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April 28, 1932     Times
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April 28, 1932

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THE APRIL 28, 1932 &apos;years of age, probably of poor. par- he has saved to give to the wo Gonmtin"---es, Bet- NOTES !ti2 L'abb]eloves John and he, her. But the report in some of the lfac. t that BeCna is a millionaire, stated that the Board of ann he only a common soldier both- era John. He avoids her in every the Mt. Pulaski Town- o,, ,ssible. Tomorrow they are --j r t la High School had reduced teach- _.  -vi--" John for a twen y Y salaries "over 10 per cent." The recruit, and Bettma to m y. -(_ was incorrectly reported, ther-in-law. If at the end ox t larger than the newspapers Bellini still loves John, The amount of money spent twenty days she is going to tell him so, and see salaries this coming according to present plans, will if he will acoept her in marriage. less than the amount (I've read ahead, so l'll be able to last year. The saving will be tell you the sacraL) She still doe . two ways: (1) The size of love John and tells him so. Every- staff will be reduced thing is all right so theyql probably n ten to nine members; (2) The be - Tell you all about this for the positions retained marriage next time _..--.-=- O -------- MT. PULASKI TIMES, MT. Democrats Dine to Hono00 i be eat about 15 per cent on an MATHEMATIC8 If the amount that salaries reduced last year wiU be add- ro ct that "the square on O:e ' next year's saving a reduction . "" *---- of right triangle is eqm- cent has sum of the ,,n salaries alone over the vaten w paid year before last. the other two sides" was proved by however, will try to the Plane Geometry Class just "e- courses offered in the past. cently. This theorem, sometimes cal-" ..... ..+hoorean Theorem," is an ject at school. This iv the la- dr(.-, teacher will have more work to /ca ':'ne What is an example that we will be making m :',,me I>. every effort will be made to imporuanz u the high scholastic sand- of a case m which this theorem could this year. the mchool has had in the past. be of any practical value? Here is might be well to add that the one:An extension ladder 77 ft long HOME EX:ONOMICS of the school is in sympathy is placed with its tap against a wall, Coing plans for economy, and win and its fot 46.2 ft. from the base of girls have been making their support to any reason- the wall. How high does the ladder The foods quick breads for lacheon. These moves made to reduce the tax reach on the wall ? that has become the concern Spherical polygons are being stu- breads are: taxing agencies, died in Solid Geometry: Last week I Gingerbread ' .said a polygon was a figure of three Corn Bread tentative program prepared i or more sides. In Platte_ geometry Biscuits lygons are studzed. Tle eLI- Nut Bread and Steamed Brahma plane po _ _ __l olygon ! Bread. graduation exercises is as fol- between a v .......... ferenee . -- :- *h-t the for-I Here is a very good recipe for Class night Exercises, Friday  and a plane @oiygon ,= - and Broom Bread. mer lies on a spherical surface Steamed May 27. 1-4 cup sugar services, Sun-  has arcs of circles for its sides, while the latter lies on a plane surface 1-2 cup molasses May 29. I 1 1-2 cups sour milk 30.0pen House, Monday evening, and has lra]ht__ o:--------:lines" as its sides. 1 3-4 cups graham flour . 3-4 cuP corn meal Cmrnenkement Exercises, AMERICAN HISTORY i 3-4 teaspoon salt Evening, May 31. I ----'" examinations tll be held I i -:etting on toward tl e close ] 2 I-4 teasns baking powder Thursday and FridaYof the chcl year, and so, nearing 1 teaspoo baking soda 26 and 27. Report cards will to the :lose of our American His- 1-2 cp seeded raisins out the last day of school, tory. We have begun the study of Put sugar, sour milk, and molas- afterrmon, May 31. -Pre:idents and their elections" (one sea into a mixing bowl and mix Mix : : of t difficult parts of the history.) the dry nigredients and raisins. POUrun. O ENGLISH I and II We all know who the first president them into the milk mixture Beat was, .evrge Washingtom When he til well