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April 28, 1932     Times
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April 28, 1932

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THE MT. PULASKI TIMES, MT. PULASKI, ILLINOIS RUBY/v00. AYahS At tw:nty-tv,o the oM -k::.- D:ar, a Veal:)- :es:r-? was another woman&apos;s sband. A nor u:: ?:>.ok fr :" *.he excitemcn: and :ra:.: v: .__ . r,'s gay life, she is taken by her aunt, to the country for a long rest. She Mrs. Gladwyn, :c a ar.ous siecial- ist's office. The :hys!iap. crd:r Iver rebels, but the doctor :s hndsme d sympathetic. She Ier::i tb2t he i8 not the great mm 5imself but an aistant, Dr. Rathbone. "God made the country and man made fie twn," be tells her, and she agrees to go to a rural retreat. Before she leaves she goes to Den- Uia Waterman's fiat, where hey are a'priaed by Linda. Denn:s's wife, Who takes the situation quite calmly. "I suppose she wans you tc marry her?" she asks Dennis. At the night club she gc, es with Dennis, Diana collapses. She regains easciousness in a Iitt:e cuntry cot- rage with a nurse Miss Starling, bending over her. Dr. Rathbone's kome was clo.-'e b:,. Mis 5=arling told her. After three weeks Dennis Water- man calls. He toP_:: h r ::- will have to go ,way, and }:is mariner, a he leaves her. :uge,: ?:_: '-: i,ve :s Waning. Bu ...... a : ::e: gone many day },-':  "z u: :::: l:er. :::f asking Miss S:mhng all 8Ols of clues: . "-: L)r. Ra  '- rle. NOW GO ON WITH THE FTORY "That depends w.::: :',,u n:e:,n hy foolishly. His wife ",.'c:'t !: ':e him he only wi:?e -]:e w:ul-! bu he Won't and so " he topped ud- enly, feeling rathor f:;o!ih. "And sovhat?'" Rathbo[,e a:d:ed. "And so" Diana rdshed on reck- lessly, "as s--:   -'o:_ - ::-,--e k,ees, her big eyes fixed on his face. He would have gone to the ends "But I like you," she said again ser- of the earth for her, and Diana i_uAy. "Whe::ever you :ome into the knew it well enough. torn: it's ]ike a b:eath f country She felt quite happy and a little air." excited. The seat was rather hard, He laughed, though he looked a it s true, and made her body ache a little e.ubarrassed, and took h:s little, and the sun was getting hot leave cn her bare head, but those were Diana grew well with much great- trifles. er rapidity than either Rathbone or' At last he pointed across the t::e Creature had expe:ted, hedge on the right side of the road. In a week' time she was getting "Dr. Rathboae's haua i just there", u, after he:" h:eakJ=st, dressing her- he said. self, and spending lcng hours in the *You'll .* th ehimnv in a rain- tiny gas-den cf the little hsue, ate through the tre." Mr:--. Gladwyn sent some stocks of t Diana was a little disaplmintsd to books an! enough illus:rata:l paFer:: find that Rathbone's h(mse stood so to keep the entire village occupiedi far back from the road that even a month. I when they had driven  to th She also sent large boxes of choc- front of it one could only catch oates and exFensive fruit which Di- ;:H::pses between the trees of po4nt ann gave to the village children w: ed red gables and queer Jacobean came to stare at her shyly through chimney pots. the gate. There was no back garden Creatore often swrs in Italian t : the cttage, only the long straight I hand resting on Jonas's shoulder, :-lot in front, with a high clipped' but even then, beyond splashes of i:edge that shut it out from tke ha;- One day Miss Starling said, "1 don't think it is attoge:her nice of you to enc:urage that boy s,) much. ::e alreaiy has ideas far above hi. station." "What by ?" D:a:a :.ked. tho she knew perfectly well to whom the F,-r.*ure referred. -Fh- by ron, N:e Mead?w Farm" Mis,. Starling ex!)lained. "Jonas, don't they call him? He is only a pupil to Mr. Shurey, learning farm- ing like any laoourer." L:::a :::;g::c:: m :tank amuse- meat. 