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March 3, 1932     Times
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March 3, 1932

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PAGE EIGHT THE REVIEW FRENCH So Madam Scott and her sister are Catholics. A large amount of money is given the priest for his poor, more than he ever had in all his life. How happy he is! Then the txvo million- aires stay for supper, much to the embarrassment of the priest, for he has nothing but mutton, chicorie, and eggs to eat. This doesn't bother them in the least. They are enjoying era. themselves so much at the table that Just a glinpse of an Egyptian the priest forgets about his 7:30 ser- vices, Pauline reminds him of it, and all leave for the church, passing thru the cemetery on the way and praying for the dead. MODERN EUROPEAN HISTORY The modern European History Class has practically completed the six weeks work. We have been forced to slow ttp during the last week; and we ve been spending our time by rook- oral reports on some of the in- teresting topics, that we have stud- ted during the term. We have also been doing some map work. We com- pleted the map of Russia on Friday, February 26. Some of the topics which we have been reporting on in class are: "The Crimean War," "The Russo-Japanese War", "The Boer War", "Nihiilism", "William Ewart Gladstone", a gTeat British statesman. These to- pics are very interesting, when they are studied as stories, and no defin- ito outline is followed. Sometimes it is well no to stick too closely to the  facts. The important thirg is to get t]o trend of the story, then the facts will stick more easily. MATHEMATIC8 Did you ever wonder why geometry was named geometry, and not some- thing else ? What is the derivation of the word ? It comes from "geo" mng earth, and 'netron" mean- ing measure. In other words the lit- eral definition of geometry is "mea- sure of the earth." Geometry was in existence long before the time of Christ. The an- lEmt Babylonians divided the eirele l tato three hundred sixty equal parts Qr , and the degre into ix- I cy t  dug up also, [ md have beea tranted. The ta.aae- t THE *xten:ive knowledge o " mathematics, ter clean up the floor =ther than arithmetic. The oldest nathematical manu- script is a ppyrus from Egypt, writ- ten in 1850 B. C. It contains two problems indicating that they knew our modern formulae for the volume of a hemisphere. A cond ppyrus was found, dat- ing beck to 1650 B.C. This s a copy of a scribe. Here one finds prob- lems telling how to find area of a circle, and of other cubical contain- pyramid is enough to convince one that those early people had a great knowledge of Mathematics, The con- struction of such a building today ! ] would tax the ingenuity of a modern engineer. ] MECHANICAL DRAWING l! The effects of the approach of spving are already being noticed in this department. It is such nice weather outside that the youn draft men are scarcely able to keep their minds on drafting. But as I am sup- posed to be a reporter and not a weather man. I -ill tell the work ac- complished by the class the past few days. Since the beginning of the second week of the semester, machine fLs- i tenings, including screw threads, bolts, nuts, screws, and pipe con- nections, have been drawn. The first plate was an ink drawing, while the last two were pencil. In the process of making a pencil drawdmg, one must be very neat and careful for the plates are often deprived of val- ue because of their appearance. As the boys have now learned how to wcrk fast and carefully, good plates will be completed in the future. Next week the drawings will b on the transmission of power. MANUAL TRAINING Each week a foreman is appointed. This gives one a chance to try his hand at leading men, The folma a tool man, a scrp man, sink washer, sweeper and machine duster are all appointed frequently. The tool man is responsible for tools. He report8 broken tools, He has a key to the tool cabinet. The S'ap man picks up serape of ma- terial and lmta them in the mp box. The sinkwashr kee the adnk eleaL The meper and maehi &m- PULASKI TIMES, Ir. P ULASKL ILLINOIS and power saws. The foreman, tool man, scrap man, sink washer, and machine dus- ter serve for one week. The projects being made now are: Radio Cabinet--Darwin Bucholz Kitchen Cabine-tarence Buckles End Table--John Buckles Kitchen Table---Herman Cull Foot StoolDale Cullen Radio Table--Mafford Das tnd Table--Vincent Goodpaster Step Ladder--John Kerschner Smoking Stand--Everett Lassen Sexing CabinetWocdrow Mattingly Step Ladder--Wilford Schaffenacker Draftsman's Desk--William Sisk Bee Hive--Gilbert Spenler Card Table---Chas. Wagner Card Table--I.ter Start ENGISIt I left off last week in the story "Julius Caesar" where Mark Antony had just finished his speech in behalf of Caesar. The mob turned to him and started a battle against Cassius and Brutus. Brutus was haunted all the time by Caesar's ghost. When the battle, finally, reach its height, Cassius and Brtus both killed themselves. So ends the drama by Shapespeare, "Julius Caesar." The Freshmen have found it to be very interesting. Projects on "Julius Caesar" must be handed in before the end of this !six weeks. Miss Moore is tr-ing out a new method in English I. She is giving them speed and form tests in dicta- tion. The vurpose of these tests is to increase the pupil's efficiency in the use of correct punctuation and in sentence sense. ENGLISH II The Merchant of Venice After Bassanio chose the nning easket, he received a letter from Antonio saying that Shylock was go- ing to foreclose the bond. Bassanio left at once and went to Venice. Portia came to Venice dres- sed as a lawyer. She pleaded An- tonio's ca,se: Portia offered to 1ay back the money that Antonio owed Shylock, but the Jew refuse& She told Anto- nio that he should prepare to have his flesh eut. Then ske told Shyloek that if he caud Antonio to lose one drp of