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March 17, 1932     Times
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March 17, 1932

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THUitSDAY MARCH 17, 1932 r "&apos;T''k, %. -; 00[YOH IN BU00T 1 t The Commonwealth Edison Com- )pony of Chicago will spend bout i $6,000,000 for added facilities in 1932. Notwithstanding that it was ]- ready the fastest electric railroad in the United States, the Chicago NoW Shore & Milwaukee Railroad recem ly cut five minutes from its train schedules between Chicago and MII- tawyer, the clergyman, Cousin Sara Jurtn,k< Irc,uye, former Finance ,inis::r F ain, w'aa assassinated :arty i; "* a;y as he wa making . p,iiicl ,':ch i Tokyo, Final Instalment i "This Miss Har-lo?" "But you?" 'Y' Mullet, Jocelyn and one other .ood "They thought that we had qmtr- "Plea. Lady come see Mis-tir beside the grave. This was Jock l-_led over the swag. Lord, how they Sandal. He say. Velly sud-den sick. Ay|eward. He did not speak to Nick's tore my house to pieces l@okln for No can come. No can get 'phone. daughter during that ceremony. them. It's a wonder you w flayo Please, lady come his room no." There was a new bitterness, a bit- d in the search. Lord knows where "Tell him Iql be there at once." ternes of life rather than of death SILVER Talk alut restoring silver to i place as a basis of mcmey is being heard everywhere. The latest move in this direction is the introduction in Congress by Representative m- ers of Brooklyn of a resolution for an international ct, nAterence on silver. kept them. But the police She hurried doom and got hei'self in Jocetyn's tears when she found waukee. :*t pin anything on me. For lack and her bags into a cab and gave herself alone in her desolated dwel- : of evidence I wasn't tried for theft the address, ling place. Jock had not looked at her: as well as for murder." She got out quickly at the door, He had looked down as though he " "And she didn't tell ? I mean at told her driver to wait and, keeping could see, thrugh earth and ebony the small case with its priceless on- and the dust that would go to du, trial she didn't tO" to help you by, tents in her hands, ran up the steps.  some bloved spiritual body 2 hap- telling the truth?" Fuji admitted her nd poinited up py resurrected eyes. With his own "She didn't speak at the trial or the stairs. "Yes, lady. Same room- wild.wipged eyes he seemed to be after-ard," he said. "But you must Mistair San-dal nelly, velly sick." following Nick into a light. remember that I had killed her ,She climbed up the three well-re- lover." membered flights and hurried in at Lynda spent her dusks near the Since I met you again, I hated Sandal's unlocked door. He was not windw" Alone in the broad saffron her afresh. And so, because I thought in the stripped front room. The sunset light she would sit, reera- I am not sure that I agree With my that it would tear away her msk battered sofa, however, held the fresh boring. And her sad and bitter love friend Rene Leon, regarded as the and expose the background of her in.tint of a body. His suitcase, open, i kindled in her slowly like the lights foremost authority on silver, that piety, I stole her jewel I iits content all throw about, stood until it glittered up and up into a the demonetization of silver by the Lynda, to see her in her 'on the floor. She ed him and pillar of pain. lors so that he'd not be able to went through the bedroom door. That She could think of no one else pre- influence you against me in the end.  room was empty, its bed dismantled sently, remember no one else; ev- "Oh, Nick, Nick, Nick!" and unoccupied. She darted back cry turn of his strong and graceful "Do you blame me so much?" from it int the outer room. body. The hands she had called a 'I dont blame--only, why couldn't Quayte, a man she had seen with trickster's kept their touch upon her. yo have trusted me?" her father, stood against the en- A clean touch. Honorable hands. It "The house of curds has fallen, trance door. He was smiling sy.  was Jock's turn now to climb up out "D0nt yell," he warned her. She cf the dst, to mount and to ride. NJk, and ia my silly cloth I have saw that in his rocket a lump thru ) But why must it be away from her ? come back to you. Whom else have upward, threstenin her. I now in the world to love and t # i She saw, turning, stiff with trouble trust:" "Look -here, girlie, lm on to an d with wearins, that he was in Nick and you- You got the lady's ..... ..a.._ They looked at each other then , .  _. me v,-,. sparklers rid you re gom to ae,s toward her, looking tall with their wad and faintly sire- it to foreign part. A neat job too." I He came tlar faces and their wet strained "Where is he?" Lynda whipered, i and grave and whit The saffron ev- t/ea and contrived for  otlts "Not far away. I found he didn't iening sky made him vmible to her, sake a urt of shaken laughter, have the stuff so I got Fuji to call i but in his eyes she must have been "I am not going to marry Ke you. Don't yelL I got him in a closet a dark outline, silent and ine- I won't ever see him again," she outside there. It's not even locket _but isive" She could not sl>ek. told him. he' tied up. Just hand me over the  "Have you read the papers, Lynda." She hurried to her ovn room, shut spsrklens. Il cut off and you ean find Her 'no' was inaudible. She had out the haunting faces and lay on her bed, tearless, until sleep came. Nick in half sec. If you make row I tried to read them. The names had A wedding must be canceled, all I'll PUt hole in yo lrtetty cal'M ! made her feel faint. She had not its gifts returned, its guests dismiss- and take the stuff. It's in your bag i been able to go on. "I've got my Verdict. rm cleared. ed- Cousin Sara Mull arrivi the" ..... ..... from New Jersey, was invalual f the Ualea urgent mev.' box filled  way,  and plemd, to v-  "a sanitariun It was not until several days ther sr tb t pmpm bqms t blsz- m the story of eertan Felix Kmt wealth, his possible e.