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April 7, 1932     Times
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April 7, 1932

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@AGE FOUR THE MT. PUL.SKI TIM MT. P ULASKL ILLINOIS THURSDAY Al[l[tlL I, Wt.TW Tr L tTf-r ... ........... . ........ ...............=....,,,...,.,.HsCsN,,.,......e I STATEMENT OF OWNERSITP NOTICE! OF ALL  &apos; KINDS ............................................................................ ; - GAR P TRAGTOR OWNERS- A.F. Dr. G. S. C0nnelly Mr. and Mrs, Paul Buckles and The Bridge club met on Thursday LIPP daughter Patty Ann, LiRcoln passed afternoon uqth Mrs. Dean Foster, MT. PULASK Sunday with their parents. East Cook street. Four tables were in play at which the honors were won Mrs. Carl Yoder submitted to a by Mrs. B. R. Aitchison, Mrs. Thee- tonsil operation in the Decatur and dore Zimmermann and Mrs. Louis Macon County hospital Friday. Schafer. lql. PuLaski, Illinois TeeDhcne tI,. 9 Cal|s answered promptly at any hour oitheday or night. / u i i N A. Balding, MD. Lincoln, IHinois Ear, Nose ud Throat t Mr. and Mx H. B. Kent passed the week end in Decatur with MI' brother Henry Kent and family. apur published :," Mr. Pulaski, I li- uois, for .April 1, 1932. { State of Illinois, Logan Con- , Before me, a Notary Public, in n, :'or the State and County aforesa:d personally appeared Mrs. John L. Eyr:e, who having ben duly svor according to law. deloses and says hat she is the Editor of the Mr. P- i laski Times and the following is, to I he best of her knowledge and belief , true statement to the ownership, land management of the aforesaid Mrs. Bernice Lynn of Springfield :ublieation. will conduct an Eastern Star school i Publisher, Mrs_. John L. Errse, Mt. of instruction in Masonic hall on  Pulaski, Illinois. Wednesday April 13. Sessions will Editor, Mrs. John L Eyrse, Mt. D. J. Fuhrer, manager of the Seib be held both afternoon and evening.  Pulaski, II|iaois. Hatchery in Mt. Pulaski transacted A pot luck supper will be Nrved at i Managing Editor, same; busine in Decatur on Thursday af- 6 o'clock for members of the order I Business Manager, same. ternoon, and their families. 4ffJmmeo Fitted Broken Lens DupLicated ,illiol over Landauers Clothing ste lames: Office 10"8; ges. 1681 ,Mrs. Mints Smith. PURE-BRED REGISTERED Mi Doris Fuiten, and Mrs. Glenn PERCHERON STALLION Hoag]and of Lincoln and Miss JOHN ternoon in Fancy Prairie. No 135586 Bred by J. W. Thompson, of Stan, The Winners Bible class of the rd, Illinois. Methodist church will meet on Wed- ired by Forfeit Jr. 40974. nesday afternoon April 13 in the Ior, dark dapple gray, stand 18 hope of Mrs. J. T. Hmltbey. ads higlq; and weighs 2000 pounds. is a sure foal getter and sound. .Anois Certificate of Pure-Bred Per- Miss Lucilie Berry passed "th heren Stallion. Renewal license No. week end in Linco In with Mi Dorl 1988. Fuiten who is employed in the home JOHN D, will stand the season of of Mr. and Mrs. William Burk 1982 at my barn in the west part of ML _. Pulaski at $10 to insure mare in foal Miss Marie Meizter who is a st- All care taken to prevent accidents, dent nurse in Brokw b.ospita| in but will not be responsiple should any Bloomington, passed the week end Marion Scraggin and gramtdauh- The Greaners Sunday School class ter, Rock Island. were week end of St. John's Lutheran church met guests in the homes of relatives in on Wednesday evening with Mrs. W. thiz city. B. Jenner, Garden street. Rook was the diversion, three tables being occu- Mrs. J. F. Tearnan, Decatur, wa a pied. The honors were awarded to recent house gt in the home of Mrs. O. D. Medford, Miss Nora Hag- ALfred Tomlinson, Sr., and daughter enbach and Mrs. Chris Welr. