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March 31, 1932     Times
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March 31, 1932

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At That, Bedfellow t Was Quiet Sleeper I A Capper's Weekly reader sends! b the story of a Missourian who 8dned his train at Memphis and ! to put up at a badly crowded betel He agreed to double-up with man already in bed. Not to awaken his bedfellow,  a sheet over his head. prob- to keep off mo,quito, the new- undremed quietly and slipped bed. 8corn he heard steps and 8 young man and woman came in tld at down by the window. "Not JI85dng what to do I lay still," he s/bm'ward told a friend. Directly I heard the girl say, 'Will, ain't you Wlmmed to try to kiss me when ttia' up with a dul man A aesd man! I retched over an' felt him, Ira' sure sough it wu s corpse. I rose instantly and it was * rse 'twixt the three of us to the ImtMm of the stairs. I made it But I didn't scare that cou- pk any  than that vorpse m To this day I don't know wher that clerk made a or played r a low-down ty ttIk." Charm el Cleopatra Manner, Not Beauty Per her beauty, m we are told, was n such as to strike those who uw her; lmt converm with her had "1 irresistible charm, and her pres- ca, with the character which was ,nehow diffused about her be- ,vior toward others, had some- ing stimulating about it There Js sweetness also in the tones of her voice, and her tongue, like an instrument of many strings, she could readily turn to whatever Inn- image she pleased, so that in her in- tel'views with barbarians she wry seldom had need of an interpreter. but made her replies to most of them herself and unassisted, whether ry were Ethiopians, Troalodytes, Hebrews, Arabians, 8yrimm. Medea er Parthians. Nay, it is mid that she knew the speech of many other ljooplm also, although the kings of t balers her a not  made effort to learn the ntive lan- A.Plut arch. Bbe .n Inea In Japan for years one of the mast devastating diseases has been hriberi. It affects the nerve and gaps the strength of the rice-eating people. It is estimated the disease has increased so steadily that there is now an averag of 1.500.000 cases in the island and the deaths have Increased from 10.000 in 1910 to |?,000 in 193. Absence. of certain vitamines in polished rice is held re- .pcdble. Energy Wended ml B. Phillips, California trsflte 1, encountered a speeder at Vi- olin, gave chase, opened his siren to no avail. The driver sped 20 mil before he stopp of his own voli- tionf Phillips came up, and was H into the middle of a warm lec- ture whan he found out that tim w deaf and dumb. a deeper lmprmsion thu lay number of new laws enid lm rime. Oag to work st ni 'elodt m new. It wm a tuber that sad who went to work loa before sine _  hand d g. qllm wu a hut1* elm, ,t wl , epekn of tktkmMy is Italy m re-lint men.' T r, m,n e, Iviag n work **do is i, oa- tom  whi they 'drew ula riM, aml who wid b b eatl  owned two b.S,, wh|eh aey were daily, abt 01i, husl. aces, and one which they kept hang* g ha their (,ffl( tf their a. parlor htr for them, an atOnal- ant add, 'He is st,r about, because there is his hat.' Tt wbm a eat ;Joke, bu not a joke to Musso- i's lting and almost aS soon as the nine o'clock rule was established. the order went out to cut off the pay roll all 't-o-hat men."" II I III II IIII I I I Ill I I I Custer's Last Battl. Fight, Not Massacre Thi year marks the fiftieth anni- versary of Custer's last battle---s battle that hu wrongfully been called a mutcre, writes Arthur Chapman, student of American frontier history, in sn article in Lib- arty. "It was a battle against odds ---like Thermopylae and the Alamo,, but it was not a massacre. "A veteran command of Indian- fighters, led by the bravast and jauntiest of generals," the writer maya, in tellil of the baftla, "went inte oblivion. In an hour's march of tim tern n, dth swept the saddles clean. The baffle and elslddng accoutormants stilled. N,t s man w left to tell how or why. "Hilk all around and