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March 24, 1932     Times
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March 24, 1932

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PAGI TWO I I I I Mr. Pulaski Times MARCH 1932 151415 16 17 18 19 202122 23 Z425 26 ....... l/ Ill/  lit II ; I till for erim are "too good" for the criminal& We have tried being t4 der-hearted with criminals for good many years, in numt parts of tlm country. The net rmul is an em mous  in crime, overcwded prisons conducted at hear7  to the taxpayers, and the belief o every "smart" crook that he can oeat the rap' if he only gets I lawyer enough and crooked enoth to find the loopholes in the law. We have carried to the limit of absurdity the rinciple that it is better for a thou- sand guilty men to escape punish- ment than for one inzmcent man tv be convicted. Certain facts leem to us inconvert- ible. One is that the death penalty is no deterrent of murder where it is lust @romptly and certainly enforced. Another is that ment does not re.form criminals nor the fear of it frighten them. Other methods oi punishment, other means of prevent- ing crime, must be discovered and applied. Let sociologists deal with the caus- es  of crime, theinflues that make criminals out of boys. But let us all III Tbers is still an enormous ammtis- fled demand for every kind of manu- faetured commodities, wise men tell us. As fast as money and credit be- gen to eirenlate freely agn people will be able to buy. We are not all go ur get ri in a hurry, but tlm peimism of a few months ago ls given placle to optimism almoat ev- erywhere, and we believe it safe to say that the economic skies are getting brighter. CHURCH Years ago an eminent economist had an idea. Selecting one pt denomin- ation whose recocds had been kpt carefully, he set down the number of new members added mh year. O posite this, in another column, he classified each year from Im economic standpoint as rous or bad. The year 1866 was an inflation )-ear; nineteen thousand people join- ed this particular church. In 18645 came panic, and new mebe ed to thirty thousamL take a practical, commo-sense view! Then years of "good', times, bt of the punishment for crime. At all]bed times for the church, until the costs let us back up our law-enfom- t panic of 1873, when up shot the merit agencies, let us clear the St- membership, reaching a "new high" tute books f the laws which plzt in 1877, when prosperity regmtered the criminal, let us speed up our ri- "new low." minal trials and plae m o the Panic in 1893 was followed by a bench who will show no mercy to church gain in 1894; the pinch thoec who deserve none, and then let 1907 by a boost in membership in us consider whether the old-fuhiea- ed whipping-post, the stocks and the pillory, which held the onvicted criminal up to public diagem:e and shame, may not be as effective de- terrent" of crime as the gallo thO electric chair or the penitentiary. 1908. And so on. I fancy the same thing is happen- ing today; at let or church has been full recently. Lazt Sunday the 1astor choee this unusual text: "And when David inquired of Je- hovsh (as to whether he should at- l'ne oustanm4 ctm4mtertstc o t2ae moaa gruamal  gs vanity. Detroy that and you haw r.he sound of maxchtn in the tolm o desoyed his chief inceativo to the mulberry trees that then thou "'lwoun" (ow wmt to lshalt bestir thFl; for then is Je- the eLei chair & hero in his own hovah gone out bo the." eyes and m moe of h cluki-mindsd admirers. Gera C.apman, murdar-: The preacher said that reiigio consists in being able to the extraordinary ia the ordinary things of lif Many people hear the wind in tim trees, and say: "It is the wind ka the MYHOM.E when walk must be cleaned may be found in any five and ten cent storo. The MUle rubber sPou4 whkh eosto ln ceuts, will remove discoloratiom from paer as easily as an ordinary eruer removes  from shy imp. The tiny parties which rub off the axe easily brushed from the floor. I%-ov omm mwh as esm of wheah farina or wheatena, may be used asa dessert if sugar