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Mt. Pulaski , Illinois
March 6, 1941     Times
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March 6, 1941

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Soil Special to Stop Here 18th The Soil Special, being operated by the Illinois Central railroad, in co-operation with the University of Illinois, will visit Mount Pulas- ki on Tuesday, March 18, from 4:45 to 6:15 p. m. It is often said that our first line of defense is our soil, and by saving and enriching our soils, we are saving and enriciing our- selves. You are invited to come and see and learn about the Magic Ele- ment that will  help make farming more profitable. This is your train. You can't afford to miss i it. " ! ahe railroad officials and the University of Illinois have this to say in connection with the coming of tls specal train: "For your High School Faculty Entertained Board of Education Last Wednesday Night ear, and Drs. Deane Doolen and H. C. Sukel, dentists, have received no- own and the lands sake" know( your soil; save your soil; enrich] your soil; test your soil, and don't [ . guess; terrace your 1and; grow i Llncol n Docfors grass on your badly eroded land,'l Examlnmg" " use lime, potash and phosphate, I n Board lime, livestock, phosphate and ma-l Dr. N. A. Balding, eye, nure make the farmer's income nose and throat specialist, Burer." You are requested to bring has been rejected on account of lGoy" Green Proclaims teeth, w00ch account in the state!Arbor Day April 18 at large for 28 percent Of the re- I jections at induction, and only one i Proclaiming Friday, April 18, as registrant has been rejected he'!Arbor day, and Friday, Oct 17, as i cause of an eye ailment that could  Bird day in Illinois, Governor not be sufficiently corrected with Dwight H. Green in Springfield glasses, last Thursday asked the observ- LOGAN cOUPLE MARRIED 50 Mr. and Mrs. John F well-known Logan county dents, livin at 615 North to 9 p. m., in ooservance istan  ce offic, 50th wedding anniversary. %,.,_= . held a family dinner Tue.ea m the n?:e:ythe actual date ,al n' b:dng " = poD street They wcre married in e su- rin: burg March 4, 1891 in the errno_ rz ' " .... lne of Mrs. McMath's father, _imo . Woland. She was former y om .... They have six living cl Mrs. Wilt One son, Harold McMatl% d aughter, ] coma, Wash., arrived in I last week to attend the ] tion. His wife was the Miss Ruth Obermiller of Pulaski, and he visited in t a couple of days with his  in-law, Mrs. Julia A. Obel and family. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE REG L,A BROADCAST Commencing Thursday, 6, a Christian Science prd will be broadcast regularly Station WC'BS, ,pring2ield IoUtheast of riday eveni , to visit z rs. McQua in the U. at Camp a, Will via RR z At the Vhite in p eb. 27. occ' iss Sarah [r. and M. 4COln, axc samples of soil from your farm to Lice of their appointment as A- The next Logan County physical ances be marked by' special pro- nois, (1420 Kc) at 9 o'clock on of Mr. a the train to be tested. This will sociate Examiners for the Logan examination has been tentatively grams in public schools through- morning. ,. tOlds, of M ..... e ke .......... ard set for Friday, March 14, at whicn out the state. These programs will  endants w De aone zree oz cr, arg .  Countv eiecc,ve ervme  .  ....... that rift- r ^ ! readi -o from the Bible,  .'hrp, ..... - ...... ume zc m esumacea Y " In P.i_s proclamation, the gover- ,s  of samples of top sob and sucsou, A survey of re3ecuons ar mauc- istrants will be called for examJ-[nor said"- from the writings of Mary  YOre a dr ut them in separate containers tion centers shows that by far the t, J  " ._ z,,a .... , 6o ,o, of  1 P _ " ........  '"me trees of Illinois aao ira- .'', .- ....... " 4{ a c k ac  1 eat ent of rejections are end bmng to tram. Two or three larK  ............ er . _. J measurably to the beauty and the mus article from one of the .*hroo,s dr . for e e an teeth aezcct.  u tian "ence riodica ,Phe YOUng our=ces of each will be sufficmnt . Y .. b f reections Warrensburg Voles ]comfort of our citrus and country- Sci pe . o recuce zne num er o  " " I with These rograun wll be  mount Pul ...... This train will have spectal fee- - ........ r has advised [Z^, =*er Softener I rode. We could not we 1 do - - ..... d kng enploy : . . . cace ieaaquartv s ,, u.  " he es me ed unaer the aumes oz  tures on soft testing; mowng pzc- ............. ible to I out the shelter and w 1 o ......... ]$ Holmes & uocai oaras wnrv 1o , u z to et a water tzan cence ommzttee Lures for children, youth and ad- -- : - -:'-- ........... ialists Warrensb rg "s g recreation found in forests and u : Ults; youth and adult conference ootamco aia m'me'sexv*rme pnysma,'''--'--'-exm,,- softening and corrective treat- [ parks. . cation for Illinois, m" c''P;|[I'LN car; agriculture at the cross- . ....... ment plant. Voters of the village i 'Fhe birds of Illinois bring ev- with First Church of C roads, farm scenes depicting right. Lions of registrants. LC. ors am- [ on Feb. 25 approved a $5,000 bond  erv year a fine and satisfying enlist, Springfield. Member# PRIN, Mr. and and con methods" :rnany beaut/- ing, Doolen ..d Sunlel, tnerezor_e: issue which will be supplemented i pl-asure to all who love the world i Spring field Church who lW OUth ' have been aaaea o the rosex o ' l in Christian oW Fou ful scenes dealing with the farm- _ ........ , by a $3,500 Reconstruction Fi'Jof outdoors. ,ed as Readers ._ iel haw : _.. __,.. logan ouncy xmmaners aria w,n t nance Co-- loan ] "so *-,,ths have been o4ven!Churches wilt conduct nereazcer asz ,- z ,,,jo 'very farmer m this ara ............ t- -- Construction work on the plant i recognition to enactment of our ) gramn, laughter, Pesos ior /ogn .,uu, y ,r,o ahould remember -the date /sn( . . is scheduled to get underway soon I general assembly and by well e.s- [  laIzer, m visit he train to obtain, much val-. n I rantS.Dr. ataing ......... xs a pan,sn w 8/" and, if not delayed, by bad weath- I tablished Custom, both of wh,ch" Ms. Etta Baker of Dec 't Shel uble knowledge in connectio I ........ er wil]'be comnleted within two direct the governor of Illinois to it tn nffv SundRy Wit Rile ....... |veteran and uoctors une, s, ...... C oint -ial da - each -ear as I . , $ nortl wzcn nxs lmmess. [ ......... - *- late wnnths, acoramg to s.ucner . app spec y y brother, J. H. Stuart, aria  ZhJch will -- ..... alien ms-" =omen are veterum u= ,, ...... rill -e Arbor da " and Bird da .... ' ...... .. Any zurmer morm Y J ........... olunteer- Paton, presmen ot ne u # " I Her son, Stuart mer, [arch 23, be obtained from the local Illi-lwrla .wax van::o si:i in mak board of trustees. -._ Iof Sterling, who were viM' '%a'istian nois Central agent, A. C. Kolp. ,mg er serv inations as thor" The issuance of the $5,000 in Mrs. Heater A. Evans oz nam:iDecatu r from Friday to $ :ev. Dona mg local exam general obligation bonds was ap- gn called on friends here las j brought her thin far. e dOuble Friday and Saturday. ,,,   B i:i!// Fred W. K00er was a patient part of last week in the : Deaconess holital, Lincoln. ough and accurate as possible. Thus fax no man sent to an in- duction center from Logan County FREE OIL 5 Gallon Every VVeek Ask Us BONDED GAS and OIL BETTER CHEAPER proved by a vote of 94 to 49. The contract has already been let to the Reflnite Car?., district mana- ger of which is R. M. Lowe of De- catur. Treatment of the water will in- clude, in addition to softening, the I removal of methane gas, which has constituted an explosion haz- ard, according to the State De- partment of Public Health. Paul Ross, stationed at the camp near Galesburg, and Donald Ross, who attends Clinton high school, visited in city Saturday and Sunday with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Ross. BROWN'S SERVICE STATION HERBERT LENZ Lincoln's Leading Optometrist and Manufacturing Optician 510 Broadway Uncoln, IlL Phone 1062 WOMEN (38 to 62 Years Old) HEED THIS ADVICE! blue, cranky and NERVOUS, suffer hot flashes, weenmg  speKs ! ad distressing irregular periods id by this lrtod in a woman's life? THE Take famous Lydia E. P[mkham'8 Vegetable Compound. For over 60 years Ptnkham's Compound haa helped hundreds of thousands of grateful women to help calm un- strung nerves and to leben annoy- ing dtstress due to thls fulxctlonal disturbnce. Lydia Plnkham's Compound ts one medicine you can buy today made pec// ]r e*. Telephone your drugg rtOht now Zoz a bottle. WORTH Because OUT OF BALANCE WHEELS in the cap iSa to L ][-Ie gs, bushin d ld 2 Shimmy and Tramp I .'_ . " . . 6. Wlum mimdignment  : . uneven tire wear nmultmg m pz'w* " vilzratica nmmm lum. ==cmmv=  On Sun 4. Increacl gas conm*mItlon--de- 7. Rough riding and  U, , , aere HERE S WHY YOUR WHEELS NEED BALANC, "A wheel out of balmsc Ju=t ONE OUNCE t tlm tread.., dm " AI pouad= of vibrattou on tim n: at 60 m4:ch." of cele STATIC UNBALANCE 6tatlc   a oom:to=, that exists whmz tl weight of a wlm4d ammmb i$ so distribuhKt on its own agndl o abaft, that tim whl will not mmatu  rt wlma atopp In any p0ziaou. DYNAMIC tnd[e1im*t of static, s =o dJ=tdbmed tkat pr,,em r,g=rd= o t rotstoa. BALANCE-MASTER to.acts t00o,, re modem babm maclkine mm y,m t qub sacl m 6aknce aeainableo The exact amount ot weight mqp:ed in ouneee a=d the ez:t which aid of wheel to plac wqht.  all mmro_ _ oa tll mw cam sdzould ! kpt tn lmlmz to t tl mdfl to tim md ftout mzd mmchmdsm. Holmes Phone 325 Mount and =md ]