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May 12, 1932     Times
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May 12, 1932

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PAGE TWO ]C tyNew i oun s CORWIN FARMER DIES Charles Henry Watson, well-known an County farmer, died at his home Sunday morning in Corwin township. Funeral services for Samuel Man- THE MT. PULASKI TIMES. MT. PULASKI, ILLINOIS THURSDAY MAY, 12, 1932 Hitch Hiker Is :il Review ] winigi these places. 'school year.  FRENCH STUDENTS ARE ' While Mt. Pulaski entries won z0 Mr. Barr was named as one of the STRUGGLING WITH IDIO first places, they deserve much cre- nominating committee for the coming' French I students, are Killed By---  ]' , d it for the fine records they have year. Frederick Lipp finished his their first ex."erience with made this season. erm of office as Vice-President.  An idiom is a phrase that in its forJ V HIGH SCHOOL HAS MADE It .was decided az the business of expression is peculiar to a give [l VERY RAPID GROWTH  SCIENCE CLUB BRINGS meeting to have three district and language. The language in this I A statement which will appear in HOME MORE HONORS  that the winners be allowed the state is French. Perhaps-you would under" this column a few- days laVer will The annual meetin of the Illinois meeting, stand better what an idiom is if An unidentified hitch hiker wasshow that the Mt. Pulaski Township" j r Academy of Science v-as held A field tri was arranged for the English exam_zle were given. A l killed on Route 4, a half mile north H'.gh School is holding its "20th An- m tawago, May 6-7. students attending the Academy. i of people say "pull through" "succeed or recover" or 'get gas, pioneer grain dealer of the coun- ty were held Saturday at the Chris- tian church in Lincoln. -- :O :-.=---- SPANISH GABLES BANDIT SHOT SUNDAY NIGHT George Lane, Bloomington convict escaped from Joliet, Ill., penitentiary was shot and perhaps fatally wound- of Kruger elevator near Lincoln last]nual C=.mmencement Exerclse the last f May. The Township High Mr. D. L. Barr, Herman Cull, and F. trip to the Adler Planetarium. In Salmrday night. Mr. and Mrs. DeR-rt Zurkham- School district was organized in 1912 mer, of Atlanta, were driving to Lin- and a new building erected that coln shortly after 8 o'clock when year. In 19"$9 the gymnasium and their car struck a man walking long  vocational rooms were added to the the edge of the pavement, Mr. Zurk-[ building. During the two decades we hammer saw the pedestrian just ! have mentioned the enrollment of the before the accident, and while he tried to avoid striking him the man The Mt. Pulaski Science Club sent fhae of the points of interest s a LiFp as delegates to the conventior one-half hour we saw the planets in Due to the long distance only a,all the seasons up to 1942. few projects could be taken. The Io-i In addition to the Planetarium we cal club shared in the honors of the i visited the Field Museum and the meet.  Aquarium. The Science Club paper wn 1st high school has been increased about!place" Perhaps you remember when One will find it well worth his 200 percent, of from 50 to 150, and thel Club took over the Review se-iwhile to attend a meeting of this sort. Here, one comes in contact with ed Sunday night when he at- seemed to make nO effort to step tempted to flee from a olice trap out of the way. in his rooming house. [ Zurkh&mmer sto and found Lane was one of the two bandits i the man to be insensible but still . who held up the Spanish Gables in I breathing. He tried to l down so- Lincoln some months ago. i veral passing cars to get I/elp, but :o= none would stop. Then leaving the Cite Closes Saturday Afternoon man on the pavement he went to The county treasurer's office was the farm home of Luster Sheridan, hack on its regular schedule of clos- by the roadside a hundred yards tcag Saturday afternoon the same as away. other county offices. The office had I While he was phoning the sheriff been keeping open during tagpaying another southbound car struck the time hitch-hiker. This was witnessed by .'o: a party of nurses fr3m Deaconess FIRE DESTROYS ELEVATOR  hospital who stopped their car at Fire completely destroyed the large the scene to give aid and saw the grain elevator at Croft Siding, se- southbound car strike the man and rural miles south of Middletowa, at then speed on without stopping. 