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May 11, 1961     Times
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May 11, 1961

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Mamt Pull Report-- from page 13) of Illinois, of Mt Pulaski, ss. SUPERVISOR following is a statement Thos. A. Gupton, Sr., Super- of the Town of ML Pulaski the County and State afore- of the amount of public received and expended by during the fiscal year just ending on the 27th day of 1961, showing the amount public funds on hand at the of said fiscal the amount of public funds and from what sources the amount of public expended and for what put- expended, during fiscal ending as aforesaid. e said Thos. A. Gupton, Sr., sworn, cloth depose the following state- him subscribed is a cor- statement of the amount of funds on hand at the com. of the fiscal year a- stated, the amount of pub- received, and the sourc. which received, ad the expended, and purposes which expended, as set forth statement. Thes. A. Gupton, Sr, Supervisor. and sworn to before this 29th day of March, 1961. Harriet Bender, Notary Public. LIBRARY FUND Recetptl 28, 1960, Balance on $1,77451 from levy 6,293.17 Refund 3929 Membership fees 35.00 : . 199.5519e'55 . Total 8,538.07 ! Expenditures 6,5846 1961, Balance on $1,954.61 xpdam 1960, Cen. Ill. Elec. electricity $ 2659 Pulaski Water water 7,20 Co., fuel Ft. Gr. & repairs i i Herald Faro. 20.00 Guild Bk. books 3.65 Bouregy C, 525 )bell & Hall Inc., 106.75 M. Gardner, 364 Gylord Brow, supplies 9.80 W. L Tend/ck, labor 8.00 petty cash 5.00 salary 947 salary 3555 D. Shull, salary 6627 Passmore, salary 34.76 Jan. salary 5335 Passmore Jr., Treas. 10.00 Spr., social 60.00 Rev., withhold- ' tax 47.46 Bldg. Trustees, 240.00 Co, tele. 2.48 Ill. Eelec. Co., elec. 23.44 Pui. Tele. Co., 2.48 Plbg. & Htg., re- 7.40 Bros., supplies 17 Library Supplies, 13.65 Bouregy & Co., 525 & Hall Inc,, 2427 M. Gardner, Denison, books & Lib. Pbl. CO., 1426 9.99 salary 99.42 salary 37.92 57.97 Jan. salary 45 Elec. CO., elec. 16.08 Pul. Tele Co., 2.48 water 6.00 bond 35.00 freight 3.91 Dr. Gr. & Elev., 4.55 pairs 5.05 ,, repair fan 4.60 Bros., supplies 8.45 Lib. Assn, 6.00 Guild Bk. books 3.10 Bouregy Co., 525 & Hall Inc., 111. TimRSDAY. MAT IL 1J81 . Wynd,  ., salary D. Shull, salary M. Curtis, salary M. Lucas, Jan. salary F. Passmore, Treas. T. S. Denison, books Cen. Ill. Elec & Gas Co., electricity July, Mt. Pul. Tele. Co., . telephone ,. Amer. Garden Guild . Bk. Clb., books .. F. Wynd, salary M. Curtis, salary D. Shull, salary V. Passmore, salary M. Lucas, Jan. salary T. S. Denison & Co. Thomas Bouregy & Co, books Campbell & Hall Inc, books Chas. M. Gardner Co., books T. A. Gupton, Supt., social security Dir. Int. Rev., withhold- ing tax Cen. Ill. Elec. Cc, elec- tricity . _ Aug., Mt. Pulaski Tree uo., telephone CiW Water Dept., water Cap. City Paper Co., Jan. supplies T. Bouregy & Co., books Citizens Info Service, books H. P Huntting Co., books Mn Binding Corp. Consumers Research, ., Periodical _ Good Housekeeping, .... Periodical Curtis Circulation Co, Periodical ., F. Wynd, Lib., petty _ cash : F. Wynd, salary .: