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March 10, 1932     Times
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March 10, 1932

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PAGE TWO THE MT. PULAIKI  ]fir. PULASKI, ILLINOIM 1932 15 16 17 18 19 IZ Z3Z4 ZSZ6 3031 Pulaski Times as soeond chub mail in 17, Ig0S, under the Act of of March 9, 1879. BY MT. PULASKI TIM___BS L. F. Mm.s, Cmme&apos;vstw  ,Ram Year .____,Lw onths Montlm .S Copies MARCH 10, lll i i : r MUCH GOVERNMENT startling figures the r day. If they are correct, and we reason to believe that mne they were compiled by York Sun, a rpemfible then we have zehed the in this country when one- people are on the pub- I k ! persons out of eve! are tax.eaters! ThAt includ- state, county, muzfici village employeL Add ! the number of pensioners being supported by old funds, in oorhouses, pri- and insane asylums, and it is believe, as Senator Metcalfe 7 Island asserts, that every in the United States are a Beventh on their bae_ks. the penalty we are payin@ lolicy of letting "gv- do everything. It is because host of taxeaters the burden of taxation has be- almost too heavy to bear. There ; public officials to enforce and laws, of course. There from a certain per- of public emp4oyees. But tim tendency of our willing- let professional politicians blic affairs is to increase of jobs at public x- hold their power by ' care" of their supporters. thank it is foolish to expect them own methods volun- But we also think that unless curtailment of the f gvernment, state, national is going to be a gen- indignant yers throw all the politicians, of all parties, out of their jobs and compel them to gO back tO earyfi  an honest living. A SAFE PLACE FOR MONEY .< We like the plan, fathered by CoL Frank Knox of the Chicago Daily News, for an issue of "baby" Govern- ment bonds to be offered, to everybody in the effort to induce people who ar afraid of banks and other forms of investment tc take their money out of hiding and put it where it will earn something and be useful. These bonds,,we understand, are to be issued in denominations as low as "fifty dollars, and will pay interest at about 3 percent. If they are not! safe, then nothing is. For these bonds to become worthless would mean that the government of the United States had collapsed, and there is no fear of that even among the most timid. We r hope that some scheme will be worked out whereby they can be offered at every Post Office. We still think the best place to pass by. Some have left their job;[ some have quarreled with their wivem; ' some are life-long victims of the wanderlust. We have a house for them in which they may sleep, and no questions asked. They may come to l the kitchen for. their meals, and if they know any trade they may help us with their building operations. When they have stayed with us as long as they want, they move on. "We took our motto from th, words of the Lord, 'Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these m y brethren, ye have done it unto me.' In that spirit we regard them not as tramps but as brothers of our Lord, Brothers Chris- I toter." Listening to his gentle accents, watching the light of benevolence in his fine eyes, I felt encouraged. I re- minded myself that we are often mis- led by the facts that sin gets most of the advertising. Sin is dramatic; so are warfare 'and crime. They are not common- place; they are news. They occupy a , prominent place on almost every  front page, while a million quiet acts I of human kindness are not arid never !can be reported. I Life itself is the Albany Poet Roa put money is in a sound bank, but we i People hear of it only as a highway Mr. High is right. One of tl lea-I why so many people who re- I gard themselves as moral Christians! are oIpesed to IWxtibition is that! they do not believe that it is a ques- tion of morals or religion. They re- se the effort to make it appear that ! drinking is sinful So far as our Government and the law are concerned, the question of whether it is sinftd to drink does not enter into the question at all. Prohiibitin is an economic move- merit, not a moral one. If it is to have anything like whole-hefred sulort from the people of the Uni- ted States, that suprt must be sought on economic and social gounds with which probably the majority of truly religious people cannot agree. THURSDAY MARCH 1O, can't criticize very severely the peo'iof business and pleasure, made oe- pie who say they do not knew how lcasionally notorious by ghastly aeci- of the Western Union than in any i to tell whether a bank is sound or* dent. other concern of which I have mW 1 not. We are hopeful that the financial  . Yet quietly by the side of the road, edge. Whatever Mr. Carlton I s Bill Brown with his farm, where lhas to say about organization, there-! relief measures adopted at Washing- tired men lose their tiredness; and fore, must be listened to respectfully. I ton will put an end to bank failures, and cheering word for the Brother There is certainly food for thought I but in the long run the whole banking : Father Paul with his friendly hand in what he says about the inadequacy structure will have to be revised. Christo>her. of our present Constitutional sst-up 1 The great majority of the banks ---:o: of government. The ty would! which have failed in the past three be in changing it effectively. Author- i ity must be centered somewhere, and ] years should never have been per- most people would rather have one t nitted to start business. individual in the White House on! Many I whom to lay the blame whenever any- t them were established over the pro- I tests of responsible financiers, whose t thing goes wrong, than to have to di objections were overridden by the' vide their ammunition sumong several