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rudolph and family and Mr. and Mrs. Sam Ru- dolph and grandson were Sunday vis- itors in the home of Mrs. Henry Ru- do]ch's parents Mr. and Mrs. Allen McVey. Mrs. McVey suffered a pain- ful injury to her hand which caught in an electric wringer about a week ago. The injured member is healing nicely. Among the out of the city rela- tives and friends present at the Otto Oglesby funeral on Sunday afternoon were Albert Oglesby, Chanute, Kas.; B. E. Oglesby and Mr. and Mrs. g. P. Jarris, Quincy; John Oglesby, St. llliopolis; Mr. and Mrs. Gray, Mr. Beldo and Mr. and Mrs. ,ank Home, Decatur and Mr. and Mrs. i That the owner is Mrs. John L. Eyrse whose residence is ML Pulas- ki, and that there are no bondhoM- era or security holders. L. F. Myers, Conservt i Sworn to and subserihed befer me thm lt day of April 19L Florence Lachenmycr, Notary Public My Commimdon expires Mar. 12 1984. The dairy industry will be well represented at the Century of Pro- gress, Chicago's World's Fair in 1933. That industry, through a Dairy : Exhibit, Inc., has plied Lnd pid :for spac in the agricultural group. This space is to take the form of a secial building, and the representa- tives of the dairy industry hope to put on an exhibit coting $250,000 or more, Each different branch of the indmtry will be ow Senator William McCauley of Olo ney appeared before a recent occur, with her mother Mrs. Mertice MIS- THE PERCHERON STALLION tot living four miles south of the ins of the Illinois Road commiio T L's Choice + ...,. Lincol ' and advocated the lmilding of g'rvl Color, dltrk dapple gt/, will stand Miss Margaret Munce,  A special meeting f the beard of road for the mlary system the ason of 1982 on the same terms an Mdrs. Clam Mtm and m  supervisors will be held Thursday, that body is now studying. m t,. , m   , oon to.  t   MC, ndvocmt that the st of RESIDENCE Phe 72 Sunday at 1 Stafford home.  and  a chairman. T. O. Niewom, constructing om mile of smut road T. L. Rothweil, Mr..-- M= "" ,o= Venal etted at a  of tublican miles of gravel road, and siam tim Mr. Pul.dd. tUim "members rematl', will  Harry umdar sm is  formu]at- , JohnEwhot  o f t. ki o lmse4 to roseh ti inland tvs smd[ rural eommunities from whkh orl- s humor" mtio o Mdy  board. two terms is dmirman of tho[mged  s small mount el trst- icuinu, +, ta, ,e m, wm m,m is ,tt' - aloeg   __ "' MORE S as can be expected, considering tim The A. V. Sundy School class o 'aecnmmdate the load and st tim of he n. the lthodist ehure.h will spommr a same time reach fo,r times as nma +" +" i Mr.+and Mr l  w'no m Kellogg prow to be hId in Mr. tlm:roa4  fm this mw a Greases. hUh'tied about t +timt  .t lvee, Pulaski stores ou Saturday April 9. po! as well as all Others. returned hem 'en 8uada evuin8 Followi  a last of the stos o. Also Co-eli from a  actor trip to operating and name of class repre- The program of the 19 Stm -- Texu and Callfrnia. M. Beeb was sentative to he found at  stoz Fair School of Domestic 10be Batteries Balc Char'n" formerly Miss Doris Laclmumyer. Lucas & Jenner, Mrs. Paul Gruber; include ex in memory of 1Krs. K & S, Mrs. Morrell