M. Curtis, salary D. Shull, salary V. Passmore, salary M. Lueas, Jan. salary Cent. III. Elec & Gas, electricity Mt. Pul. Tele. CO., tele- Paxton Typewriter Co., repafm Rothwell Lumber Co, screens Mt. Pul. Fr. Gr. & Elev., supplies Thomas Bouregy & Co., books 525 Cobell & Hall, Inc., 73.42 H. R. Huntting Co., books 113 American Home, Period. ical 3.00 Tradition Mag., Pefiodi. cal 4.00 F. Wynd, salary 105.64 M. Curtis, salary 2923 D. Shull, salary 58.94 V. Passmore, salary 329 M. Luca Jan. salary 4K35 F. Passmoce, Jr., Tma & labor 35.50 A. Schaffenacker, lawn mower 200 Cen. Ill. Elec CO., elec- tricity 21.08 Oct., Mt Pul. Tele. Co., telephone 2.81 City Water Dept., water 6.00 Lincoln Transfer, freight 3.91 Stahl Bros., supplies 2.87 Curtis O11 Co., Jan. sup- APlies 320 mer. Garden Guild Bk. Clb., books 3.15 Thomas Bouregy & Co., books 55 0000bell 11.45 Chas. M. Gardner Co. books 236.79 H. P Huntting, books 6'7 Motor Book Dept., books 636 Natl. Georgraphie Soc, Periodical 725 T. A. Gupton Supt., soda] security . 516 Dir. Int. Rev., with. holding 64.,52 F. Wynd, salary 92.15 M. Curt, salary. 30.81 D. Shull, salary 52.38 V. Passmore, salary 23.70 M. Lucas, Jan. salary Cen. Ill. Elec. Co., elec. 48,35 tricity 19.14 Mt. Pui. Tele. CO., tele. phone 2.48 Nov., A. W. Christensen, sign 14.85 Baylord Bros, supplies 7J0 Campbell & Hall Inc., books CbAldrens Press, books Chas. M. Gardner, books H. It Htmtting, books Fynd, Lib., petty F. Wynd, salary y- om, salary M. ucas, Jan. salary Cen. HI. Elec. Co., elec- tdty Mt Pui. Tele. Co., tele- 60.62 phone 2.48 l/c funds received, and the sourc- 31.99 Dec City Water DepL, es frem which received, and the 591 water 6.00 amount expended, and 37.52 Downing Ins. CO., insttr- for which expended, as Pt fur 4K35 ance contents 7722 in said statement l&00 Demco Library Supply, Thos. A. Gupton, St., 6.15 supplies 6.95 Supervisor. Natl. Library Week, sup. Subscribed and sworn to before plies 650 me, this 29th day of March, 1961. Thomas Bouregy Co. Harriet Bender, 2.48 books 1050 Notary Public. bsbell & Hall Inc., " GF.tL AIbr( FUND 3.10 109 9336 Chaa M. Gardner, 33.96 books 304 Mar. 28, 1960, Balance on 62.39 I-L It. Huntting Co, hand $ 6UL64 31.60 books 2.97 County taxes 1,500.00 F. Wynd. salary 92.15 County taxes 3,000.00 4K35 M. Curtis, salary 3634 Chester Town 6475 2.54 D. Shull, salary 57.97  Hospital 10.00 V. Passmore, salary 26.07 Lake Fork School Dist. 7250 525 M. Lucas, Jan. salary 4835 County taxes 2,76134 F. Passmore, Jr., treas. 100 Cen. Ill. Elec. & Gas Co. 263 291 Cent IlL Elec. CO., elec- tricity 2417 Total $14,306.56 28.11 ML Pul. Tele. Co., tele- Expenditures 735 phone 48 52.16 Jan, Downing In& Agency, Mar. 28, 1961 - Balance 58 insurance 46.35 on hand $ 6,73421 Lincoln Transfer, Ezlmd/tums freight 3.19 Mar. 1960, J. C. Penny Co., 22.65 Mt. Pul. Fr. Gr. & Elev. clothes (1959-60 yr.) $ 74.62 CO, jan. supplies 150 Apr. H. F. Tahnage, 2.48 Schahl Funeral Home, clothes 10.04 6.00 flowers 8.00 Hilltop Elec Co mdse. Gaylord Brow, sup. fuel, rent 59.75 32.90 pies 6.65 Kennedy's Groc, food 236 525 Thomas Bouregy C, ML PuL Grade School, books I050 meals l&90 96.61 Campbell & Hall Inc. Martin