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April 7, 1932     Times
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April 7, 1932

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THURSDAY APRIL 7, 1932 - ]&apos;lie MT. t LI.AS T, 3, E"., 3!T. .... :' " ' ";*-" !! "'' RADFORD MOB4.EY A.UNG'ro Ju 7--The effort to "Balan budget"--that is, t, increase nation's income Sand cut down until they are ap- equalhas result4 in strange propals and in what to be a serious plit in both groups in Congress. One point on which everybody is is that the budget must be How to do it is the point which dloagveements government must raise by taxes. But how ? The sahm seemed to be all agreed upon a buuch of Democrats nnounc- that they wouldn't play if the tax were kept in the reven and a lot of Republicans follow- This being Presidential sar, whoop popularity is to to the tet next November pr- some kind of taxes which the man can't see. The sales is too obvioms. They'd like to some way to take money from rich and nothing from the poor. are some men in Congress Who believe tha cn be done, th is some kind of taxation which not paid by the ultimate consumer. are more men in Congress who believe anything of the who pretend to believe it beeme it will "make vote" So we may have the sale tax, may have image taxm so people with incomes above $10 a ym that it will remind them war tram, or we real lmv, be sure o--t llersl te.xm will be on the Isw bouks whm we lmve evor 5nd   paying off the Rati)nal debt. The eagerness with which recent Govern- ment note and bond issues have been taken up by investors seems to prove that the public is willing to lend its funds to Uncle Sam, even if unwil- ling  invest at this time in much of anything else. Now that Mr. Mel- lon has gone to be an Ambassador, people are saying that he was too much a banker and not enough of a statesman. Bhnkers believe in paying debts. Statesmn believe in never ply- ing them, but in funding them and paying interest on them. We have been paying off our Liberty loan& without getting back from Europe the proceeds of those loans which we lent broad. It would not be surpris- ing if plan to stop taking  these bonds, but merely to continue inter- eat payments, would be sericeaMy broached. That would cut down o annam Governrnlmt materially. The Prohibition question will not down but become more intense M the time for the national conventions approaches. Senator Bingham of Connecticut has introdaced a bill to permit the manufacture of beer of 4 per cent alc@holic content and its sale in bottles, not to be drunk on the premises. The Senate sub-committ / which it was referred favors the bill. It is contended that it will bring in a large revenue, by a heavy tax on each bottle of beer; that it set a lot of men to work operating breweries, sad that it will vro.Ade a market for large quantities of barley and hpe. Nobody contends that legal beer will estislY 'he demands of drinkers who want what Hoover calls "hard liquor." And If beer, why not wine ? It is too aoo T ame applisa to the the Bingham bill, except that it will pricMng well to allow for tim es- satace. make a k,t of talk and stir up new che of steam, and bake in a quick hopes tn the breasts of the Wed.s: ven. Serve ith milk. The effor to "smoke out" Presi- dent ttoover and get him bo declare himself for or against the resubmis- sion of the Eighteenth Amendment to the states is participated in by both sides. The Wets contend that he must now recognize that what he referred to in 1928 as "an exper- iment, noble in l>Urtm" has failed, that Prohibition cnnot be enforced by the Federal government and that it ought to be left to states, as be- fre. The Dr Ny  he, a a per- sonal Dry, ought nat to countenance any change in the Prohibition law, whatever he thinks bout it as a practical n  enfomement. There is s arowt belief that the Ropublicaa Wets in the national convention will bo alNLo to force a resubnission plank into the party platform, in which ease the Demo- cratic convention will be compelled to do the same thing, and that would have the e@eet of removinq Prohibi- tion from the national election Wets and Drys would  up again as i Republicans and Demoerate, wh ia regarded here as desirable. What Mr. Hoover's penomd stand might i be on a resubmJao plank nobody now prtmtd to lmew. HINT8 FOR THE HOME l" Redo frem Sketch Apple Tar*.--Peel and ooro a half dozen tart alIree and pla in a casserole in a slow oven, neither water or sug2r. Whu t- der mix in Sultan raisins, allawta$ a quarter of a pound to mch of ppl  with sugar ud even to gue what will happen to grated 1; ov with a to erm ................ ML Pulaski Theatre, Scotch Tea Cakes---Two cups oat- meal one cur sugar, two thirds tea- !poon salt, two eggs, one teasp<on melted butter, few drops vanilla. Beat eggs until ve, light, and add ugar, gradually. Add other ingredi- ents and beat. Drop from spoon on well-greased pan; pread in fiat cakes. Bake in very moderate oven twelve minutes. Let cool in pan be- fore removing. Frozen Pm Pudding Frozen plum pudding is a delicacy and i easy to prepare in an icetess refrigerator. Makea custard of the beaten yolks sugar, and a cup of cream, flavoring with grated Mmon,.ltmL CooI, add a cup ot eammsl smi s mp t ebopp almonds, ndied orem@lel, candied pinkie, cherri ad raisins mix- ed. Add a cup of  beaten stiff with the white of an egg. Freeze and save with oru or lemon III a, , I Friday and Saturday April 8 - 9 THE Parr of Eyes.. e,dmm.,m,m " -"'" -LAST .,uc----" tsllbemde,]m It Isl $2X,00 a er will be ro&m0 Per sent retetiem f them ,..o,,oo. or - A WHIRLWIND PIOTUR   wm  U. s Met dem sum tms _____ low lay foe tl aol " u. - SCREAMING Wmtttm u  mmt   psdd  the C,o A Se,l mmq e ta m o,,t (kmm't borrow  to lay q R deficits m! qt for CA moroN MATO S00dow and Newsreel Admission Ilk and 25 Sunday and Monday April 10- 11 The thrills of a li/- time ack(d into ov. zornnoel A dillrent picture! Two great Stars in a dcath-dcfyLng ro- mance! A talc of love and courage A artan Davies Production with C. Aubrey Smltn ANY BABY , ,=u-- l I "--- cmm -ta  tmt Good tm tim am. leepT reyerBn t or cries aml can't L.- -..joa soothe md quiet him. v'Vmes xt s a toch of coic. Somo- 00000000,pat,ou --. withoutat s h,mld always be eheclmd .... - t','. Just keep Castoria handy L.'Tg Prgmpt,y; ilit doma t you ahoeld M. G. M. Charley Chase Comedy, "Hasty Marriage" Also sportlight, "Whippet Racing." Admission 10c & 30c I II PAGE THREE i i I I I I ill d J iii I illl and the milk. Mix all thoroughly to- gether and turn into little gTcasod moulds. Steam f r an hour and & half. Serve with sweet sauce. m 3uy Your SYRUP PEKIN At dENS REXALL DRUG ST)RR Steamed Chocolate Pudding Two ounces each of suet, flour, su- =:.r, and breerumbs' two teaspoon- '.: of bakin p,wder, one tames- fl of chocolate pr, wder or cocoa, a littIe vanilla essence, thr-quarters ,i  a cup of milk, ;weet sauce. Mix the suet, flour, sugar and breadcrumbs together and then add the baking powder. Mix well and add the chocolate, vanilla essence Vote of Men and Women appreciated VOTE FOR EDW. W. McGOUGH Democrat Car.dichite for Circuit Clerk Of Logan County Primary Election Apr. 1 '8 II I II I I Ill I I |Ill II I III II I I iflllll Government Must SPEND LESS flon. Fran! O. Lowden declares: CuRer ffl know of no man in the State who, in my opinion, - is better equipped in every way to serve the State in the high office of G0veruor than OmerN. Custer.) Omer N. Cuter of Galurg. can- dklate for the Republican nomination for Governor st the primaries April 12, ys: of ruthe. economy and immre efficiency. Government must spelily learn the same lesson if items to mspe hopeless bankruptcy." "The people of Illinoi, from Galena to Cairo, are demanding these three hinp: "DrastAc reduction in the cost of all government. "Consolidation, reorganization or abolition of overlapping or unnecessary governmental functions. weeping tax reform for the relief of overburdened real property. "The farmer, the buness-man and Um mnufacturer, in order to survive, have been compelled to adopt a policy Mr. Custer is highly qualified for the important position of Governor. He is a newspaper publisher, a banker, the head of several industrial enterprises, and the owner and oper- ator of farm lands. As county treas- urer of Km)x County in 1906, he wM the first official in the State to return interest on public funds. Ks State treasurer for two terms, he was honest and efficient in the administra- tion of the duties of the office. Never in the history of Illinois hu there been so great a need for bus/- ness brains in execUve pms in the government. ll I ""l Illl I I "l "l I I I "l II , - [ Alr.b--WTAXSprifield. 6:1.%6:30 Apr. 9--WTAXSpri,gfield 6:1S-6:0 I I Ap,.S-WmO Chi00,so -- Apr. 9--WleO LU!cao -- 714Mf-8:00 i | Apr.--WCFL Chicago -- 8:1)0-8:15 Apr. -WLS e,o.. 8.4S.9:00 i ! Alr. "/--WHBF Rock lslaud 7:00-7:15 Apr. IO--WIBO eago - - 2:.00-2:1S [ [ AI- 7"LWENR Chicago . . 7:)-7:45 Apr. 10--WBBMChm - - 2.t.|:4 I i Almr. 8.--WJJD Chicqlo --12:41:( Apr. l O---EJJ  Ch!eallo-" e S:SI:  i ! Ap.ft--WElqR .. 6:00-6:15 Apr. IIW4JU t.azcago -- t,;: " : ! ! A4pr 8--WBBMChiea .. 8:154:$0 Apr. IIWI Chieago-- 2:00-2:15 i A:$t--WJJD ChW "- 12:45-1:00 Ape. ll--WCFL Chicago-- 6:45 Ap.9--WENRChi -- 6:00-6:15 A4.ll--KYW  .. 7:15-:30 Apr.--KMOX St.  $:15-6:30 Omer N Custe R@ublican Candidate for Goverr00r ___ill III I w II II ..... I II Do Not F, to 00ote .. Primaries April 12th