blood, his goods would all be dceinred eenfeate Shylock ed that this xas imTossible sc he asked to leave. Portia told him to stay because ac- cording to the laws of Venice if a man sought another man's life, he must give up all his good. Conse- quently, his life lay in the hands of the Duke. Antonio said that he pre- fered that half of Shylock's good went to himself, half to Lorenzo and Jessica and that Shylock should be- : come a Christian. Shylock agreed and then left. Baasanio gave the lawyer (Portia) a ring which his wife (Portia) had given him as payment. When he went home Portia asked him where his ring was, after Ners- sa discovered her husband's ring was gone. Bassanio swore that he had gi- ven it to the lawyer, but Portia made fun of him. Finally, it was all cleared up and they were all happy. It, finally, came out that Antonio's ships had not miscarried but were safe in the harbor at Venice. HOME ECONOMICS Thursday and Friday the cooking girls served two breakfast One half of the class served one day and the oher half the next. The girls who were to be served did not know what their breakfast would be. Both sides found it to be quite a treat. I want to tell you a few things a- bout cream puffs and give you a good recipe. When you are making cream pffs be sure and add all of the flour at once. Have your oven as hot as the recipe calls for and bake the puffs the exact length of time the recipe calls for. Here is a good recipe: 1 cup water 1-2 cup liquid fat 1 cup pastry flour 4 eggs 1-2 teaspoon flour Bring water and liquid fat to a boil. Add flour and salt and cook un- til mixture leaves side of pan, stir- ring constantly. Remove from fire. Cool and add unbeaten eggs, one at a time, beating thoroughly after each egg is added. Bake 15 minutes in a oven. (450 degrees) reduce heat to moderate. 350 degrees, and continue baking 20 to 25 minutes longer. Fill with chocolate or cream filling, which should be cold. Cream Filling 2-3 cup sugar 2 eggs 3 tbe. cornstarch 2 cups milk 1-8 tp. salt tp. flavoring Mix dry ingredients. Add milk al : __...@@" cook in a double boiler 15 minute. Beat eggs slightly and add to the cooked mixture. Cool and add flavor- SEWING USED' CARS , With an O. K. that Counts We Cut the Price to Move Quickly @ @ 1 1929 Chevrolet Sedan $275 1930 Chevrolet Coach 325 1929 Chevrolet Truck 295 i 1930 Ford A Tudor 295 1931 New Chevrolet Truck ** THURSDAY MARCH 3, did last semester range from 0.000039 This semester we are going to do 0nly 0.000081 centimeters in home practice ork. We will be ffi- {4) Light waves travel in yen credit for any sewing which we lines, but sound waves do at home. This includes darning corners readily; (5) Light hose and mending our clothes, vet about 186,000 miles per PHYSICS Light may be defined in several different ways. A general definition usually accepted is: "Those ether waxes that affect the optic nerve are !called light waves." while sound waves only feet per second. ENGISH IV The Senior English Class studying the poets of the of the nineteenth century. There have been many theories of, this group, we find John light. Huygens uroposed his wave l -hittier' Oliver Wendell !and Walt Whitman. No theory as early as 1678, but it was lt these great literary not accepted befcre the beginning of: the nineteenth century. Prior to that needed. Their works, we are the corpuscular theory met with quainted -ith, I am sure. The members of the special great favor, largely through the in-' fluence of Sir Isaac Ne-ton. Accord- English Class have handed in first draft for their short ! ing to the corpuscular theory, 'streams of extremely small particles Much progress has been the past few weeks in are emitted by luminous bodies. These -tarticles stimulated the optic story which is within the nerve and were called light. In 1864, the riter's experience. James Clerk Maxwell suggested that confessing that they ap short story after the study light has its origin in ether waves and are set up by. means of electri- paration for one. cal disturbances. A few years later The Junior English Class Hertz confirmed Maxwell's idea. At studying the classic "Lady present time the electromagnetic Lake" by Scott and theory of light is commonly accepted. Shakespeare. Macbeth is a Light waves differ from sound spearian tragedy. WIThe Lady Lake" is a metrical romance. waves in several wals: (1) Light waves travel thru a vacuum, while sound waves do not; ['" YOUR (2) Light waves re transverse, At while sound waves are longitudinal; (3) Sound waves vary in lh ENSREXALL from about one centimeter to nearly DRUG PULASKI - EATR[ FRI. & SAT. MAR. 4 - 5 Can you imagine seeing Slim ville and Zasu Pitts together in Neither we, but nevertheless The girls are still working awy r .eses. e girl  fi Laughingest, Nuttiest, Funniest ed and the o4ers have  pleted their projects, craziest-howlingest-side achingest pic We all encountered soae difficultie but these were soan overcome, will be in Mt. Pulaski on the above d We are starting on our Home Pra-  We must nd n a prel, Don't Forget. Admission 10c and report and s final repo Just all W Sunday and Monday March 6 - 7  The one and only Garbo comes now in her greatest picture an unfor- k getable romance which su,,as her triumph in "Susan Lenox. $100 discount from I1  rhe life story of the beautiful sp, Marl Hari, who gave her heart and her life for love! New Price. See These Cars. Compare Our Prices B 0 we Give You00onest Value, 't , ' OVA R P- 0 Unland C ev. Sales 00,ara P 308 Mr. Pulaski, illinois :: '=':: "-:----i M G M Comedy"Wama.=a:';:F31i  the Frog" Cartoon, mfaud Ith of i home tesoon n his us attecl to urclay Me witk rally. Mz. B bu main occ' Oil &13 e yeax ag the large ern part pioneer Imd h 1 maw best in t much at hogs and Amde he had  tLt. Pnl$ a directc Mill C., Bank a trending lUare cent the harehab Lake Fo Will June 6, 78 year was bur of Lake Survivin lowing  Haynes, Phillips, George lb, J Lake F, musher tla "the nduetl