mixed. Grease three I lb. Short Story is still the funds- beca:2 :re Jdent there w'e two P<- baking powder cans r:r other moulds. base for discussion in both litic] parties who were very bitter Pour the mixture into the cams, ill- and Sophomore English towards each other, the Federlists ling the about 2-3 full Put the ear- The Freshman have ju fin- and fie Democratic-Republican ?arty era on the cans. Place the molds in reading Frank Stockton's story, (the first part of this same being a steamer or in a kettle containing a Lady or the Tiger". After a drop:e:, later.I This Republican par- rack. If the kettle is used pour wa- Period spent in trying to decide ty must not be confused with the one the lady or the tiger egres- of t. ,::. Washington, upon entering tar around the molds so that it comes to^ ned door the stu office had the power, as the:ms: - ""  '  "" " to a -int ministers, are still in Mcubt. There m o ay -'ee commissioners, wth evidence to substantiate either ors, , of the Senate; to veto Le , Lad the consen . . " t u s eat 'The Y --,,'ster m foreign affmrs s gu g t" ad..a . . .Tiger', as a worth-while and:anY  . commander-m-chief of the mg story for you to read., ann w navy. " , Sophomores have just finish- artYqired of each of us gruesome short story, in the Rue Morgue." They make a chart for the successive pres- idents; the date of.el:m 7rtieii" agreed with those critics whO ida in it; political part Pn ira" ate to Poe, the title, "A sen-! atin ; the one selected an  _ " P g .... rm of each. After rtant event m vc ides discussing the stories in po --* *is chart it is sup- and reading portions aloud for having eompe - in oral reading, some time posed to be so "down pat in our me- each day to special points mories" that we could write it on Some days we have die- final examination day which is fast others, definitions approaching. :. _..=..--- O t,------- words in the stories, pro- or sentence structure. It ELECTRIC-CURRENT seem from our reports that a Two Logan Farmers Tax Penalty Goes Filed In Bankruptcy Into Effect May l Voluntary petitions of bankruptcy Property owners have but two were filed in federal court Monday nore days to interview County at Springfield by Edward O. Weckel, Trurer Everle if they expect to living three miles north of Lincoln, avoid the 1 percent penalty which be- lising tiabilitie of $51,489.61 and comes due on all unpaid taxes May L. assets of $1157.00. Petition was a filed by Charles Thieves broke into the Lincoln S..k.roggin of near Mr. Pulaski, list-Public Library over the week end ng liabilities of $13,422.60 and as-'and burglarized the place of  Left to right, these party leaders who met at Washingtm are Jouett: Shouse, execu;:e C ,irma o: th,: Detrmeratic Nation! Cmmiee, Joh N. Garner, Speaker of the House and ex-Governc*r Alfred E. Smith. 4. Transition Lincoln College Is 5 Radiation 4. Balance 1. Forms ?. Informal When you have taken all thence principles of design into consideia- lion you are sure to have a web,- made and beau:ffA dre-- We are starting on or third po- On Accredited List LincMn Junior College, which b:. been re:-gnize d and fully accredited by the North Central association, has re:eived additional recognit'on from the University of Chicago, the Van Rensetear Polytechnic In4itute cf New York. and the College of St. Teresa of Winona. Minn. The Van Hen ;eiear Plyte'.hnc Institu:e which is situated at Troy, OSCAR J. LENZ Lincoln's Leading Optometrist and Manufacturing Optician New York, has placed Lincoln Col- lege on its scented list on the bas- is of the report made by the inspec- t.r for the North Central association who especially emphasized the or- ganization and the curriculum offer- ed at Lincoln College. Few" junior colleges apear on the New York I school's list and the Lincoln institu- tion is one of three hools favored by the Van Renselear Institute. The University of Chicago has re- quested the names of all those stu- dents who will finish their courses in the Lincoln College school F ,:>m- merce and busine  admi! ,a ion, and to the few ranking ,tud;:s in the commerce and business depart- ment, which is under the direction of Pr:f. E. S. Packenham, p, ciai