Deibert; J.C. Henry Dunl&p of Savoy, wife of th  + Mrs. Kate Sams, Mis Emma ams Swinney, Mrs. Dean Foster; A & P, state senator, who died early Goodrich Tires and Tubes of Decatur and Mr. and Mrs. Schwei- Mrs. John Curtis; Krogers, Mr year. Mrs. Dunis was president sthal and wo sons and Miss Maria Ethal Vail. emeritus of the domestic scien Repair and Service Sams of Chicago, were Sunday di- school and was i_nstrwment&l in it +: tors in the country home of the lag- About 25 members of the A. V. organization 34 years ago. :Prices Right ter's parents Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sunday School class of the Metho- H. lo IINERt Sams. dist church surprised Mrs. Chas. A. According to Ray E. Miller, dire Pho. 226 it Puiaski. Ill Ey on Tuesday evening on the occa- tor of livestock marketing for the THANKS ion of her birthday anniversary. It Illinois Agricultural association, who ..... i v-,,m: was a "hard times" pary and all has just completed a series of dis- NOTICE I wish to thank the voters of Mr. came dressed in costumes befitting tracts and county meetings attended Sewing of all kinds. Upholstering, Pulaski Township for their support the occasion. The prize for the most by livestock marketing commttte refinishing, repairing; also awnipl, in the primary and election, to the appropriate costume was won by from more than 50 coumties, mast of New low price& office of Read Commioner of this Mrs. George E. Suedmeier. During the counties are phmning an iners P No. 87 White Mt, Pulaski To.reship. the evening several contests were educational program directed toward --:"-- GEORGE SUEDMEIER held that were won by Mrs. Walter the en of co-operating mar- NOTICE i Sams and Mrs, Morrell Deibert. De- keting in 1932. Mrs. Sidney Johnson, Udell, was a licious refreshments were served. Jk member of the A. V.  of recent Visitor in the home of Rv. -- State highway officials have a- the M. E. Church Sunday School will and Mrs. Harry M. BlouL Rev, Blent Mr. and Mrm Elmer WaddelL De- nounced the awards of more than a sale of the Kellog Break- who broke a small bone in his foot eatur, gave a dinner larry in their half a million dollars worth of state lPood Products at our Store St- when he slpped on an icy sidewalk home on Sunday in honor of the rod and bridge construction work. the 9th. Cornflakes, Whole during the sleet storm in March, is forty-second wedding anniversary of The projects included in the letting iscuts, Wheat Krmnbl getting along nicety, her Imrewts Mr. am Mrs. $rank are welt scattered over |ziz.  Krispies, etc. S.igl pric Guntern of this city, who passed the It through our store also. Everybody Mr. and Mrs. Harry Walsh, son greater part of the winter i tl Ons of tlm gratifying  of ill. i1l=-ome. Chester and daughter Anna Mae, Waddell home, Another honor guest dustrial development in the state of .Swinney s Happy Hour Stere Alexander were Sunday guests iv the at the dinner was sn aunt Mrs. Kate Illinois during 1931 was a payroll in- t m.