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May 6, 1971     Times
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May 6, 1971

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14--TIMES-NEWS 0dt. Pulaski, 111.) THURSDAY, MAY 6, 1971 Thank You, Mrs. Lyons Dear Mrs. Lyon, I Liked your books. I will come gain. Thank you for the lollpops. They were very very good. Sherri Dear Mrs. Lyons, Thank you for letting us come to the h'brary. The lolli- pops were good. It was nice of you to let us come to the li- brary. Diane Lucas 1A Dear Mrs. Lyons, Thank you for letting us come t the horary. Thank you for giving us the candy. We spent a good time there. Patty Wines Dear Mrs. Lyons, Thank you for letting us go to the fibrary. From Lara Dear Mrs. Lyons, Thank you fo the books. Thank you again. Stewart Riedle 1A Dear Mrs. Lyons. Thank you for letting us come to the library. I like to go to the libjn/and look at books. Lgve Pare Dear Mrs. Lyons, I love your books. Thank you for letting all of us to come to the library. Lydia Dear Mrs. Lyons, I liked the books that you was.letting us look at. The books were nice. ,yl H. CHESTNUT CHATTER (Continued from page 9) linger, Steven DeRight, Rick Travis, Bruce Sh/mle, Richard Parks, Steve Caplinger, Bob Sahbury, Greg Murphy, Bob McLonghlin, Pat McCormick, Mike Lowe, Lynn Armstrong, Tim Fasnacht, and Jeff Elements. Manager, Luke Vred- enburg also received an award. Cheerleaders were awarded: Leigh Aim Richner, Pat Letterle, Wendy Buehler, Tammy Ran, Jane Parks, and Cathy ShulL Special awards were present- ed to the Most Valuable Player, Light Weights; Lynn Armstrong; Most Improved Player, Light Weight; Tim Fasnacht; Best Free Throw Average; Jeff Clements. Most qaluable Player, Heavy Weights; Rick Caplinger, Most Improved Player, Greg L elm. bach; Best Free Throw Average; Heavy Weights; Rick Caplinger. STATE TROOPEI00 GIVE YOU A TICKET-IT COUI00 SAVE LIVES (Editor's Note: The following article is authored by Com- missioner William O. Newman of the Kentucky Department of Public Safety. It was written following two es- pecially tragic weekends wherein 36 Kentucky motor- ists were killed. It epitomized the feeling of many motor vehicle and traffic law en- forcement administrators.) By: W. O. Newman, Commis- sioner, Kentucky Department of Public Safety. Maybe you're one of them. Are you one of the people who call me on the telephone or write me a letter to tell me my troopers are stopl)ing motomts and giving them tickets for "no reason at all?" I wouldn't know--you never give your name! You tell me you're a good citizen and a safe driver just using Interstate 64 for what it was intended-speed. And that "dumb cop" gave you a ticket. You break my heart! I hope the next time you're tearing down the road at. 85 miles per hour that trooper catches you again. I hope he eS you another ticket and traffic judge takes your license away. I hope he catch- es you before you smash into a concrete bridge abutment at 85 mph and he has to help pry your lifeless body out of Jmt crushed speed machine foms. I hope we can teach you a lesson with a ticket so maybe you won't cause a wreck and cost somebody else his or her life. You really break my heart telling me you don't have time to go to court about that ticket. I wish you could come with me to the scene of a wreck sometime. I wish I could make you stand and ,watch a man writhe in the gravel on the shoulder of a highway while he waits for an ambulance that will get there too late to do anything but carry him to the morgue! I wish I could make you help scrape the bits of bone and flesh of a whole family off the asphalt and into bas- kets. You'd vomit -just like my troopers do; but you'd think differently the next time you climbed into that car of yours. You said you were driving safely when the trooper stopped you. The road was clear and there was no harm in edging over the speed limit a few miles per hour -- you said. I'm really impressed with your ability to judge road conditions. I'm only sorry a trooper wasn't at that place a few months ago when a man with a wife and four children had a blowout at over 80 mph. He might have slowed him down; and his children would still have a father and his wife a husband. Oh, am I getting you mad again? That man might have been mad ff the trooper had stopped him. He might have written me a letter. But he'd be alive! Your letter doesn't bother me. friend. What bothers me -900a LOGAN COUNTY FINES Lynn D. Gilchrist, Clerk of the Circuit Court, Logan Coun- ty, Illinois, today released the following figures for the month of April, 1971. Fines collected in the Magistrate Division were as follows: County of Logan $ 7245.00 City of Lincoln 3038.00 City of Atlanta 338.10 City of Mt. Pulaski 378.28 Illinois Dept. of Conservation 15.00 Total Fines Collected $11014. 38 Fines payable to the Depart. merit of Conservation are Frees for violation of the Illinois Game Code. is that you apparently haven't learned your lesson. You're probably going to get back behind the wheel of your car thinking you own the road and nothing can happen to you. You don't think about the other people on the road who want to go on living. And who gave your kid driving lessons. You? Then he's probably gotten a couple of tickets, too. It's no won- der he weaves in and out of traffic, speeds and, leaves strips of burned rubber at stop lights. I hope we catch him, too, mister; before we have to call you and your wife to come identify his body at the morgue. I don't want to watch you crying and wishing you hadn't let him have a car until he learned to drive maturely. And you say you want my troopers to let you off with a .... What you really want is for us to stop doing our jobs! You want us to let you go until you meet another guy just like you- head on! I wish you could come with me to a wreck and see the seared body of a victim after the fire department has f'mished its job of extinguish. hag 15 gallons of flaming gasoline. I wish you could go with me to her home and help me tell her husband that his wife isn't coming home because some idiot ran her off the road while trying to pass her. I want you to help him explain why mommy won't be home. got a ticket, and you have to take time off from work to go to court. You break my he mister! REMEMBER WHEN .... ? Attending college privilege rather than a A farmer could plant wished? Taxes were a nuisance than a burden? The Supreme Court society rather than the The aged were cared f their children? Foreign oWtcials visited White House without money? We entered a war to lrJ A life sentence didn't parole in 10 years? Our flag was respe  home and abroad? America conducted eigh affaln without the U. N.? A father it on only out of off as soon as preamble? Charity was a virtue of b/8 bmdnes? We, the Irish, Swedes t beil dered bisoa? The doctor's first was "Where does it than "Do you U. S. Grant the a president rather handout? Giving aid to the treason? Now it's called aid. The churches ligion instead of The R's instead of sex? You were safe on ar in your home? The news media Look what's cook#]'00 at your Ca00l 100% Detasseled* S-900a is here. 100% detasseled hybrid seed corn produced by DEKALB in Argen- tina, It's flint x dent. Many U.S. Farmers grew S-900 last year. Did a great job in hard-hit blight areas. S-900a promises to be even better. Get your share. "DEKALB describes detasseled (N) hybrids as "*resistant" to race "'T'" of Southern -Corn Leaf flight, but total immunity is not ,m4:)lied. IE' when you test-drive itl Let us introduce you to the finest in compact tractors and we'll give you a quality, quilted barbe- que mitt alolutely FREE! Built like the BIG ONES! 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