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April 17, 1941     Times
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April 17, 1941

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SUPPLEMENT TO THE MOUNT PULASKI NEW$, MOUNT pULASKI ILLrNoIS, THU][DAY* AFB !I- 17, 1941. Beck had dinner Sunday with Mrs. m [ S h I cuts, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Taylor. n Albert Wilham. LAKE RK C O0 Mr. and Mrs. Carl Schwuist, Mrs. Neal Guiso, Mary and Rob- daughters Phyllis and Joan, of COPELAND ert accompanied by Norms attend- -- Held Bloomington, were Easter Sunday -- ed a 4-H club rally at the Cen- MRS. HARRY PIAYr guests of her parents, Rev. and MRS. NEAL GUidO tennial building in springfield. A Corponden Mrs. H. Wittrock. Correspondent very interesting program was , Rhoda Veech, daughter of Mr. | given. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Fisher are Mrs. Elmer Foster, Mrs. John and Mrs. Jasper Veech, underwent One-hundred twenty-two attend- the parents of a 10 pound son born Bryeon, Mrs. C. P. Manley and Mrs. Willis Gaffney were Lincoln a tonsil operation last Friday in ed Sunday school Sunday. Mumps, Tuesday, April 8. St. Clara&apos;s hospital, Lincoln. Measles and whooping cough is Mr. and Mrs. John Drbing, Mr. shoppers Wednesday. and Mrs. Neal GulSo went to Ms- Mrs. Lee McCaln and two chil The D. W. Club met recently at about over. Eloise Quandt received a rating son City Wednesday and visited dren spent Tuesday with her sis- the home of Mrs. Paul Schmidt in of excellent for a vocal solo sung Raph Drabing and family, tere, Mrs. Mable Manley and famo this vicinity. The diversion was at the Logan county musical and John Rising spent Saturday ily. [uinochle and the prizes went to literary festival given at Moun night and Sunday witl his cous- The Ladles Aid was to have met of the board of education for Mrs. Vernon Cooper, Mrs. Novnmn Pulaski high school last week. in, Robert Gullo. at the home of Mrs. Roy Moore Schahl and Mrs. Henry Rohrer, Norma Gulso spent Easter Sun- Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Gulso, Mrs. on Thursday, was postponed on aco Years. Holdover merrbers the latter of whom resides near day afternoon and evening at Neal Gulso, Norma, Mary and count of the death of Win. Febu Robert spent Sunday evening at Mr. and Mrs. Win- Peters made John IcI. Tendick, Harry S. "incoln. Club guests were Miss home. - ---- 'scar Henricks- the home of W. C. Muaser and a business trip to Lincoln Wedne$- Mr. arm wr. u . il da , eorge Underhm  v Lavrrence and Miss Evelyn Full-  auhter Dons Irene fam y. Y- ........... .^_^ I,,,t The . ..... .-- ...... reide The next club meeting will meyroe"-ted With her par- "Mr and Mrs. Frank G.untern, Mr [ tetrnenrwer e ,'Je *- nela an organi- ho hM ,* *h hn,= nf Mrs Wil- "--:- ' .... W C Musser o,d Mrs Elmer Wadden ana aau-jatu-.uffiy ::, u . _,. : Zaee t ......... : . . ..................... ents, Mr. an u %0.:.--':', .... IT_:. -,thv Dec tur, had din-,Bryson, wno lives wes.t .ox ,,L,, ts weanesoay mgnr, :. m Voelker near Kenney. and family zrom y  ....... [--, 'ff--*, a . r and land; Mrs. Emma Og|esoy, _]r. V. Wynd was again chosen ! TI home of Mr and Mrs. Geo. until Tuesday m_ornlng;_in - s_.nt i her EEteu?day w,th M. [Irvin Ridgeway, Illlopolis; Mrs. i ry. L. Scroggln was the scene of a suMandwiMrShV:ttr-s ar, Mirlla rCOOmnmlityetubingheldlaLndttledaDuglr o" JnrniyaMw er followin ** ...... [ pot luck dinner Sunday, April J Mr and Mrs. John Drabing. . [ their regula Y ...... wa Harve Ridgeway, Springfield; Mr. 0 . --=* - " er ana r rt a very go z : 13th The occasion was also m[ Mrs James Shellhamm_ i Friday nlg , ....... r,^e [George Kiick of Latham; Frank gs _ celebration of the first birthday Mrs. Irene Hild were m spring- attenmg_A avOUtPrmav:fone Buckles and Mrs. George IAtterley ,.,. and Grounrge - -  ,field Thursaay. - . I tuna scu'L--= - {: " - ---- I of Mount Pulaski; O. L. Platt, au, Karl Dittus -.t. ]_ of Msrylee, daughter ot Mr. na rmris Cove[and spent sunaay ] program. The refreshment  I Zoh.r- A E. Baumgardt, Mt. .... ......... Mrs. Clell Scroggin of Spngfield, [ afeoon with her parent, Mr; l mittte_for ..May w],u_ve 2.  