Richert, shelter 200 books 1377 G.M. Rogers, shelter 2 1.60 Chas. M. Gardner, mo. 25.00 books 220 Doud's Store, clothes 24.49 275 Costella M/g. CO jan. CerL m, Elec. & Gas. Co. supplies 3550 ele 136 204 Hahn's Skelly Service, Hilltop Elec., rent fuel 153.76 Zim's Groc., food 24.00 2.00 T.A. Gupton, Suw., Edna Buckles, shelter social security 56.52 1959 yr. 80.00 3.q8 Dir. Int. Rev.. with- Fran Myr/clL shelter 30.00 holding 63.36 Cross & Borgerson, med 10-50 7 F. Wynd, salary 97.00 Curtis Oil Co, fuel 23b'1 M. Curtis, salary 329 Cr 111. Elec. & Gas, 00 D. Shull, salary 60.18 elec. 27,42 55.77 V. Passmo, salary 2686 Stoll Coal & Gas, fuel 59-q5 37.13 C.nLtUCaS, Jan .salary 48.35 H.O. Elliott, prem. on 6336 t. Ill. Elec. Co. elec- 47.40 bond 70.00 trlclty 296 MdKennedy's Groc 4E35 ML Pui. Tele. Co. tele- phone 2:48 M PUl. Grade School, 202 20.52 Feb City Water Dept, meals water 00 2.48 H. J. Wlble Ptg. Co, Cress & Borgerson, med. 31.16 odical 5.00 Time Magazine, period, meals 70 2.79 tcal 14J)0 Schahrs Groc., ood 15.00 Encyclopaedia BHttan- Hilltop Elec. rent fuel 22.45 Hosp., care 26.00 lea, year book 45 June, Fran Myrlck, T. Bouregy Co., books Camubell & Hall Inc., 55 shelter 31.00 4.03 Cross & Bogemon, med. 342.75 H. IL Hunttlng Co,, Kennedy's Groc, food 39.43 books 451 Wo]c>Ws, fuel 9.75 NatL Geographic Soc., Edw. Hickey, transp. 40.00 books 6.50 Hilltop Elec, rent, fuel 2225 The Student Guide, F. Thornbor C, sup. 1&48 books 25 Schahl  Hume, Gaylord Bros., up- arab. set. 1E00 pl/es 3825 July, Hilltop Elec umt, F. Wynd. Lib, petty mdse. IK00 cash I0.00 Curtis Oil Co. hml 3,80 F. Wynd, salary 847 Frank Myrick, shelter 11.00 M. Curtis, salary L33 Hilltop Elec., rent 12.50 D. Shull, salary 57.97 Kennedy's Gro, food 25.00 V. Pammom, salary  Curtis Oil Co. fuel 112.98 M. Lueas, Jan. salary 48.35 Stoll Coal & Gas, fuel 6750 Cent Ill. Elec. Co. elec. G.M. Roger sup. & trlcity 27A8 shelter ('59-'60) 115.00 Mt PuL Tele. Co. tele- Aug, Curtis Oil  fuel 4226 phone 2:48 Lake Fork Gr.  meals, Mar. Lincoln Office Sup- books (in error) 293.75 ply Co. supplies 13.80 Curtis Oil Co, fuel 9.40 Stahl Bros., supplies 20 Kennedy's Groc., food 45.72 Demco Library Supplies, Cross & Borgerson, med. 6.00 supplies 7.35 Hilltop E/ec., rent & Thomas Bouregy Co., mdse, fuel " 39.00 books 55 J. C Pemy Co clothes 50.00 H. W. Wilson Co., books 12,00 Curtis O11C, fuel 15 Christ Herald Faro. Dean's Store, SUlk . 14.70 Bkslf., books 20.00 Kennedy's Groc., food 2.00 F. Wynd, salary  Sept., Hilltop Elec, rent 25.00 24.49 go Horn, P, sup. 20.oo IL Curt salary D. Shull, salary 60.18 Been: 165.00 v M. Luc, Jan. salary   mdse. 39.O0 F. Passmore, Jr., treas. 00 Zim s Groc, food 200 Harvest Years, periodi- Curtis OH Co. fuel E31 esl L00 Standard Off, Hanslow, fuel 269 Total $ 63A6 Zim's Groc. food 90.00 tate of Illinois, Oct. J. C. Penny Co clothes 35.00 Town of Mt Pulaski, ss. Cert. Ill. Elec. & Gas, County of Logan elec lOq6 OF TOW  Mt. PuL Gr. Sch., meals 19.50 The following is a statement by i S tan.dard Oil, , Thc. /L Gupton, St., Supervisor[ zuel 148.79 of the Town of Mt Pulaski in the J Hilltop Eiec., rent & County and State afomid, dti ,,tr,_ ,. 