick,Mrs. LewisMrs" :questedof Mrs. E.t c.bringMyrickthwheret thetheyhOme,will! tion of the :o :--Decatur Garden dub. Elkhart--Mrs. Merle Lippott, Mrs. i I)ennison and Mr, and ames Taylor, Mrs. Fred Lanier-' Z2] i,oLored to rolona Sunday and be arranged into bouquets. Flags ShelIhammer Families Hold s. en "h d:y wRh Mr. Carl Zelle and flo'ers will be placed on the sol-! Surprise For Mrs. Zehner an. -- diers graves. Mkidletown -- Miss Pearl Lloyd, and family. :o: blrs. S. B. Conningham, Grant Mr. and Mrs. Uriah Tendiek spent. Mrs. Hattie Zehner, Allentown, Pa. IIeatherwiek. Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. METHODIST CHURCH N(ES who is visiting her sister Mrs. Geo. Lawndale--Mrs. Win. Mayiield, oscar Rickords. Mrs. Geo. Opperman. Mrs. Geo. Litterly was pleasantly t The word from our District Super-i Gimble in Lincoln, was a week end Lake Fork Dr. L. L. Demaison. surprised Sunday when a number of intendent, Dr. H. G. Beck, now in a  guest in the home of her causin A1- relatives arrived at her home at Veterarm hospital in Chicago, is that! bert Shellhammer and family. noon with well filled baskets to as- he is no better. Our charge for the i On Tuesday evening, members of P .*It) :_._.w- IT (?) WITH SONGS sist her in celebrating her birthday, remainder of the conference year is a the Shellhammer family of Mt* Pu- i , NAY . ' o, "! laski and vicinity, motored to Lincoln Hone,' 'I'm Temporarily Bbae s Those present were Mr. and Mrs. part of the Bloomington district, the "Cdll Me Darling' 'Just One More i Elmer Ridgeway, Mr. and Mrs. Rus- Rev. T. W. Thompson, superintendent, i and tendered Mrs. Zehner a surprise Time' and 'I Don't Blame You' 'If sell Birks and family, Mr. and Mrs. The pastor and family will oelebratel party at the Gimble home. The You Refuse' eltuse 'I Didn't Know Geo. Litterly, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Memorial Day at prineeville, the o.e-! group went well prepared with re- casion being the annual meet of the freshments that were served during the Music.' *I Don't Suppose' " you Claude Litterly and daughter Lu- " of Mrs Bloat. the evening. The evening was sed know that 'You Were My -lvation ella, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Buckles and family and relatives _ .... i aroo Late' 'You Called it Mad- family of Mt. Pulaski and Mr. and On Tuesday, two loads of wrote socially and reminiscing. Those from Ribboners attended the county meettng Mt. Pulaski who attended the jolly aess' and since 'I'm Guilty' here I Mrs. Ova Harbert and family of W. the christian affair were Mr. and Mrs. Albert - am 'Irokenhearted' with 'Time on Dawson. of the C.T.U. of --- Shellhammer and son Emmitt, Mr. My Hands' and 'To Be Wot%hy of Homer Harris of Lincoh called on church in Hartsburg. and Mrs. A. M. Park and family, t You' is 'My Desire' but I'd have t) Theo." Aderman Sunday. On Tuesday evening the A. V. class and Mrs. James Shetlhammer and . gave a supper in honor of Mrs. Frankof Mr. 'Meet the Mlssu and though 'She's :o:-- Miss Alice Drobisch, two Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Shellhammer o Nice' and 'It's Great to Be in family, Mr. and Mrs. Et Love' nevertheless I'd rather say i ST. JOHN'S LUTHERAN CHURCH Sager and Hitd and family and Mr. and Mrs. With Violets' and maybe after all it Sunday May 29, 1932. First Sunday their city soon. members who will be leaving the and is just 'A Faded Summer Love' I after Trinity. The Men's Class held a very enjoy- Thos. West of Lincoln. Ecistle lsz. John 4: 16-21. The House of Representatives turn- know that I wa. "Begging for Love' Subject, "The God of Love." able meeting last Thursday night. Rev. H. M. Blout, pastor " ed down a proposal to legalize and bat he sensible 'Georgia' and 'I Pro- As this is the last Sunday service :o:--------- mx 2.75 rcent beer, The vote was Now! Never Before Such ise You' that 'I'm Biue When You ' Better Times are Here a Low Price are Away from My Side' and 'I'm as pastor of the St. John's Church, 228 to 169. Confessin' that 'You Could Have been we hope for a large congregation-  $ the One Baby' but'BackHmel "May Gd's Riches Blessings everi g-00-ALE Illdiana' there is an 'O1 d Playmate' cOntinue tO gO will alL'Rev.'