8 o'clock Thursday evening. The ele-i In the party were Hazel Pcebles. vator is owned by the Fernandes Marie Schmidt, Sylvia Wooden. Odes- Grain comTany of Springfield. i sa CoaVes of Lincoln and Abinel Tyler The origin is undetermined altho :f Atlanta. the blaze was fit discovered in the They dragged the body from the engine room. The Middletown fire de- =avement and although the victim's partment answered the alarm but pulse still registered he died within had no chance to save the building, a very few minutes without regain- the size of the faculty has been in-veral months ago. creased from 5 to 10 members or 100 1 A collection of home-made Phy- i all the prominent scientists of the percent. The period has been one sits apparatus won second hoort State. marked by progress and accomplish- Thus ieces created considerable at- I CAESAR IS VICTORIOUS ment. tention of the visitors. Six pieces of. the collection, if purchased at supply ! Caesar, again turning his atten- DO YOU KNOW HOW TO ' house prices, would have exist seven-!tion toward the Helvetians, planned FIND AREA OF EARTH ty-five dollars. These were made for!to take them by surprise. But owing Here is what we did in Solid Ge- approximately one dollar. , to the mistake of an officer his ometry the other day: computed the Herman Cull entered home-made plans failed. Then Caesar turned wren of the earth. Do you think you chemistry set. It cont,ined all the toward Bibracte, a small town of the could do that ? Well. the earth is simple chemicals and pparatus. This iHaeduans. When the Helvetians sphere. Look at the globe; it is spher- placed third in the Junior division, caught up with Caesar and both sides ical sbne. The area of a sphere, we  Morton High School of Cicero re- I prepared for battle. moved in class the other day, is ceived the cup for having the best Javelins and darts were thrown 4 pi r square. "r" stands for radius, i Physic display. Mt. Pulaski received]from both sides. At last Caesar's nd i for 3.1416. The radius of the honorable mention for having one of army managed to overcome the Hel- earth would be the distance from the best. t vetians, and they turned in flight the north pole to the Equator. We Mention should be made of Ever- th Caesar after them. When Caes- let that equal 4000 miles. Then solo- i ette Volle's home-made photo-clue- : ar overcame them, he demanded their ing the formula for a sphere, the at- tric cell, made from burned out radio surrender and the terms were grant- ea of the earth equals 201,142,857 tubes. The cell is the heart of tele- ed sq. miles. . vision and some talking movies, l Ths ends the trouble -ith the Hel- Regular polygons and their various The exhibits shown at Chicago may vetians. Next week will bring a re- relations to each other are being' be seen at the annual Open House p:rt of the trouble Caesar had with studied in the plane geometry clas- that is held at the close of every the Germans. SOS. -- - to" for "become accustomed to." One story, "The Shipwreck", tran luted this week contained quite $ few idiom.s. It dealt with a wid and her son. The son wanted to be $ sailor, but his mother wanted to be a riest because his father been drowned at sea. However, Sr- ter a storm, and the boy had hell ! rescue some men, the mother chang" ed her mind. What prompted t boy to go help the distressed was s )iece of woodthrown at his feet.kq a wave. On the board was wrltt "En Avant"--the name of the in whicb his father "had Thinking this a spiritual message went out to sea. Notebooks are being prepared "L'Able Constantin." Character ches, synopsis, chapter idioms and idiom counts are items included in the notebooks. Miss Vose, at various times, us do something different in the of class work. For instance, we worked two or three French musing and interesting. They word puzzles, and found them our French vocabulary. By the of them we found :*ut whether or we knew a lot of French words. Subscribe for the Mt. Pulaski Only $1.00 year. New corn had been received at the! ing consciousness. elevator dmng the day and the loss' including 2.000 bushels of corn stor- ed in the building, will total .everal thousand dollars. "----------: O: Collision Put Three Persons In Hospital Three persons wee injured at 2:30 )'cloek Sunday morning when two ears were involved in a head-on col- lision near the concrete culvert on the narrow