- home of the former's son Ralph. Miss Bender of M. pullrl when bih- crease of $3247,000 eeording ta tl URDE SCHOOL g]gPORT Louise Wal who has been visitin day occurred oa April 4. Other rela- Illinois Chamber of Commerce. her brother for several weeks return- ties present it the dinner were Mr. --m-----. The following is the report o tl ed home with her parmts. !and Mrs. gd Ouiso, Mr. and Mrs. W. VOTRdg8 ttendanca and  of !A. Sehafe, Miss Anna Roth and  week I expressed the hepe Of the grl:-- ' Miss Dorothy Leer, R.N. who Mrs. Mary Illbalm all from M that at the lgio of 1N8 molto :hth Grade, 98.18 percent, ---L ,passed a short rest od at t Pulaski. of the vot of America would 8o to h Grade 97.14 pervent,  home of her parents Mr. and  .. the polls. Nearly alf of those elt- centh Gra-le, 95.08 percent, "---0. R. I. Leer, visited in Lincoln with Mr. MARRIED IN CHICAGO gable to vote in 1928 did not do so. ,idrd Grade, 91.02   ami Mrs. Paul Bucldes on Thursday Nw I l that tl fflttl atN ]Fifth Grade, 90.71 pereen L and My. On ___ she rtum! Junior Chamber of Com  ta- e, 895g pear,lit, ------4. to St, John's hospital in  Mr& Anna McKezie. formerly of ken th p in a 8erto way az Grade, gOAS nt, - L to xlmunu her  Me. PulasM, was married to Fred A. starting a campaign no to try to Grade, 77 percent,  O.  _ Wold In Chicago on Saturday April get at least fifty million vote out o m: Mrs. Alma Smith, Aberdeen,  2, aording to word received by November 8th next. That is a live  Baumann was hostess Dak., and Mrs. Florence Snel]ay 0, friends here. They will be at hoo organlstlo   4 .O Thumday e o members of Wichita, Kas. were called  be-, after April 10, at 4487 Malden SL, and I think they will get somewhm "he Piv Hundred club wSmm  cause of the serious illness of their I Chicago. It looks as if we might haw sm hi- were in play. First and second'nephew and brother-in law Engene t Mrs. Wold during her ridece teresting and excilzh SCOre honors were won by Mr& Manes. Mr. Manes who subndttl tihere, was the wife of the ]ate E. Y. campaign after all. J. W. Mann, Mrs. W. 3. Jenner and a major eration on Monday in St MeKenzie who was employed in the ...... Wagner. Mrs. Mann will Clara's hospital is reported as fret-+ Reinders Drug store some 12 years Subscribe+ for the M, Pulaski Timbre the aext club hosteos, ling slong exceedingly wll. ago. Only $1.0 a yetr. I have opened a repair shop, 2 blocks east the Illinois Central Depot ann will do car and Tractor Repair Work All work Guaranteed. Wli call for and deliver yur c r when com- pleted. , Phone No. 288 i DOWNING'S AUTO REP.00IR MT, PULASKI, ILL. The Sheets MORTICIANS iii Sheets Quality Service Costs No Mt. Pulaski and OSCAR J. LENZ ud ufa 510 Broadway Phone NOTICE! We have a t,uu ot slightly used Pianos. food as new.. isviciily+that mustbe sold for baluce due. .ran [rom $40 upimdudiu Phy ers, Uprights can be bought on V "eff payments, : For !.nforma(ion write to ANDS.SON PI00O CO. 211 N0rth.StbSt. Springfield, Illinois KROGER' P. & G Kirks Flake oap , 10 bars 2c Breaks Hard Water Climalene Lg Pkg 23c Krogers Soap Idps 2 lg bxs25C Large Box Oxydoi 1 I2-qt. pail Os mm,,I /i[s 3 cans Avondale W 1 can sunbrite Cleanser ICT t'll | .per cleaner. 1 4 Bar P. & G. mp ILmmdmsmim pM.I..:=,,,, lreger Soap pwd.  1 Scrub Brush =q mgI .R.H. CleanS I i i Butter Finger Cady Bars 5 for 14c Avonda]e Wallpaper Cleaner 3 cans 20c t , |,, Club Fancy White 3 cans 25c I i ii i Milk et Or CarrlaiOn4 L cans me i France American Slmghettl_ 3, Cans 250_ Cliftm Blooms Each 290 Brand '' Standard Corn 4 Cans 25 Country Club 4 tall cans 17e ,11 Campbells Tomato 3 ean Soup <' o,h,,,'.,. 22c a C*,s (or c Country Club 5 cans Pork & Beans 25c s California Iceberg 21b. box 19c Oleo 3 ib,. 250 New Country Club ib+ io ]'td sliced or whole 5 Winesap Extra Fancy Appkm 4 lbs. 25c 21 bd$ LeUuc , , 15c Firm Ripe Golden Fruit 4 lbs - 19c Large 54 Size Grape Fruit 4 for 25c