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March 10, 1932     Times
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March 10, 1932

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fm s Fmm amm - Hmlw rot.rim to Now Tk mb wnm= Tbe l h into Ln ep4um wRh tlm Felix Keat Her fther, Ni THE MT. FUL-ASiII&apos;M MTP ........ them to me. They were a gift. We were going way. They are my trust I'll put them behind an altar. They will be an offering." She got up, holding the box against her breast, and went over to her s. All three of the sacred watchers entom tim a8 let her go. They watched her fold me night. He  her he wed herself in behind the leather doom. her LFndla Bndal. The gl "She's out of her wits", he said, by bar dmire to Ne life in It was Felix Kent who took control. am] to become part of h',,an d she must have a dctor." He . Her fat]r  turned to Nick whose hollow eyes ]had lost their malice and were dis-' vizit her famr iz his dtl, tracte d with terror and remora. She  foIr men phty- "I don't know who yoga are. but wh m  OI  since you brought about this coi- Jock Aylewlrd, her fther tens lion by a rather ill-advised return like a ion to him, but warm of missing property, you'd better be he is a trifler. the one to go for :. doctor. Bring ImY  visit to  him back here as quickly as you en. and Jock takes  hom . This young lady has an important en- stopping with her at an ':gagernent and must go out with me cabaret. Joek  h to at once." get into a fight with ga- who inta on danein with He then takw Lymia hom she mentions Felix's mmae to hatred of the milUom- tells Lynds that Felix camd be set to jail uztly by up his report on  Llm- she doesn't believe his story. another visit to her fthr to a cabaret with him and with Jock, who suddemly Stolm her he is going to take her home. He had seen Felix anotherwom- GO ON WITH THE STORY God:" he ejaculated in a stage which , however, Marcella in found convincing. "Not trading on the likeness them Thisthis woman--she's her at the police station. sent me wurd. I must take he at oce, Mrs. Harlow No to lose. Dangerous to have her he'u stolen my papers ai accidental, a - O  Lrnds'e ear lm. even wi a grim sort o 8. "Now you can get the can't you? Now you can see you've landed? H Fou ema't your young man to give those papers, or ff he uses jail you both for a Think, wy girl, stand still. hard. This is the last chance have for clear calm thor" stood there in fact quite still, And behind her, in the all filled with her own bridal and gifts, her mother, and shaking, sat down as she to ring for the lli-- who had answered another at the front door, came "No, Felix." "Yes. I'm afraid that it's necessary. And in good time, probably thanks to Ctring, I see that I'll have some he if I should be driven to needing square hall. It seemed to her scared it." He directed her gaze toward the eves to be filled with men. At sight of them Nick went back a little to- ward the shining window, But Felix boldly advanced and frang open the glass doors. "I am Felix Kent, gentlemen. I am in charge here. Mr. Catting has sent you? For an arrest? Come right in please. I may need help." One of them did come in obedient- ly, displaying a paper and a badge. "You are Felix Kent You're the man we're looking for then. A sum- sons from Chicago. They want to see you out there about some--evidence. An old case. Will you come with us those confounded eyes and ways of your--those darling eyes and way.-- yes, trick me into loving you that I've done what I have done--and been the blasted fool I have been lately." "Lately". "You think it's not such a recast develoTenent ? Well it ha. been. Jock's been living--4atelywith a sort of maniac. I've been jealous. I've wantted you to myself. It was you I was trying to steal, when I came in here on that wet night and took the jewels. There now. Go back to your seat. I've got penance to go through with now. Lynda." "I met your mother in a California care. San Franc4co. She was making the American grand tour. She got separated from her party, lost her chaperon. A man insulted her, I knocked him down. She let me take her back to her hotel! That's the way it began. In those days I was a min- ing engineer. I gambled a little on the side when I felt the luck in my fingers. I went to New York and got myIf introduced to the Harlowe crowd. Suspicmus of me from the start. To them I smelled like rank outsider. Well I was one. But some- how I got the girl "I carried her off to California. I had a good job there. In the moun- tains. But that was a rough naked sort of camp life. So I kept her living in the city. I'd go off to the mines a- lone and come back to her. Thoas weeknds were gorgeous enough to feed a man's starved memory for gTay year, to paint even a prison ll " "I had to have more money. I got o gambling in earnest. I made enough at the tables sometime al- most to satisfy even "Celia. But of course it was uncertain. There were Harlwe, there's a man---" Cattle. Bring him in," began to speak again Mar- bent down again to the 'phone her long index finger into Her shoulder was turned the French doors while Felix, in his arms, stood carefully back to them; so no one, not Mary who had withdrawn at in some offense, saw the man was supposed to be Catring as in to the room. ion on the sale." ply he roe. : 1" " " 00ia.. Let's get it over. Your mother took a lover and thought him a bettor man than me. And so again in the immemorial fashion of Pantaloo ! some instinct pinched the huslm41d awake and back he came unexpect- edly to his little golden California house. Moonlight, I remember. Soft. Summer. But they were indoors. It was night. And everything was ready. The jewels lay between them on the table. "I said what Pantaloon always t. says. Julian was not patient under insult. I struck him. He was arme He would have shot me, Lynda', hi voice left him and he began to wl- per, "he would have shot me. I w no cripple in those days and l got the pistol away from him and I killed him." "Nick, what did they do to you?  "Arrested me of eurse. After this, that and the other thing was said and done I was tried and convicted of manslaughter and sent to most of your lifetime, Lynda. The fact that the gun had been Julian's saved me from a more, terminating entellce." "But, Nick he was your wife's lover and I read that--" "I couldn't work that gag very well because, you see, if once 'Celia had been brought into it as Montreo's lover she'd have been involved in the jewel theft. They were all this while looking for the jewels." CONCLUDED NEXT WEEK -- -*0 :' Subscribe for the Mt. Pulaski Times On}y $1.00 per year. now, and quietly, plea." In that square entrance hall after they had closed the tall glass doors Jocelyn saw him, standing among them, turn back as though against his will to look at her. She remembe# ed another outline---noble, patient, proud. This outline of her bridegroom had no such quality. Its narrow" knave face was shrunken with pale hatred, with frustrated passion, with lost vengeance. To escape that last ter- rible look the girl fell down before Nick Sandal and hid her ftc He put his arms about her eagerly. have brought a wedding present daugter,,' announced Nick lmrringly. ;,was Ma's terrible low cry procured Jocelya her rel  "Come over here, Lynda. Are you cry had so little of the human too tired ?" that Felix leaped and wheeled. He was seated on the snall bro- everything but some un.:cade d sofa, curled up there painfly instinctive fear of be. as she had seen him on the sofa in had bent down cruse over,hi s sha- box and was looking art "I'm tired. I'm afraid." all here." she touched with her fingers, "but theyre " She trembled and her teeth "That's Julian's blood." knelt beo that terrible "Mother, don't. There's no Mother, please look u" them ymml, dear. Put other times when I was cleaned out and she had to pawn or sell her treasures. That made her physically ill. To part with any bright thing that she had handled---seemed to wither her. Her own colors wokl fade. She'd go gray-=like a steel knife." "Julian Montree was a gambler too, but not in the sense that I was. He seemed to be a gentleman dab- bling in risk for his amusement. I brought him home to 'Celia the way I brvught home any other $lendid thing for her beguilement. "He had an English mother, a And Felix, with the men, went ot._ French father. Both, it would appear, A strange day. A strange sad ev-iwell connected and both dead. ening. Marcelia had gone into the' "A French aunt cf high nobility sanctuary distracted by her memor-i had, it would also appear, adored him came slowly, painfully, pro- ies; she came out quite serene, a from his infancy and had recently fur- from door to sofa and along child whose memory is only of today ! nished him with an enor-mous sum to its beck for his support un- and yesterday. She thought that Nick invest in American enterprise. eame up to MareeUa and touch- Sandal was her indulgent uncle and "So--" he drew on hi familiar elbow. And as she looked up Jocelyn a friend to love. aid, irony. His eyes and mouth began a leather box upon her kneel They sent for a peychiatrist who , mock now at the insufferable mem- ories. "So my wife and my friend in promptly ordered her taken to a immemorial fashion becjame lovers sanitarium, and, like all the Pantaloons whose She hardly knew that Dr. Bond antics have furnished the world with had left until Nick spoke to her: loud gffawings, I did not suspect them. Lynda, you've seen those jewels ?" She sat up straight, startled by the sharpness of this sudden question. "'Yes." "Your motor loved that man. But smetimes I've thought that if it "Afraid?" He winced, his swollen hadn't been for that man's glorious fingers paused in their task of filling ?ssession--" his pipe. "Of me, dear?" "Was that his his fn-tune, Nick?" "Of what you re going to tell "All of nt. Yes; and it wasn't me, Nick." rightly his. His capital, you see, his "You'd rather I'd be quiet?  Let aunt's advance-legacy he boasted of it all go? You'd rather never know --well, it was really all her own the truth?" fortune, all she had in the world "I'd rather---btrt of course I must and she had entrusted it  him. He hand on them. You feel that? lislen. It's too late now. Iql listen was supposed to bring her treasure blood. My husband kfl- Nick. Only, do you love me?" to America and to dispose of it, for The police be It'. was her, the be' alvmta hid, fool let me wa I m cmm,.. S Cummings. former Chairman of the Democratic Nation- M Committee. is organizing the Roo.velt- for - President campaigr H's a  Yank from I,AI m II i,bcl Chief Caught The yom. #onmn who posed a. "Miss Denmark" at the [aternational Beauty Comest at Nice. France. woo the title of "Miss Eurove-  _o ]! Re00o.ods, a,o I Ruby Ayres has become o( ,, ,:e greatest writers of the rc.< *, Sir Malcolm Campbell. who drove h)s motor car at a speed of over 253 General Ma (7hanshan, famous miles an hour on the beach at Day- leader d Chitse forces g th@ Jalmnee, whc., death at the bands tona, Florida. ,f  .... , d. n Hn I Dr. Ir-ll r.  d electrons, got $10,000 cash md It gold medal fo Ms imprpvemea tc .... I If buy [ and make jobs and prosper- IAM |