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April 7, 1932     Times
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April 7, 1932

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THURSDAY APRIL 7, 1952 00AAN 00TOW&apos;F00 {o00/RUBY/V00. AY##5 THE MT. PULASKI TIMF. MT. P[JLAKLL IO$1 If he was such an autocrat, of eouz 1 would  that her wishm  ! It would be fun to get out of bed and creep over to the window, fun to  a.I wlmt lsy euUdd under the  ter of tho leafy tae i She listened, bat there was no  in the heroin, and with a Uttb selfish smile she put the bed  ! Secoml lestleeS [seen a  t like that  Pe tears n Diam,, ,ms. down to the floor. ! kt twenty tam the only t}fln8 D.ljd .wqutteslttt8- Tho  of   Her lel felt as if they d/d not b really desired was another wo.lbout m awoochn dmx * tulsa" stolrped, a Mm lawlin_ng ro. 41ov4toher, and if the had not boea hushand. A mswous wrml i s   "I tldak we misht Imve the blixM  a table lad m chair to  to ale the exctoment aad strain d She w dreamix of  up , lit*Am," tlm Cnmture  ICs would never have  tlm win-' gay life, sire is tat] lidreaming lm.wa.,t into * p such a wonderful eveil." l dow at all But she wa there &t ]S! Mrs. Gladwyn, to a mmm which  aad almamt fo The blind wad rals a little high- i breathless and faint, with beads of otfe. The phyakhn or- I Such a que world--diffmrent, er, and Dian caught gltnmo of  exbation on her faeo. I She rebeh, bat the doctor k somehow-- ami sympatheti 81  Diana tried to raise Ir head that he is not the gret man from the pillow, but the eft'we m but an emigrant, Dr. Ratl i too great, and he 151 still for a lit- "God made the country and fie,  closed agaha, brmthiNr made the town," he tells her, heavily. she agrees to ge to a rural re-  A hand on her wrist now--not Aunt Gladwyn's hand--4t one that she leaves she goe to De-was firm d Tong; a hand that Waterman's flat, where tbe are seemed to put new life and by  Dennis'a wif takes the situation quite calmly. suppose she wants you to marry she asks Dena Now Go On With The Story. tJpon my word, IAd" She laughed in coot unconcern. My dear boy, vlease, don't pretend. forget that this isn't the first I've had to stand by and Watch muddle your way out of an a/- strength into one----not lilra Waterman's hand, that only ma *one's pulse k eeat/al and filled o's I with Diana gave a Htt st/fl cry. remembered now: he was the doctor from Harlowe Street whose eyed had seemed to pierce thrgh all the bravery of her carfully redden lips and make-up, right down thru her artificiality, to the weakness of her. leafy trees and a patch of blue 81i  frh air revived her a through mey   and she knelt down by the open 'Vhere i  phtce?" she uil suddenly. I dow, both han cng to the - i t "Surrey--ebout a mile outlo a rw sill little village cald Clmam." I  felt weak and helpless; m Diana made little grlmae, wished it was not o far back to "Dr. Rathbone has a house not Nt that she wanted to go bak she felt that she could have stad far away," Miss Starling said pro- here forever looking out n the fields sently, and trees and hedges. She hated the "Oh!" Diana was wearily twist/n oountry ' and yet it gave her such a the soft strand of her hair o feeling of peace: like someone lafd more. "Is that why I'm hereT   o1 hnd on her forehead wh more. "Is that why I'm here?" she I him tO come 8el  I m it ched very badly after a suckle. "It makes it more eonve for sion o late nigth him of course; he is a very busy man and if you had been a great way off he would probably ave put yon in the cre of another doctor." '*Why should he? I  hod be paid, no matter how far eway I She turned rodnd and looked at elm bed---it seemed miles away. She made an ffort to rise but eheek herself quickly. She was sure she would fall. The bell was so far away too-- on the other side of the bed, like thia I don't really care, eg- for Diua's sake---she loolul ill." "Are you going to blame me for RealIy, this is beyond a joko uppoe you're annoyed bsmm I her here to dinmw. P and she was too weak to cry out. She might try, but they would not hear her if she did. Continued Next Week Subecribe for the ML Pulaski Tim wa  at I tmt... She came a st forwa her 'I generally do la the IonZ rua,", afford to Par an.bla" eyes meeting h ve  he said. i "AnoCher leturel" Diana told k I ' Itw wearbome work tryl o self. you want me to divorce  get well; more wme when will," she  last Diana felt the first tu o - There was a moment of  turning hIth ai the  Is- then she wet oil,  ill volt agldm tmfo--rv! same unemotional way: mm' m"..s rm wimuz toi Ycm'd bettor tldnk it i, you refuse,' she added little ironical smile, "heeau