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April 21, 1932     Times
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April 21, 1932

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PAGE TWO THE MT. PULASKI TIMES. MT. PULASKI, ILLINOIS THURSDAY APRIL I .... I County News City Wheel Tax Funds Usir, g funds derived from the city Sturrock, 13, a tient wheel tax, the street and alley corn- Lincoln State School and Col- miee of the Atlanta council has r died from burns received in hot graveled fourteen blocks of the city bath turned on by another patient, streets during the past few weeks. Seven trucks have been kent busy Wlti Kuhne ef Rantaut, was and twenty men given emplo.wment. awarded contract for the concrete Several more blocks will be graveled fmmdation of the new Griesheim two- when additional funds become avail- story building to be erected on the able. site of the recent fire. i --:o: Atlanta School Election George Lane, convicted of robbing e Spanish Gables at Linccln last The results of three school election year, escaped from Joliet Thursday. in Attanva resulted as follov: Grade School-- For president, J. Darrell Van Cleave, 15 year old A. King, 98, W. S. WarHck 5, A, L: n of Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Van Cleave Dawes 2, K. B. Miller 1; for dire&lt;- died Sunday morning of ?neumonm. ors, H. D. Gilbert 108, Earl Moum- Jackie Russell. fvrmerly vf Lincoln joy 111, Mrs. Etta Montgomery 1, T. appeared a soloist with Ben Bernie J" Gi]christ 2. and his orchestra at the St. Louis! High school districV---Thomas Ri- eatre Saturday and Sunday. The Icy 118, Isaac Dagley 121, M. Lee % tad sang with the orchestra in T. J. Gilchrist 2. Springfield last week and the leader T.J. Giichrist was unanimously was so impressed with his work that elected for school trustee. arranged for the St. Louis per- formanve. :o:. Mason City To Sell Leona Loercher, who re:re- Stock In New Bank . the Central Illinois Electric Gas company in the women' Permission for sate of stock in the of the state speakers" cm> .Mason City State Bank ha> been re- y afternoon in Chicago, :eiv_-d frcm the state authorities arid Wen fourth place, among the seven the committees ffer!nr the stock for ntestants. A young lady from the ::e are calling m the pe<ple of his Commonwealth Edison Co., Chicago, community, soliciting the co-ooera- iwon first place. Miss Daisy Gruber /Ln of each and every citizen, whe-  ur city but new employed in Lin- :her he or she becomes a stc-k sub- o, aceom anted her. scriber or not, It is very important that those a- ll, reid Rice. Atlanta, was taken mong our citizens who are not sub- :to the cotmty jail Friday night, pen& criber to a bank's stock or evende- issuance of a warrav today !.,,alters in a bank, a the present harging him with robbery, fcllowing time. should have the welfare of recevery at his home of a typeriter these institutions at heart and aid stolen from the Atlanta high hoot Oe whole community to recover from building, the very comfortable condition we --:o: are now experiencing.--Banner Times  -'O - Delinquet Motorists L.C. Glee Clubs in Concerts Must Purchase Plates The first of a serie of concers Motorist who have nz ob'.ained by the Lincoln College glee clubs. their 1932 aut mobile ticene .re - -ruder direction of Mrs. Helmi Aide ing reminded that the new plates will be given at Waynesville Apri] 21st. ust be displayed. The concer at Waynesvile is the The automobile license inivestiga- first of twelve appearances for the tore under the direction of the sec- college glee clubs, and for the rest ' of state, and the state high- of the month and until the end of olice, have been instructed to May, they will give two concerts all ears that are weekly. Both men's and women's glee clubs tast year's plates. Motor-! will aear in the concerts, and a  whe have made applicatian for men's dauble quartet, a women's sex- the plates bu have not received set, a mixed chorus and a cornet en- them will be provided with red wdnd- semble under the direction of Prof. that will serve tern- Allan Scovell, will complete the pro- gram. No arrests will be made until all --:o.