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May 15, 1941     Times
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May 15, 1941

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GlJr WHERE WOULD YOU FIND PARTY FUN EDITORIALS UNCLE EB SAYS INT PULASKI TIMES-NEWS MOUNT PULASKI, ILLINOIS I'HR MOUNT k,,UI.ASKI TIMEEW, MOUNT pULAKKI. IIJ,INOI8 ._..__- - j. DAY, I ount Pulaski Times.News II j BY EUNICE LARKIN e Editor's Note:--Arrangements have been made with the Times-News advertising agency to furnish our readers wlfh a Housewife's Corner each week by a welt-known authority, Mrs. Eunice Larkin. I've had several questions recently about cooking for a crowd. This is the season for church suppers, club dinners and fam?ly reunions. Below are some quantity recipes that may come in handy for you some day. You might clip them and paste them in a handy scrap book. FRUIT-NUT-CABBAGE SALAD FQR 30 2 pounds cabbage, chopped % teaspoons pepper 1 pints celery, chopped 4 cups mixed fruits, such as 2-3 teaspoon salt orange segments, grape- 2 cups mayonnaise fruit segments, pineap- 2 cups chopped nuts ple, etc. I maell glass Jar ICLmentes, minced Mix all ingredients together with salad dresslng. Season and serve on lettuce. You may cut fresh bread easily wlfh a hot knife. DATE MUFFINS FOR 48 3 cups chopped dates 6 tablespoons baking powder 2 quarts flour 4 eggs , 1 quarts milk 1 cus sugar 1 tablespoon salt % cup butter Mix and sift dry ingredients. Add dates, and m.x we!!. Beat egg: add milk and pour the liquid over the dry mrea,- nts. Add melted shortening, mix well and pour mixture into jreased muffin tins. Bake in hot oven of 4.S0 degrees F. for IS minutes, or until done. \\; 8 ill Sail Eggs in the shell should not be cooked in boiling wa- fer, for they are likely to be tough and leathery. Simmer in water just below the bolilng polrrt for 6 to 12 minutes. CHOCOLATE FROSTING 1 package cream cheese 1 square chocolate 2 cups confectioners' sugar 2 tablespoons milk Cream cheese, add suaar and milk. Add melted choco- late. Spread over top of cake. Store eggs in a w;re basket in the refr;gerator. To keep whites after eggs have been broken and separated, place them in glass.jar, cover and store in refricjerator. o SOUTHERN GUMBO % cup bacon dripping 2 cans okra 1 large onion, sliced 1 cup w'ashed rice 2 cups water 2 cans tomatoes Put bacon dripping into large skillet. Add onion, sliced, and fry until a light brown. Add tomatoes, okra, rice, water and salt and pepper to taste. Cook slowly in deep cooker, or in Dutch oven type of kettle, for 4S minutes, or until rice is done. $$ S / Eggs are most easily separated as soon as they are removed from refrigerator, or cold storinj place. DATE NUT BREAD Grated rind 1 orange Juice one orange 2 tabalespoons butter 1 cup sugar 1egg 2 cups flour WAYS TO MAKE PIN MONEY ANECDOTES ODDS 'N ENDS A SEAMAN'S YARN A sailor pounding on the door of a restaurant located on the water front, voice inside saying: " 'Ella! 'Ella!" Sailor: "How are the chances to eat?" Chinese: "You hungly?" Sailor: "Yeah." Chinese: "You likee fish?" Sailor: "Sure." Chinese: "Come back Fliday." HIS CHOICE Waiters, of course, are not in a snap back at ill-bred guests; but one waiter once made the perfect retort to an customer: "My position, Sr,' he said, "Does not to argue with you; but if if ever came to a of weapons I would choose grammar." lANDLUBBER "What are you smelling my fish for?" manded the fishmonger of the customer. 'Tm not smelling him," replied the 'Tm only talk!ng to him and asking him what from the sea. "And what does he say?" "He'says he doesn't knowT-he hasn't there these three weeks." HEYI THAT MAN'S IN AGAINI My father never shakes hands with less he's in his stocking feet. What a quaint custom! Where did he get such an idea? Someone told him that only cowards their boots. HE WAS WELCOME TO IT Teacher: What did the Roman soldier times receive as a reward for bravery? Pupil: Property. Teacher: Give an example, Pupil: Horatio kept the bridge. The western Senator talked feet, His word had verve and luster, His bronco-busting days were But what a filly-busted EARNING HIS BIT The plumber was working and his ant was looking on. The latter was trade and this was his fit day. "Say!" he inquired, does the boss my time?" "Certainly," was the reply. "But I haven't done an " The plumber had job with a lighted candle,which helper. "Here," he said, 'If you've got conscientious, blow that out!" REVERSED Political Speaker: All we need now, mY  is to eep a working majority. ' Voice from the rear: You're What this country needs is a majority A clear conscience is as a soft pillow Onde upon. and entered as second class matter kn postofnce at Mount pulaski, Illinois, Nov. 17, under the Act of Congress of March 9, 1879. with Mo unt Pulaski NEWS, August 1, 1932) J. WII- " - " Editor and Publisher ox lbSCrlpzaon: Three Mon50 s. #.Oc; Six 75C; One Year (in county) el. , One Year county) $2.00. Published every Thursday. THURSDAY, MAY 15, 194I PRICES ARE GOING UP-- PROBABLY NOT TOO HIGH Food prices are going up. In large cities retail prices are now 5 per cent than last autumn and 4..S per cent higher a year ago at this time. From Marh 18 to IS, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, advanced 2.2 per ct. This month the in- will probably be even greater. this jump in food prices is due to large purchase by the Army and Navy, but a man in the military services only eats 40 per cent more food than he would at More instrumental in the price rise is the De- of Agriculture's program for pegging the of certain farm products at levels that witl the farmer to increase his production these items. Farm products which the Federal Government agreed to buy at prices higher than the far- has been getting include hogs, dairy products, and eggs. The April IS figures, first on which the pegged had an effect, show eggs up IQ per cent in th, butter up S per cent, pork chops, 4- per and roasting chickens up  per cent. 10 Per Cent Rise Favored In allowing the Department of Agriculture to higher prices for farm products and at time permitting Leon H.endersn;..cii:  Office of Price Administration one .,w to clamp down fop prices on steel, machine uminum scrap and other materials neces- defense, President Roosevelt appears to be istent. But Secretary of Agriculture Claude R. Wick- insisted all along that it would be useless to expect the farmer to heed Govern- appeals for increased production if he has to 60 to 70 hours a week and only get four- as much for his products as he did in Iql4. Sources close to OPACS say that Mr. Hen- ig willing to allow a I0 per cent rise in food for the sake of the farmer, then he will be- in to clamp down. Ten per cent is figured rough- the margin between farmers' income three as a o and what the Department of Agricul- g is a fair economic returnin other When t "full effects of the new agrlcuffurat ram are felt, supplies of eggs, butter and are expected to prove sufficient to meet domestic consumption and requirements of reat Britain and other non-aggressor nations en- iD aid under the lend-lease law. All over the Country farmers on the advice of ment of Agriculure have begun to feed ickens more heavily so they will lay more are laying plans for supplemental feeding of during the pasture season and are fattening to heavier weights and increasing breeding lifters. Hungry Europe Looks to U. S. The Department is already buying large quan- of dried and evaporated milk, cheese, buffer, and frozen eggs, cured and canned pork, dried beans, canned tomatoes, canned corn canned beans against the day when the Unit- States witl become the larderas well as the ar- for the nations that dare to repel aggressors. To give the Secretary of griculture the or- on for performing the job he has already red in developing the American farm as the for Democracy, President Roosevelt gave Wickerd charge over a new Office for Agri" rel Defense Relations, assuming the duties Chester C. Davis as a the arid Defense Advisory k,;;n Science Monitor. 4 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon soda 1 cup dates /, cup chopped marchino cherries cup chopped nuts 1 teaspoon baking powder ace orange juice in cup and fill cup with boiling water. PI .... 4 .... ar and cream well. Add egg an d Cream the buyer, ouu op . ___:. with bakina oowder salt mix. Sift flour, measure ana. s, a,o,,,, - rnatel  with li-'ulds and sod. Add sifted dry mgreamnTs atte y . H : Add dates and nuts. Bake in a well greased 2 pound bread pan at 3S0 degrees F. for I hour. To tract the" juice from on;on, cut a dice from root end end scrape juice from center w'rth the edge of teaspoon. AND EASIER ON THE CAT A landlord was showing a ment to a prospective renter, who felt lar. Prospect: Why, this isn't very scarcely ,enough to swing a cat Perhaps it would be for you to