I lua; d Mrs. William Peters. ie---John , ,vo,.  former residents of this city. [and Mrs. Robert Co peland_ analMrs. DnalaMCuP:;an' d [r andl Helen Bryant, daughter o[Mr 2 ....... '' " d Mrs. A. raw= Mrs. w.  ...... t is conmea I, Robert- Mr. an hrone The ro- and Mrs. Otle Bryan Karl Ditttm Several numbers were played by [, th nfternoon uth Frank IMrs. Frank Lec . P - [ ............ l ave "" bad case o,,, .... be Mr. ana to net hum= w, " i nersHarrv S ai w Walter Collins String Orchestra I,,lan d in Mount PulaskL Mr. [gram c0mmittee to ....... I n chicken ox ...... ' '" ' ield and Verna Mrs Ernest Hlla anu Mr. aria . -- --" d ad, Frank T of Springfield. Members of the i and Mrs. Guy Hatf ...... : ...... "ho in charge of [ Three httle daughters of Mr. e. - Suns evening u=. Ken ,,-- .... sc - lesb have the ,.. Grade School orchestra were Walter Colhns. Mac spent _ Y ^ Stoher -^ une nrogram will be Mr. and Mrs. Willie Og Y . . 'ict No. 33 Mount Pu- concl{uctor, James Hill, Theresa l entMeri d Mr.t anner SmY M-s.rge St opher, Mr. and MrS. laohnOOp# cough but are getting SChool. Keisev a_ An- Hill 'Z ors Wilkins Adeline Bretz, i f, their 40th wedding annivers- John Wash bond. -- ....... Vrno-" Munvon of St Louis wa -   " ' '- d "- es Sto her's birth- Bobby l-ilcgman, grann u ,,  . elected vresident and Jack Selmger, Bill Jordan an [cry and Charl . *P ..... o ..... - V-hn Washbond fell spent the weekend with his par es. --- :- . ." .. , voo,1 ,,= -11 of Snring|dav which was Saturay Aprlf_. Mr. an =,. _ ..... a-" while ents Mr and Mrs. C. F. Munyon , , -nnelly and urville .............. ,""  = n:- - ...... ere Mr an Mrs. from ai mcyce ury , _. , .-. ..... _ fo- ,-,,. ........ f|ld After dinner an Easter egg l Tnse ua=_-- ., _-- ur,. and -,,,,,= and broke a bone mnm aria cama on znenu. --__ _, J o" - ,=,-a n = ......... - ...... l Charles wpner anu u, ,-2 Y/  Charles Tavor, an son =rne u education. Holdver hunt was held for the cnuaru. . Nen Larson an aaugn.=, lez arm. n s nt the weekend with his ............... a   Lincol pe ? :ideduu;een !i w!:' FE-J_S  CHbPEL" r i night the following com- Edna Scroggin and Noah Mc- sons, Mr. and Mrs. Ora Lee and] Were named: Henry, Springfield; Mrs. George Mrs. Charles Woods and Ellis had MRS. HARRY LARSON visitors present. After the busi- and Grounds---Theo- L Scroggin and daugiter of Mt. dinner Sunday with Charles Her- Correspondent heSS meeting lunch was served. : Orville E. Mar- Pulaski; Mr. and Mrs. James Wy- ring and Maude and Mr. and Mrs. Those present were Mesdames _ George Peterson, Welby Moore: Otto Henricksmeyer. C. M. Merriman. land, Atlanta; Mr. and Mrs. Thorn- Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Birks, Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Ed. French spen Willis Gaffney, Elmer Moore, G. S. Connelly, as McCurry and family, Frenclm and Mrs. Louie French went to Easter with their son, Virgil Charles Moore, Herman Bohn Lakewood, Ill., Sunday and spent wonch and family in Lincom. Chloe Jenner, T. A. Gupton, Hal'- Mr. and Mrs. Clettm French old I.atech, G. A. Stult, Mrs. elster, Walter M. Dro- hapel; Iris Westlund, Lincoln. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Baker, also the day uVith John Duckett and '*'- M. Drobisch, of Lincoln called later in the after Abe Tro I spent the weekend with relatives Fuilreide, Misses Flo Handlin and Herbert Shellhammer and family i in Springfield. Wilma Moore wit Mrs. Willis Zimnerman Dr. G. S. noon. and Ernest Hild and family had Miss Wilma Buchholz, who Gaffney aIstant hostess. It was ' dinner with Mrs. Betty Shellham- teaches school in Riverside, Ill., decided to have a white Elephant Meister, Or- PUPILS WERE IN mer sunday, is spending her vacation with her sale on the last day of school in Mrs. Ruth Lee and Mrs. Ora Lee parents, Mr. and Mrs. Will Bucl- the school yard, in the afternoon, April 30. Theodore Zimmer- NIAI'rIC CONTESTS spent Thursday in the home of hoLZ. In the district grade school con- Charles Herring. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Larson Willis Gaffney entertained Ig Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Birks call- spent Sunday evening with the Sunday school cla at his home tests held Wednesday evening in ed on Mr. and Mrs. George Stopl-! formers mother, Mrs. Johann on Friday night. Thoe the Niantic high school, the fol- er Sunday evening. , Larson in Elkhart and helped cele- were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Bohn, E Ktmterer visit-  brate her 84th birthday ..... Mr. an Mrs. Sam ..... arl ,- Community Club met onand Mrs. Harry M uner, lanc vents lowing participated from the ed Sunday. af.rnoon .wzz x.., ]xav--niht and a very fine [Neal, Wilma M._re, M_ne who enlisted Mount Pulaski grade school: Lois Hild and tauy. _ .,elllram.] ":o. m Was'given by the Rose[Ray Petereon, wayne Fe ._ue aviation service about Ross, landscape, A rating; Don Mr. and Mrs. l-lerve . a..-oz en.h Refreshments of sand-[Fuiten, Welby Moore, jr. ttezre mer and_ Dalen were m v ..... rche'ancl le were served by Mr. [ments were serve . . ago, and is stationed Sisk, cartoon, A rating; Mary K. eld FriY ..... ,,: =t Mr and Mrs. [ Mr. and Mrs. John Day oz .- Barracks, M:ssouri. Meister, oration, B rating; Frank o,,e Bowers, Joyce ana an Mrs. ?o ::-._, ". ____,,_ I^^- --nt the day Sunday v "-''"-':-- er Sunday Frank Read. At the next mcvu-]_-, f= ,-- vwrenc Pmrh on Sick leave and is visit- Volle, humorous reading, B rat- John ttend.ed a dl, _, Mrs *ere will be a potluck supper, zt I r. a-u z, .......  - -T--" oven at the home m m-._,- -'"  .... - z,-- f officers n "were were eighty-three in a Mr. and Mrs. Ellis ing; Berna Deane Lane, drazt- . u nter near wm ainu u = ......... - ' I "'" Harold Ingham and da g ....... nd Mrs Frank Melhville tendance at Sunday school last two miles northwest ics, C rating. A nmber of par- Warrenurg- Others present were mr .... ents and friends accompanied the Mr. and Mrs. Ingham and son, were callers in Lincoln on Monday Sunday and a short Easter pro- gram was given after Sunday school. Mrs. Clarence Craft pupils to Niantic. Roscoe, Mr. and Mrs. Horace night. BroWn. There was a large crowd at the Shirley Joan of Lock P Mr. and Mrs. Jol Washbond ' churcl service Sunday evening and Mrs. Ira West WOM.N'S CLUB WILL entertained with a dinner SundaY. Janice of Chicago, MEET FRIDAY Those there were Mr. nd Mrs. CORNLAND to hear Rev. Porter. Several men for an Easter The large number of members Lewis Bellatti, Billy Dubs, Ida were ordained as deacons and eld- miles south of the city of the Mount Pulaski woman's Dittrnan, Mrs. R. M. Bellatti, Mary - -  era during the services. Cllub are looking forward wii Jane and Mark Refine, Springfield. Mr. and Mrs. James H. Pierce Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bellatti and and on, Jimmy of Chenoa were ............. WOmen,s sister, Mrs. Roy great interest to the annual Spring :Udell. visitors here last Friday. family. :Mr. Craft and Clmrles Robinson of Buffalo CHESTNUT to their home Breakfast to be held at the Meth- Mr. and MrB. Lwrence Gul}o transacted business here Tuesday ............ odist church Friday, as the last ent SundaY in Springfield with II ther remained for a session of the 1940-41 season. De- latives. Wilbur Oglesby ws elected ................. of Rochester visited tailed information was given last Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kuster- school director here Saturday and The Loyal Circle class of the er and daughter spent Sunday George Criland was elected school Methodlst church met this Thurs- day afternoon in the churcl, the Faster Sunday with week. afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Wal- trustee. ter Danieis near Latharm Dan Ellis of Mount Pulaski was hostesses being Mrs. OBne Lau- : Dick Mueller and Virgil G. Connolley  i Mr. and Mrs. Eles Quandt_and here Monday on business, ghery, Mrs. Roy Lkin, Mrs. Aud- .... children visited Sunaay atrn The West Elevator has been rey Wislon, and Mrs. Mariam Mc- riP Easter Sunday AUSTIN with Ernest Barteis and wife near painted a new coat