'But he's oniy seventeen, at the most." she objected. "Just a lad and he amuses me---g:odness knows there are not many amusing people " :i clouring here and there in the garden, most of it was effectively shut out by a high brick wall which had many trees and shrubs planted cn its near side. She sat down again with a little disa; ,,:ointed sigh. Jonas was pulling the trap to the l side of the road to avoid a big car that, had ust at that moment round-] c,! he bend. The road was not very wide at that point, and there was hardly room for the two to pass in safety. "How dangerous to drive at that speed," Diana said, and at the same moment recognized Rathbone's car. She turned eagerly to look after it as with a wide sweep it pulled up to the closed gate. The back hood of the landaulette and I'm we!l en?u::. U:> ro:-': away in the villare, as far as I can see." With him.'" "He is a very grown-up seeenteen" "I see. Well ' .' a d ..... " '-:- the creature asserted firmly. "And w " She gave a ]ittIe strsnged cry. "I though :.': ......... '! 'e ..... : .... I thought you would try to prevent te from going?' The ghost of a .... !e ..... :- :. .... "I prevent you ? Why should I ? Do You think ! :*'":- = .... e!r ':  : Could prevent you fr'm -:elm;4 u:-- thing you dsh---:c? w,u "? ::?'" She looked a little :u]'en. "No, but I tb.oubt y-u migh: t:y," she said ingenously. He went beck :o his old pokion of leaning on the Led rpi!. !:!: " ::is loosely clapeq " "" :< "No leeturina :'.: t}:c -o:qd b"- -v- er yet stopped a woman who is in love from doin what may see:, foolish to other 7eopte," he :-a:: quietly. "You think it would be foolish?" he insisted. "To go away aul :i-e ,',itl m n hois alread*" married and who can ot get his freedom?'' he queried. 'Well, it all depends, h v u: :.a:: I should be afraid that if he had a- ready wearied of one wo,::an it :,o U .' a'd nL-- "If my aunt was in the least con- :erned abou r::v health or my mor- als sie ,uid not have g:ne off to Aix. as she has done. without bid- din me a fend farewelL" Diana m- teilupted flippantly. She yawned nd 0 ho :on; the deck chair, where he has been yb:, and walked (iowa It would e fun t:, go down to the village and see what sort df a place ,t reaii:," w. She oened the ate, 2:,t-;  .,,. wa-, atti wen out in- to L ,b,,.'c:, Diaha vv}w,: the end of the lane aLd st*..a * o,': :o right and left,, unrmtain v, hcl, way to go. ana it was a'. thai moment that  light fa:'h: trap rien by : ial in brch-  a:,u a : ,,,-" s?,irt ;t)en at the neck tm-i:e.d ou   gave clo,e by. Hv sa; biana and pulled the horse :,, ..... a,:dsh,, and Diana asked eag- I . el'it, - "Where are you gomg? And  oald you like to take me with you ?' She had made n.iends with Jonas when he cMled daily at the cottage ! Would not be difficult for him to Weary of ano:hr. "He never loved his wife." "That is what he tells ycu. That is hat all mev te!I :l " " . in th? circumstances you de_r:be "" "You seem to know avreat deal about it." f[ Rathbone stood up. He looked in- Ntely weary all at care. "Then you mut be prepmed fo: him to grow tired of what. after all, e-an never be anything more than an vdinary liaison. I've seen so many f them, and they all end badly. It ms a pity-you are too good to wasted on that sort of thin" a: You call it. I wvnder yea d n't think so too." She said sullenly, but with ::ush- | 7lg cheeks, Only the other day y, u told me you doubted if l was wc:h :ying to keep alive." "Did I? Perhaps I've changed my alL Is there anything else you mt to say to me before I go?" "gou're not going already?" X think I'd better---before I make too angry." "I'm not angry," she said. I like , nobody has ever been so to me as truer but with eggs and cream, and she knew without any warning from Miss Sarling that, :ad tbaugh he was, he was greatly attracted to her. In a few years' time he would be a fine I k::; ma2. :h :::? agreed v-i'h the Creature f:v :nee in her as- sertion that he was a very grown-ttp seventeen. .::., face lit ,:'. w:::n he :,p:,ke to !, cv.'. "I'm only'going over to the other side of the village," he saiJ. "Welt, take me," she urged again. He reached down a slender brown 'h-d hch seen:ed oddly out of keeping with his rough cloth- es and general avoearance, and calefullv helped Diana in*.,, the high, l hard seat beside him. "Jonas. she said, do you know where Dr. Rathbone's house it?" "Jonas nodded. "Yes I know." Diana turned an eager face :o him. "Det's go there," she said. I should love to see where he lives." The lad hesitated. '*It's more than five miles away." "But *.fiat's nothing in a trap like this.