may never be so generous Nain." Dennis stifled an th. He kmkd and angry s he went out  Linda sighed and tred with a as iana returned. She had eo]- her lips and her cheelm, and, looked le:s worn, but there was a ' He heard t little cry and m# was." back. i "Money is not everything. Dr. "Well" he said  gently as if Rath__bone does a great deal without he were  to &   any fee at all ' smiled too, . "He be paid for me." "You've got your own wy,"  "Yes, but then o'e  of whispered, mo. There mm mma poor lwmV&m He laughed at that. i far more ill than you  who emmot ,' .... - said rather mmten&'l. Lind went with them to the door. "Don't keep her out too tte, Den- she said lightly. "And I hope have a good time," she added, hint of laughter in her votc Be- Diana's back Dennis geve his a furious look; he felt that he being made a fool of, and the wM nt pleaanL They rode in silence till the cab at the voy. They went to the bal_bxm, whh not at  crowded, and Dennis champagne. He almost wished he had imded staying at the flat with Linda. roused himself with an effort and Dime's "Do you care to dance ?" K you like." defiant light in her eyes  she. towards Linda. - !tic.-No matter how  "I really feel terribly apologetics' sulked or how rude she tried to be, she w met with the same mined kindne and good temlr from the woman who, as she on covered, was a trained name and charl of her. - This "Creature," as Diana called her to herself, was foyish, with gray hair and the  ex- pression of one who has gone-thru life no longer frightened her. Her proper rme was Miss Starling: a name which Diana thought most suitable, seeing that she was etermfl- ly chirping tidings of good hope wnderful days to come. Diana also di.overed that once upon a time she had been a nurse in a big London ho pital, but that she had givet it p in order to retire into the country and take in difficult cases for speciallY. "Dr. Rathbone in't a specialist," She ro aathefically, and the was Diana's first remark that showed the dsem. any return to her old spirit. brilliant lights ,f the ballroom "'Dr. Rathbone," Miss Starling re- her. and the noise of the v,rted calmly, "is a wonderful man; suddenly became deafening, he has saved your life, whatever you her half mad. may think of him." She made a Httle toolish laugh. "I don't think of him at all," Diana "Man made the oT," she said-- retorted eevshly, and turnd her Imrrible, horrible town--" Then, face against the pillow, closing her a little moaning cry, she slip- eyes. to the floor at Dennis Water- Miss Starling sat at the window, versely. "He's quite ol&" "What do you eall 'quite o1'?  Diana  "Oh--lorry, I "Dr. Rathbone is only about | thirty-4dght." "He loolm fifty," "Diana declared unkindly. "How did I come here?" aked. "'Dr. Rathbone brought you. You were taken ill--perhaps you remem- ber--and Mrs, Gladwyn rang Dr. Rathbne because she was frighten- ed and did not know what to do." "I only fainted. It wasn't any- thing." No answer again. "Has Aunt Gladwyn been to see me ?" "No. Dr. Rathbone wuld not al- low her to come." "Dr. Rathbne eems to think he can rule my life. I su,oe I shall *soon have to ask his permission when I want new clothes." "I don't think they would interest him." "I don't su>pose I interest him either, really---do I?" "Very touch--as a patient." "I suse he make a great deal ,d money." Mi Starling id quietly: "Dr. Rath[,ne runs a ma]l home for children at his own expense-- that cannot be done for a small sum." "He seems to be a kind of hero" Diana sneered. "Can I get you anything ? If not, I shall leave you for a little while." "'I dont want anything," was the not very graous reply. The door closed softly. Why had the Creature left her knitting by the light which shone thru the half-cloed curtains; she did not really need an)" light t all, seeing that she always knitted meclmically, with hardly a down- ward glance, The needles made an irritatg lit- tle clicking sound. Diana flung the cloth lwk rest- lesly. "Can't I  up?" "Not till Dr. Rse says  alone? She did not want to be left may."  to ]aor thought& When Rth- "He won say it for ages. bone ease again she would tell him lrl lw to. that m wuld  be left to lmv tbv not for a s,:e momen , feet CHAPTER IV verhing wa so very quiet, u one had slipped out of life into the rpace where only the stars their dark background the eeol winds blew. 8he  her ee* nnd locked the room. Drawn blinds veiled of it from her, but she could lek out a flewered wll pa- the ehadowy shae of a dres- - in a eutz  muslln That was " I'm afraid . f-':' se bed-iv ay in bed.  Subscribe for the MT. 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