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April 15, 1932     Times
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April 15, 1932

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NEW LOw PRICES! Goodyear builds millions mo tlree than any other company-- that&apos;s the reason you get best values here. Plus our Service. Now--New Low Prices. lilT. PE_.ASK! WEEKLY NE, gan, and the picture was directed by i Robert Fiorey, himself a native .ar- lsian. "M urders in the Rue Morgue" was written by Edgar Allen Poe, master :of gruesome mystery stories, and the 'screen version is said to constitute 'the proverbial "last word" in mys- tery stories. SOUTH SIDE SQUARE t The first show Saturday night be- Lifetime Guaranteed gins at 7 o'clock. i -4 GOODYEAR SUNDAY AND MONDAY. 0079/ PATHFINDER i APRIL 24TH AND 2STH .c./ I s -striot,, Ois.o.orahle.- :x4.40-21 | CAStl PRICES , " trictiy Dishonorable.'" the most Full Price Each in Tu s0065/. I [ nt [ . I piquant and provocative comedy yet Oversize rEh Pat b. , to reach the talking screen, is to be " .... ")x450-201S53i$5.1 .  !sbwn at the Mt. Pulaski Theatre on lnmPairs" x4"..-21 5.A" 5.27 X.O31"  Sunday and Monday nights, April 28x4.75-19 .33 6.X$ -17 'r 24th and 25th. 29x4.705-20| 6,43 | 6.g4 | t.o2 I This Universal's brilliant screen- I . -19| qt.b5 | $.45 | 1.30 | play was adapted from one of the | 30x5.00-2 | 6-75 | 6.55 ! 1-33 most successful plays seen in New _ 28x5.25-18| 7.53 | 7-30[11.35 | York within the past decade. The ............. -----'-Ise.2s-20[ 7.s9 7.e5 a.33| cast of the picture is headed bv Paul TRADE YOUR OLD TIRES | 31x5.25-21 / 8.15  7.91:1.43 I Lukas (whom Universal boz'rowed for new 1932 Goodyear - [-30x3 ........ | 4.07 | 3.95 | .81 All-Weathers! I Itcl.| 4.X9 [ 4.Oh | ,qN} | from Paramount), Sidney Fox and .| 4.29 I 4.16 | -SN} | Lewis Stone ---'-"31x4 ........ | 7.35[ 7-09[ X.32| The story concerns an innocent | axa ............ | 7.5S | 7.35 ] 1.3" | ] Southern girl and her pugnacious fiance, who leaves in jealous anger O'hcr#t=e#equallylo - [when she casts admiring glances at an Italian opera singer whom she FRED HOLMES [meets in a speakeasy. The sudden [romance that blossoms between this , De tier great lover and the deserted South: era beauty is told with daring and yet with utmost delicacy. Laughter. tears and tingling suspense tumble over each other in delicious abandon. The original play was written by Preston Sturges. and the screen ver- sion is the work of GIadys Lehmar who recently wrote the story for Universal's domestic drama. "Seed." In addition to the above feature ing tragedy which gave to Paris th most terrible crime in its history? These questions form the basis of "Murders in the Rue Morgue," Uni- versal's strange drama which is said to constitute the most startling tour- players, the cast includes George der mystery ever presented on the Meeker, Villiam Ricciardi. Sidney screen, and which comes to the Mt. iToler, Carlo Schipa, Samuel onello, Joe Torillo and Joseph V. Girard. Mt. Pulaski Theatre News FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, APRIL 15TH AND 16TH The spectacular photographic shots give audiences an illusion of reality I Vich never once breaks. The ac- l tion is fast and builds steadily toward a tremendous dramatic climax. There is plenty of comedy and sufficient, but not too much, love interest. The story deals with the war ad- venture of pals who leave their Coney Island concessions to enlist in the Navy. They all love the same girl, but friendship wins over ro- mance rivalry In the final crisis. Splendid work is done by Bill Boyd, Robert Armstrong, James Glea- on, Ginger Harry Bannister. and Gther members of an imposing cast. Albert Rogell deserves great credit or his direction of the story by Com- mander Herbert A. Jones. U. S. N. Iw Lipton and F McGrew Hillis are to be commended on their origi- nal screen play and dialogue, re- sPectively. And hats off to the U S. Navy. It made this great picture possible Comedy, and Short SubSect, irst show aturday night begins at 7 o'clock. Adults, 25c; and Children. 