-ime, his .:,. treachery. The law court in Chiea set for a scabious trim_.l, mot but new trial to prove Kent's ms-  < " Alice Herself bezzlement of his fellow citiffien' -.. ,/ [unds. Kent w-u very expensively and % "  f%: , . "" very ably represented. Jock's or . in one form or another ran to colms. ", . _._.: Lynda meanwhile in her own fath- . ......... ion prowled the room. It was ta '- clock of a gay spring morning. Jo- She shook her head. He took the Don't try to speak, Lynda. I won't celyn was dressed again in her own case from her, opened it and quietly stay. I know what you must feel to- rch'nary clothes and wore her hair pocketed the gemL Then he began to ward me. I've spoiled your lie---- mnooth about her face. But the face back toward the door. or you think so. And I've dared to was Lymia's. And it had noticeably As he stepped from the door, Lye- come here to thank you for gi thinned_. She turned pa sionately up- ia's courage flared up. She darted me the power to do iL Since I last on Nick's silence as the,ugh it had after him so unexpoctedty, so closely saw you you've been hurt horribly. been speech, at his heel that she a through And I went away and left you to go "I won't tatk about Kent's--about the door before he could lock it. As through with it alone. It's bely. Kent's trial, Nick. 1 don't want to he fled down the stairs she drew in I'm ashamed. But," he held out hi: ace the papers. I want to go away her breath to shout but Quayle op- hands, "but no one Will call them a until it's over. please." peal below her and with &  thief's fingers again. Nor my mouth "Welt, I was about to uggest an white grin leveled his gun. Before a convict' mouth. AndI love yu, adventure. Will you come with me her voice had left her lips he fired. Jocelyn Harlowe. Life is ahead of us, to Fram.e?" There was, with her shortened wail- although there has been so much pain "What is--your intention, Nick?" ng cry, a shock of sound. Quayle behind, and I have a mania for hp- 'o return to *,he Marquise de cuttled doom and cut past Fuji who ing." montree her jewels." had the front door olden. Lynda lay For an instant Nick's irony gleam- "That's what I meant to do, ome- cramhled near the banister over ed in Lynda's face, a happy recur- day." which she had leaned for her intended rectio Josiah's lawyer at Jocel'/n's re- outcry. Belvw her on the stairs, on "It's too bad we're not in symlmth) que-t took charge cf her affairs. Of the very tep where Quayle had Jock. I haven't any mania for hop- Ms own accord he furdshes Mar- paused to shoot, was the body of a ing and very little patience at all cello's daughter with ample funds, man. She hardly knew when she with pain. Your talent will be wasted. 8he would be the heiress of Josiah's fir .t moved, that she was living, or And I think it was never Jcely) fortune; no son for her to suffer what had saved her life. Harlo'e that you lovl. I am Lynda diminished luxury or p)easure now Helping herself up by the railing Sandel. I'm tired of unhapplnes beca of the unexpected tragedy of and moving shakily down she found And I've been lone)y. Can't vm hav= Marcella's mental breakdown. Nick Sandal. his hands still tied be- In secret, the two cm=spirator hind his back. Hi mouth was gagged, a mania for being happy here and made their preparations and set their With some contortion, some hideous nw?" date. Nick got the passports, bought effort, he had burst free from s At that they were toether and the tickets, temporary prison, had thrown his out of reach of fear. The little Mas Lynda, all dressed for travel and body down in front of Lynda, knock- tel', completely conquered, vanished holding in her hands a leather case ing her over, taking her death t his into thin air and it seemed to Lynda which contained her toilet articles, own herL that in his F;laee was the sure prm- her money and the jewels, sat down She sat there on t]:e step and held ise of splendid happiness. beside her ndw to wait for Nick. his peaceful head upon her arm THE END He had been lying in hi old rooms The police found them and took :o: and was to come for her at eight- them away and next morning, the PROGRFS IN ILLINOIS thirty. Harlowe family lawyer having been Startled sh saw that it was al- summoned, the police delivered them There has not been a case of con- ready nL-e, that Nick was very late. at Marcella's apartment. There Nick taglous disease traceable to impur She began to be alarmd. Passen- Sandal lay in a room sweet With milk in Illinoi: in the last sixtem ers were supposed t be aboard fl-era while sprint/me's hurdy- years, says Dr. W. A. Evans of the byte Rrdy nede irconros melody Chicago Tribune. She phoned the desk but was told beneath the sun-filled window and that there had been m . calL his pale Young daughter  At the close of February, exhibi- She had hardly hung up the re- The rank outider w buried in tor had cont for about $2,(00,- ev whe shrilly  000 of at mse British government in India in 1926 is at the bottom of all of the worM's present economic trouble, but I do believe that the legalization of silver, up to a reasonable Tmrcentage of gold, a a basis for currency, would help to stabilize finance and business. At any rate, as I have often said before in this column, silveris monm- thing interesting to watch. I :o:- Svby.eribe for the Mt. Pulaski Ttm Only $I.00 per year, , ii u i hE WAY  SAVE .o COv_NMENT EXS55 ,/gLD BE To PAY CoiSStEN oLY WNL Y COULD EASel O" A AL*JC?, Co-Ed Polar Bear ' i Betty Glend ot N. Y., crowned Queen of Sports Carnival of Dart :: March King Passes J C_.K)et to Turkey Bdgad J John Philip Sousa, world-fm Sherrill has been President Hoover's oldest son, bar/T )e:<!er and cc:mi,ser of lar States Herbert Hoover, Jr., is now a "teach- march tmcs, died suddenly at the ng P. Gr', ing fellow" of the California Insti- age of 77 to Japa tate of Technology ...............  _._ Ob00vi,: