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May 11, 1961     Times
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May 11, 1961

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of ]lUnois, o Laenna s SUFJaVISOR is a statement Scheetz Super- of the Town of Laerma and State afore- amount of public l and expended by the  year Just on the 27th day of , showing the amount funds on hand at the of said fiscal amount of public funds and from what sources the amount of public expended and for what expended during fiscal as aforesaid. John L Scheetz, doth depose the following state- him subscribed is a cor- of the amount o on hand at the coin. of the fiscal year a- the amount of public and the sources received, and the a- and purposes expended, as set forth te,_ ._,:nth John L. Scheetz. and sworn to before day of March, 1961. Everett Purcell, - Justice of "the Peace ROAD FUND of funds on hand at the .cement of the fiscal year, kz.` the 29th day of ib. L0 _ $ 4,4,33.74 4o. auring year 676.96 .y received this fscal . Conect on  levy s.02 Road Rond Total Receipts $13,895.45 commission $ trip to post 120.15 5.75 labor 17030 5O.OO 8now 60.00 R&B 6&60 Co., diesel 78.02 toll calls 1.54 re- etc.. 72.20 1244 Col, 13.27 Sgstion, fires Imp. Co., m- wRh- 1.00 .A, drmrl. lff'Ll & notices 4935 drag 1.12.00 to calls 1.60 A8 repairs 169.55  18.40 31.15 toll calls 3.11,3 dmg .00 Co., blad. legal .00 S. & Grovel, 33.00 S.. & Gravel, .' Co., 15.08 5L71 tile 1.44 comp. H- ins. 191-52 diesel 73-50 Co., re. Agt baL 400 2331 Co sup- 53O Miller, road 2.40 labor 630 150 co. gas 42 -& Gravel, 13.50 875 35.00 Sto drag "00i Kissel Station, gas 7131 All Metal Products Co., culverts 46.40 A1Lsopp S. & Gravel, gravel 423.90 Rocky Ford Limestone, rock 13051 tingencies 5530 J May 2, H. J. Wtble Print Logan Co. Highway, chlor-  ] Co., print IImIII ide Total $10,811.46l Rau Hdwe ballot Immm Total Receipts $13J5.45 [ and labor Total Expenditures $101L46 | Leo Letterly, X06 d Cm, meal. 26.05 care Ly family i R. A. CuUinan & Son,  Cr)g. gravel 666.94 Leo Letterly, toll call L60 [ salary 24A.80 Sept. 2, Latham Oil Co., Balance on Hand $ 3,0839 ]JyLeo Lettly, May Rau Hdw, III& Latham On C, off, gas & diesel oil 113.51 -- Latham Imp. CO., re- State of nlinois, I P" F. Pettib C, 12,50  pairs 37631 County of Logan, s ] twp. mw book 5, illim, Stoll Black Top, pre Town of Laenna s 130, Leo LetteI, llbot countyof Logan I Juno -- --- S G00een mix oFtnc or :)w sa I July L Henry Hall, E. M. Culp, Agt, auto 96 61 The following is a statement] __  700.00 Rau Hd Ba patrol ins. , o OU Co k], by John I., Scheetz, Super. | x v_..zy wp. Co'LaennaAid to&TwP.LakeBridges,Fork visor of the Town of Laenna I lvClUB 25,00 ":- WfllJam Bridge 2862 in the County and Sta aore.| 2, F oyd ck3ey, blL 5, v said, of the amount o public l assessors me 350.00 i Eugenewith tractorLetterly' labor 12 00 funds received and epended, by lAud__. L Leo IItly,  9, Cent. 1.  &  ll Richard PurceLl, labor 15"00 him during me  year 3ttst/_ ._my _ . . . 233) . Co elec. bx 159"40 of March, 1961, showing the a- IL% Leo .e, pa AUg. aune 6, H & H Grote, ,,,, Robert Taylor, labor " i closed, ending on the 27th day|_ lair. . . 100.00 .._IIH Witt Armstrong CO., re- 1,021.57 mount of public funds on hand|SepL.z, l,eo et. ly0 J & H pair, labor on patrol I7 at the commencement oz aldl bat. Aug. moor 14LLS0 i Leo Letterly, toll calls fiscal year, the _amount o pub-16, John L...Setz,  ImI- 3725 lic funds received and from wnat ary, meeungs,  1.q0J)0 gravel  sources received, the amount of Everett 1, J.P. Aul. 1, H & H Grocer, Lincoln S. & Grovel, fl o 1 public funds expended and for meetings 0 groceries gravel ' what purposes expended, durLng Esther Waddell,  lml- Sept. 2, H & H Grocer, 6, John L. Scheetz, R & B 490  year. enCRng_ as at o_r__L ary, meetings, supplies, grooerles treas, comm. 30, Robert Taylor, labor 134.40 rne sara aonn J cnee,, etc. 16425 Oct. 3, H & H Coce, depose being duly sworn, doth grocextes OcLdiesel3, Lathamoil, etc.Oil Co., 91.66 and say that the following tte 15,SepLLeO Letterly,salary pitt 100.00 Nov. 4, H & H GIIW, ment by him subscribed 30Loo Lettly, blL Allsopp S. & Gravel, correct statement of the amount: Sept salary 130 Dec- 5, R& H GtlIy, gravel 75-50 of public funds on hand at the Oct. 15, Leo Lett!y, pl 1 l' "le Logan Co. Highway Fund, commencement of the fiscal year! Oct. salary 100.00 Jan. 4, H & H , labor & rental 7930 above stated, the amount of pub-Nov. 4, Leo Lettly, baL Log. Co. Aid to Twp. lic funds received, and the sourc-I Bridges, bridge lumber 64.60 Oct. salary 133.20 H GIII, Rocky Ford Limestone es fxom which received, and the 28, Leo Letterly, pitt amount expended, and p Nov. salary I000 Mar. 6. H & H Co., rock 26428 for which expended, as Auto Electric Co., Labor 9.05 Dec. 5, Leo , bail Kissel Station, gas 5920 in said statemenL John L. Scheetz. Nov. salary 1330 IIOITIPtffLIOll Latham Imp. Co., labor Subscribed and sworn to before 16' Leo Lettly, part and repairs 29.75 me, this 28th daot,MarcL Dec. lary  Amount  lIl Dir. Int. Revenue, with- ,,... ,, 31, Leo Letterl, b. a * holding tax 107q0 Justice of the Peace. Dec. salary Nov. 4, Illico Oil Co., 4 ROAD BOND GRAVEL FUND Feb. 3, Leo I,,ly, part vloi tires & mounting 2578  Jan. salary Latham Lmbr. Co., lure- Amount of {unds on hand at the 6, Io Letterly, bak Jan ber for guards 12.04 commencemmrt of the fiscal year,   Witt Armstrong Co., commencing the 29th day of Illinois Office Supply, relief bolts, etc. 6.73 March 1960 $1682 "INvp. supplies 30.76 P . Culllnan & Son Delinquent tax 19.91 16, Leo Ittly, part gravel 112.50 Feb. I000 Total lgIpt Latham Imp. Co, tail Total Receipts $188.73 23, I--B, part Total F, xpeaditures light 3.91 1961  ame - 3(MI0 Stoll Black Top, pre- Feb. 6, To Laemm. R&B Mar. 1, Leo Lettely, btL  on mix 51.59 Fund, transfer to hal- Feb. salary  ........ Latham Oil CO., gas 35.05 ance account $188,73 15, Leo Letter,  8tare of Illinois, Dick ShuU CO. test KTON Marchml 1000 _County Loamb I. truck, switch, etc. 4.13 Leo Letterly, toll calls 1.10  w-iO Town Of Aetna Amt. on hand March 29, The toUeq rbt g b Dec. 5, Rocky Ford Lime- 1961 $1682 Amount of und on hand O Or stone, rock 1739 Delinquent tax 19.91 at cvmm3eenmt of the  , .T C T Latham ImI CO., re- 2hT/da pairs, etc. 132.67 Total $88.73 year ztbe Lincoln Tuck & Trailer of the Co., valve 4.76 To Laenna $188.73 Taxes from levy of ime- vlous years received -gravel 121.50 Total $708 Kissel S.ion, gas 3953 Total Receipts $88. Minnesota Tool C, Total Expenditures . 773 Cece  llMle I lndl tools 7.00 4,5 _at the emmelelut o Triangleside tankTrUck Parts., 29.00 Balance on__Hand ( 0 Town Hall epeue   year, the amom o, windshield 29.06 Town of Laenna ss. public  31, Robert Taylor, labor 93.45 County of Logan Total Expenditur _$89A6: John McCain, snow plow labor 12.00 OFFICE OF TOWN ! Total ipt  The M. The following is a statement Total Expendi4ulm A6 Eugene Letter]y, snow by John L Scheet Super- lS6pl_.w labor 5.00 visor of the Town of Laenna Balam  him Jan 4 Latham Im n Co., in the County and State aore- 'i etc v. 66.42 said, of the amount of public State of Illinois, statement of . !pa rs,  .. " 14 funds received and expended by " of   of public i on ___mam ufl o., gas " him durin the fiscal year Just tmnt of Logan eenmeno merit el Wttt Armstrong _,c closed, ending on the 2t.h day of O FFIOK OIF   above st  the m aoor, parm tam m - 15332 March, 1961, showing the amount _ try..muomg_l { m a statement lie i  _.t, _ belt of public funds on hand at the o .onn_ t,.  