uvage an- mains. Na aid from whore it was xpeetd. No frisn.dly darts from rmcuing comrades. Nothing but rill warwhoops, the fluttering of ,qfle f,athers, the flash of rifles, and the stab of reddened lances. "Custer's foes wm-e twice as many u he had figured on. He expected 1,500 Indians to oppose him, but tJun were &O00 warriors in the enp. "Sitting Bull, a medicine man, who had led the Indians to break thair rrvations, was not ac- tiv in the fight. The Indians lost livily, but the total of casualties is not known." THE BULL'S EYE A flashy young maiden Miss Yewell, Wore a stunning ed gown trimmed with tulle, " Man's gsse. she'd attract She was certain of that But not once did she think of a bull. Rmbercd 01 Cmrade The miracles of the Arabian Nights are not finished. [ have Just heard of a Russian doctor, liv- ing in poverty, who wandered into a cinema and saw the film of the coronation of the new shah of Per- sia. He thought the shah's face was familiar, and some da D later recol- lected that he had met him when the shah was serving as a private soldier in tha Russian army. He wrote to the new shah, and some weeks later received a letter appointing him court physician to the "King of Kinp," and asking him to come immediately to Tehe- ran, the Persian capital. Who said, "Put mot your trust in prinms" Iadlanapoli News. Athsr R-y tao'sred. No sooner did Millikan emne rt vtth his announcement of tim ultm-X,rays" that owiil ene trsto six fat d ld, than s young Wdsh  wokar, mad public hi,  *f a n,w klad d ray   sir  th,t It ,n educt ridty: It seems to lie If , y ,e a gt  in in- v, stiptlq the strau t ld_ ia aWaln stu of vhih  llttle b im m st preoent. mqutred to drive it, A bulletin re%'ently Issued by th, bureau of censlls, showing both s:vv and county statistics, states there wa, a decrease In the number of farms tn Illinois from 7.18| in 19:.) an:: 25.I In 1925 to 214.497 in 1930. )' the 214.497 farms In the state in 19: 119.89 were olmrn*ed by owner 2.17"" by mann,zeta, aml :='.4S:2 by tenants. t ULA.:., TIM]$t. Mr. PULAIKt. ILLINOIb Wife---John, you're forgettln again ! ceeded by only a llmited number of i Ue Ab sys many  man's repu- fou've gone to'bed and left the light other foods. One pound of lean beef { totloa has been made--good or bad burning. { ewtall .O10'2 gram of Iron. {  what he thought other follr John--I didn't forget, dear. But a moth was having such a good time I hated to poll Its fun. A Surpse Mrs. Blngg---Wsre you surprised when the ladies came to help you eels- brat. yore- birthday? Mrs. IAnggYeo; one of ma knew kw ald I wsa. Qu(ncy has been entertaining lilt- nolo golfers in the first annual state tournament for the purpm of picking pro and amateur champions. 8am H. Thompson, Illinois membe of the federal farm board. In an ad- dress at the twentieth district farm bureau picnic at Old Salem Chautau- qua park, near Petersbnrg, clalmet that 'hd greet deal of misleading and even malicious propaganda Is belug am spread" to 4iscredtt ,thief arm board an4 that "farmers should understand that the real purpose back of this cam- paign Is to block them In their efforts to orgznlxe their own mrketlnt 01 Restless thought about him. 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The danger of suddenly becoming aware of a new notion and taking it to extremes is something hard- ly less in people of mature age than is young peo- ple, and more strange still, is not less at all in com- munities than in individuals. Thus thoe is the likelihood that the insistence up- onthe interdendence of states and communiti, which is :beingheard from all quarters today, may become detrimentallto more obvious needs and methods. Interdependence in finance and industry is chieflya matter of co-ordinating financial mea- sures, output and consumption. It. is dangerous to jump at conclusions that com- plicationshould be heaped upon complication in the matter of transferring goods here and there without adequate reason and so multiplying their final cost to consumer reducing purchasing power.