----- delinquent motorists have been warn- Persian Poet Laureate ed and have had every ossible op- Kept Reasonably Busy poltunity to comply with the law, Persia appears to he the only other officials said. country which has maintained a poet laureate In recent years Unt;i Mu- :o:-------- affer-ed-Dtn abolished the post In ]lew Suits Filed In lsg, the court of Teheran had for Logan Circuit Court centuries possessed a poet laureate, whose duties were far more onerous than those of his British equivalent. mail., Sears, Roebuck, et al According to Narclsse Pekin. who ]Frank Re-sons, t al, foreclosure spent some years In Persia at the be- trust deed, for $800, was filed in ginning of the last century, court eli. court Friday by Attorney quet prescribed that whenever the i -hah traveled outside the capital his Livingston and Murphy, of suite should Include a dwarf, a giant, a jester, a historiographer and the Another suit, filed by Attorney ! oct laureate--these five being treated I,, S, Mangas, it entitled Rena K  on an equal footing among the lesser- ministrants to his majesty's pleasure mark vs. Dora Goldhammer, et , uud diversion. Imvtition. The historiographer had to record :o:-------- for the benefit of posterity all the do- TWO MORE TEACHERS hags and sayings of his master, and GET WRITING DIPLOMAS :he laureate was called upon to cele- brate a large proportion of these In verse. M. Pen highly approved of Miss Grace Plunkett, of Lincoln, he custom, which he found rigidly and Miss Jesse Turiey, of Elkhart, .'?l!2yed. "for tile shah. knowing. .t_hut teach the Palmer method of business - Peculiar Old Belief have been awarded certificates to I the Seventeenth century It was believed that If a plant was bruised writing, according to word received and burnt, a salt could be extracted by Cotmty Superintendent E.H. from the ashes which, when put Into Lukenbill from the A. N. PImer Co. a flask and mixed with a secret sub :o:. &ne by mean of gentle heat, It could be gradually reformed, with Mise Fails To Meet m, leav and o Payroll Due Friday Comprehensiv Slam| Worl The Brewerton mine failed to e slang word "gadget" is applied its mid-month vayroll Friday to a thousand different things. It te and no definite announcement of a kind of generic term applied to any- thing. It takes the place of the old future arrangements was forthcom-  term "thtng-um-a-Jig"--meanlng some- tug fm the mine office in Lincoln. I thfng one does not k now tl name of, Pay for work done by the miners  has tenorartly forgotten. during the final two weeks of March up to the time work was ceased April public was asked to eontrlbut funds 1 was due last Friday. for relief, Red Cross relief in these It was said that a plan of finances dlsaster was met from the organlza which mine authorities ho?ed would lon's funds and from special local con- provide funds for the oayrott failed tributlons. Part of each membersht subscribed to Red Cross Chapters at to materialize and consequently the he roll call period from Armistice Day payroll of approximately $12,000 was to Thanksgivin Day, goes toward this mot available, important work. FAStIION QUEEN OF IANCOLN Aid for War Veterans More tban 430.000 ex.servlce men Miss Carmenita Henderson, poseu- r: jar Lincoln College student, was cho- and their families were aided through s as Miss Fashion Queen in {.he 3,008 Red Cross Chapters and the na- tlonal organizatlon during the rear t pretentious fashion and beauty ending June 30, 1931. Depenffeat pageant ever saged In Lincoln, familles were cared for. veterans' " The event was held at the Lincoln filed, hospitalization oh- theatre Thursday and Friday nights claims we:e before capacity crowds, rained and many other services given, of each g the Red roll Arm New Style For Men" Gari : ,.. '.7.x.d ah:" --. In t,_c M.,l.e .ges tile lay,,:" te f-rm f+l,l:ttishnient for cGme was el:at ,,f mutilation of t,me part of the body. l i"ho.v wtlo S',lfferetl lOSS of eyesight or loss ,,t limb through