10c. SUNDAY AND MONDAY, APRIL 17TH AND 18TH "Lovers Courageous." Robert Montgomery is the capti- vating star of "Lovers Courageous," a charming new Metro-Goldwyn: Mayer offering to be shown at the .Mt. Pulaski Theatre on Sunday and ]Monday nights, April 17th and. 18th. e Montgomery fans will go wild over this dashing romance in which Madge Evans is the girl of his dreams, To- gether they make as pleasing a ro- mantic team as ever appeared on the screen They evoke a ring of sin-! cerity in their performances that is # delightful. The story is an original by Freder- ick Lonsdale, noted British play. wright, who penned it especially for Montgomery, it is said. It is strik- ingly simple and real and thoroughly enjoyable, Robert Z. Leonard directed the new feature and may be credited with a beautiful piece of work. The pic- ture is superbly mounted, and the backgrounds and camera treatment are splendidly fitted to the theme. In the story Montgomery is a strug- gling playwright who fails in love with the daughter of an English ad- miral. To break up her affair with the poor youth, the girl is hastened into a marriage with a titled barris- ter. However. on the eve of the wed- dlng she elopses with the impover tshed author. Tribulations prove too great and the young husband is ob- liged to return her tO her parents. His play becomes a success later, and of course, there is a happy re- union. An excellent supporting cast in- cludes Roland Young, Frederick Kerr, Reginald Owen and Beryl Mercer. Laurel and Hardy Comedy, "One Good Turn." Adults, 25c: and Children, 10c. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, APRIL 22D AND 23D "Murders in the Rue Morgue." Pulaski Theatre on Friday and Satur- "Suicide Fleet." day nights, April 22d and 23d. 1 Comedy, "In the Bag," and a News- High adventure of the blood-ring. And the hair-raising quality of the: reel story may be realized when it is! ling, imagination-stirring type is pre- reveal ( - -- sonted in "Suicide Fleet" the RKO , el that the perpetrators of the lAN ANALYSIS OF STATE " '. ". -! g]:rt'e waycnstructSpm'ng-:lgAh p:N:'TR::I: g , P 15th and 16th. I ' " :Shee 'chief , made by Frank T " "j 640 miles of paving. real shells from the submarines, send- I 174.07 miles of grading. ing the shattered parts of the vessels ! 134 bridge sections. leaping hundreds of feet in the air. TOUCH OF HOMELAND [ 6 highway grade separations, 8 railroad grade separations. / The April 27th letting calls for 37 [jobs, well scattered over Illinois, in- I cluding 87.67 miles of paving, 49.07 :miles of grading, and a number of Although its a long way from Wash. IllgtoU to Fin|and, Leonard Astrcm. Finnish minister to the United Slates, finds a little bit of his homeland on lbe snow-clad hillsides of the Congres- sional Country club, where he is photo- graphed while skiing. MAY LIVE IN JUNGLE :q. .:/; ,: bridge projects. O iLLINOIS DOING ALL IT CAN TO CARE FOR WAR VETERANS Quincy, Ill.--In spite of the $25.- 000,O00 long over due the state from Cook county, Illinois is doing all it (:'an t9 care for her war veterans, and their dependent,% and if and when tax payments are resumed in Cook count)., and the State Treasury is qereby replenished, improvements for the care of the service men their widows and orphans, will come in for rst consideration. Governr Louis L. Emmerson gave this ass'u'ance re- cently in the address delivered at tbe cornerstone-laying of the new Veter- ans' Hospital at the Soldiers" am] ' .ailors" Home. i State and local representatives of the military organization,s, which nave worked in barmony with tle i State Department of Public Welfare. during the present administration, took part in the exercises. In his t address, Governor Ummerson review- ed the past three years' accomplish- t ments in behalf of the war veterans. GOVERNOR'S PROCLAMATION CREATES UNUSUAL INTEREST Springfield, Ill., April 14.