Su es from which rece :.mnax ompany? " 44 commencement of said fiscal ot me Town r tamma m the amount expended, uess pac. pump} .o. year, the amount of public funds totmty and 8tae.. of lot which eilmnde pg..usea vans t.., 110.00 received and from what iourc u. m  puDne In mid mtemenL mma .ooam . 11 cans ' received, the amount of public .celvea.  expended OY him our- Subscribed Ltruekn'Y' r 3 08 funds expended and for what rag. e .Nt e just m this 2SthC  ,_ ._CK n..ce_ .^ with- " purposes expended, during fiscal Lenamg .on .me  ay of . ?t. nS. vu, ,  year ending as aoresaid, t.,. mlng le amotmt noamg tax "Co  The saiJ John L Scheetz, puonc nmm, o land at the GIrBIIS z eo: , Laumm uu ., being duly sworn, cloth de  oL lald diesel ol - -- 73.50 and say that the foUowing  o  Amo of umor. co. sup- 24.14 ment by him subscribed is a co.[rec.veq an.d from what.m commencementt .pues _ - re- rect statement of the amount ofl.rece.vea, me amoum  public umg the 29th L,am.. am Imp. to., 25 public funds on hand at the com. [runml expended #&gl.'.wt pwr- ... 70 mencement of the flsea] year a-I poses  during  Taxes from levy  U sei muon, gas. -52 bove stated, the amOtmt of pub-[year enmlg " _as.  . fllcal year, Ig levF u awe, _suplmes J0 lic funds received, and the sourc-I. rn.e .am aolm L -Itz, be: . e.,sone ' es from which reeeived, and the|ms 9my .worn,...doth. lepe  Im I et i .ooer 'aylor, lair ' amount expended, and p |.say .at  l ttI. Marlmer orman, cur. vree ,. ._-for wmchhi exvended._. . as set thlOY  lu II I "" liar. 31,.OI1- , ryl rm, .6, Latham Oil Set. "2 in said statement. [ of the U o pub- HT" gas t  John I, Schee i ne runos on hand at the eom- grocer ! ... Wible P.n CO, %50 Subscribed and sworn to boforel_mencemt of the  year It- ,pe s Grocery, , Pnn s,.., re o me, this 28th day of ,arch, 196L Inisi, i. of Ibllc IO*ryI Groy, ' .. " - P" " " "'.86 Everett Purcell, - inmo recel ca, aria me Iottre pau & parts . .30 Justice of the Peace IUom which i ta. Ob00s I Robert Taylor, laoor.  TOWN  "mount expended, and  groceries --'.,-a, Thomas Company, oil, - -.,66  [for which egpended, as let t lube, etc. (2 Invoices) 247.  Amount of funds on hand at the In.sal.d statement ;'bl 3().erfs Gmee, Ircerl  CAPITULATION commencement of the fiscal year I onn.- ..:ney. Aug, 31, Obery s Gve, comenmcing the 29th day of I um:n_v ana zwn to bom Amount of Road Funds on hand March 19 _ ,737.721me, tl  d_M_ .IL LelandgrceL. Cr, M.D., at the commencement of the fls- Taxes mm Y of pre- _ ..... m .vm,, medeal servee cal year commencing on the 29th vious years 5,1842 GIIE "-*+ muqe t'ee. day of March 1960 $ 4,433.74 .....  aaub 11 rU _V:mealcal J" So ukap,deeM.D, Balance due from others "rou mvceJiT ,t#JO ......... groObryI GflX:e, ]-t,d ,,,,., vo. 676.96 Mar 29 John L. Scheetz, Amount ox  on lland a 1 Amount iv-a this fls- , " salary, meeting $ 200.00 commencement, of   --'-'---- M-D. c year from conect I Everett Purcell, meet- . __ Y.arcg t Dtll day on 1959 levy s.021 gs  ...... 4o.oo .. rc.._n  ......  sss Other Receipts from La- ! Esther waddell,  sal- _____ sffi___.uV,- y ux  Cota enna Road Bond Fund 188.73 1 ary, meetmg sup.pues lbTAJU pretqotl years . Leo !Maintenance of roads $ 70.00 Mar. 22, Maintenance of bridges 350.8215, E. M. Culp, mode-  CO, elect. ARepairs to machinery 2596.501 ator fee  Ch Lymm $ dministration [ 2700F00dr Black t Coal Co Provisions for Con- 00.00 coal, Bob Andenum ,4