accident were eonfux(,d wlth l,Unishel crhninals and there is r..ord of an elllinent r:tt|- m:r:an wire. httin;: had a foot frost- bitten, v:trrled eer atmm with h;ln an attetathm to tile fact. sianed by a Iltil;;ber of pel's,,tls of credit. SO that fie tin(' w(*ud rt-:'::rci h!m as a crim- iI:;ti who ha(] stlqered mu;ihltiolk Jewish Fast Day The fast of Geda!ial among the Jews commemorates the assassination of Cedaihih. vilh.h occurred the third day of the month of Tisri. Gedaliah as appointed by King Nehucha,Jnez zar the governor of the poor and pro- retted the Jewish remnan t!:en in captivity. The handit Ishmael .f the royal line of Judah. turning traitor to his people, assassinated ttgs just man. which greatly aided in the ruin of the captured kingdom of Ju,ah. a*'rickllng to Death'* Long ago the Chinese had weird and terrible tortures, but perhaps the worst of the lot was tie "feather torture." For this method of torture no red-hot irons were necessary. The victim was tied to a low table, and the warder tickled the prisoner's feet with a feather. Every four hours the guard was replaced and the tickling was kept up for days on end. Often vit i time went mad. and occasionally , man would he "tickled to death." I The ]stem hies 5v }: Paris f eve-t sing clothes for well-dressed men. One of CTcrd'* Wnders The Ha::im= (;:r,h,:s (,f l;ab:,lon are Sllid lo I :.W' foilled I1 square with an area of nellriy four }lores and rose in terraces. SUlq,orI',! on masonry arc'hoe, to a Ieicii ef 75 feet. They were }rria[ed from a re(voir built at the top, to ifi('h water was lifted fr,,m the Eu dmes by a screw. FOlHttinS and b,qn(iuelig rotns were dis[rihuted thrtlb:t:ut ]e nlHnerous terralces: groYes qnd Hvonuos of tree. as well as parterres of fl,)wers, diver- sifted the scene, while +he view of the city and neihb,,rhood was extensive and magnificent. Mankind Seems to Have Reversed Nature's Rule It has been revc.Ied flint the men of ,me grea American city spend al- most as much for clothes as the women, There is a difference in cost, of course. Women can purchase three or four dresses and appear beau- tiful for the money a man pays for one suit. And there can be no dis- pute about the women looking far more comfortable, especially in hot weatber. One writer, commenting along this line. stokes the ohservation: "'The Chivalrous Commander "Don't cheer, boys, the poor devll dying." was said by Capt. Jack Philip, United States navy (the late Rear Admiral J W. Philip). who wall In command of the United States bat- tleship Texas in Santiago harbor. It as said re.rding the enemy on tl exutsers lnfanta Maria Teresa and tIN Oquendo when forced to surrender-- to quiet the loud cheering of the AmP- leans over thls victory, July & The Part xi'ere a very warlike people of anOent timeK who flourished bout 250 B. C. In the area covered )y the Persian empire. They were es- pecially celebrated as horse archers. Their tactics became so famous that hey passed Into a proverb. Their mail-clad horsemen spread into a cloud around the hostile army p-ured m a shower of dars and then evaded fay closer conqict by a rapid flight, luring which they still shot their ar- i .aws backwards upon the enemy. A "Parthian shot" Is a sharp remark to wh|ch no opportun|ly Is given to re, I .,v Buy your Milk of Magnesia " AT Pen's Rexall masculine taste is to dress well enough DFU Store to be unnoticeable and the feminine amhition is to dress well enough to ............................. attract attention." Accepting this ep- PURE-BRED REGISTERED lgrammatic statement as true, it Is a complete reversal of nature's rule as between male and female. In natural life the male is endowed with rhe fineries, presumably to attract the at- tention of modest potential mates. It is a waste of vigor to protest agaiP, st w(nrmn (,braining what she de- nominates her riThts. She takes them wh(,re she see them find there Is noChlIlg to t,e d(,I}e about it.