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April 3, 1941     Times
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April 3, 1941

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Mount Pulaski Times-News 38. MOUNT PULASKI, ILLINOIS, LOGAN COUNTY THURSDAY, APRIL 3, 1941 NUMBER ReFLection Harry Piatts' A.F. Oillsaver, Supervisor, Plan to S to Cetebrat00 Is Re-elected to Office $150,ooo "" ,oo An Deaconess niversary Geo. Underhill 'Latham Woman Coun/-Wide : ' Well, if you haven't, you've rev- el. had about a dozen things to do Lake Fork Couple t Ran Close--  = el them having to be done To Hold Open Lost by 44  Hurt In Car Crash Meetingplans for LaysDrive " at the Same most. House Sunday I Mount Pulaski township staged I Mrs. O. G. stennett of Latham . Monday was in Deaconess hospital I a horse-race for supervmor and $$ $ t f the qadary we axe in Mr. and Mrs. Harry Piatt, well ] town clerk Tuesday with Albert F. i under treatment for a severe head Plans were launched Thursday -  .... -s ilaceration as the result of an auto nigFt at a banquet at the Filet : Week a we try to pound out known and highly esteemed resi- Dillsaver, democrat, retauuJqs -, i ' ' a m Sunday near iag that resembl a ,,reflee- Fork will celebrate office by defeating George Under- c:llIn- "-- at 1)u " Methodist church in Lincoln I dents of Lake , .......... tican 695 to 651. Dan rJcKa,, r .... . attended by 70() persons, :for & Itave " t mu, z-epu, , " " ;eld ersons also  } ei olden wedding anniversary . hrer. resent town clerk, de-] Four Sprlngf, _P .: .... ... campaii::n to raise $150,000 to ex- " We'-- - :1:$ Sunday. :April o, , -- .... I feated ms repuu,ua- -vv  , t =,, cecal Deaconess hospital. eave been trying to get at this , th r g ......... itafam- bu ".P ........... nent,in tle car were shaken up - ,,= pand the facilities of the :M ' all week and it is only in l:d;;neTh:ty 1 71di :;0;::]H'':ed 'B?:;d;;p:bSlc= 61w 'c'''tate pohce said Edgar Thomp in the: county's civic and -'mtlon that we are " ' South First street, life took part in the program lpg " :H: Springfield, ,,'as driving th6 auto tl memrs of the Board of this last stand as the from 2 to 4 p. In. While the actual has been assssor for so long even son, l12;;z trowr $  keeps date is on Route 121, just north of the aeg yelling for April 8, sunday ill be a he has lost track of the period, ! rectors of the hospital honored tl;i) s west   to fill that more convenient time for the ob- was the high man on both tick-i ets, polling 792, against Fred creek bridge when a tire blew out. members of the medical staff. ':i oI.J down a steep An entirely new unit is propoe- ]DI :H: servance. z y space on the left hand Harry Piatt was born in IAn- Hahn's 527. The auto plunged ead h  of the front page. coln, Oct. 22, 1866, a son of Josepn] Shelby Curtis, democrat, with embankment into a ditch and ed to be built on the west side of :: d small a $$ and Emma Piatt. sophia Fenton 640 votes and Robert Aitchison, turned over. republican, with 633, were elected Uninjured were Mr. and Mrs. the present hospital wlich will/: house all of the essential faeilitiem ;! eCal115. Dr.'- I Ylsee this:the week started some- WaSwestbOrnof MountOCt" 6,Pulaski,1868, end adaugn_farn_ 1 Justices of the Peace, while era Thompson; Mr, Stennett, and six of the hopital such as operating : a-heatl.  :t$ ter of Peter and Mary Fenton. !Lee republican with 678, and. montl-oldfour were shaken and bruised bu .Sandra Thompson. Th t roons, laboratories, kitchens, N--- al'w offetprinungpreSShathatthe411Timms_rev- They were married n the- Fenton li nrles Schultz, democrat, wth ......... i ces, etc. This unit will cost $ bath a4 were elected constables, did aot reqmre nospta, trearment,]167 to build and furnish. A boiler :: imes APa'| wa Oce home April 8, 1891, by Rev. a. r. I Jacob Stoll, democrat, was de- police stud. s Stennett are -ar ]plant and laundry is also planned for Mr and Mr P Parker. ..... rul ]teated by William Randolph * "- .... Thom'on . lwhich will cost $64,200 to build i $$ NUt ]li Was on the floor awaiting an Mr. Piatt operated a .ge-= _^ i su_rviso r of Aetna, and johnnie ents o mz.. v- ]and equ;p. Walter A. Faster, vice- i for about ao Ogesby democrat, of Elkhart, ,ILCH RED Ci,O, WOli, [president of the board, speaking  we will etto expert to get it all hook- store m Lake Fork of tha tt t of all Idl el  ad going. other   $$ , Stra g had to be arrged, built - 8 feet.  l%r SOme reson or other, the vt Wrlved Wednesday---next to ts nor 4.. lest day of the week. "cot. that was enough to compli- earer 7I ntters and keep us on the Lest flal'  ly to members to office: Dillsav-'i-earl waddcll, G. F. Wait, Jaspe"l Vt !I arePlUmtheal 1 :[::1: Mrs. John K, bb00. Y er and N L Baker, Prairie Cretk- t Veech , Walter A. Scha.fer, Tlllie I /VI/S rieten Tu, Services s ed March 14 i Mrs Agnes May Kibby. Democrats, who have had con !man ji0.hll, Kenneth stoll, Otto] Mr. and Mrs. Hubert B. Till [l and see e, '$ John Kibby, Sr., hvmg m v- five of the county board the past h;y, Wesley Lughery, llia. 1 213 Soutl Fth street, Sl,rtl whe we thought that we ...... n Ian county, o vr . .... r [McGee, jonn E. )wies, " I fleld, Illinois, armbunce the I11 Momt going to be able to live thru ww .... r ....  ..... . ....  . ,  miles west of Mount Pulal di;: Five super',sors were re ele:t;l,.yant, Jenme Buckl., Walter:ag e of the,r daughter, Miss [-Ie t 6"30 o ra Saturday, m,*- ' ed, and five new memvers w . ;tagenbuch, C. ,L Merraan, mry Louise Turley, to Harry L, R :[:$ ;/}4: in SL Clara's hospital, T5 named to the board, which wil, ,cha,enacker, Eugene Connolley, nolds, .)n of Mr. and Mrs. 3. aother truck and un- coln where she was a patient f ' " three more big crates I thur C. Shdling, John Curtis, Da- Springfield. The wedding took" $$ two weeks. She was aged 48 yearS, hold its organization meeting Ap- i i4ueil Curtis, Al)aert Horn, A.r- Reynolds, 108 East (:nedy ril 11. &n aut,natic job 8 months and 26 days. Mrs. Kibby Whie Will do the work of a had been failing in health about New members, all Republicans, are: R. H. coorts, Orvil township;  wd Cheek, Henry C. Christen.sen, place at 8 p.m. Friday, March 14, ;i)aul A. Gruber, Elizabeth Me- 1941, in the chapel of the fdlng by hancL one year. Cain, Karl Dittus, George E. Methodist church in Ing $$ Agnes May cecil was born JUly Claren-e Schilling, ELkhart town- ',  to Fairfield, Iowa, a dagh ship; William Randolph, Aetna  Schahl.  rank Mann, Dan Black- California, Rev. eorge MeDonal thruget d)rwyathis pieCeneverf 3,ter of Henry and A-nna ck ceciL1892' in 10, townshiP;township, andAIo. Br nnd. es. ?;::dr-inafrd'DeaneMisseSLane.GraCeMaryRthwell'ElizabethBer" performingserving ththe ceremonY.couple as tel. the entrance of mhin- In Springfield, Illinois, Dec. re.electedGOetz, 1arbara well township. L:.,ns, Katherine ants were Mrs. Stella - i Michel , Sophia .....  Lulu Day an aunt. and Elmer 1910, she was united in marriage Members who were ........ , $$ to Jolm Kibby. They began house- are: Thcmas Hickey, (Rep,, West Lanham. the lat. . C,zland. brother of the bridegroom, both Lincoln township; Albet F. DiR- The women w,.: ...c,.:t again of Ing Beach. Also present at the lrthde atr keeping on Lawrence .ill F,11.k i hart township, where she s saver (Dem.L Mount Pulaski Monday afternoon to worl on ceremony were Thomas Kervlll,  y lazge her entire life. x.-I.:bnibt, d townhip; L. N. .__--Baker (D era.,,_ -----: sweaters, girls" sktrta, and crochet Springfield. and Mr. and Mr  Some of the imrtly well known in the comam --era" (Continued on Page Sixteen) around baby blankets.  Fred Reber. uncle and aunt of the k  and their had many friends. She was a m bridegroom of Long Beach. bet of St. Thoma Aquin cat , cn m  The ceremony was followed  & lb ove:$we tried to con- olic clmrch, Mount Pulaski. -ee more but the in- Decedent is survived by her hUS- MOUNT I't'LAK' TO'N"IP      reception at the hme of Mr. al Of iag tlt aut__, band; two sons, John Kibby' Jr" "     i Mrs" Reber' The cOuple will l*tt fl. of Elkhart township, and WoOd- . 1576 Pacific avenue, row Kibby, of ccago; two bro- I)th the bride and bridegr0om   the $$ out at the rate thers, John and George cecil of 'ANDIDATF are graduates of the Springfl,l' k  springfield; and three sisters, Miss supervlr 148 271 94 182 695 44 high school. Mrs. Reynold WaS l Mary cecil, Detroit, :Mich., Mrs. Dillsaver, D 205 172 93 181 651 We $$was too Eunice Edwards of Mr. pleasant, Underhill, R formerly employed by the MutUal m for quit hat we were Iowa, and Mrs. Eltl MacIn- dar 136 206 64 121 527 Life Insurance Co. of New york, P:Ye Hahn, D 207 229 122 234 792 265 in the springfield office. Mr. Re- li Ut in  watched its try of Iowa City, Iowa. The body was removed to the Buckles, R holds formerly worked for the Town clerk 173 270 93 151 687 5 Chicago-St. l_ui Transfer Co., $$ Schahl funeral home and remain- Fuhrer, D t w the erector is show- ed there until the hour of funeral. Vandevender, R 166 165 84 199 612 but is now associated with the att  Douglas Aircraft Corporation in egraver how to malce The Rosary was recited in the fu- juUce ol the peae 199 146 108 187 640 "" Long Beach.  the big new camera for neral home at 8 p.m. Monday. Curtis, D 142 241 85 143 611 Work, Funeral services were held at HolmeS, D The bride i well known in $$ 10 am. Tuesday, April 1, in St. Aitchison, R 150 269 58 156 633 V. 152 153 79 147 531 Mount Pulaski, and pent mu We al wamted to know Thomas Aquinas Catholic church Mier, R time during her young year v'It- waa doe ourselves; Lafayette street, con- Constables 153 227 86 125 591 ing here with her grandpalt suedmeier, D 154 253 145 640 and Mrs. Herman HahlL Her our investment ted by the by 204 86 678 lg_l of Lee, R 148 59 525 thL to al more R on 18) ( on 16)