political pull of the bank organigera. , heads of governma i There should be no eonnection what-  CREATION I ever between banks and politics, and Professor Robert Millikan, oe of l no politician should ever be permit- i the three or four greatest scientists ted to have a traceable interest in i of our time, declares that the deeper he delves into the secrets of nature, any bank. Politics is an indnstrYlEDUCATiON the more convincing is the evidence whose operations are in the nature  The National Education Ameta. of "a Creator continually on the job." of favors; banking is a sacred trus-! t ion, composed of school-tenhers of Creation ia not finished, Dr. Milli- teeship of other people's money and the entire country, hM started a vi. kan believes. The un/verse is con- no honest banker can have single lgerens esmlmign for the tin, rove- stantly being rebld. Evolution is f merit of country schools. The first and going on as it has gone on for tes favorite. I mot lmporta step to be taken in of millions of years. Both in animal --.'e: this direet/en is to find some way of life and in the se of the inert BROTHERS CHRISTOPHRR pay/ng better salaries to tmuutry ments, grmvth and dovelopmemt By Bruce Barto sehool . eontil ; I spent the wk.end with my On the queon whether  Dogmatic religloni, who believe ! friend Bill Bmm, whose fJunous sehoois, eepedally rural hi sehool,, that everything wM finished when, ! health farm t8 jt aCTOM the Flvr oght to  more attention to 8o. as the Book of GeBeg te , God from West Point, called "votionai" education, tlmm k rested on the Seventh Day, will dis- On Sunday morning we went to|room for a sharp differeee  opt agree with Dr. Millikan. He believ mass at Father Paul's and aftarwmrds [ ion. Most of the teaehem think that in a God who works  methods the good father came to the farm for ] farming, capemtert, sewinE, cook- of whieh selene has gained few dinner. [in@ and the like should be taught in glimimes and is steadily ieanflnE He told me how he had started the schools. A few. maintain that the more. his church and boys' school twenty place to learn any trade is "on the In a time and place where men I years afro with little backing, and job," that the elements of educations were burned at the stake for holdin how, though the bills sometimes do not consist in acquiring skill, but beliefs not taught by the priests of mount to terrifying heights, the mon- in acquiring knowledge and under- religion, Millikan would have risked l ey has always ceme froen somewhere standing, his life by such utterances. That at the critical times. It must be admitted that the old- csanot happen in America today, f "We live by faith," he said, and his fashioned country schools whi but if the Bolshevists of Russia had ace was a benediction, were limited, almost, to the Thee their way he won]d be eon for I "This year has been harder," he R's laid a pretty somal fouadatie of believing in any sort of a God or ira- continued, "because we have had so culture among those  who ws'o ligion at all many mre Brothers Christopher." able to absorb/t, "Brothers pher," I repeated.   your Syrup Pepsin "That is an" order with which I am PROHIBITION not familiar. Who are the Brothers Stanley High, the editor of the At Christopher?" Chin Herald, says it  thne M Pen's Rexall "Some call them tramps," he aim- the leadership of those wh@ wish to wered, and smiled at my look of mxr* retain Prohibition in the   Store prise, and of 'N BUB 'WCearontheAIbanyPostRoi," over by somebody ira sides the BUD he explained, "and all sorts of men e and ministers. I - New Irish Chief Eamou de Vak, native d D. heads d new lr/ Free --Sin& mum d Newcomb Carlton, president of the Western Union Telegraph Compeny, { thinks that our whole system of gov-I - :" -- " erment needs reorganizing. The  country has become too big, its prob- I lems too comlplex, to admit of efli- ent administration by a single Pres- ident and a Congress as now organ- ized. j Mr. Carlton is himself probably the ', nation's  orgemiz. The1 It! less lost motion in the management! Thomas M. Farley, Sheriff of New York County, could not explain to investigators where he got $350,(}00 which he said came out of "a little tin box," so Governor Roosevelt m- moved him. A MAN is as old--or as ieeng as his organs. At fifty, you can be /.,I pr/me. Why go along with "'fairly good heslth " when you might be enjoying vigor you haven t felt for years? There's a simple little thing any- one san do to keep the tal organs stimulated, and feel fit all the Ume thPeOple dou't realize how sluggish efve iF0wn until tried it. The stiiulant that will stir your system to new life is Dr. CaldwelPs syrup pepsin. It will make a most mnazia difference i.n many ways. famous doctor's prescription is a delicious syrup made with fresh herbs, active senna, and pure pep- d, It stsrts it good work with the [:ifty and Fit first spoonful. ThaCs all you to drive away the dullhess headache of a bilious spell, and rid the system of that slow noisou that ssps your strength. It's better a tomk for tired bowels, and un!iks habit-forming laxatives take it freely or give it to And it isn't'expensive Get some syrup take a little tonight. Don't wait until you re s,ek to gve your sy:tem this wonderful help. You can ttoid those spells of biliousness or consti- ation. A spoonful every now ad en is better than constant orry about the condition of your be,*els, or fear of auto-intoxication : ,'cm grow older. Dr. Caldwell's ,cu ,,)epsin protects the syste:.* druggists keep this preratio SELL OR TRADE Farm or City Properties Or Rent Properties Anything. Anywhere, Anytime What Have Youl T. L. Rothwell, Plone 72 Mr. Pulaski, Ill. GOFF FUNERAL HOME WILBERT H. SCHAHL Ass't "To Serve Humanity Better" Mr. Pulaski 235 --PHONES-- Lincoln 1234 By Fre