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April 7, 1932     Times
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April 7, 1932

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THURSDAY APRIL 7, 1932 CHESTNUT Mr. and M. Alfred Wilson spent with his mother in CornIInd. Mr. and Mrs. R. Hollis of Clinton Tuesday with Mr. and Mrs. McCanm Misses Lucille and Marjorie La- of Me. Pulaski visited their cou- Misses Beatrice and Burnlce on Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Vandevm- and family visited Sunday after with Mrs. Clara Laughery and J. M. O'Brien. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Barber and Tl'dma Lee spent Stmdsy Divernon with her parents Mr. Mrs. W. W. Taylor. Howard Vandevender and O. And-' of Mt. PuLaski were bus in Chestnut on Tuesday. Tm Li Akl rv dimmr f ' Election Board on Tuesday. Misses Geraldine Wilson and Jea Laughery were guests at the of Miss Hilton Park on Satur- night Chestnut M. E. Church The senior El>'orth League held a in the basement 04 the church' evening and had a very pleas- time. There were twenty nt. League has also been havin z a attendance at their Sunday code- devotional meetings. The weeks it was 18 and 17. A group the Leaguers are planning oat- the young peoples rally at Church Thursday evening, in elm SOUTH LOGAN CO, NEWS AND VICINITY i VERY LATEST ed'e and the dightly flarirt hor't by Mary Marshall ieev.s are made of nds of the rrat erial faggotxed t*lether ...... six There is an effect of sheerne a- lines of faggoting on each sleeve. bout moat of the new dreases for The dress shon here was o$ croj;e spring.  does adt RPI merely de chine in the new bambino blue to the dresses of chiffon and other with  faggoting to match, but the transparent materials, although all idea might be carried out in black, sort8 of heer and semi sheer mate- white or any one of the new colors. rials will be used extensively. Dres- The detail shows how to work se mado of  or satin  have some of the fagwoting stitches. The a sheer touch which la ae.eved in a first at the left is the simplest. Baste I variety of ways.   Is the edges of the nmtertal to be fag- a lace or georgette yolk. 81ez may goted on a stiff paper at the proper be of the same sheer me.rid1  distance from each other. Bring the needle out of one edge, carry it diag- onally across and forward to the oth. er edge, put it in, bring it back an eighth of an inch or less on the same side, pull it out, wrap the free thread once around the thread al- ready in place, carry the needle di&gonally across and forward to the first edge, and repeat. The second stitch is laddering. t Two threads are pced, parallel to - " ............. each other, acroaa the opening, and Alaska  then coarsely button-holl acrolm. In the lanlPaage of the Altt Indians / .... The third stitch is simple and effee- the territory of Alaska wu called / tive. Two parallel itches are taken "Alakshak" or "Al-ay-ek-u"--meanlng .  "great country." The white traders '   along the entire seam, less than an and pros|,ectors corrupted hls to eighth of an inch apart, with per- "'Alaska." William H. Seward. who haps an interval of an inch. The as secretary of state arranged the needle Ls then carried out to the purchase from, made Alaska middle of the top between each pair the offiqal name. The territory had \\; of a quarter of threaa and is w'k6d also been commonly known up to that " x toward the sewer, who takes a but- time as Rnssian America. ! "\\; tnhole stitch to hold the lower Old Mississippi Boat t , stitch of a pair to the upper stitch The old Mlls$lppl river packet , of the pair below. Robert E. Lee was built by CapL John : \\; i\\; i  :0:__._ W. Cmnon. It was 3..................0 feet long. 44 feet beam, IO-foot hold, having two PAGE THREE hqlple of [)|tn| 2d#}#) yrs ago. God of Bread A figure oP tim "t;-d of Fr-ad" was tm, nd In exeavath,ns at I')t,elL Bitter E xpreJ.|on The exireslon "Solid pudding beoause then there wouldn't be Im_F stlnst empty prutse" IJ from Alex. corner:.'--Chl(.ago Tribune. I I i a'd,.r l'ol,o' *'I,melad." In olden - tim. k{ns prorered poetL artists  your and musicians, and equently gave oyrup board and lodging, or s stipend At . 4I whlgyh to live. When aspiring poe ,,,,,, o.,y ors,so ,d uded .,,d Pen's Rexal{ church building which is this weal The Official Board will meet next evening April II, It tl of Dr. Dum Re@ular s-vicdm next Sunda-- 8Uay 8eAo 9: e, Worship 10:80 Leqe 11:30 lr4mrth  e:o / HffrEL8 i by one gret One the hotek of New York are going into the hand l of receiver There sr not half It do- i zen helries of the first ord left i that are not bankrupt, and h }are ta tl m I New York went eruy over ho I bu,din s few n ,o.  w. Toup, UvM Ud ! dred thousand dally stmnlem weald BUCKL CORNER . , t.,  ..,  ....  . ----_...  tO  ...... i im to It   ill  Or.i r 114 'II-- .,zofc,=m __ ___ _ ''_,';-.t .... It ,,  I.I ''`. , -- Itam,t p_..,, ..a w--  "-" "P" ----- -- --'--'I= , who .   k@t Mm i ]wr. ,,,d M, Win. MeGesth *eeti . -. mPem are losi,r all tl.v# out  Itnd | OIL.  m, e, tWe ] m r mart    m } n that t all   m Mr. mini Me. tt D01i ami shows a m way of m ; Ode m I know m W an  bk e IbW 1 - - ...... aM  f   TI kill was msd a western Match King Dies  tho  It ]mj," amid  cedar  the mll d Idaho whlte [ lma'Z. "PIf m 18108  TwotbervoePmS reves from Spage-i : Mim ed Tendick who te{ . Grove School st te week{ m with her parent Mr. and M.s,. hnT. [ Virgil Marreighn, Mr. and Mrj C. Shepler of Lincoln, I Steinkhueler and I. Rickordi Springfield and Mr. and Mrs. Clyde ! were recent callers at t.hel of Oscar Rie.krdL I Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Hutehinsoa Sringeld, Mrs. Maude Hum- of Elkhart, Mr. and Mrs. D. "- Humphreys and daughter- Mi of French's Chapel vicin, were Sunday visitors with Hr. John [emdm. P-nt at the  Com- elored tl mrram =4r- by the meu of the vicinity. Tim g win be held Aor{ l SSth will he , char{re of the LatiUM Mr=_ John Kerachner, ehairmaa. at the ttst mmttal served by Miss Greteh Stm- i I)ONE iS To O,v= SOM { OLS , .w _C,,S i l { r, h'ar Krueger, head of the Swedi " match trust and reputed one of t! world's wealthiest men, killed himsc,i after financial losses and failure t g-: a ban lron New York bankers. [ Heads Steel-Company i ) La William A. lrvin b.a. bm elected President of the United Stat Ftl Corporatioe to succeed James A. Farrell, who retires on April 18, |HI i i uqm TAm,.,"m SALll { em rpdd er taM, e. Iml  { ----._ ,:.__._ ud se Salve  i{m. era. { for the it.  TII ple4tolmdedNetlotnltielfm.edds{ Only $1.00 per r. t Moat _';= ":':_ K-:_, t ! Slot Maeh;ne Idea Old The l,t .,aH*hw was ,ed In the ! Method in His Wish My nel,hew, age five, who goes ' klndergarten and whose teacher him stand In the corner every time talks or do Something be should do, came home from s'hool the  day and sald to hls mother, "Mother, I wish they wmfld make schools aundl. engin wth lO-fo piton stroke mmt an emp stomach and a cylinder of 40qnch bore. She  -Je empty. i carried eight boilers,  feet long by 42 Inches, and her side wheels of fet dlaer hid beket8 189 feet long. ht-md Group The name "Polynesia" Jj applied to a region of the 8n  lslaad tn- eluding Hawaii, N F,ela C"nab ham lsland. RsOanul or F_,aer lJam, Marqueaa Rap. TahlH. Tua- l ! uINI If@ the mall'  . , { Ixcei}emt U{* Rile { {P.apwdMi hi X| ever)- dawn of morning be tle i  comes it@ Ul ml i lit elte It to  It hi tat I Ilel I yel M the beghmtng of Hie  ev- !it mT Imtlng sun be to Tog as Its Im tbtlq we receive u It b I t, eem of SOme kindly thing  il' We  rhe  thing lid I1," i some ly reRth W  INI ck, *q.S to b@ I  : edg IIlm for yourf.Jolm  i   tO  In fllZm d tlll ......................................................................... HEADACHES, NEURITIS NEURALGIA, COLDS . . . Whenever you have some ion' depress the heart, og naTizg 'che c." pain. *age otherwise harm you. Use them some %bleL of Bayer Aspirin just a.a often as the,#' can spars Relief is ,mrnediate! you any pain ,,r discomfort. . JLSl be sure h> b,y the nRine. There's arcely ever an acn Examine the packa Bewa/ or pan, that Baser Alnn " ' of imitatio,t. won't relieme---and tv a time when you can't take it Aspen is the tra of Bayer mantdaeture  m. The tablets with the Bayer -etieacidester of licac c'... are always safe. "rney ,  7, / " made i i I GOFF FUNERAL HOME WlLBERT Ha SCHAHL Ass't 'o Serve Humanity Better" lull. P 235 --PHONES-- Lincoln 1234 smult your AT A' SAVING ...... COFF WE EIGHT " D'C L O C K OPFEE 3 50 c i Bokar Coffee . . . . '- 29c i Red Circle Coee . . Lit. 25c Maxwell House Coffee . 3 -89c Dei Monte Coffee 3 L. 89C H 5" K Coffee . ; e 3.. 89 c Chase (: Sanborn o L. 35c P|T, WILSON, ItORDEN. CARNATION t * TALL Eva rated Mdk . . po . 3cANs 18c WNITEHOUSE MILK, I till cans 15 r .... C___i_ PLAIN. SUGARED _ I unnut:s oR GLAZED . . .oz. IC I |l) -- I cue _sq00 3oo rure'sneu-iklt0!b. - I PUltE BUTTER o.,.,,. . -asc 'URE LARD It TH RA'f ATLANTIC  PACIFIC TI:A COMPANY #dDDt.IWEST RN DIVISION J:L?