or syrup is added. Dissolve the sugar and add to the cooked mmsl, PeW into moulds, and chill At serving time place o tn attrave prate, add whipped cream or our plain cre.m over. Tl is esltcAa]ly god four ehildre Tha m  in th faro. ily usnally dislike the ides of lmvi the ouqrown dmbes of the child pss! u to tlum If tbe - , spps to o, why act sewed on, and then [ newly dyed and polished? The shorn will seem zv, and w11 rely be ne; to that child. Besides the psyeholo cal effect upon the child, the shoes wear longer and a real saving is effet ted. When dish towels ace too worn to tack the P) Jehovah sid:ibe used as towehs, cut oat the it shall be  th lammot worn, lay t] two last worn Wo think th lmJiaiunenta to be - Many people see tim turmoil of tin warm suds and dried a@ter. etive hoaid be so  t/me prent, and ssy: "It k ommlen; it BEAUTY m----- of th die6m w/ll dst ev- is mmrchy; it is hopeless" Bat tbo n the most  iwho are: "Itis (]edm- I  mother hlblk  --=o=----- Imouldi His wot.ld tffito n, amd "medem" azt the  dF. l'lm glGHTIIIG  i bett imag It  pktm sad ststms wwe aum tar. __ and Io    ribl They did not look like attVtbtn8 AsadAttmmlmm Thesermonlitt Rms evorabylmmanoo, sadtimr eddollehtv,tmmputimekelear  vetm mmmaet that, I was told, was t into  honda and   that thePow whh'h methewoatd Beauty is out of date, and lw they am ui. CoL  has not &l it, ltUtln are aot what they . True t IKao'l mmitteeonho m-it. ItmadeusdtlmtoMto mnstshowtheuLdydeoflifel port& The procession of failing banks lift our eyes and be aetive, lest then I How much of tlmt att/tmle e tlm Ires about come to an end. RaiLl great and far-reaching  me part of asptrtn yo  and other large industries have saved themselves from receiverships by lesns from the Recomstruction Fin- anee Corpuratio Business credit already easier because of the Glas @0e 8ood  for p e Udg Steigall bill amending the IMmtkm, lmatal erime. Reserve Act. Thousands o factories Wom ine, llned to Jqmo, n J I which have been shut down are start- iiolmmbut tn ml,  ing up; thousd mo have em aat matla d  back to atmot tu-thne  jjl to pass without our gnizing them. I advice all chers these days to preach a positive faith. To put aside any sermons that criticize  or discourage them, and  e- dence, and courage and hope. Men need this now. If tlke e]mah can provide it, the church will great gains. Bad times have slwa]m been its best ttmm. MPLE BALLOT together, turn i cut and stitch all around the edges with the machine, then aross from eor-. net to corner, making a double This makes an e=cellent dish lot and we&ra a surprisingly long To clean combs thoroogh]y azd quickly, use the oinary strlx er wet with any eommerd , fluid. The  diesves tnd the comb my be wuhed witk Following is a'sample of the official ballot be used at an election to be held in the town of-00em00 pose and how mue_h real I umot ds. termiae. I think R ie n@ phu and that the end of art almys will the beautil. Nor wll the standards be, as it always has been, to achieve of beauty change in thousand Fears any more than they have  Im the past two thousand y Buy your Syrup P-- At Pen's Rexall Logan County, Illinois, on Tuesday, April 5, 1932. own Clerk Drug Store BUD 'N BUB I G DEMOCRATIC For Commissioner of Highways - MARTIN GRATHWOHL For Justice of the Peace F-] ED. SCHAFFENAcKER O REPUBLICAN For Commissioner of Highways DE. M. GALLOWAY For Justice of the Peace C. C. RAGER | EUMAY  Subscribe for the Times i Aches a INSl Wea you take Bayer Awirin you are sure of two things. It's sure rdid, and it's harmless- Those tablets with the Bayer cro do not hurt the heart. Take them when- ever you suffer from Ileadaches Neuritis Colds Neurata Sore Throat Lumbago Pdeuma Toc, t hache Wn yeur head any catme--when a cold in your joints, or you ,eep-down pains of iatica, or lumbago, Aspirin and 8at package says. Bayer, trod genuine Bayer Aspirin is the Bayer manuiaeture of acideter of salieylicacid. BEWARE OF IMITATI SELL OR TRADE Farm or City Or Rent Properties Anything. Anywhere, Anythne What Have Youl T. L Rothwell, Phone 72 Mt. Pulaski, By Fd F