Lincotn-Mt. Pulaski road pavement at the east edge of the city. The trio, Frank Slazwitz, Charles Hcagland and Thomas Kenning were rushed to St. Clara's Hospital in the Goff ambulance and Dr. W. B. Perry gave medical attention. Slazwitz was the most seriously injured, receiving a deep laceration near the front of the skull and two broken bones in the right arm. Ken- ing was cut on the chin and Hoag- land received minor cuts and bruises. :O: Griesheim Building Con- CHESTNUT Mr. and Mrs Clifford Ollis and son Duane spent the week end with the latters parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Schrishuhn. Mr. and Mrs. Albert West and children visited the formers mother Mrs. Caroline West on Sunday. Mrs. Aden Zeigler and little daugh- ter Phyllis Jean of Minier, visited from Saturday night until Tuesday with her mother Mrs. Clara Laugh- ery and family. Mrs. Lou Hatchett, Misses Pansy Gobleman of Decatur, Helen Baker and K. F. Adams, east Lynn were Sunday visitors at the home of Mrs. Emma Baker. N0rma Laughery visited Saturday l night west of town with HaUie : Biship. Mr. and Mrs. R. Hotlis of Clinton 'sited Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Mc Cann on Tuesday. J. A. Jones of Clinton has been tracts Are Placed i visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. O'Brien, the past few days. All contracts for the new FRESHIES FINISH STORY The Freshmen have just finished reading Esther Tiffany's short sVory, i Anna Maroon. The story is one of character, delineating the character of the old woman, Anna Mareea. SOPHOMORES ENJOYED IOE'S M A ELS'I'ROM The Sophomores have just finished "'The Deszent into the Maelstrom" by Edgar Allen P:e. This short story is one of sin']e incident pre- dominant. The author i concerned with relating the event of a descent into a whirlpool to create and sustain suspense. The theme f the story is taken from the works of Joseph Glanville. The theme is: "The ways of God in Nature, as in Providence, are not as our ways; nor ale the mo- dels that we frame any way c.mmen- surate to the vastness, profundity, and unsearchableness of his work which have a depth in them greater than the well of Democritus." In this story Poe gives an excel- lent description of the MaeLstrom, a whirlpool which is found off the coast of Norway. Allow us to quote Griesheim building in Lincoln havei :o: from the story a few paragraphs in t been awarded, it  which Poe diusses the omnipotence I C. A Taylor was awarded the [ T#4 Vr11 lftrtre ! of a whirlpool: "Boats, yachts and I plumbing contract. John Obcamp the:l aa,, . ja* atJ vv o |ships have been carried away by' electrical wiring and fixtures, and 'i| ...,[ not guarding against it before they the Varnisher firm of Springfield, the l -Arrangements are now being, form were within its reach. It likewise i O   - heating c ntract ha ens frequently that whales I ulated for the national encampment PP The three contracts will total up- of the Grand Army of the Republic come too near the stream, and are proximately $10,000 with the heating it o be held in Springfield. Sevtember overpowered by its violence; and cost of the building which is to be 18-23. then it is impossible to describe completed by July 5, will be in the   .  . their howlings and beliowings in their the largest of the three items. Total! Blossom time in southern Illinois is fruitless struggles to disengage neighborhood of $60,000.  themselves." Steel for the buildin ..... i attractmg thousands of motorists ........... g, fro. e erect- ro m other parts of the state, despite a oy ccnmlu ros., o )mcago was:th  f_ t that mn "" of the -ach rdered last Friday, and delivery will !'. x a _ . -- w.. i BOYS STUDY SUBJECT require about two weeks iooms are missng, navemg een xu- THEY'RE STUCK ON " ed by the March freeze. I I Recently the boys discussed glues The United States War Depart. . ...... ment has a-roved -la-,ts of ....... aenu earns maue ox cotton clown, and gluing. Gluing is a method by PP IP Ine lill- t " nois de-artment of ub'i . . instead of paper, are to be a featme which two pieces of wood may be t: inW:rszv: r i of the Illinois Central System's co- held together. The best glues are, ": a bri affpug across t 1 er t operation with the celebration of Na- made from fish bone. The best glue! ear Seneca _ tional Cotton Week, which is set for for home use is animal, made from Ma y16-21, according