of green paint. Cann. Clinton. A large crowd was at the fire The Chestnut 4-H Club assenvbo last Friday morning that destroy- led Saturday afternoon at the and visited her MISS HATTIE KERWOOD Mrs. Lee Buckles and Mrs. Frank Copeland spent the after- ed the bme of Mr. and Mrs. John home of Miss Aurelia Stoll. The Lottie Helper. Corrosponderd  noon Saturday with Robert cope- H. Bryson, Jr., located four miles meeting was featured by a demon- Lester R. Beery of -- land and family, northwest of Cornland. The Elk- stration given by Elsie Safly and mOVed to Mount Pu- : - Mrs. Norman Welch and daug- hart fire truck laid a string of Ioan Smith The new projects to an apart- Real summer arrived last week bu:lding, with showers 84 degrees Saturday ter Sally of Bloomington, an Mr=. hose to the stock well but soon be taken up are cookies and tan- Helen Fuhrer spent Sunday with pumped the water all out. The fire )red dresses. The hostess arrang- was on ed an Easter egg hunt. Fred W. Fulrer and Sunday. The Chestnut Community Club Margaret Isenhour of Deoatur Mrs. Mertlce Meister. Ralph Meis- truck from Lincoln also Were Easter Sunday soent Fster vacation from Fri- ter was there also. hand but the fire was out of con- mother, Mrs. Caro- day til Monday evening with Joe- Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Leonard spent trol before either truck arrived, held its last meeting of the 1940- phine Hetzler and H. Kerwood. Monday evening with their dau- Most of the household goods were 41 season in the high school gym- saved from the first floor. Mr. and aastum at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, M " Rundav callers were Marion and ghter, Mrs. IAmna Copeland. Ueller of Linneus, Dora I<erwood of Forsyth, Mr. an Robert Cope[and and Ethel Mrs. John Bryson and daughter April 16. The annual election of here last week, Mrs. Dave Kerwood of Decatur, Thompson called at the home of will occupy the Irving property in officers was held, the nominating on the farm of Mr. and Mrs. Cleve Adklns and Lloyd Melster Sunday evening. Corrlland for the preent, committee being composed of Mrs. miles east of the Nancy. Mr. and Mrs. Lester BoggY, Mr. Mr. Forret Dice of Illlopolis. Raymond Koenig, Mrs. Albert The Home Bureau chorUs gave and Mrs. OttO Green and Mr was here Tuesday looking after Buehler and Mrs. Merritt M. Wfl- his bees. He has fifty colonies, liaSL In charge of entertainment a luncheon Saturday in Decatur Lizzie Tune.of Ple.amnt Plnla About (ne-half inch of rain fell were Mrs. Glad, Marmll, Mr. dinner SunCLay wm _. - =Z." Wednesday morning, and Mrs. Jolm Matheny, Mr. and . Lael Blue of Illi- in honor of Mrs. V. Hezler.-$ul and family. In the afternoon Ige ere gtlet Monday even- Easter Sunday was a beau t Green, Jr., and daugh_terbeNrr a, Mrs. Aisie Towner of Alton Mrs. Leonard F. Mcann, Mr. cisited over the week-end with her and Mrs. Rq/mld Gobleman, Mr. day. One hundred were presen Mrs. Lawrence O. for Sunday chool and over eighty Mr. and Mrs. cnarle Haroer "' aunt, Mrs. C. F. Lanham and faro- and Mrs. Frank Knoy. Lunch wul Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harbert, Jr,, served by Mr. and Mrs. Ar.ttr family. for church service. Mrs. Alvin Day, Mrs. Ether Arthur Gratlrwohl, Mr. ana Mrs. Taylor, member The C. E's had a party at the Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Kaut and fly. school fac- church Friday night. _ son were there. City from The W. M. A. gained seven new Mr. and Mrs. George Beck and Cherry and Mrs. Mary Smith at- Ivor Marshall, Mr. and Mrs. Frank members at their meeting Tnurs- familY, Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Beck tended an Eastern Star meeting in Bowles, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Lakin, her par- and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ross I Lincoln Monday night. Mr. and Mrs, W. E. Baker. annual school elections held Saturday, April 12, but Oaly one ticket out for each Mount Pulaski schools, votin was light. District No. 28, township SChool, W. G. Kautz was re- President; Frank Talmage Karl Dittus re-elected mem-