*' 'I knew---but won't they miss you?' ter." She cn his She laid his 'Do was down, and sitting there alone was a woman. Apparently a very young woman with Titian .red hair: Diana had only time to notice those two facts before the trap was round the bend and the car hidden from view. "That was Dr. Rathbone's car," she said in a small voice. "Was it?" Jonas was not interest- ed, "There was a woman in it," Diana said. "Was there? It's the one who lives at the house, I expect." She looked up at him. "I thought Dr. Rathbne was a bachelor." "So he is." She frowned impatiently. "Then who is the woman?" she asked. Jonas shook his head. "I don't know, but I know she lives there." "What's her name?" she said. "Miss Rosalie." "Rosalie what ?" "I've forgotten," he said almost sullenly. "Not Rosalie anything else? She must have another name!" "If she has, I've never heard it." Neither of them spoke again till they were back in the village street once more. It was half-past five by the church clock; the big bell chim. ed as they passed. There was nobody in the little garden when Jonas jumped down and gave his hand to Diana. 'You'll have to hft me down," she= said. 'I'm tired." He took her in his arms very care- fully, as if fearing to injure her. and set her down gently on the path i beside him. r:na said, "T::ak you" nd gave him a little smile tha= qui<..ened his harkats. Miss Starling told hm [}r. B.ath- e h:d (,ailed to bid her gec:bye. : Diana was startled and insbte:! on: sending Jenny with a nte e'iag him -o call, marking her note "very urgent 2' f She waited in her room, fee!ing ure he would come. Presently she drifted off into & vague sleep of sheer exhaustion from which she was arounsed by Miss Starling's hand on her shoulder. I The room was nearly dark, lit on- ly by the pearly gray twilight. [ I. Rathbone is downstairs, the: Creature said. Diana started up, trembling a lit- tle and concious of a queer ensa-t tion through all her body, as if l i someone had poured healing balm i onto an intolerable pain. 'Ohplease put on the light and ask him to come up." ] "Dr. Rathbone says he is in a great hurry and could you come I down ?" She went downstairs into the room, and shut the door behind her. Rathboe was standing by the t N. A. Balding, M.D.: Lincoln, Illinois Tnmt table turning the ages of a maga- ing his tractor, thu hi , eighbor zinc with impatient fiTer:, He came tohisaid. Tho>.easslstm'with A F LIPP threw it aside a Diana e*:*,,red, track.ors wer J. i)..1 y::. _ r nk "Well?" Wachter. lee Dun, : '" :. She thought there wa :or quite Gary Reitermat ":,, k:.Fe- :a,-;. the old friendly tone in his voico, or Those aMstir, .... -: ....... was that her imaginati ,n" were Everett Purcell. V(ii:ia,: P,.,.;" ,, Diana echoed. "Well?" and could ceil nd Ctivton "r.. think of nothing else to say. :o:- }: L*L She storm leanin:4 gain:.t the do+,r still trembling a little from her Buy your Castoria - o :NDS sudden awakening fr,,m leep. AT : Cmtinnel Next Week :o:-- Pen's Rexall Pone 268 Farmers Plow Field Drug Store Of Disabled Neighbor --'-"' .... " ........................  " -- Friends and neighborn of John ED- F-." cO ,ERAL HOIvIE Icy met in his field early Friday f morning with six tractors nd three  ..... (T .... ,CAftL, Ass'i four-horse olws and in the course "-, .:v  aanity Better" of the day turned over fifty-five Mt. Pulaski _.. - PHONES-- Lincoln 1234 acres of ground. Mr. Epley has been very unfor- tunate the past few months. In Jan ............................ uary he fell while repairing the roof =._ of a farm building and was seri=us- ,, ,o.,, SELL ott sufficiently to wrk in the field the past week when he had the misfor- tune to break his arm while crank- Farm or City Properti:s su'. and MOS. 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