to the May is- hoofs, horns, entrails, and other "off-I sue of the Illinois Central Magazine. falling" in packing houses. It may , The celebration by The Cotton-Tex- be purchased in sheet, chip or pow- i tile Institute, Inc., New York City. dered form. This glue may be heat- I ed over and over, but it should not I "The highways were not built for lbe heatel over one-hundred fifty de- commercial traffic. The highways are. grees. It is not waterproof. This maintained by the taxpayers and are made from casein is water proof. if or their use, just as the schools and Casein is obtained from milk. courthouses are. If the courthouses In sanding a surface, sand with the wee taken to do commercial business grain of the wood. This makes the in, the government would soon stop scratches coincide with the pores and it. But the goverrment does not they will not show. Each scratch seem to see that the highways are shows if the sanding is done across just as important." So wrote Gert- grain. rude Came, a student in the Forrest County Agricultural High School, I MT. PULASKI SHORTHAND TEAM i Brooklyn, Miss., in an essay which l MAKES CREDITABLE SHOWING won first prize in a contest on rail- i way and highway transportation i sponsored by the Illinois Central Ser-i On Saturday, May 7, the 70, 90 i vice Booster Club of Hattiesburg, and 100-word shorthand ts went Miss., according to the May issue of  to Decatur for th sectional cataract- the Illinois Central Magazine. So- cial contest held at Decatur High School. Decatur and Champaign won General J. Warren Kiefer of cond prize went to Angus Moody. first places in most of the events, Srpingfield, Ohio, dead at 96, won  :o:------ fame on he occasion of "Sheri-  but the Mt. Pulaski teams made a There is little lest for the cook very good showing against teams dan's Ride" in the Civil War and aboard the Akron, the Navy's new from much larger schools. I The 70 word team tied for second served as Speaker of the National giant dirigible. In normal flight, . . . House of- Representatives in the there are about 70 people aboard the place, but since their transcrbmg', agitator, convicted in 1916 of Akron. They must be served three time was longer they were ranked 1880's. meals per day each and coffee and third. The team average in this ev-  _ , i,andwiches ae ,rovided for the ent was 94.5. This team is cure.sod night watches, of Lois Kolp, Marie Bertoni, and A F LIPP All of the cooking is done on one Norma Shoup. . four-burner gas range, l:cated in the The 90-word team placed fourth in galley, that event with a score f 98.10. In INSURANCE = taski was second, having a score of N A Balding M D the ,oo-worde,-oot 00,,ildredplacedse- " "  " * 97.11. Mildred Aderman, Louise Van Lincoln, Illinois Hook, and Bonnie Sto.her ake o OF Nose and Throat the and 100-word teams. Mildred Aderman tied for first ............ place in the 90-word individual event, i her thi. Her score s 99.66. In   KROGER CELEBRATES SO YI ARS OF S[ RVICE 1 t A.:PEELL'S TOMATO SOUP Dc'-i-oUs and flea.'thfsI 3 18c ltPt ANN TOMATO V::C::EN [00LEllZER can 5 ILI:h;CH 'S HaST TPIOOA ,',,,. OORN FLAKES COUNTRY CLUB--.'p 3 25c Post Temfl -IOc ]Pkg. CANDY Ways and flersdaey's 14c DA00S MORE Sataray night at stoe-Jmi,  GOlden Anniversary Sale e.h. To flttllgly ee.t4ke It, we Ive ildl additional eatr fur Friday sd httwrsy. To that great be4y at womea who aeeep4ed our in- vitation to come Jn during this slle al find out what Kruger ervice really is  exprts the Imp that the events of the past two weeks haee firmly cemented he fee[iDa between us. To the 18,51g men and women of the Kroger org=-i:- tin whwe loyalty entbmstasm md -olratton h vc helped e trertdonsly in making our sale Jo smcesfu:. we @xtrnd or hand in a brotherly lJ $1.23 83c GOLD MEDAL OR PILLSBURY'5 24 Lb. 63c "s Sack Sack COUNTRY CLUB 24 Lb. 42c 48 Lb. Sack Sack DIKL MONTE OR COUNTRY CLUB ]1 i/KAV" SYRUP PEACHES / ! 2 33c ca RICE 3 -,. Gennine loe Rose ms0 PEANUT BUTTER 1 Qu.lity Soap Powder COUI'RY CLUB C][F.]Y 2 19c 20c TEA BUTTER May Grd---Oramse pekoe or Gsms Lux Ghips 2 BEANS 5 &y  Kidney Garden Fresh :Fruits and Vegetables BANANAS C LBS. GUEST MALT Lettuce - 2 --. 13c U.S. Nell 4 H' Potatoes - $ I. 19 ee ue cakaa KROGElt Matches 6 - 17' full  boxes Pineapple - - $2 69 American. Velveeta, Pimento, Swis, Brick Pkg o. . Cheese Flla4phi C KRAFTS' 2 a 29c 00,19c Cheese 25c 99. She was :