. N. King, pastor 1PUBL ho wouldn't understand which 'One _...._..._...- of Us Was Wrong' and on Saturday the 'Bells of Avalon' are to ring for CHAMPAIGN BANK oPENED Commercial Bank of Champaign Read T ese Features: 'Mary and Me.' 'I'm Sorry Dear' but The OF 'Please Little Girl' 'You Find Some- has reopened for business following GUERNSEY CATTLE To be held at the home of Geo. T. Lucas, 4 mi. straight south of Mt. Pulaski, 8 mi. wast Latham, 4 mi. northeast approvals from the state auditor's body Else.' office of the work of the reorganiza- :0: Mrs. Arthur Woodrum spent Mon- lion committee. : : day in Lincoln gdth her mother, Mrs. Read it in The Times How CanYms Spend o, Lake Fork, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1, 1932 beginning at 1 o'clock Having purchased the Geo. T. Lucas herd of pure bred Guernseys, I will sell on above dat---18 Head of COWS and HEIFERS--8 CALVES--Pure Bred BULL. This is no doubt the best herd of Guernsey Cows in Logan County. The papers on most of these cows were burned in a fire; have papers for Bull. This is a wonderful bull, and is from a very high producing cow and an outstanding in- To Get the Most Out of It? dividual; will weigh better than 1800. If you are looking for some good Guernsey cows you will not be disappoint- ed when you come. to the sale on June 1st. A. L. ADAIR, Owner Toms: CASH ._ : . " Lee Lug, Clerk. PORCH SWINGS 4-ft. Hard Wood SWING __$2.35 9x12 Felt Base RUGS .... $I.95 6x9 Felt Base RUGS ..... $2.13 6-ft. Wide Felt Base, yd ....... 39c Just the thing for Bedroom Oil Stove WICKS .......... 25c 16 in. 4-blade Ball Bearing LAWN MOWER ..... $5.95 9 inch Open Wheel H See the New DeLuxe--the BED SPRING LUXURIOUS Radmacher Sample Furniture Shop With Hanger Bros. LINCOLN, ILLINOIS CAPTAIN DOLLAR DEAD i AT RIPE OLD AG Captain Robert Dollar, who died at the afro of 88 the ther day, was cue of the great men crf the world. A :oor Scotch bray, he came to Ameri- ca. worked in Canadian lumber camps, came to the United States at the head of his own lumber busine, needed ships to carry his lumber, sa he bought them and learned to o1>- crate them himself. He was the larg- e ir:dividual ship-owner in the w.rtd when he died, and his shipa were run on the old-fashioned sys- tem under which, if nobody else a return cargo for one of them, the captain would buy a shinload of merchandise on the owner's account. "Never come home in ballast" wa one of his i-ales for his captains. An- other was 'Never cheat a Chinaman.' That last gave him preference in all Chinese ports over all other shipping lines. He originated the idea of a- round-the world ours and every two weeks one of his ships sart out for a voyage around the world, Rigid honesty and minute atten- tion to every detail of his own busi- ness were the keynotes of Captain l)ollar's success. Nobody has yet di- covered any better way of getting a head in the world. 10 : $2.98 32x80. Sears, Roebuck & Co. Lincoln, Illinois Answer in Next Week's paper 50-ft. length, 5-g inch inside diameter, high quality tube and tough cover. Complete with couplings, 2-year guar- antee. GARDEN HOSE 16-Inch Wheels Chrome Alloy Ball Bear- ings. Crulible Steel Cutting Blades. Saw Steel Bed Knife. i Mowers miiar to "Acme" cost $2.00 to $3.00 more Haa 4 revoh'ing tool steel blades, firmly snprted malleable ir brackets. Comes sharpened, oiled and ready for uae. Not-a-Kink Black L. ............... OPENING of a PHILLIPS "66" GAS & OIL STATION On new North entrance to Me. Pulaski. SUN., MAY Favors will be chasers on opening Your Patronage GEO. MILLARD i NEW !6.1NCII "ACME" MOWER elsewhere. by three adsted, 16-Mesh Galvanized SCREEN WIRE i . Ft. In 100Ft Rolls Woven from pure op- en hearth steel wire. Heavily lacquered for Creater pro- tection against wear and tear Screen Doors $1.69 Perfect in workmarmh, wire cloth is placed in doors McCARTHY