i- vantages -,,,,ill be offerd in he ane departments at the lJniverity of Chico. To the tacit girl student to gradu- ate from Lincoln College thi, year, the college of St. Teresa, ax Winona, Minn., will ":ffer a $400 scholarship which is to be given at the end of every year. These mew recognitions by the three schools, indicates the growth of Lincoln College and also the ad- vantages which the two-year school can offer. Final Exams in County haffway to the top of the molds. As boiling water. Let the :;r steam seventh and eighth grade pupils in ;for at least two hours. Z'he molds: the eounty schools will be held to- king , take the bread trm t and let morrow. This applies to the eighth Place the loaves on a pe pan ---- i month schools. hem dry in the oven ior a few rmn-t  - t 510 Broadway It Is Not News It is not news to most of our read- era that we serve at very moderate prices, for we have been serving ill this community for many years Yet there are always newcomer in any community, and we wish these nemcomers to know that we do offer fine complete service for a very ,mall sum. Phone 1062 7- <ff frequent grammar various effects. These effects are as me to quote verbatimfollows: Heat, Light, Chemical, May- Bulletin published in Urbana, netie and physiological. One of the by the Illinois Association of most important of the effects is the of English: magnetic effect. The discovery of Present practise in a large of schools, that of ignoring and grammar study as as Possible, has resulted in the classes in the On the other hand, high schools which accord cam- its place in the English cur- and those which conclude, years' work with an inten- resurvey hve few representa- s in these zero sections. This m- this eff ect was made by Hans Chris- thin Oersted in 1819, a Danish physi-) cisL Later it was discovered by Jo- seph HenrY, an American physicist, that by wrapping a soft iron core and passing cur- with incilated wire rent through it, a strong magrmte field was produced- This discovery s now knoWn as the electro-magnet" olectro-magnet is a very won- The  evice because of the .ta eYIUl u - _..t is on, IT, that when the ca,, .... makes it seem advisable comes a magnet and when the cur- it cesWs to be a magneL our second probem, to rent s off .... Shy applicati0ms, a balancod ration of 50 This dene w*: "Elqe Be. ll, oral and written composition a few ox u,,:," ---am, Giant lift- pereeat literature for the Telegraph mSo:lting tons of Years. This is basis or cause for ins, magn ets mittee's recommendation for scra@ iron at once, and electric mo- or literature in the junior; tars. ___.... for a great part of the senior for repeated emphasis cn the MANUAL TRALNING I essentials of all the four: with the thought that such a) The proj are being completed. repetition will accom- Herman Cull is going to make some more in the way of permanen" hammer h:dlilfor$ supplementarYsvhffevcter, ; than scattered and less in- project, an would achieve." a medicine cabinet, are learning o-------- This week the boys FRENCH to sharl mn and set saws. So of the boys are going to sharpen a saw Tirslre,, (The Child's Book) for @ractice. have his project One of the easy stories translat- If one does not settled the French I class this week. completed nor his acconnt story: It is eight o'clock. 'at the end of the semester he will standing, because they not receive a grade. The mester up a collection for the -ill end on May 27, 193 of the school master and l ..L..--- :o ",----'-" i sEWING Each child passes before ve been stud "Ying meaj money- in a box. Different We ha - desig we e zu, al lt in. It is the tun of s bout color aria us and He puts in an lthe colors that look best The master, surpris- also our st gresse one. Did your In P fo You only that much we took into cooaiderstion desigtm did you spent a part of it i color, of design are: coming to hoo l- dmema answer. The ross- child Itook Dr. John Condon, commissioned by COL Lindbergh to pay $50,000 to kid- nappers for the return of the baby, paid the money but the child was not returne WHEN FOOD SOURS been over-stimulated. There is excea yoeBe know- sum to get theuine Philliv M r  /: ,c