--Toledo Blade. Naturally Willard Marble was telling som friends of the delights of roughing In a mountain cabin in the Valley the Moon. He orated on the wonder- ful highgear road going up from 83 Bernardino and tle gorgeousness o the valley with its trout streams sad lovely lake. He was right in the mi dle of his glowing description wh one of his practical listeners asked: "Do you have stoves in yo tbins?" "Where do you flank we cook?" d rounded Marble, "on the motmtall lnffe. ?" PERCHERON STALLION JOHN D. No 135586 Bred by J, W. Thompson. of Stun ford, Illinois. ired by Forfeit Jr. 40974. i olor, dark dapple gray, stand 18 hands high; and weighs 2000 pounds. H e is a sure foal getter and sound. I Illinois Certificate of Pure-Bred Fer- cheron Stallion Renewal license No. { 1933. JOHND. will stand the season of 1932 at my barn in the west partof ML. Pulaski at $10 to insure mare in foal All care taken to prevent accidents, hut will not be responsiple should any i occur. I THE PERCHERON STALLION I T. L,s. Choice Color,dark dapple grey. will stand the season of 1932 on the same terms as above. " RESIDENCE Phone 72 T. L. Rothwell Mt Pulaski, Illinois Great E" 'd: L'-t . v .:.._ ;.. ['czert::t a:-i in E:':-: [ I I  t 1 l { ' (" : 1 "" " { ! : I " ' '*,!:r ,':? Iio kjnrla the ;ln,'i(,lil le ,ple ruiq :52 miles up the l.lil, w[ , f l:;::.'.ia Its varved. :ray, .,,'.:''. r. ::s :el the s.ry ,,f G::'CI::,'L: .v- : :h-" : th Enil=htcn,,d. ,r t::e Hu'.dhn f,,r ,,hmr the 'staple F:qls tin',::e in ,',vhm and Burma and the br.n;:e gcn:;_'s Ci;tStl ih 10.fO lamaseries in Ti (-;. {'hh!;1 R:.( the New York Ih.r,,ld "t'.';t,u.,... tUP.} con't'pi(,n :ln,] u:; ,-'/i,vahlp i. Its we:,]th ,it fanta,-::c b; g-r,'lief, the Bor,,h::dur iu.)w st:ua,l de,--l'{|e and solltary In lho mid.t ...f (;e of the WorhPs m-st t'flling]y fr:q]]e |l;|irl8 A bit of tile ashes el he All XV'S, and,'(-r.e,l One rests under the migL:y stupa ith only nn oesh,nal pilgrim to do reverence as he S:'ug gles up the terraces on the eih,f(,td path of per;ection. Priests of the yel low robe and lhe sll:p.n head no |ong er flit through the stupendous get lerfa Energy Wasted D, B. Phillips. Calif,=sin trac tcer. encou',ered a speeder at Vi- alia, gave chase, opened his siren re no avail. The driver sped 20 miles before he stoppc, d of his own voli- tion. Phillips earle up, and was well into the middle of a warm lec- ture when he found out hat the speeder was deaf and dumb. Rarest o[ Matals One pound , f i:;dium, one Of rarest of metals, is valued at The metal Iv white, lustrouK very tmgt and ductile, nnd can be melted with I match. Brain's Maturity 'rLe bI':i,'.l /ed,,,-S Its full site we!ght a: ::: .':T :!...ame time the of the bvdv m,::ro: that Is. th ne of tweedy-two and America's Oldest The tir.t dalb :ewspaper in the Untied S::Aes was the Penm vana Packe and General publlshed at Philadelphia. 1784. Minerals for D|et The most Important mlneral stances required in food are the of Iron. lo0ine, ph(sphorus, (llme) man, abuse, votash and soda A. F. LIPP INSURANCE OF ALL HINDS Pbone 26S Mt. Pal GOFF FUNERAL HOME WILBERT H. SCHAHL, Ass't "To Serve Humanily Better" Mt. Pulaski 235 --PHONES--- Lincoln 1234 SEI,L OR TRADE Farm or City Properties Or Rent Properties Anything, Anywhere, Anytime What Have You ? t 00OTHWELL HEADACHES COLDS AND SORE THROAT NEURITIS, NEURALGIA Don't be a dh-oni dfr from head or any othe pain. The is hardly an ache or pain Baye Aspirin tablet can't rdieve; they are a great omfort to women who er periodically. They are alway to be relied on for brtm]d up cold. nearith; rheurna. Bayer is still the sensible thin to Just be eia it's Bay" taking; it does not hurt the hem Get the e tablets, in 0ds fmir packa for the poe&eL It may be only a mple head- ache, e it may be neeralaia e BEWARE OF IMITATIONS Q00duce the Acid t CK stomaehs, our stomachs and indigestion usually mean exce acid. The stomach nerves are v(ttimulated" much acid makes the ach tines sour. Alkali kills acid imtanfly. The best form is PhiMl' Milk of Magnesia. because one harm- les dose neutralizes many times 1 volume in acid. For 50years the stand- everywhere. will BUD N' BUB By Ed $ 5o -- LWONT :YeN EAT ANY"FTIN(