170 amount of public funds received [ Zim s n food and expended by him during/he| maCoS Groe, Food 0 year Just closed, ending[ Oll&Ga fuel 170 en the 27th day of March, 196, [_Curtis Co. fuel 15.23 showing the amount of public/NOV., ML PUl Gr. Sch., funds on hand at the  msam ' 20.90 159.64 1500.ment of said fiscal year, the a- Eva .Ayem, care & " I mount of public funds receved c[.0mes_ 125.00 10.48l and from what sources reeclved, Hilltop k;lec., nmt, fuel 57,50 2.101the amount of public funds ex. I D. Brown, t:mmport 300 . J pendecL during fiscal year as S..t.t.t.t.t.t.t.t. Oil, Hanalow, 100 i aforesaid, lure 5S 107.91, The said Thes. A. Gupton, St, Sto,  & Gss fuel. 18A2 3.71[belng duly sworn, doth delmse &c meal. 38025 662"/land say that the following state. . . .mmy, e/_ong 100.00 [ment by him subscribed is a c- Schahl .Gnu., oofl 10.00 483Sir cot statement of the amount of y's t;roc., food 3.00 Ipublte funds en hand atthe tm- I Zims Groc., food 50.00 l.67[mencemmt of the fleal yearl SchahlGmc.,food 170 above state the mnmmt of lmb-  De Mr. PuL Gt. meals Lake Fork Gr. School, nis, books Dr. J. Shute, care Hahn's Serv., fuel ALM Hsp. care Dorothy Scroggin, cloth- es&care Martin RicherL shelter '59-'60 Zim's Groc. food Schahl Groc., food Hilltop Elec., rent Hahn's Sew, fuel CerL Ill. Elec. & Gas, elec. Stoll Coal & Gas, fuel G. /VL Rogers, shelter 1960 H. F. Talmage, clothes Standard Oil, Hanslow, fuel Oil, fuel Kennedy's Groc., food Edna Buckles, shelter 1960 Cert. Ill. Elec_ & Gas, elec. Hillto Elec., mdse. Seha Funeral Home, arab. serv. Eva Avers, clothes & care Ian., 1961. Daisy Moran, shelter Kroger Store, food ALM Hosp, care Lake Fork Gr. Sch, fneais J. C. Penny CO., clothes Hahn's Serv., fuel Cen. IlL Elec. & Gas, elec A. F. Willi, med. HL Gr. Sch, meals Zim's Groc., food Schahl Groc, food Stoll Coal & Gas, fuel Cert. IlL EIc. & Ga, elec Kennedy's Groc, food St Clara's Hoop, care Hilltop Elec, rent Standard Oil, Hanalow, fuel Mt. Pu/. Gr. Sch., meals Feb, Krogers, Kenedy's, food Lake Fork Cr. Sch., meals Standard Off, Hanslow, fuel Curtis Oil, fuel Hilltop Elee, rent V. J. Soukup, reed. Zim's Groc. food Doud's Store, clothes Cress & Borgerson, me Schahl Groe., food Zim's Groc food Kennedy's Groc. food Stoll Coal & Gas, fuel Shah] Funeral Home, amb. sew. Cen. IlL FAec. & Gas, Mar., ML PuL Gr. Sch. meals Hahn's Serv. fuel Med. Plbg. & Htg., fuel Huston & Paolone, cloth- es Copeland & Hild, gas m Stat of Illinois Town of ML Pulaski, s County of I.gan OFFI OF TOWN The is a bvorThO A- of the in the County and said, of the amount hinds received and him during the fiscal closed, ending on the of March, 196L showing mount of public funds c the commencement of ca/ year, the amount funds received and sources received, the public funds year The sa/d Thos..4. ing duly sworn, doth yy that the following him Ls statement of the tic unds on hand at ent of the above stated, the lic funds and es from which amount expended, and for which expended, as in said statement. Th Subscribed and swcm me, this 29th of TOW rm Mar. 28, 1960 .' ". o aron hand County taxes County taxes Rd. & Br. Fund (Continued on pae