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May 2, 2015     Times
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May 2, 2015

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15 Recycling Etiquette It appears that the warmer weather has helped fuel an increase in the amount of materials being taken to recycling sites throughout Logan County; bins have been full to overflowing. However, this has also left the agency to deal with increasing amounts of contamination. The illegal dumping of non-recyclable materials into collection bins is prohibited under both city and county ordinances. In the past few weeks, the agency has removed household trash, lawn furniture, car bum- pers, tree limbs, and commercial grade 55 gallon barrels from the recyding bins. Recy- cling bins are provided for the recycling of household materials such as cans, food con- tainers and health & beauty product/laundry containers as well as paper products and are not for the disposal of commercial and/or industrial products/materials. Recyclable materials differ from regular household trash in that these materials are collected, sorted, and processed into new items that will once again find their way to you home Items to be recycled, therefore, need to be handled differently than house- cling paper items is minimal; boxes should duce bags, beverage case wrapping, toilet/ hold trash, be broken down and flattened. Newspaper, paper towel and napkin wrapping and bubble During various stages of the recycling pro- magazines, junk mail, and flattened chip- wrap and air pillows used in packaging. Recy- cess including collection and sorting phases, board boxes can be placed in paper sacks clers are asked to remove all receipts from individuals not machinery handle the mate- or emptied loose into the bin. Do not tie the bags. Collection bins for recycled plastic rials. Metal and plastic recyclable food con- or bind newspapers and/or magazines with bags and plastic film are located inside the tainers should be rinsed and free of any food string or wire. entrance of both stores. material. If the pizza box has cheese stuck to Plastics accepted for recycling include Recyders are asked not overload the col- it, toss it in the garbage. Used paper plates plastics number 1 - 7 with the exception lection bins ensuring that bins lids or sliding and napkins should be placed in the garbage, of # 6, which is Styrofoam. Accepted items doors can be dosed. Collection bins for paper not in be recycling bin, as should used paper- include food and drink containers (milk/ and plastics/metal are emptied weekly at all towels and tissues. Ashtrays should not be water/soda bottles); bleach, detergent, and sites. If collection bins are full, do not leave dumped emptied into recyclable materials, softener bottles; and other health & beauty recyclables on the ground where they can Individuals should be aware that iust because product containers. Styrofoam items includ- be strewn by the weather or animals. These an item is either plastic or metal, it does not ing packing materials, meat trays and plates/ measures will assist the agency is maintain- make it recyclable. Acceptable items will dis- cups are unacceptable for recycling. Again, ing the area surrounding the collection bins play a recycling symbol on the bottom or on preparation for recycling plastics is minimal, for the health and safety of both those utiliz- the label. The recycling symbol is a triangle rinse to remove any food product and flatten, ing the bins as well as agency employees. composed of three chasing arrows. Remem- Caps may be left on containers. Metal items Logan County Joint Solid Waste Agency ber, when in doubt, leave it out! accepted for recycling include: food contain- appreciates the efforts ofrecyclers and strives All Logan County Joint Solid Waste ers, coffee cans, and drink (soda/beer) cans. to provide a quality-recycling program for Agency collection sites offer residents the Again, rinse containers and if possible flatten county residents. For more information on opportunity to recycle both paper and co- metal cans. the county's recycling program, preparation mingled plastic/metal materials. Recyclers The recycling program does not accept of recyclable materials, or how to dispose of are reminded that bins are designated for plastic bags from stores, dry cleaning bags or other household items such as appliances, the collection of a specific material either trash bags. If you transport your recyclables car batteries, tires or paint, visit our web-site paper or co-mingled plastics & metals. Do to the collection bins in any type of plastic at and select Joint Solid not place metals or plastics in the paper bin and/or trash bag, empty the contents loose Waste Agency, or contact Mitzi Rohlfs, Coor- or paper materials in the co-mingied plastic into the bin and take the plastic bag home for dinator at 217-732-9636. Area recyclers can and metals bin. The program does not accept disposal with other household trash. Plastic "Like" the Logan County Joint Solid Waste glass at any of its collection sites, bags used to hold items such as water soft- Agency on Facebook for the most up-to-date Paper items accepted include newspaper, ener salt, mulch, seed and fertilizer are not information on collections and the Agency. junk mail, magazines, singie-ply chipboard accepted atany recycling site. Remember, Recycle Today for Tomorrow. (cereal and other food container boxes, Plastic grocery bags and plastic film can be Submitted by: Mitzi Rohlfs, Coordinator Kleenex and shoeboxes, etc.) and catalogs. ~recyded at the Lincoln Wal-Mart or Kroger Logan County Joint Solid Waste Agency The recycling program does not accept cot- stores. Plastic film includes items such as dry 217-732-9636 (W) or 217-737-7927 (C) rugated cardboard. Preparation for recy- cleaning bags, newspaper bags, bread/pro- Paying it forward Then I found myself getting inpatient as I thought Hi, my name is Rita and I they were taking far too long to pay for a simple cup ramble, so please excuse any of coffee. Then, finally, the young woman in front of me waved goodbye to the young man at the window track changes, and she pulled away. As I pulled up the young man Just set back and enjoy the ride greeted me with the same smile I've seen many times. He cheerfully handed me the cup full of warm nectar known as my train of thought, of the god's known as coffee. When I tried to hand Today as I sat in the increasingly delayed drive him the cash for my drink he shook his head and said through queue known as the Starbucks drive through "The young woman in front ofy0u just purchased your I was admiring the older modelvehicle in front of me. coffee for you". I must have had a dumbfounded look I guess I noticed it because most of the vehicles in this on my face. He then said "She does that once a week line were much newer. It made me start to think about for the two cars behind her". Now I understood the the person in that car. Just as others, I was judging reason for the chatter and laughter. They were proba- the individual I had never met before by the ponytail I bly talking about how the next two cars would react. I could see in the window, the vinyl stick figure family felt ashamed for making those quick judgments about on the back glass that showed an abundance of chil- the thoughtful young mother. When I thanked the dren and a few pets, and the sounds coming out of young man for my coffee he smiled, wished me a great what was probably quite a ride in its day 10 or so years day, and said he was not the one to thank and that the ago. I let my mind wonder to what kind of home this way to thank the young woman was to pay it forward. young woman lived in, how her kids were dressed, In those five to seven minutes in that drive through and if she really should be sitting in the Starbucks line I was reminded that we make quick judgments about where I knew I was going to pay more than $5 for a others by what we see and that they can be very harsh cup of coffee, and wrong. What a lesson to learn before my second As other cars left the line with people drinking their cup of coffee of the morning. Later that day I looked equally priced beverages or eating chocolate croissants for ways to pay her generosity forward. I will not talk we inched forward. When this young woman got to about what I did because this is not about me. This is the window I watched as she and the young man at about the young woman that bought me, a judgmental the window chatteredas she paid for her coffee. With stranger, a cup of coffee out of nothing but kindness my window down I could hear the chatter and laughed for a stranger. What a difference a small jester can on the sunny morning mingle with the sounds ofhur- make! Next time, instead of being judgmental, I'll pay ried traffic. The contrast made me smile and forget my it forward in honor of that young woman. judgmental thoughts for a moment. A reader came across two photos of the Wdght Brothers Biplane that landed in Mt. Pulaski during the "Plane - Train Race" between an Illinois Central Railroad passenger and the Wright's biplane. The reader said the top photo was easy to identify as a photo taken in Mt. Pulaski. The second photo was taken during the race, but does not specifically say it was taken in Mt. Pulaski. Interestingly, both photos were found together at an antique flea market in Maine. F [