--Governor Louis L. Emmerson's annual "Public Health Week" proclamation has cre- ated an unus.uai amount of interest in disease prevention and health promo- tion work, according to l'elaorts com- ing in to the State Department of Public Health. " From the informa- tion thus far gathered, health week programs, sponsored by the State De- partment of Public Health. and aided by its speakers, literature, motion picture films, and other help, will be underway throughout the state dur- ing the week commencing Sunday, April 24th. .Larger cities and rural communities alike receive the aid that the department offers ILLINOIS HENS WON FIRST PLACE IN BOTH DIVISIONS Springfield., Ill.. April 14.Illinois hens won first place in both divisions of the Stste's Egg Laying Contest during the month of March. The highest scoring pen of five hens, White Leghorns. laid 150 out of a possible 155 eggs during the 31 days. I The reports compile! by E. G Horn- er. chief poultrymau in the State Do- t partment of Agricu!t,re, reveal close competition, and an exceptional] y high average yield. At one of the three units, 50 birds were tied for the five high positions. They aver- aged better than 95 per cent perfect. O" the fifty. 17 laid an egg each day during the men,h Who killed three beautiful girls sul that he converd with a man who lyou laughing at me?" within a week, and tossed their bad. claime<' to be I'awcett,, at an Indian [ tes in, the waters of the Seine? And encampment aplnOximatel3-six weeks" h :) a  r culmina t- . 2;)U:h; : [';t ",, I':' "::. PASSENGER-MILES FLOWN Col. P. H. Fawcett, famous BritiM DURING THE PAST YEAR explorer wlm disappeared into the Springfield, I11.. April 14.During last year tle passenger-miles flown I trackless wilds of the Bnzilian Juu by' scheduled transport planes was gle seven years ago, may still be almost sufficient o hve- carried alive. The British consul general tat each of the nation's 120.000 000 oo- Sac Paulo has announced a most def- lation one mile. according to : s'tatis- inite clew as to the whereabouts of ucs given the Illinois Aeronautics Fawcett and his son John, who accom- , Commission by Federal authorities Partied him on the trip in 1925. Stephen ] Rattln, a Jungle trapper, told the con- I Prof. Foozle (to--his elass):--"Are (ha (in chorus):',No!- Pr N)ozle:--"Then what else is H:.L,  :n h, room to laugh at':" l FRIDAy. APRIL 1, 1932 SAMPLE BALLOT FIRST WARD The following is a Kmple of the Official Ballot to be voted at the Annu ity Electibn- City of Mr. Putki, . .County, Logan Illinois, to be held on Tuesday, AFzil 19, 1932. O Peoples'Clt00zenSFoR ALDERMAN O Independent D FOR ALDERMAN HARRY WELLS  ........................ All the above named candidates are residents of the City of Mr. Pulaski, Logan County, GE0. F. SCHAFER, City SAMPLE SECOND BALL ,OT WARD The following is a Sample of the Official Ballot to be voted at the Annum City Election of City of Mt. Pulaski, Logan County, Illinois, to be held on Tuesday, April 19, 1932. Peoples-Citizens FOR ALDERMAN - CHARLES KEMMER O Independent FOR ALDERMAN WALTER DROBISCH All the above named candidates are residents of the City of Mt. Pulaski, Logan County, GEO. F. SCHAFER, City SAMPLE BALL(IT THIRD WARD The following is a Sample of the Official Ballot to be voted at the Annual City Election of City of Mt. Pulaski, Logan County, Illinois, to be held on Tuesday, Apr 19, 1932. O Peoples-Citizens FOR ALDERMAN El WILBUR HORN Independent FOR ALDERMAN SAMUEL ZIMMERLI All the above named candidates are residents .. of the City of Mt: Pulaski, Logan County, " GE0. F. SCUAFER, City SAMPLE BALLCT The following is a Sample of an Official Ballot to be voted at the Annual Election of the City of Mt. Pulaski, Logan County, Illinois, to be held Tuesday, April 19, 1932. GE0, F. SCHAFER, City Clerk. Shall the City of Mt. Pulaski, IllinOis, appropriate, in addition to allother appropriations for the current year, the sum of Twenty-Five Hundred Dollars, ($2,500.00) for the purpose of oiling the streets of said City and levy a tax therefor. YES N0